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32 Best Toy and Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Old Girls

Here is a comprehensive list of the best toys for 3-year-old girls, compiled for family and friends to find the right gift for the right price for the right little girl. We did all the work so you don’t need to spend countless hours searching for toys online.

Grab a cup of coffee, some of your kids’ candy, and enjoy a little shopping.

The Best Gifts for 3-Year-Old GirlsWhy It's BestRating
Disney Store Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 PieceDisney Princess Dress Up Trunk♥♥♥♥♥
VTech Record & Learn KidiStudioLearn to play piano, fun games, good for play with siblings or friends♥♥♥♥♥
SOTOGO Snap Beads 270 beads for many projects, make gifts, teaches dexterity♥♥♥♥♥
Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing BoardA paper-sized drawing board, includes stencils, stamps, stickers♥♥♥♥♥
little dove Foldable Teepee Play TentNatural materials, DIY decorations♥♥♥♥♥
BELEEV 3 Wheel ScooterHeight adjustable, light up wheels, outdoor play♥♥♥♥♥

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32 Best Toy and Gift Ideas for 3-Year-Old Girls

1. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece [Amazon Exclusive]

If your little diva loves dressing up, then you may want to get the Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece to allow her to dress up like her favorite princesses. Little girls need lots of accessories and this trunk is filled up with scarves, purses, and gloves. Although it’s more of a bag than a trunk, your little girl will not care because she will be so excited about the pretty stuff inside.

This adorable set gives your little fashionista everything she needs to be a pop star, fairy, princess, and bride. Consequently, this set is perfect for creative play by herself or with a group of friends. Maybe you could grab this best toy for 3-year-old girls for a party and have a fashion show!


  • Includes storage bag
  • 4 sets: pop star, fairy, princess, bride
  • 21 dress-up pieces
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Durable


  • None!

2. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

Image of the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging)

Your girl can become a composer with the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio. While not in girly colors, this adorable piano comes with everything a little composer needs. Think of it as Garage Band but for toddlers. Although, I don’t think it includes recording and certainly not coding features, but still a beautiful instrument.

You may want to place this best toy for 3-year-old girls in a room off in the far corner of the house as most three-year-olds just want to pound on the toy. By four or five, your little lass will be ready to attempt creating a real song.

Not only does this instrument allow your kiddo to compose, but she can also listen to over 40 songs and try out sound effects. Next, the keyboard works simultaneously with the other aspects such to teach tempo, rhythm, and melody.

Lastly, this imaginative toy will actually help the synapses in your child’s head to form! Music is that powerful and important.

Check out more of the best toddler pianos.


  • Includes a real microphone and voice changer
  • Teaches a variety of sounds including instruments, jazz, techno, rock, and more
  • Great for creativity
  • Music increases math skills


  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • Loud and not the best sound quality

3. SOTOGO 270 Count Snap Beads Pop Beads Set


SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need String) - Hair Clasp,Necklace, Bracelet and Ring, Best Toys Gift

Little girls love jewelry but most moms aren’t ready to pass over their necklaces and gold earrings. Instead, gift her a set of SOTOGO 270 Count Snap Beads. This pack of beads is made for little hands. But watch for messes as girls are not normally born neat and organized.

Otherwise, grab the camera and take a few snapshots of your daughter making necklaces for grandma and your brother. He will look beautiful in a matching ring and necklace set.

Beyond the wonderful gifts your little girl will make, this set is a great learning toy for little girls. First, she can learn hand-eye coordination, dexterity, patterns, and so much more. Second, this set of 270 beads is great for group projects with friends or older siblings.

Finally, the many different styles and shapes encourage imagination, which is an important milestone this year.


  • 270 different beads, rings, and bracelets
  • Include storage bucket with lid
  • Teaches patterns and dexterity
  • No string needed


  • Not packed well for shipping

4. Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board

Gamenote Extra Large Magnetic Drawing Board 18×13 with Stamps & Stencils & Replacement Pen - Education Doodle Toys for Kids, Colorful Erasable Magnet Writing Sketching Pad for Toddlers Learning

With the Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board your child can draw without all the mess! Forget cleaning paint off the chairs or erasing crayon doodles from the table. This magnetic drawing board lets your scribble to their heart’s content and then erase it and start all over again. Includes stencils, stamps, and stickers, everything a three-year-old needs to have a great time.

Also, the magnetic drawing board has a handle to take to daycare, grandma’s, or on the road for trips. The paper size screen gives plenty of space for creativity and the surrounding border will engage little drawers. This is one of the best toys for 3-year-old girls because there is no mess, no batteries, no lights, no toxins, and no noise!


