The Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Girls 2018

The Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 12-Year-Old Girls 2019

by Jennifer Doss |

If you are struggling to figure out what gifts would be right for the girl in your life, it can be quite stressful. Which gifts are good quality items that will make her smile? Do you stick to her beloved childhood favorites, or buy a teen-friendly and trendy gift?

Well, we’ve taken the guesswork out and put together a list of the best gifts for 12-year-old girls. There is something for every girl on this list and we’ve broken down the pros and cons for you.

Top Toys and Gifts for Your Favorite 12-Year-Old GirlWhy It Is BestMom Rating
Ultimate Slime KitWho doesn’t love slime these days? Make 10+ slime types with this kit.♥♥♥♥♥
Play22 Laser Tag Gun Toy SetGreat for indoor/outdoor play and keeps girls active and busy.♥♥♥♥
American Girl 24109 Ultimate Crafting KitThis craft kit makes over 1,000 pieces of jewelry. Girls can be as creative as they like with this huge set.♥♥♥♥♥
Klutz Nail Style Studio Book KitYour girl will learn simple and intermediate nail designs she can easily practice with peel-off nail polishes.♥♥♥♥
Live Little Scruff-A-Luvs – PinkOne of the hottest toys of the year. Girls will love these scruffy little pets.♥♥♥♥
Temporary Hair Chalk PensLet her express herself with this no-commitment hair color chalk.♥♥♥♥
Monobeach Kids Princess TentA magical hideaway for her to read, relax, or do homework.♥♥♥♥♥
Light-Up Squishy Kitty Night LightA squishy friend that lights up and can be cuddled anytime.♥♥♥♥♥
Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel LightsThese lights will keep her safe when riding her bike and will look cool at the same time.♥♥♥♥
This Is Me: A Girl’s JournalThis journal will help boost self-esteem and encourage girls as they grow up and become teens.♥♥♥♥♥

The Best Toys and Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls (2019)

Ultimate Slime Kit

Image of the Ultimate Slime Kit -DIY- Make Glow-In-The Dark, Color Changing, Clear Glitter Slime - Over 10 Recipes & Experiments, Fun & Educational Gift Idea!

Slime is all the rage with kids and this Ultimate Slime Kit will provide girls with hours of slime making fun. She can make glow-in-the-dark slime, color-changing slime, clear goo slime, glitter slime, and many more! Girls will love watching the chemical reactions as they create all the different slime types. Making slime is also calming and educational, as well.

The kit includes PVA solution, borax solution, Thermochromic powder (for color changing), glitter, glow powder, glue, a straw, wooden sticks, measuring cups, and storage containers. Everything she needs to get started right away. This is a great way for her to discover many different types of slime and determine which types she likes most.

Things You Will Love

  • Makes Over Ten Types of Slime
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Everything You Need to Get Started
  • Three Slime Making Cups


  • Only Makes Small Amounts of Slime
  • No Refill Kits Available


While this slime kit has everything you need to make a bunch of different slime types, it will run out eventually. This is great for the slime-loving girl in your life and will keep her occupied for hours at a time, without having to purchase additional ingredients. The kit is perfect for use alone, or for up to three children simultaneously.  The best part is she can start mixing as soon as she gets it because the kit includes everything she needs. Perfect for sending her to grandma’s house to teach her how to make slime too. If you want your gift to be the talk of the occasion, this is the one!


Play22 Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests

Image of the Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest - Infrared Laser Tag Set 4 Guns 4 Vests - Laser Tag Gun Toys for Indoor Outdoor - Laser Tag Game Set Best Gift Boys Girls – Original

Looking for a way to keep your tween busy and active? This Play22 Infrared Laser Tag Set is the perfect gift for her and up to three friends or family members. It can be used indoors or outdoors and will keep the kids busy for hours. When they get “hit” by someone else, the gun they are using loses a life or portion of a life.

