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Music is an important addition to life and the same goes for toddlers. Learning to play an instrument encourages children to grow and strengthens their brain. Mind you, you may lose your mind listening to them smack the keys and hit the same obnoxious button over and over again, but a small sacrifice to help your children learn the piano with this list of the best pianos for toddlers. The extensive research has been done on your behalf to make your life just a little bit easier.

Best Toddler PianosWhy It is BestMom Rating
VTech Record KidiStudioLots of Buttons, Multi-Functional, Microphone♥♥♥♥♥
 Amy Benton Electronic Instrument Multi-FunctionAdorable, Multi-Functional, Microphone♥♥♥♥
Melissa and Doug Learn Color Coded SongbookRealistic, Color-Coded Music, Built in Songs♥♥♥♥♥
Keyboard Playmat by Play 22Floor Play, Easy to Store, Fun for All Ages♥♥♥♥
Little Tikes Pop Tunes KeyboardSimplistic, Two Modes, Portable♥♥
SGILE Musical Keyboard LearningFor Younger Toddler, Animal Sounds, Drums♥♥

VTech Record KidiStudio 

Image of the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging)

Your little boy or girl will love banging around on the VTech Record KidiStudio. With a built in microphone, tons of do-dads, even a spin record to delight your baby in sound.

Why I Love It

Appearance: This powerful machine comes in bright orange with teal and black accents to grab kids attention.
Function: Kids can record, playback their voices, bang away on the piano, scratch a record and even drums on this fun toy. Over 40 songs and light effects are included and the keyboard works simultaneously with the other functions.
Price: For all this piano does it is a steal!

Why I Dislike It

Sturdiness: The microphone does not tend to last as long as the rest of the piano. Otherwise, it can take a beating and keep on singing.
Batteries: This toy needs three double A batteries. With as much as your child will enjoy making music on this machine, you will want to keep batteries stocked up.
Sounds: VTech toys tend to talk a lot and this one is no exception. Constant. Noise. The sound quality will have your running to another room.


If the VTech Record KidiStudio sounds too frustrating try the Kids Piano aPerfectLife for a simplistic design and microphone.

Image of the Kids Piano, aPerfectLife 32 Keys Multifunction Electronic Kids Keyboard Piano Music Instrument for Toddler with Microphone

Amy Benton Piano

Image of the Amy & Benton Piano Keyboard Toy for Kids 24 Keys White Electronic Musical Instrument Multi-function with Microphone for Toddlers

Children will love this baby grand piano with lots of buttons and a built-in microphone. This educational toy will help improve your child’s understanding of music with an assortment of different sounds from several different instruments. The Amy Benton Piano is up to speed on technology with external MP3 and mobile phone capabilities.

Why I Love It

Appearance: The piano is very short and very white with a few girl colored buttons but mainly remains gender neutral. The baby grand appearance is super decadent.
Function: Education meets cute with this spunky little piano. The multifunctional toy can play and record with a ton of lights. Your baby will love trying out the 22 demos, playing with the volume, watching the flickering lights and of course banging on the piano keys!
Price: You won’t believe your luck with this adorable piano priced at this reasonable price! It’s like magic for your toddler and your wallet.

Why I Dislike It

Sturdiness: How sturdy can a plastic piano your child is going to bang on really be? I would not expect to get a lot of resale value out of this item but at the price you will pay for it, who cares! The pieces can come off easily too, so watch your child.
Batteries: Stock up on batteries now as this item requires 4 AA batteries to entertain your toddler.


SGILE 31 Keys Musical Piano Toy is a great alternative to the Amy Benton Piano if you are looking for girly colors but does cost a bit more.

Image of the SGILE 31 Keys Musical Piano Toy with Microphone, Learn-to-Play for Girl Toddlers Kids Singing Music development, Audio link with Mobile MP3 IPad PC, Pink

Melissa and Doug Learn Color Coded Songbook

Image of the Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano With 25 Keys and Color-Coded Songbook of 9 Songs


Melissa and Doug Learn Color Coded Songbook Review will have you toddler playing music in style! This colorful piano is the right size for your tiny tot to walk up and pound away, which is what they will do at first but with a color-coded chart, they can work their little brain.

Why I Love It

Appearance: Decked out in primary colors, this little piano will grab your child’s eye.
Chart: 25 keys and colored coded chart can give your little one the confidence to play. Plays recognizable songs for your toddler to learn and sing along with.
Sounds Real: The sound of this piano emits sounds more real than the “tink tink” sound of some fake musical instruments.

Why I Dislike It

Sturdiness: Some people have found the screws can come loose with no protective cover.
Price: I know, I know, this may be pushing the limits in the price category but this piano is sturdy enough to last through several children and gain great resale value.


If you are a fan of Grand piano and Melissa and Doug with close to a hundred bucks to spend, consider the Melissa & Doug Learn-T0-Play Classic Grand Piano instead of the Learn Color Coded. It comes with a bench!

Image of the Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Classic Grand Piano With 30 Keys, Color-Coded Songbook, and Non-Tip Bench

Keyboard Playmat by Play 22

Image of the Keyboard Playmat 71

Keyboard Playmat by Play 22 is an epic floor mat your child can dance on. What is music without some moves! While this piano doesn’t have as many functions as the above pianos it will get your toddler some exercise while they become a budding musician!

Why I Love It

Appearance: The appearance is a simple piano with a few pictures of other instruments all in black and white like a typical piano.
Function: Let your toddler walk their way to playing the piano! They can make the sounds of eight other instruments as well. The 24 touch buttons are sensitive enough to play on command but strong enough for your little guy or gal to run across.
Sturdiness: This piano is strong enough for mom and dad to walk across too.
Storage: The 71-inch keyboard folds up for easy storage.