  • Paper size drawing space
  • Portable
  • Includes stencils, stamps, and stickers
  • No batteries, lights, toxins, or noise


  • None!

5. little dove Kids Foldable Teepee Play Tent

little dove Kids Foldable Teepee Play Tent with Carry Case, Banner, Fairy Lights, Feathers, Floor Mat , Four Ploes Style Raw White Color - New Version

A teepee is a lovely tent for kids to play in and the little dove Kids Foldable Teepee Play Tent has the best reviews and the cutest design. This teepee has a few wonderful features all for a low price.

First, the flap door has tie strings to keep it open and aired out.  Also, this feature can keep insects out and help parents keep an eye on their little kids. Second, the teepee is a blank slate, ready to be decorated to suit your little lady’s likes. This comes with decorative glittery feathers and star lights. You could even paint a mural, glue on pom poms, or stretch a banner across the inside to make it gorgeous.

Third, the tent is made of premium natural materials. It’s a natural non-toxic cotton canvas. Fourth, the included ground mat is detachable. There are two storage pockets on the inside. The whole thing fits in a convenient carrying case. Last, the teepee is intelligently designed for easy setup with no tools or screws and can be adjusted.

We collected a list of the best kid’s tents here.


  • Simple and fun design
  • DIY decorations included
  • Natural materials
  • Detachable floor mat
  • Easy setup and adjustable


  • None!

6. BELEEV 3 Wheel Scooter

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe - 30th Anniversary

Your little girl is honing her balance skills and the BELEEV Kick Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel Scooter will help. With three rainbow-colored wheels, balance can start in baby steps to ensure your little girl is safe and learns a little confidence. This scooter grows with her up to her teen years or 110 lbs.

You can choose from three different colors, of course, your options are pink, purple, or blue. The handlebars adjust up to 4 levels of growth. Also, the wheels have flashing lights, which is sure to entice children outside. And you can fold up the scooter for easy storage and travel.

Finally, turning is easy with lean-to-steer technology. A gift to get your 3-year-old girl outside.

Find more scooter ideas for kids here. 


  • Adjustable up to 4 sizes
  • Flashing wheel lights
  • Lean-to-steer turning
  • Comfortable and safe


  • Some people don’t like the handlebars
  • A bit expensive

7. Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Fun Scavenger Hunt Board Game for Kids Indoors and Outdoor

Send your girl – and her siblings or friends – on a hunt for buried treasure with the Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game. With this action-packed pirate scavenger hunt game, you can involve the whole family either indoors or outside. This game is a great break from screen time and can be played in any weather.

A scavenger hunt is a great way to banish boredom for kids and help them learn and think outside the box. Great for parents too as they can change the game everything time for a different hunt and outcome. This best gift for 3-year-old girls encourages exercise and healthy competition. Finally, the treasure map and gold coins will get everyone excited for a fun game.


  • 1-20 players for great group activity
  • Great for exercise and imaginative play
  • Never played the same
  • Fun memories
  • Includes a treasure hunt, coins, loot bag, riddle cards, and more


  • Couple of people were missing parts
  • A bit pricey

8. FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn

FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn

Little girls love fantastical pets like the FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Unicorn. The little unicorn makes sounds all while bouncing around while you walk her from a leash. Her little springy tale stays active in motion too for added fun. 

The leash is special too as you can attach other connectable pets for a pack of mythical creatures. Of course, you need to buy the other sets separately but they will delight your little girl. Lastly, little girls will love the white sparkly body, pink hair, and soft pink horn ready to transport them into another world. 


  • Walking and bouncing unicorn
  • Tail springs into motion
  • Connects to other animals
  • Can detach from the leash
  • Soft and adorable


  • Tips over easily 

9. Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift Set

Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart with Sturdy Metal Frame, Play Sets & Kitchens, Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction, 23.25

With the Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift set your little girls get an entire house and a whole new world! This brand has so many incredible expansions you might become addicted to. Everything is so cute and tiny. Also, everything is so well made it will last for multiple kids and maybe even grandkids!

The country home set includes a mommy and daughter rabbit family, a piano, bed, table and chairs, oven, and kitchen accessories, enough to get started enjoying the set now. If your daughter still likes to put small items in her mouth then do not let her play with this set alone.

She will love that the lights light up with this imaginative role-playing toy for 3-year-old girls. Great for multiple children at once. Did we mention tons of expansions? You can fill the house with furniture and get a slew of rabbits to inhabit the house! This best gift for 3-year-old girls is great fun for any little girl.


  • Includes huge house with 4 rooms and deck
  • Comes with a mom and daughter rabbit, plus furniture for each room
  • Tons of expansions


  • A little pricey but you get a lot

10. Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Play Kitchen

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set

Now that your daughter has gone shopping with her cart and grocery set she needs a kitchen to cook all her pretend food in. Try the Step2 Fun with Friends Kids Play Kitchen as the perfect accompanying toy for little girls and if you need to save space.