The set comes with four vests and four matching guns. The weapons and vests make noise as they are used and are great fun for kids in a small group. You can even buy additional sets to use for larger groups or for parties. Send the kids outside to play with these and you may have to beg them to come in for dinner.

Things You Will Love

  • Set of Four
  • Noise and Lights
  • Bright Colors
  • Keeps Kids Active


  • Takes 28 AA Batteries to Operate all Four
  • Guns Sometimes Have to be Reset to Continue Working


If your girl likes to play laser tag or even if she just enjoys competing, this set will keep her and her friends busy for hours. She will love being able to play anywhere and anytime, as opposed to going to a laser tag arena. They are portable so are great for the park, camping, parties, indoor, or outdoor play. This is a great way to get her interacting and active in a cooperative play activity.


American Girl Ultimate Crafting Set

If your girl is crafty, she is going to love this set! The American Girl Ultimate Crafting Set comes with enough supplies to make 1,000 pieces of jewelry. She can easily make bracelets and necklaces for her, her American Girl doll, and even for friends.

There is no shortage of supplies in this kit, with a variety of bead sizes and types, floss, twine, buttons, earring hooks, jump rings, and everything else to start creating right out of the box. It also has a design guide, plus supplies for greeting cards and stationery. Keeping kids creative, even as they get older, fuels the ability to solve problems, be innovative, and to explore new ideas and experiences.

Things You Will Love

  • Beads Come in Jars to Keep Them Organized
  • Fun Lasts for Hours
  • Variety of Ways to Create
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Great Value


  • Lots of Pieces
  • Not For Younger Siblings


This kit is great for crafty girls and will keep her occupied for hours at a time. Everything she needs is included in the kit, so she can create anywhere the inspiration strikes. The American Girl brand seeks to empower tween girls to become confident and stylish young women who can express themselves and be proud of who they are. This kit certainly allows for plenty of opportunities for girls to be creative alone or with friends.


Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Image of the Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

Do you know a girl who loves getting her nails done or doing other people’s nails? Is she constantly on Youtube trying out new designs? We have the answer. The Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit has everything she needs to start nail design. The adorable designs in this book include simple steps to give every girl nails that everyone will be talking about. They can do their nails, their friend’s nails, and even your nails.

This kit includes 60 pages of easy-to-follow instructions, six colors of starter nail polish (after some practice, you can get some longer lasting polish), a dotting tool, and more than 250 stencils to stick on nails. The full-color pictures make following the directions even easier, for nails your friends won’t believe aren’t from a salon.

Having their nails done makes girls feel pretty and confident, so give her the tools to make her feel special every day. The starter nail polish in this kit is made to peel off easily for mistakes or just practicing.

Things You Will Love

  • Clear Instructions that are Easy-to-Follow
  • All the Tools Necessary for Beautiful Designs
  • Six Nail Polish Colors
  • Great for Learning Intermediate Nail Design


  • Nail Polish Peels Off
  • Colors May Be Too Bright


If your girl is a diva who likes having her nails done, this is a great way to inspire her creative side while saving money by not going to the salon to get nails done. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even get a manicure out of it.



These adorable creatures come in a tight ball that must be bathed and brushed in order to find out which animal you have. Your child may get a puppy, a kitten, or a bunny. These Scruff-A-Luv pets have wide, endearing eyes that your girl will fall in love with. The stuffed animal is made to be played with and brushed, or simply kept as a collectible item. Every Scruff-a-Luv purchase also enables a donation to the ASPCA to help real-life animals. So your animal lover will get her own fluffy pet and help prevent cruelty to animals all at the same time.

Things You Will Love

  • Interactive Process to Reveal Which Animal
  • Stuffed Animal to Collect or Play With
  • Choice of Pink or Blue
  • Six Animals to Choose From- Three Pink and Three Blue


  • May Not Come out Like Pictures
  • Some Animals End up Floppy


Any girl who loves cute, cuddly creatures will love these pets. Girls will find these balls of fur endearing as they take time to wash and brush them to determine what creature they have. Their soft, scruffy fur will make them an instant hit that your girl will want to take everywhere she goes. Girls that collect stuffed animals will love these little guys and they will make a great addition to any toy collection.