Why I Dislike It

Material: Made of Vinyl with PVC, maybe have your kiddo where socks when playing on this mat. Vinyl can rip too, which makes this not the safest option for little ones. Watch your child the entire time.
Sounds Real: The sound can be quite distorted or scratchy sounding on this playmat.
Batteries: Everything needs batteries or charging these days and this is no exception!


For a smaller more colorful option at a cheaper price, try the Floor Piano Mat Toy Piano instead of the Piano Playmat by Play 22.

Image of the Floor Piano Mat Toy Piano Play Mat for Kids Babies Toddlers Animal Musical Toy Multi Function Step on Dace Piano Mat

Little Tikes PopTunes Piano

Image of the Little Tikes PopTunes Keyboard


Little Tikes PopTunes Piano is the perfect option for moms on the go. Take this piano with you where ever you and your toddler go to keep them amused. The simplistic design is fantastic to allow baby to follow pre-recorded tunes or freestyle. Even with only eight keys, your child will be delighted in their ability to make sound.

Why I Love It

Appearance: The tiny red and grey piano isn’t as pretty or colorful as some of the other pianos but will please toddlers who love simplicity.
Function: You kiddo will love the easy use of eight keys and two different play options.
Sturdiness: Like most Little Tikes toys, this one can take a beating and still play songs to annoy you all day long.
Price: This is a great price for a fun toy.

Why I Dislike It

Batteries: Time to splurge for more batteries add this to the list of one million toys that require a little juice to entertain.
Speed: The speed the buttons move in the pre-recorded mode may be too hard for most kids to keep pace with, or confusing.
Education: This is not a learning toy. Surely, your baby has plenty of those though, right?
Lights: The lights are super annoying and practically blinding because they are LED lights.
Size: This piano is great for travel because it’s so small. If you are looking for a sit-down piano look elsewhere.


The Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano is great for younger toddler and still great for travel with a similar price to the Little Tikes PopTunes Piano.

Image of the Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano

SGILE Musical Keyboard

Image of the SGILE Musical Baby Toy, Keyboard Piano Drum Learning Toy with Light Sound, Birthday Present for Baby Infant Toddler

The SGILE Musical Keyboard is a cute piano for younger toddlers, especially the six animal sounds that will soon drive you crazy!

Why I Love It

Appearance: SGILE’s piano looks like a baby piano but works for toddlers too. The bright festive colors will capture your little one’s attention.
Function: Beyond a piano and animal sounds, this piano has drums, tambourines, and other musical sounds as well. Fun for hours and on the go.
Sturdiness: This piano is strong enough for mom and dad to walk across too.
Price: Priced so that you can buy a couple of extra ones for birthdays and baby showers.

Why I Dislike It

Batteries: Better buy another pack of money sucking batteries as this piano needs 3 AA’s.
Sound: The volume can be jarring even for little ears.


If the SGILE Musical Keyboard is not right for you then try the Smibie Toy Piano. The cute smiley design and numbered keys will provide some fun for your little one for only a couple of dollars more, but a whole lot fewer functions than the top competitors mentioned above.

Image of the Smibie Toy Piano Play Keyboard & Drums Musical Learning Toys with Light for Toddlers (Red)

Guide to Selecting a Toddler Piano

While there are no actual guidelines for toddler pianos, CPSC does check each toy is age appropriate. Musical instruments are both fun and educational even without all the bells and whistles, focus on finding a piano that stimulates your child’s brain, voice, and allows them hours of fun. Either way, they are not looking at a screen if they are playing an instrument.


If a child’s first introduction to music produces horrible sounds it could dissuade them from pursuing music. Mostly, kids just want to hit the keys but keep the sound in mind and take every opportunity to introduce them to wonderful sounds and musicians.


Take the opportunity to buy a toy that will introduce your child to many instruments, even if not legitimately. This introduction can help them to decide their personal preferences instrument-wise to help them stay interested in music for years.


Check the materials and sturdiness of any instrument, piano, or toy you purchase. If your toddler is not quite standing or walking be careful to find a piano geared for their stage in life or that will grow with them.

Encourage Interest in Music

Pick a piano that will encourage your little one to keep music in their life. The more realistic the better, but at the same time children are drawn to bright colors and lots of buttons.

FAQ’s about Toddler Pianos

Should I get a piano with a bench?

A bench does not really matter. Most toy pianos are small enough children can sit on the floor or comfortably stand to play. Toddlers usually love to stand as they are so new to being on their feet.

Do I need to tune a kid kids piano?

Toddler pianos usually run on batteries and cannot be tuned. If they are power free they are still a toy and will not require tuning.

Can a piano fall on my child and hurt her?

Toy pianos are not very sturdy as they are usually made out of plastic or light wood. If one of these toys were to fall over on your child worse case scenarios is probably a bruise.

Can I change the music in toy pianos?

If you want to change the toddler tunes in your child’s piano than get one that can connect to other devices, otherwise, you are stuck with the included music.

Will my toddler learn finger placement from a toy piano?

No. Toy instruments introduce your child to sound but will not prepare them for real music playing or allow them to switch to a real piano and know what they are doing. Upgrade to a real piano once they are finished with the toy version.

Final Recommendation

The VTech Record KidiStudio comes highly recommended with all the buttons and different play opportunities the toy creates for your child. Let your child find their individual sound with this toy before moving on to the real thing.

Image of the VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio (Frustration Free Packaging)

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