The kitchen is one-piece and the perfect size to fit against a wall but still enough room for two kiddos to work in the kitchen. Even better the set remembered the most important part of the kitchen: coffee. You will have some amazing cups of authentic Italian coffee.

Step2 thought of everything for this compact kitchen. First, the set has the necessities including a stove, fridge, sink, microwave, and coffeemaker. Second, the set comes with a spot for stuffed dogs and cats to fill up on water and kibble. Also, the design includes storage for dishes, spices, and more.

Finally, the set includes dishes, silverware, condiments, pots, and more! A great role-playing gift for toddler girls to promote healthy eating and cooking and of course coffee drinking.

If your daughter is into cooking, she might like something from our best play kitchens guide. 


  • Compact design and kid-sized
  • Includes pretend coffee and other accessories
  • Makes sounds and lights up
  • A spot for furry friends
  • Built-in storage


  • Some customers were missing pieces

11. Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table 

product image

Children love to splash and play with water and with the Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table they can play with water easily and safely at home. The table is big enough for four children to stand around and play including smaller children.

Here are the features: Includes a large water pail and several other accessories like a fish and frog along with spinning water wheels. Next, this best gift for 3-year-old girls has a large base and a top deck for more fun. Also, the table has a unique tree area that looks like a fun bird nest.  The cute little activity table can be placed inside or outside but if you place it inside put a drop cloth underneath.


  • Includes accessories
  • Tree area for birds
  • Large enough for multiple children at once
  • Can be used inside or outside


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Some customers complained about missing parts
  • Water can get stuck inside

For more options, check out our list of the Best Water Tables here.

12. Play Circle by Battat Princess Purse Set

Sinuo Girl Dress Up Set, Princess Role Play Dress Up Trunk 21pcs Girls Popstar, Fairy, Princess, Bride Pretend Costumes Outfits for Kids Age from 2-5

If you have a little diva you may need this Play Circle by Battat Princess Purse Set because it has everything a girl needs to carry around to stay looking her best all day and buy whatever she needs. Like a real purse, this set includes a coin bag, set of keys, cell phone, a charge card, and a little bit of makeup.

For a fabulous price, you can help your little girl feel like a big girl. When you grab your purse for a trip to the grocery store, or the library, she can grab her purse too. A great pretend play toy all in an adorably girly bag with tons of pink and purple accessories.

In summary, this best gift for 3-year-old girls is great for motor skills and social skills.


  • Great for creative play
  • Fantastic price
  • Teaches motor and social skills


  • Some customers complained of cheap quality
  • Coin purse has design flaws

13. Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set (Pretend Play, Encourages Creative Learning, 8 Toy Horses, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5 Year Olds and Up)

Many girls are obsessed with horses and for good reason, these beautiful animals are majestic and a quintessential part of our country. With the Melissa and Doug Take-Along Show-Horse Stable Play Set, your little girl can learn all about equestrian life and the beauty of horses.

In addition, your daughter can take this eight-horse stable anywhere she goes. She will love the more grown-up and beautiful horses each in a different color. Also, the gift set includes write-on-name tags so she can name each horse. Finally, many expansions are available to encourage more creative play and learning about animal care and maintenance.


  • Includes 8 horses
  • Wooden stable with a handle for portability
  • Write-on name tags
  • Creative play toy
  • Extensions available


  • Smaller than it looks
  • Horses not as sturdy as the stable

14. Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set | Non-Toxic, Never Dries Out | Preschoolers Practice Letter Recognition & Formation| Perfect for Ages 3 and up

Kids love to squish their fingers in foam but maybe you can encourage her to practice shaping lets with the Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set instead of making blobs of foam on the kitchen floor. Yeah, this could take a bit of effort, but even if your girl doesn’t use the foam to make letters she can look at the cards and practice letters.

The set comes with eight different colors of non-toxic foam and 13 double-sided letter cards. Even better, the foam promises no mess and no stick and no drying out. If you like this set, you can get the number set next, especially because the set is super affordable. To conclude, this is a fun learning toy for 3-year-old girls with at least the promise of no mess!


  • Comes with 8 foam packs and 13 letter cards
  • Learning toy teaches dexterity and letters
  • No mess/no stick
  • Never dries out


  • Some people get a bad batch with sticky foam

15. LEGO Duplo Brand Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Building Kit

LEGO Duplo Brand Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique 10844 Building Kit (70Piece)

LEGO’s Duplo Brand Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Building Kit is a gift for little girls who love to build and enjoy the classic Disney characters on Disney Junior. The adorable set is tailor-made for girls between the ages of 2-5 and includes 70 pieces to make Minnie and Daisy their own little shop with an outside patio set.