Loyo Temporary Hair Chalk Pens

For the girl who likes to change up her look without a permanent commitment, this is the perfect gift. Loyo 12 Pack Hair Chalk is thick and tacky to make it last until it is washed out. Cute, funny, silly, or just an expression of her personality, let her show her “true colors”. Big game? Let her show up with her hair in team colors. Theme day at school? Choose a color to match any theme and paint away. It also works great as a face paint so let her imagination free with washable paint. This is also great for sleepovers, sporting events, or dress up days at school. This kit lasts for up to 80 applications, so is good fun that will continue to make her life, and yours, more colorful for months to come.

No two girls are alike and this will help your girl’s personality shine through and stand out. Hair chalk is an easy, no-commitment way to change things up whenever the urge strikes. Let your girl express herself with this fun, colorful, non-permanent hair chalk.

Things You Will Love

  • Lasts for up to 80 Applications
  • Doesn’t Rub Off
  • Stays on Until Washed Off
  • Twelve Colors Included
  • Great for Group Activities like Parties, Sleepovers, Sporting Events
  • Can Also be Used for Face Painting
  • Non-Toxic/Non-Allergenic
  • Inspires Creativity


  • Tacky, Like Lipstick
  • Does Not Look as Vibrant on Darker Hair


Girls who love changing their look for special events or even on a day-to-day basis will love the freedom of having a different look any time she wants without the commitment of permanent hair color. The chalk goes on like lipstick and stays on well throughout the day. It washes off easily with soap and water. She will love being able to express herself with through the color of her hair.


Monobeach Kids Princess Tent

Image of the Kids Play House Princess Tent - Indoor and Outdoor Hexagon Pink Castle Play Tent for Girls with Light by MonoBeach

Twelve-year-olds are often a mixed bag of child and teen. For girls that still enjoy having a hideaway for quiet time, reading, or just sitting, this pink tent is sure to become a favorite place. The Monobeach Princess Playhouse is the perfect hideaway for her favorite activities.

The tent includes sheer curtains, 40 light-up stars (Three AA batteries not included), and three types of poles to ensure durability and stability.The inside is roomy enough for one or two tweens to sit together. Let your young lady stay little just a bit longer with this fanciful tent.

Things You Will Love

  • Large Enough For Two Tweens
  • Pink, Frilly Design
  • Glow-in-the-Dark, Light-Up Stars
  • Three Types of Poles to Help With Sturdiness
  • 40 Connector Pieces, Plus Three Additional Parts in Case of Loss or Damage


  • Takes a Bit of Time to Assemble
  • Poles May Break Easily
  • Gets Hot With Drapes Closed


Every girl needs a space to call her own. This makes a great reading nook or a quiet place for homework for any girl. The sheer curtains allow her to remain visible while still being by herself when she wants to be.

The castle is easy to tear down and put up, though it takes a bit of time. If your girl loves pink, she is sure to adore this tent that is a great addition to her room.


Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

Image of the Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset (Color Changing)

These adorable Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones are wireless and offer great sound quality. Any girl would rock these while listening to her favorite songs. One of the best features is the external speaker option for when they want to share their music with their friends. They change color to suit your mood or to complement your outfit.

It also comes with a sturdy, protective case for when the headphones are not in use and it syncs the beat of the music to the lights. These headphones will add a little pizazz to any girl’s music. And she will look cute doing it, besides.

