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The Best Crayons For Toddlers of 2021

After searching through well-known brands, sizes, shapes, and materials, we’ve settled on Honeysticks – The Original Beeswax Crayons as our all-around favorite toddler crayons.  Not only are they natural, non-toxic, and good for our environment, but they are durable and designed for little hands. Read on for more of our favorites.

Best Washable Crayons:
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Best No Roll Crayons for Toddlers:

Best Crayons for Toddlers

Honeysticks – Original Beeswax Crayons

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons Natural, Safe for Toddlers, Kids and Children, Handmade in New Zealand, For 1 Year Plus (12 Pack)

The Honeysticks are handmade crayons created from 100% pure New Zealand beeswax and Food Grade Pigments for Color.  There’s no need to worry if your toddler takes a chomp out of one of these crayons since they are totally non-toxic with zero additives.  They may not taste the best, but they have the sweet scent of New Zealand honey.

Each set comes with 12 enticing colors giving your toddler a range of options as they create.  The beeswax transfers to paper and poster board easily, and you even get a free PDF coloring book to download with each purchase.

Honeysticks come in a durable and ergonomic shape.  The short and chubby design is not only perfect for small hands to grip, but they are that much harder to break.  If your toddler is going through a destruction stage, or they just enjoy coloring up a storm, these should stand up to the abuse. 

If you and your child end up really loving Honeysticks, they make them in a thin form as well, designed to help promote proper pencil grip in older children.  An important safety warning from Honeysticks regarding allergies: The product may contain Propolis that is a natural part of honey production that some children may be allergic to.  If your child suffers from allergic reactions please consult a pediatrician prior to use.


  • 100% all-natural, non-toxic, no additives
  • Short chubby design specific for hand grip and preventing breakage


  • On the more expensive side for crayons
  • Beeswax will attract lint and dust, your crayons may look dirty after a while

Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons

Crayola Washable Crayons, Large, 8 Colors - 2 Packs

The Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons are designed specifically to easily clean off many surfaces, including skin, clothing, and even painted walls.  In the world of toddlers, messes happen, and these crayons can give parents the peace of mind that their furniture, walls, floors, etc. are safe from permanent damage.

On a piece of paper these colors are like a regular crayon.  They are slightly larger than a regular crayon, but not as big as a jumbo size.  It does appear that they can break fairly easily, which can be frustrating for a toddler, but from a parent’s perspective, the washable feature far outweighs broken crayons.

Crayola is known for its bright and vibrant colors, and these are no exception.  The package comes in 8 different colors and is non-toxic so no need to worry if a curious toddler decides to take an exploratory bite.


  • Warm water and a paper towel will truly remove marks from this crayon from most nonporous surfaces
  • Two packages of 8 crayons are included in this order
  • Bright and vibrant colors Crayola is known for


  • Only comes in 8 colors
  • Because of their washable makeup, if the crayons get wet they may start to dissolve and not color as well

Palm Grip Egg Crayons

Crayons for Toddlers, Palm Grip Crayons Set 9 Colors Non Toxic Crayons Washable Paint Crayons Stackable Toys for Kids, Baby, Children, Boys and Girls(Egg-Shaped)

The Egg Crayons are a great crayon choice to use for toddler hand development.  The round barrel design of an egg is perfect for a small hand to be able to fit into their palm while maintaining sturdy control.  The use of these crayons can help promote small motor control and future pencil grip.

Despite rough coloring and perhaps being thrown, these crayons are shatterproof and will withstand being handle by toddlers.  The light peach scent is more appealing than the smell of regular crayons but also makes them a little more enticing for curious toddlers.  However, they are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child.

These crayons are washable with regular soap and water.  Their smooth surface should not leave any residue on your child’s hand, making them a nice mess-free art option.

It is important to note that these egg crayons are less than 1.5 inches and any child under 3 should be carefully supervised when in use.


  • Barrel design perfect for fitting into a toddler’s palm, which will help with small motor development and future pencil grip
  • Shatterproof for long-lasting coloring fun


  • Smaller than you may expect, these egg crayons are less than 1.5 inches; highly recommended that children under 3 are supervised when using
  • Great for making beginning marks, not a pointy tip as children get better at coloring smaller designs

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Crayola Jumbo Crayons

Crayons Jumbo 8ct Peggable Tuck Box [Set of 2]

The Crayola Jumbo Crayons are a great oversized crayon for smaller toddler hands to navigate.  Crayola definitely makes our list of best crayons for toddlers because of their 8 classic colors with vibrant, smooth, and durable designs.