First, the pastel colors of this best toy for 3-year-old girls appeal to little girls. Second, the blocks are bigger to be easier for little hands to create the little Bow-Tique. Third, the sign for the shop rotates and the figures are adorable. Finally, this is a great introduction set to Lego’s and construction set and a great bonding set as moms will probably need to help little girls build the set.


  • 70-piece set
  • Moving parts and furniture
  • STEM toy teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Easy-t0-build blocks


  • A big expensive

16. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Toddler & Preschool Board Game

The Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game does not require any reading, which is great for toddlers who are not reading yet.

You can purchase either the game or the game band board book combo for great prices. Here is how to play: Cute forest animals are hungry and your kids need to help them get food by finding acorns.

This addictive game teaches about colors and searching (most kids do not learn this skill until they are in their twenties) all with no reading required. The set up of this best gift for 3-year-olds is easy and so is clean up with the box doubling as storage. Beyond colors, the game promotes matching, strategy, fine motor skills, and healthy competition.


  • Includes tree game board, tweezers, acorns, spinners, logs, and instructions
  • Award-winning
  • Group play


  • Too simple for older children
  • Spinner not the best quality

17. Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart With Sturdy Metal Frame

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Large Plastic Play Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set

Time to go to the grocery store with the Melissa and Doug Toy Shopping Cart With Sturdy Metal Frame. Not only does this grocery cart look authentic it even has a spot for baby dolls or stuffed animals and real moving wheels. Little girls love to role-play what they see adults doing and often end up at the grocery store shopping with mom or dad.

While definitely on the pricey side, this cart is built to last with a sturdy steel construction and can work for many children, also will maintain resale value. You could even take it with you to the grocery store if your local shop does not have mini carts for kids. Children will love to pretend shop in the pantry or to take their stuffed animals or dolls for a shopping excursion.


  • Realistic and kid’s sizes
  • Heavy-steel construction
  • Folding seat for dolls and stuffed animals
  • Great for imaginative and role play
  • Will maintain resale value


  • Assembly required
  • Few people did not receive hardware
  • Wheels are plastic; not rubber

18. Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House

Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House with 5 Plush Dinosaurs Great for Kids Plush Toys for Toddlers

The Prextex Dinosaur Volcano House will delight little children in love with dinosaurs. This little dinosaur set comes with a plush dino volcano and five plush dinosaurs to entertain little girls and even their siblings. What’s truly special about the toy is the dinosaurs can sleep in their volcano thanks to a handy zipper built into the front. 

Each stuffed dinosaur is six inches, and the volcano house is 15 inches, all with high-quality fabric soft to the touch and in bright colors. A loop on the top also means you can carry the toy or even hang it up for decor or to carry. Bring the past to life with this adorable and unique toy set. 


  • Five plush dinosaurs
  • Comes with volcano house
  • Built-in storage
  • Non-toxic and child-safe
  • Handle for storage on top
  • Quality stitching and fabric


  • Volcano house can have permanent creases

19. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier, Pink

The VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier includes an electronic pet carrier, plush puppy, bowl, ball, comb, and bottle. The carrier does require 2 AAA batteries but demo batteries are included with the purchase.

In addition to taking care of a little puppy and carrying the pup around the house, the carrier introduces letters, opposites, shapes, colors, and more. There are literally over 100 phrases and songs that come from this carrier so you don’t have to hear the same thing over and over.


  • Includes puppy and accessories
  • 100+ phrases and songs
  • Introduces kids to letters, opposites, shapes, etc.
  • Has a carrying handle 


  • May rest on its side a lot since it is heavier on that part

20. Disney Classic Characters Matching Game

Wonder Forge Disney Classic Characters Matching Game for Boys & Girls Age 3 to 5 - A Fun & Fast Disney Memory Game

Matching is a skill many three-year-olds can do and enjoy that’s why if you should definitely add the Disney Classic Characters Matching Game to your shopping list. the price is right. Even better, this game promotes taking turns, which is a new skill for kiddos at three.

The game is simple. Mess up all of the pieces and then lay them out in even rows upside down. There are two of every tile and the goal is to match the tiles. You take turns and if you make a match you get to go again. You take turns until all the pieces are matched. Whoever has the most matches wins.

At this age, it’s best to let your little girl win a little bit. Make it super easy for her to find the matches and if having all of the pieces out is too overwhelming then cut the size used down to half. The first few times you may want to play with just her and you and then add in other players as she understands the gameplay better.

If you would like to see more board game ideas, check out our list here.