Things You Will Love

  • Color Changing Lights that Flash
  • Cute Cat Ear Design
  • Wired or Wireless Options
  • Good Sound Quality as Headphones


  • Battery Only Lasts 4-5 Hours
  • Speaker Option has Low-Quality Sound
  • Must Stay in Close Proximity to Device


This is the perfect gift for music, movie, and game lovers. These are a solidly good pair of headphones vital for any girl who likes to dive into her music. If she likes over the ear headphones, these enchanting headphones will take them to the next level with their lights and ability to become external speakers. This Bluetooth speaker/headphone combo is perfect for music or movies alone or for sharing with friends and look stylish while wearing them.


Light-Up Squishy Kitty

This Squishy Kitty Night Light puts on a light show for your girl every night. With an automatic two-hour shut off feature, it won’t waste power and will be ready whenever she is. The silicon body is soft and protects against damage when dropped. By using the remote, you can dim the light to a comfortable level and then sit back and watch the colors change. Fun gift for day to day use or special occasions like sleepovers and parties.

As a nightlight or as a fun friend, this cat will light up your girl’s life. With four modes available, she can create the ambiance she wants any time, day or night. Light up her room with this little kitty.

Things You Will Love

  • Four Multicolor Modes
  • Soft Silicon Cat Body
  • Durable
  • Shut Off Feature


  • No Option to Stop Automatic Shut Off for Continuous Use


Girls who like a little extra light to play or sleep by will adore this little light. If your girl likes having a nightlight, this one turns itself off and will light up even the darkest nights. It is also a fantastic light to use for playing at night, for sleepovers, or for anywhere soft, colorful lights that will make play even more fun.


Activ Life 2 Pack Tire Lights

Image of the Activ Life 2 Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights with Batteries Included! Get 100% Brighter and Visible from All Angles for Ultimate Safety & Style (Pink, 2-Wheels)

Keep her outside on her bike, day or night, with these fun lights that attach to her bike tires. The Activ Life 2 Pack Tire Lights are bright, waterproof and give added safety to her outdoor activities. The lights make sure the bike is visible in low-light situations and add fun colors to customize her bike to the way she likes it.

Each order contains lights for two tires, or you can mix and match to showcase your girl’s personality. They are extremely durable even in hazards such as dirt, rain, and high winds. She will love riding her bike around glowing with her favorite color(s). With seven colors to choose from, you can pick the color that will best suit her. The lights can be set to flash or stay solid and will give over 12 hours of continuous use.

Things You Will Love

  • It is a Safety Feature
  • Seven Colors to Choose From
  • Resistant to the Elements
  • Encourages Outdoor Play
  • Easy to Install


  • Batteries Will Need Replacing


Any girl who rides a bike will love having these lights on her bike tires. This is a seriously inexpensive, fun way to be safe and customize your bike while you ride around. Friends will quickly recognize the unique lights and know who is headed toward them, even from a distance. Keep her active and stylish with these awesome lights. Keeping your girl active will help with concentration, memory, reducing stress, and increasing self-confidence.


This Is Me: A Girl’s Journal

Girls who are learning to be themselves will benefit from this sweet journal. This Is Me: A Girl’s Journal helps girls discover who they are and what they like by asking a variety of probing questions to aid in self-examination.

It is geared specifically toward preteen girls and will help them gain self-confidence and understanding of themselves. The book uses questions, quotes, advice, and encouraging ideas to help girls express their creativity and unlock their feelings, hopes, and dreams.

Things You Will Love

  • Increases Self-Confidence
  • Positive Messages
  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Allows Girls to Examine Their Values


  • Has Topics Relating to Puberty Which May be Too Advanced for Some Girls


A book filled with positive messages that helps a girl feel good about herself and understand herself, as well. Traveling through the teen years can be a challenge for even the most self-assured girls and this book will help her understand and be ready as the challenges of growing up come her way.


National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

If your girl loves learning the “Why” behind things in her life, this book will provide her with tons of random facts and useful information.National Geographic Kids Why? will entertain and engage her brain with hundreds of topics from silly to serious.

Has she ever wondered what the inside of a turtle’s shell looks like or why Earth doesn’t float off into space, this book will give her the answers. With additional top ten lists, weird-but-true facts, and awesome activities, she will love reading this book.