The larger Jumbo design of these crayons makes them more durable and less likely to break than their thinner counterparts.  You won’t have to worry as much about younger children becoming frustrated with constantly breaking crayons or smaller pieces becoming choking hazards.

These are the classic non-toxic Crayola design and would be a great addition to a toddler’s art arsenal.


  • Vibrant, smooth colors that Crayola is known for
  • Jumbo size makes these crayons more durable and less likely to break
  • Purchase is a set of 2 boxes of crayons


  • Only come in a variety of 8 classic colors

Flower Monaco Silky Crayons

Toddler Crayons, 6 Colors Non Toxic Silky Washable Crayons, Easy to Hold Twistable Large Crayons for Kids, Safe for Babies and Children Flower Monaco

There is so much to say about these Flower Monaco Silky Crayons. They are not only designed to glide on silky smooth on paper but also double as bath crayons.  They are washable on bathtub walls and tile with simple soap and warm water.

These crayons are non-toxic and made from all-natural wax.  No need to worry about the safety of your toddler if they decide to take an exploratory taste.  The crayons come with a cap like a marker, and as they start to run down you just have to simply twist the bottom to raise up more of the crayon.  This is a great design for toddlers who tend to break their crayons.

You can choose from 6, 12, or 24 color variety packs.   If your toddler loves to color, then you’ll be thrilled about the color choices.  They are much fatter than a typical crayon, making it easier for small fingers to steadily grip and draw with confidence.

These crayons won’t dry out like markers, but the cap is recommended to prevent the silky wax from transferring onto anything by accident when not coloring.  Keeping toddler safety at the utmost of importance the caps do have a hole at the top to prevent suffocation, but children under 3 should be supervised around the caps.


  • Doubles as a paper crayon and bath crayon
  • Comes in up to 24 color options for a huge variety of choices
  • Crayon is inside a plastic covering and can be twisted to raise more up, preventing toddlers from being able to break their crayons


  • The silky soft wax is very easy to spread, toddlers who press too hard on their paper will wind up with very thick crayons that can smear

Flower Monaco Jumbo Crayons 

Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers, 16 Colors Non Toxic Crayons, Easy to Hold Large Crayons for Kids, Safe for Babies and Children Flower Monaco

The Flower Monaco Jumbo Crayons are a great crayon choice for toddlers because of their size and variety.  You can choose a 16 or 24 color package, and the round carrying case is unique and sleek.

These jumbo crayons are the perfect size to fit in a toddler’s palm.  They will be able to get a good grip and color steadily as they develop small muscle skills in their hand.  These Flower Monaco crayons are made from non-toxic natural wax perfectly safe for children.

The bright and vibrant colors and variety of choices will allow your child to explore their creativity endlessly.  The packaging is beautiful and will keep your crayons safe in between coloring sessions.  This is a great choice for the best crayons for toddlers.


  • 16 or 24 color choices offering a large variety
  • Jumbo chunky size perfect for fitting into a toddlers palm


  • Jumbo size makes them a little harder to break than thin crayons, but they are fairly breakable

GiBot Finger Crayons

GiBot 12 Colors Toddlers Crayons Palm-Grip Crayons, Finger Paint Crayons Sticks Stackable Toys Safe for Kids, Children, Boys and Girls

The GiBot Finger Crayons are a fun option for little toddlers learning to color.  The bulb at the end is designed specifically to fit into the palm of a toddler as they learn to color.

In addition, they can stack for additional entertainment and color practice.  They can fit on a toddler’s fingers for even more added fun.  Coming in a package with 12 colors there are a variety of options for coloring or stacking.

These crayons are non-toxic and have an open hole at the end to prevent any kind of suffocation, making these a safe choice for even the youngest toddlers.  They mark paper easily and do not break even when dropped.  Parents will love that they are washable with just regular soap and water. 

These durable finger crayons are sure to be a hit with parents and children and make a great choice when looking for the best crayons for toddlers.