  • Promotes memory and matching
  • Easy gameplay
  • No reading necessary
  • Great for group play


  • 36 sets of matching tiles but only 20 different characters
  • A little pricey for only cardboard tile pieces

21. Elstey 3 Color Moon Lamp with Stand

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set | Non-Toxic, Never Dries Out | Preschoolers Practice Letter Recognition & Formation| Perfect for Ages 3 and up

Night lights are an important aspect of life. Everyone from babies to grandpas need a night light for sight, safety, and a path to the bathroom and your little girl is no different. With the Space Night Light, Elstey 3 Colors 3D Printing Spherical Moon Lamp with Stand she can enjoy a moonlight night to soothe her to sleep every night. Even better, this night light gives a soft light to illuminate paths and sight without reducing quality and REM sleep.

The features of this best gift for 3-year-old girls include three color changes from white, warm white, and yellow. A simple touch on the touch button turns the light on and chooses the color. The LED light won’t heat up or burn up your energy bill. The lamp takes 2-3 hours to charge and works for 3-6 hours.

Lastly, the 3D effect is gorgeous and great for decoration.


  • Soft moonlight
  • Wood stand
  • Uses LED for energy efficiency
  • 3D effect
  • Includes USB power cord


  • None!

22. The Day the Crayons Quit Hardcover

The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit Hardcover is a hilarious book sure to keep your kids interested in books. This may become your daughter’s new favorite book with this hilarious plot. Consequently, adults will enjoy this novel too.

Here is the plot: Duncan wants to color but finds out his crayons have quit. Each color has an issue and since Duncan never mediated any of their problems and they could not find a solution on their own, they left. Now Duncan must pacify the crayons in order to get them to return home.

Funny books with great pictures always encourage children to read. A love of reading at three will help children to perform better and learn easier as reading is such an important skill. While your daughter might not be reading yet, she can begin to point out letters and maybe even sound out some of the letters too.


  • Funny book
  • Teaches colors
  • Extremely popular
  • 40 pages


  • Some people think the story promotes complaining

23. VTech Little Apps Tablet

SOTOGO 270 Pieces Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need String) - Hair Clasp,Necklace, Bracelet and Ring, Best Toys Gift

The VTech Little Apps Tablet is a great toy to take on road trips to entertain your toddler as the tablet is tiny and easy to hold. Little girls will love the light-up screen, all the little apps, and even a piano section. Unlike a regular tablet, when your three-year-old drops this item a few too many times you are out a few bills, not a massive amount like with an adult tablet.

While cozy in her car seat, your little lady can tickle the ivories, check her schedule, and watch a cute dog on her screen. A great learning toy for 3-year-old girls to encourage memorization of letters and numbers. Also, she can enjoy a little music, while also creating her own toons.

Finally, the adjustable volume will make this toy much less annoying for parents.


  • Color-changing screen
  • Piano and letter board
  • Teaches letters and number progressively
  • Interactive and auto shut-off
  • Portable and affordable


  • Requires 2 AA batteries
  • Few customers had issues on arrival

For more options, check out our list of the Best Toddler Laptops here.

24. Melissa & Doug Love Your Look Pretend Makeup Kit Play Set

Melissa & Doug Love Your Look Pretend Makeup Kit Play Set

Your daughter wants to play with your makeup but you want to keep your powder brush far away from your blush. No worries mamas! Get your girl the Melissa & Doug Love Your Look Pretend Makeup Kit Play Set and she can put her own makeup on without all the mess. A great bonding toy for moms and little princesses.

Not only is this best toy for 3-year-old girls great for bonding, but also so adorable! The makeup set is made out of durable plastic and a cute smiley face design with pastel colors. The set includes a portable makeup container, brushes, wipes, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, and more. In conclusion, it’s a gift for little divas.


  • High-quality fake makeup
  • Sturdy storage container with handle
  • No real makeup (no mess)
  • Includes multiple pieces for more fun
  • Great for role-playing 


  • The set is cute but not the most durable if children are not gentle. 

25. Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater

Guidecraft Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater For Kids - Toddler's Foldable Dramatic Play Imaginative Theater W/ Chalkboard, Curtains and Clock

If your daughter doesn’t like kitchen toys maybe she will like a puppet theater. The Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater is a great option. While the set does not include puppets, you can grab some or even make sock puppets.

This educational toy for 3-year-olds includes tons of features. First, the theater is made of wood with primary color curtains and design. Second, the clock has movable hands and a marquis sign. The sign also has a chalkboard for writing. Finally, the construction is a durable wooden frame with cotton fabric curtains. A great toy to teach dramatic play and encourage creativity. Also, the inside has storage pockets for puppets.