Things You Will Love

  • Educational Facts
  • Encourages Reading and Discovery
  • Over 1,000 True Facts
  • Full-Color Photos


  • Some Questions May Make People Uncomfortable


This book will fill a girl’s head with fun facts and great information. With 192 pages, it will occupy her for a long time and will spur additional questions and curiosity about a variety of topics. Kids are full of questions and this book will answer many of them so you don’t have to.


BESPIN Binoculars

If your girl loves looking at nature, she will love these binoculars. Whether she is bird-watching, hunting, or wants to see things farther away, the Bespin Binoculars will open up the world outside her fingertips.

Often animals run when they hear humans approach and binoculars help kids spot them before it’s too late. They also work well to peer down the street and see if her friends are outside playing so she can join them. They are also durable and clear for girls that like going hunting for finding the hidden animals around.

Things You Will Love

  • Encourages Girls to Explore Nature
  • Durable
  • Can Be Used With Glasses
  • Clear View up to 100 feet away
  • Includes a North American Bird Map


  • May Be too Small for Some Children
  • Problems With Lenses Falling Off


Whether the young lady in your life loves bird-watching, hunting, looking at nature, or wants binoculars for a trip, these binoculars will do the trick and will hold up to many drops and bumps. They come with a North American Bird map for bird watching expeditions. It will get her outside and off electronics, at least for a while. The strap holds securely around her neck to avoid loss or damage.

Sleepover Party Mad Libs

Image of the Sleepover Party Mad Libs

Having a fun (noun) is as simple as one, two, (number). All you need are the following (Proper Noun). Mad Libs will have your girl giggling at the funny outcomes. This is great for groups or individual fun. Make stories more interesting by inputting your own nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Parties are more just fun with Mad Libs.

The whole family will be in stitches listening to the funny stories girls will make up with using these Mad Libs. And maybe she’ll even come up with some of her own. Another benefit is the practice she will get with parts of speech. After a few Mad Libs, she’ll never forget the difference between an adjective and an adverb again.

Things You Will Love

  • No Technology Needed
  • Expands Thinking
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Laughter
  • Reinforces Skills Taught in School (Without her Realizing it)


  • Only Includes 21 Mad Libs


Great for pairs or groups of kids. Girls can take turns with a group of friends filling in the blanks and then read each silly story aloud for tons of belly laughs. The best stories are the ones with the funniest word meanings and will challenge kids to come up with better and different words to make each story more fun. With 21 Mad Libs, everyone can take home some of the fun.


Soothing Waters Bath Bomb Gift Set

Image of the Organic & Natural Vegan Soothing Waters Spa Bath Bomb Fizzies Gift Set- Moisturizes Dry Skin w/Ultra Lush Shea and Coco Butter & Essential Oils. Best birthday gift idea for women, girlfriend, him, her

There is nothing better than slipping into a warm tub and dropping in a fizzy, sweet-smelling bath bomb. Troubles with school, friends, and family will melt away and leave your girl with silky soft skin. The Soothing Waters Bath Bomb Gift Set is organic and vegan, so no chemicals will irritate sensitive skin. Each gift box contains six moisturizing bath bomb fizzies in a beautiful box.

Bath time can become a relaxing time with these moisturizing bath bombs. One fizzy will soften her skin and fizz away her worries. Pamper her like the princess she is. Girls with dry skin will especially appreciate the silky feel her skin will have after soaking in these bath bombs. Additionally, the fancy gift box will make her feel elegant and grown up.

Things You Will Love

  • Organic and Vegan
  • Six Scents to Love
  • Beautiful Gift Box
  • Luxury Spa Pampering at Home


  • May Crumble Easily


If your girl loves getting pampered in a relaxing bath at the end of a long day, she will love sitting in a fragrant tub with these luxurious bath bombs. It is also exceptional for girls who have dry skin and need to soak in layers of moisture. She will come out of the tub soft and sweet smelling to face the day ahead. Soak in these and she will smell like sugar and spice and everything nice, just like a girl should.


Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Gloves

Image of the Luwint Children LED Finger Light Gloves - Amazing Colorful Flashing Novelty Toys Kids

These Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Gloves are great for nighttime fun. Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, your girl will have warm hands and glowing fingers for hours. These are great for playing tag in the dark, concerts, festivals, or vacations. With seven colors and six different light options, your little girl can choose the pattern she loves the best.

The batteries are replaceable so the gloves can last a long time, through one or more seasons of use. These gloves are made of a soft cotton material that keeps warmth inside the gloves. Give her the power to light up the night like she lights up your life with this fun product.

Things You Will Love

  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Made of Cotton
  • Variety of Color and Light Modes
  • Control Located Inside Gloves


  • Can’t Be Washed
  • May be Too Large


Having lights at the tips of her fingers, literally, will make any nighttime activity more fun. From vacations to festivals, she is sure to get compliments on her unique gloves that light up the night. This comes with extra batteries, which will likely be necessary fairly soon as she will probably use them quite often. Let her touch the night and light it up with these fun gloves.


Feisty Pets Lady Monstertruck Pink Cat

A sweet pink kitty is perfect for your sweet girl. But just like her mood can change in a moment, this Feisty Pets Lady Monstertruck can turn vicious with just a little squeeze of its head. The soft pink fur will beg to be petted as often as she is able and the ferocious kitty face will startle unsuspecting family members.

If your girl has a strong sense of humor and likes to trick others, this little friend will be her steadfast companion. There will be lots of giggles and face squeezing going on for a long time to come. The plush body is perfect for cuddling.

Things You Will Love

  • Great Gag Gift
  • Sweet and Vicious Faces
  • Soft Pink Fur
  • No Batteries Required


  • May Scare Some Children


For any little prankster, she will love showing her new cat off to anyone who wants to see. Then, BAM! suddenly the sweet kitty is all anger and teeth. It is sure to bring joy into her life as she plays with this fun toy. It is a good reminder that we all have two different sides and give her permission to sometimes show her own true emotions. If it’s good for the kitty, it’s good for her.

Kid 12th Birthday Dabbing Unicorn 2006 Shirt

She will be the coolest 12-year-old on the block in this super cute Dabbing Unicorn 2006 Shirt. With five bright colors to choose from, you can pick one that will make your girl smile.

This shirt will allow her to showcase her birth year along with adding a touch of style with a dabbing unicorn on the front. The special girl in your life will wear this with pride as often as she can. Remind her that she is, and always has been, awesome since 2006.

Things You Will Love

  • Unicorn
  • Fun T-Shirt
  • Has Birth Year on it
  • Adorable


  • Runs Small


Your girl will look and feel awesome in this cute, trendy shirt. Unicorns are ever-popular with girls of all ages and this shirt will showcase her personality and pride. Get this shirt and she will be able to show off her awesomeness every day.


Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Women can do anything and this book highlights 50 of the most influential and inspiring women pioneers who impacted the world. With diverse careers, backgrounds, time periods, and cultures, Women in Science will introduce girls to influential women in scientific careers who impacted the world.

Girls will see themselves in these pioneering women and will be changed by their stories and accomplishments. Let your girl reach for the stars like these wonderful women. With colored pages and contemporary drawings, girls will be engrossed in every page as they read about each woman. In a world where the accomplishments of women are often underrated, this book shines a light for the world to see.

Things You Will Love

  • Inspiring Stories of Women in Science
  • Will Spark Girls’ Imaginations
  • Empowering Stories
  • Colorful Pictures
  • Each Page is Dedicated to a Single Woman and Her Accomplishments
  • Contemporary Drawings


  • Very Small Print
  • Not Much Diversity


Let your girl be inspired by the stories of pioneering women who have paved the way for them. Though these are clips of the women’s lives, they will likely spark an interest in girls who may want to find out more. Knowing that women can be influential will remind them of their own power and self-worth. This is a great book for girls to read!