  • Allows children to explore by coloring or stacking
  • Can fit onto a toddler’s finger for a new way to color
  • Unique shape designed to support toddler hands and proper pencil grip
  • Comes with 12 different colors to choose from
  • A durable option that does not break easily


  • The cone shape is not as precise as the tip of a regular crayon

Best No Roll Crayons for Toddlers

Sesame Street Triangular Crayons 

The Sesame Street Triangular Crayons are a great option for developing the small muscles in an older toddler’s hand.  The triangular shape is intentionally designed to help promote proper writing grip and will get older toddlers ready to hold their writing utensils the correct way.

Another huge benefit to the triangular shape is that these crayons will not roll away.  This can save the sanity of parents and toddlers alike! Coming in the standard 8 primary colors, the make-up of the washable crayons is similar to that of Crayola’s Ultra-Clean washable crayons.  With some warm water and a sponge or paper towel,  you can wash these crayons off more nonporous surfaces without any trouble.

These triangular crayons are significantly larger than regular crayons, allowing your toddler to tightly grip them with ease.  The smooth finish and bright colors will make their picture drawing pop.  The familiar Sesame Street characters will add an additional layer of fun for young toddlers.


  • Triangular design both supports proper writing grip and prevents crayons from rolling off the table
  • Warm water and a paper towel will truly remove marks from this crayon from most nonporous surfaces
  • Bright and vibrant colors with familiar Sesame Street characters 


  • Only comes in 8 color varieties
  • Many people state that the paper falls down making it difficult for toddlers to color

Comparing the Best Crayons for Toddlers

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Crayons For Toddlers 

Size and Shape of the Crayon

Small hands and fingers need supplies that were designed specifically with them in mind. When looking for the best crayons for toddlers we specifically looked for crayons that came in bigger sizes or ergonomically designed shapes meant to fit into smaller palms. 

Shapes that help support proper writing grip are especially beneficial as toddlers get older.  They’ll be having so much fun coloring they won’t even realize they’re doing work to prepare for future writing.


Typical crayons are small and flimsy when gripped by a toddler who has not fully developed their fine motor control.  There’s nothing worse than dealing with the frustration of a toddler who just wants to color when their crayon keeps breaking or rolling away.

An added benefit to the proper hand fit is that chunkier crayons are significantly harder for toddlers to break, meaning they will have a longer shelf life in your home. 

In order to be considered the best crayons for toddlers, we looked for options that could stand up to the test of toddlers.


When it comes to toddlers, safety is always a concern. 

Toddlers are known for putting everything and anything in their mouths, so we specifically looked for options that were non-toxic and safe for exploration. 

It is important to supervise younger toddlers especially if a crayon breaks and becomes a choking hazard.  However, we worked to find options that are less likely to break as well.

When your toddler is older and more trustworthy, invest in some fancier art supplies for kids

FAQs – Crayons For Toddlers

What age is appropriate for crayons?

As soon as a toddler shows an interest in coloring, it’s fine to introduce crayons. 

Please keep in mind that small crayons or broken pieces can quickly become choking hazards, so please make sure to supervise children under 3 years of age closely.  Every recommendation on our list is made from non-toxic materials.  While they might not taste great, they are safe for your children to explore. 

Typically by the age of 15-18 months toddlers are starting to strengthen their fine motor control and can grip a crayon on their own and make appropriate marks on a piece of paper.  As they grow and develop you can teach the proper writing grip rather than just a fist.  Years of enjoyment can come out of crayons.

What’s the best way to clean crayons off of surfaces?

Most families choose crayons over paints and markers for toddlers because they don’t typically make a big mess.  But make no mistake, a toddler with a crayon can still leave a trail of destruction.

Crayons are generally made from wax and dye.  Most of the crayons on our recommended list should wash off of nonporous surfaces just fine with regular soap and water.  100% wax may take a little extra elbow grease or the use of a product like a Magic Eraser. 

If you’re removing crayon from painted walls, make sure to test a small area to make sure additional damage is not incurred.  Don’t worry too much, crayons are not typically a permanent substance.

Final Word

Crayons are a fabulous art supply to provide toddlers with.  With the help of crayons, children can make art, learn cause and effect as they make marks on their paper, develop the small muscles in their hands, or explore mixing colors.  There can be so much going on without needing to provide elaborate projects or supplies. 

Learning about what crayons are best for toddlers will give you peace of mind knowing that your child has materials they can safely use while tapping into their artistic side.  And crayons aren’t just for toddlers, join your child for some therapeutic coloring!  Learning alongside a parent will extend engagement and can be a moment of shared joy for everyone.


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