  • Tabletop theatre
  • Storage pocket for puppets
  • Movable curtains, clock, and signs
  • Chalkboard sign
  • Great for creativity and dramatic play


  • A bit expensive
  • Smaller than some customers expected

26. Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set | Non-Toxic, Never Dries Out | Preschoolers Practice Letter Recognition & Formation| Perfect for Ages 3 and up

Remember when you were little and the kindergarten had the Cozy Coupe? Everyone fought for a turn to ride around the playground in this adorable foot-powered vehicle and now your girl can too and in style with the Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe. With a blue top, pink bottom, and goofy eyes, your kiddo will drive all over the yard and honk at passing squirrels.

Little Tikes has figured out a couple of things over the years, such as a handle for mom in the back, easy open and close doors, easy to grip steering wheels, and a super fun horn. In addition, the seats are high back for comfort and have storage in the rear for tag along with teddy bears.

Finally, you can even purchase a wagon for the back of the car if your daughter plans to travel.


  • High seat back and storage
  • Door opens and closes easily
  • Easy-to-grip steering wheel
  • Working horn


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Expensive considering it requires assembly

27. Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Play Food

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set

If you bought the grocery cart above then you need Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Play Food for your girl to load up in the basket. This adorable set includes 70 pieces of fake groceries and accessories. Not only fake food but also everything needed to pretend shop.

First, the set includes an apron, conveyor belt, divider bar, shopping bags, play money, cards, and coupons. Next, the set has a grab-and-go rack for point of sale items like gum, lip balm, granola bars, gift cards, and signs. Finally, the set comes with boxes of food and canned food. All this for a low price!

Unfortunately, it does not come with a surface to use as a register but you can use the coffee table or a cardboard box. Either way, your child will love being a cashier (at three, by the time she is in her late teens she will hate it!). The Melissa and Doug brand has more toys in this genre if your kid goes nuts for this best toy for 3-year-old girls and the cart above.


  • Comes with shopping bags, money, and more
  • Includes point of sale items and food
  • Affordably priced
  • Great for imaginative and role play
  • Learning toy (counting money)


  • Coins are tiny; watch your child with them
  • Not enough fake food

28. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

With the Fisher-Price Medical Kit your daughter can become a doctor or a vet.

Get your daily checkup without stepping foot outside. Even better, every stuffed animal in the house and live animals will be given a clean bill of health. Additionally, this is a great toy to promote understanding of health and empathy.

Above all, this best toy for 3-year-olds will spark a love of medicine and paying attention to personal care. Many children are afraid of doctors, but this set demystifies the doctors’ office, although hopefully, your house is a little prettier than a doctor’s office.

The set includes 7 pieces for a thorough checkup, including a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, otoscope, syringe, bandage, and doctors bag. Lastly, a great set to introduce each instrument and its purpose.

Also, check out our selection of the best doctor kit toys.


  • Encourages health and empathy
  • 7-piece doctor set with bag
  • Stuffed animal check-ups
  • Great price


  • Stethoscope does not work and is large
  • Cheaper plastic than normal for Fisher-Price

29. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll Play Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Princess Elise Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Set (24 pcs, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

Past generations had paper dolls but your daughter can have a Melissa & Doug  Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll Play Set for a more sturdy doll.

Even better, the best gift for 3-year-old girls includes a storage container wooden box. Your gal can dress up Princess Elise with 24 magnet wooden dresses and then take them off and try on a new outfit. This is among the best toys for 3-year-old girls for dexterity, fine motor skills, and creativity. Finally, a great toy for travel or for quiet play.


  • Quiet and imaginative toy
  • Great price
  • Comes with 24 wooden magnet pieces
  • Sturdy wooden storage tray
  • Helps with fine motor skills


  • Not for the fridge (stand-alone set)

30. Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll

Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll Tropical Treat with Blender Accessories, Drinks, Wets, Eats, Brown Hair Toy for Kids Ages 3 and Up

The Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll is a great little doll that eats, drinks, pees, and poops! Your 3-year-old can really feed her baby doll now and change her diapers!

A toy blender is included to “mix” the baby’s food up before feeding the baby a tropical smoothie. This set also comes with a comb and a cute removable baby outfit.

There are many other good doll choices, check them out.


  • Baby really eats, drinks, pees, and poops
  • Great for teaching “care” skills and compassion
  • Includes comb, removable outfit, toy blender, fake food, bottle, spoon, and 2 diapers


  • “Poop” may be very watery coming out

31. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set

Many little girls dream of being the queen and host a tea party. With the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set she can sip some imaginary tea and learn. Back in the 80s, Fisher-Price had a tea set similar to this one and it was all the rage. Now, your daughter can have a toy almost like the one you or your mom had.