FAYOGOO Kids Walkie Talkies

Kids want to stay in communication and if your girl doesn’t have a cell phone yet, these Fayogoo Kids Walkie Talkies will be perfect to let them stay in contact when outside playing. They have a four-mile range, so they can chat with their friends or keep in contact with parents from across the park or awhile nearby in the neighborhood. This set is pink, but they come in seven fun colors.

The walkie talkies each have a flashlight on the top, are small and lightweight, and are drop-resistant. She can even attach an earpiece so that they can hear without everyone else listening in. Perfect for outdoor play or for secret missions inside the house. Give one to her nearby bestie and they can solidify plans without tying up parent cell phones.

Things You Will Love

  • 4-Mile Range
  • Seven Color Choices
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and Small


  • Requires Batteries
  • Range May Be Less Than Four Miles


Girls will love staying in touch with friends and family nearby with these walkie talkies. Your girl can make plans, go on secret missions, and stay in contact with parents when nearby. She will love the freedom it opens up for her.


Crayola Inspiration Pink Portable Art Studio

Image of the Crayola Inspiration Art Case-Pink

Your girl will never be bored with this kit by her side. Every artist should have their very own art kit for when inspiration strikes. With a variety of coloring utensils, your girl is sure to find the right tool to create anything she can imagine. This Crayola Inspiration Art Studio includes markers, crayons, colored pencils, and paper, all in a stylish carrying case. No matter what she dreams up, her briefcase will be ready to bring it to life.

Classic enjoyment never goes out of style. All a girl needs are some colors to make her imagination come to life. The best part is that this needs no batteries, power outlets, or charging. Just grab the case and she is ready to start creating. It is great for use in the car, at restaurants, at home, or anywhere.

Things You Will Love

  • Comes with Colored Pencils, Markers, and Crayons
  • Stylish “Briefcase” to Keep Things Neat and Accessible
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Metal Clips on Case Keep Everything Safe
  • No Batteries Needed


  • Case May Fall Apart Quickly


Artistic girls who want to be ready to draw or color whenever inspiration strikes will love this comprehensive set. With this case, she will always have her supplies at the ready whether alone or with friends. This large kit is perfect for collaborative drawing projects, staying occupied at appointments, events, or for putting her dreams on paper to share with the world or keep for herself.

Nancy Drew Starter Set (Five Book Series)

Image of the Nancy Drew Starter Set (5 Book Series)

This is a re-released classic series that girls will love. This Nancy Drew Starter Set includes a limited edition copy of The Secret of the Old Clock, as well as four other popular titles. The series girls have loved for decades is now here to entertain a new generation. Let her solve mysteries and go along on adventures with Nancy Drew.

Mysteries never go out of style and girls will love discovering the world of Nancy Drew. These books have been updated with a new, hip look to enthrall today’s girls. If she loves reading, she will likely love these Nancy Drew stories.

Things You Will Love

  • Classic Books Re-Release
  • Limited Number of The Secret of the Old Clock
  • New Look
  • Gives Girls a Heroine to Look Up to
  • Encourages Reading


  • None


Curious girls who love solving mysteries and reading books with strong female characters will enjoy these classic mysteries. These timeless books have featured a headstrong female for decades and remind girls that they have every tool necessary to solve neighborhood or worldwide mysteries.

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Every girl needs a place to store her jewelry and special treasures. The Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box has three drawers to store a variety of objects. It also features a twirling ballerina that dances to the classic song, “Swan Lake”.

Tween girls are beginning to develop, or increase, their love of jewelry and will need a special place to keep it all tidy and organized. This box has a velvet interior and a wind-up key in the back for the music. No batteries are required and the jewelry box is made of sturdy wood. Beautiful ballerinas adorn the outside of the box and will surely delight any young lady.