The set includes 10 play pieces to teach sharing and manners. The treats come with a tray with spots for each cake to help teach matching and dexterity. Next, the teapot sings and the spout lights up for added fun. She can also press the tea bag button for more music, lights, and sounds. Finally, the sugar bowl lid opens and closes. A great learning toy for toddlers with a whole lot of whimsy.


  • Teaches shape, matching, letters, and numbers
  • Musical and light-up toy
  • Includes cute treats and serving tray
  • Movable parts


  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • No volume control

32. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

Your 3-year-old will have a blast riding around on the Disney Frozen Jeep Wranglerby Power Wheels. This realistic-looking Jeep features working doors, a rear storage area, a power-lock brake system, and a pretend radio that plays music from the Frozen movie. 

For safety, this Jeep Wrangler drives in either of two speeds: 2.5 mph or 5 mph in forward. It also drives in reverse. Parents say that this Jeep is extremely sturdy and lasts for a long time. It can support up to 130 pounds, so your 3-year-old’s sibling, cousin, or friend can hop along for a drive too!


  • Realistic Jeep design
  • Two choices of speed
  • Holds up to 130 pounds
  • Plays Frozen music on the radio
  • Includes storage, power-lock brake system, and working doors
  • Sturdy and good quality


  • Decals may be a pain to stick on

Gifts for Similar Ages

How the Gifts Were Chosen

We have carefully selected the best toys for 3-year-old girls to help your child improve emerging skills. Take a look at the milestones they will experience this year:

Physical Milestones

This year your little girl will be fine-tuning her gross and fine motor skills. As a matter of fact, now is the time to consider putting your daughter in gymnastics, dance, or ice skating to help improve these skills. Also, encourage outdoor play on a bike, running, jumping, and sports.

By now, she should be able to brush her teeth (for about 5 seconds), dry her hands (on her shirt), and dress (in mismatched clothes). She should be turning pages in books, hold a crayon in her hand and not her fist, and hopefully is potty-trained. Next, you can expect her to climb well even climbing up onto her own chair or car seat.

Now is a great time to get your little girl a bike, trike, balance bike, scooter, or some other type of toddler vehicle. Three-year-olds love moving and pedaling is a great form of exercise.

Finally, help her to balance this year and allow her opportunities to practice.

Emotional Milestones

Some three-year-olds seem so mature they could be teenagers trapped in tiny bodies. Others still want to attempt tantrums to gain control over their parents. Both are frustrating and quite normal for this age. Yeah! Tantrums or excessively honest opinions.

Another lovely trait of three-year-olds is the desperate need for independence and dependence all at the same time. Although, at this age, they tend to be more vocal with labeling their emotions, such as I’m happy, sad, mad, tired, etc.

Lastly, she will hopefully be better with taking turns but don’t bet on it just yet.

Social Milestones

Like not sharing, parallel play will slowly dissipate this year as your little one begins to interact more in her play with friends. Also, with the new play abilities, she will lean towards friends her own age, instead of clinging to adults a lot. Of course, some three-year-olds will still cling to mommies leg.

Some other skills at this age include increased ability for empathy, tattling, begin to be affectionate with others outside the family, like giving a friend a hug. Now, you may want to focus on helping her distinguish between pronouns like mine and yours. In conclusion, encourage the new desire for friends and help her to be a good friend as she doesn’t know how to be a good friend just yet.

Cognitive Milestones

The last set of milestones is cognitive, which includes speech. At this age, the whole world is a learning skill for three-year-olds who know so little about their home and life. Take your daughter out and help her to absorb information by talking to her often.

Her memory is improving rapidly and you would be shocked by how much she can remember. Also, try working with the alphabet and numbers. She may even begin reading or at least recognizing letters. Puzzles are also a great toy for cognitive development. 

Another fun aspect of this age is imagination! She will talk to her dolls and to the animals. Also, the entourage of questions shall begin. You may want to stock up on random trivia like why frogs are green and other important facts.

Last, expect a small vocabulary increase along with an increase in comprehension. In short, your child will probably have just enough information to be sassy!


The best toys for 3-year-old girls above focus on the skills your child has subconsciously prioritized: imaginative play, memory, fine and gross motor skills, and balance. Also, children at this age learn by watching. They see mommy taking care of their baby sibling and they want to care for a baby too with their newfound empathizing skills as one example.

Another example would be grocery shopping. Because three-year-olds are often home with a parent or grandparent or with a parent after work, they end up spending a lot of time in a grocery store. But they cannot shop yet, nor can they cook. To be like their elders they play these activities out. Finally, toys that get kids outside playing are a huge benefit to their health.

FAQs for Gifts for 3-Year-Old Girls

Should I only buy my daughter girly toys?

Heavens no! We do not want to limit or stifle little girls by only giving them one type of toy. The best way to know what she is interested in is to take her into a toy store and follow her around. You would be surprised by what you see. Some little girls will walk straight over to dolls but others will gravitate to cars and others to Legos. Every kid is different.

There is nothing wrong with little girls determined to play with girl toys. Nor is there anything wrong with girls wanting to play with boy toys. We need more racecar drivers like Danica Patrick and we definitely need more girls coding because video games definitely have a slant toward male imagination. Let your girl try any type of toy and understand you are helping her discover her interests.

Finally, different toys teach different skills no need to pigeon-hole anyone into a specific genre. If your girl wants a batman cape instead of a princess costume, grab yourself a Robin costume too!

Is my daughter old enough for Barbie?

Barbies are created for girls three-years-old and up. Does this mean they are ready for fashion dolls? Probably not. They are ready to carry them around, remove all their clothes, and systematically ruin the doll’s long hair…in less than three minutes. It’s a superpower little girls possess.

Barbies are a wonderful toy for imagination play, but most girls are not ready for the play until they are closer to six. Some girls are but most just want to undress them. Because a three-year-old does not have the dexterity to remove the clothes and put on a new outfit. Nor do most girls at this age want to put new clothes on.

In conclusion, the age of the doll simply means your little girl will not choke on any of the parts. It does mean she is ready to play with the doll as the manufacturers intended.

Can I start buying my little girl art sets?

Sure can, as long as you are ready to clean up some serious messes. Buy some vinyl tablecloths, get your little girl some dollar store tee-shirts, and let her loose. Avoid kits meant for older kids with tons of parts. Think paints, foam, playdoh, crayons, and a roll of paper.

Finally, do not expect your child’s attention to stay on the task and cover anything you care about in plastic drop cloths.

My daughter doesn’t like princesses. Should I be worried?

Nope. Your little girl does not have to be your little princess. She can be your little astronaut, police officer, secret agent, or anything else she can imagine.

Think about it, being a princess isn’t worth all the hype. They constantly deal with a plethora of paparazzi, never get to sleep in, or eat ice-cream on the couch in their sweats. In exchange, they spend their days in uncomfortable dresses, a constant audience, a meeting after meeting with stuffed suits. No thank you.

At three, does my daughter still need a night light?

Does your little girl still wake up to go to the bathroom? If the answer is yes, then she needs a night light. If she still gets scared in the night or has an overactive imagination and pictures odd shapes in the darkness then let her have the light. Nothing wrong at all with a nightlight.

Do make sure the night light is a soft light to light her path to the bathroom. Not so bright it prevents her from reaching full REM sleep. If possible keep the nightlight near the door instead of the bed, to light her path without being near her face.

Lots of adults want nightlights too and older kids. Light is a natural desire to improve sight and not necessarily a babyish request.

You have a lot of pretend play toys on this list – like kitchen stuff. My daughter doesn’t like these toys… is that okay?

Your daughter is welcome to like any toy that interests her little imagination. Notice we have several excellent imagination toys on the list like puppet theater, horses, and a space set. This is the age where your little girl will begin to figure out what she likes. Any direction her imagination goes is fine so long as her imagination is active.

Wrap Up

Imagination is key for three-year-olds and any best toy for 3-year-old girls can encourage creativity. However, right now your little girl is a bit of a blank slate when it comes to knowing her likes and dislikes. Oh, she knows her opinions.

She doesn’t know if she wants to grow up to raise a family, raise horses, or cure illness. Toys help her begin to understand her likes and dislikes.

First, pick toys to encourage imaginative play like the Fisher-Price Medical Kit. Second, pick a toy to keep her active and curious about the outdoors like theBELEEV 3 Wheel Scooter.

Finally, encourage reading with books like The Day the Crayons Quit to encourage a love of reading and to improve vocabulary.

In conclusion, focus on your daughter’s likes. Let her creativity go wild as she improves her motor skills and balance. Try not to limit her toy desires, except of course for budgetary reasons. Let’s face it though, your kiddo has a ton of loving family members…grandma, cough cough…willing to spoil her. Let the grandmas foot the bill and send them a link for this list.

Go forth and shop!

Adrina Palmer
Adrina Palmer

Adrina Palmer is a stay-at-home-mom to three wonderful children and a wife to an amazing husband. She has a bachelors degree in Religion from Liberty University and works as a blogger, copywriter, and reviewer. Adrina is a Christian hoping to help other stay-at-home moms find the joy and simplicity as a mother and wife. In her free time she enjoys many crafts, writing, spending time with family, and reading. She would love to hear from you!