Things You Will Love

  • Swan Lake Plays
  • No Batteries
  • Pink!
  • Ballerina Twirls
  • Keeps Jewelry Organized


  • Rather Small


This pretty box will keep her jewelry safe and organized so she is ready to dress up for any occasion. With the beautiful ballerina inside, lovely artwork on the outside, and classic Swan Lake song playing she will treasure this box for many years. The heavy construction will hold up as she uses it and it will make a great decoration on top of her desk or dresser.


Wamgra Bluetooth Speaker Night Light

Waking up on time can be difficult, but not with the Wamgra Bluetooth Speaker Night Light. This little thing is packed with features and will combine a variety of useful options. It can be used as a soft night light, a brighter night light, a Bluetooth speaker, an alarm clock, and it also can play via USB. It also has a built-in mic so your girl can talk on the phone while relaxing or doing homework in her bedroom.

With 48 soothing LED lights, she can set it to any color she wants or allow it to cycle through changing colors. The top is touch controlled and brightness is adjustable to a comfortable level. It has a USB cord and also can be run on batteries. The alarm is very loud to wake even the soundest sleepers. It is great for sleepovers, camping trips, and any nighttime activity.

Things You Will Love

  • Loud Alarm
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Colored Lights
  • Accepts USB Devices
  • Bluetooth Capable


  • Can’t Charge a Phone
  • No Volume Setting for Alarm


This is a great combination of an alarm clock, night light, and Bluetooth speaker. The lighting function has many options, but the alarm volume doesn’t. However, your girl can use it to talk on the phone handsfree and also can accept a USB to play her favorite music. She is sure to love the bright colors and touch controlled adjusting. Also, it is very helpful for deep sleepers who have a hard time waking up in the morning.

Gifts for Similar Ages

How the Gifts Were Chosen

  • Quality:We took the hottest gifts out there and read numerous reviews to ensure only quality products made the list.
  • Safety: We took safety into account and made sure to bring you the best gifts. We also considered what the preteens in our own lives would like.

Then we took those suggestions and researched the pros and cons to compile this list for you. The gifts on this list are sure to be highly sought after gifts that most young girls are hoping for. The list includes a variety of gift types to make it easy to find the right gift for the preteen girl in your life.


12-Year-Old Girl Milestones

Children reach a great number of milestones each year and 12-year-old girls aren’t exempt from this. Twelve-year-olds are walking a fine line between being a kid and being a teenager. As they approach puberty, they gain a whole host of new skills. These are milestones you can expect at the age of twelve.

Physical Milestones

Girls at this age start to experience signs of puberty that may make her self-conscious. Also, as she matures, she will become more coordinated and be more skilled at sports, may suddenly have a growth spurt, and may feel awkward in her own lanky body. It’s possible she may also develop more of an interest in clothes, makeup, and “popular” things.

Emotional Milestones

This is the start of kids not wanting to be around their parents as much. Friendships are more vital, and parents are just too uncool. Their emotions may be all over the place, as they grow more frustrated with trying to be a teenager, while still longing to get by with being young. It is a tightrope at this age. Girls begin to question their values and morals and she may become more independent.

Social Milestones

Now is the time that girls start noticing boys and vice versa. They are very concerned with what their friends think and fitting in. They can truly empathize with other points of view and will still crave parental support in their ventures. She will be more concerned about what others think and will try to stay as inconspicuous as possible. Parents will become more embarrassing and less cool.

Cognitive Milestones

Twelve-year-olds have started thinking more abstractly and are able to apply logic to many situations. However, they still lack sufficient impulse control and may often not know why they said or did something. Girls will be interested in doing the things her friends do and are increasingly interested in organized sports and social activities.

FAQs For Buying for 12-Year-Old Girls

How do I choose a gift for a 12-year-old girl?

  • If possible, find out what she likes and dislikes. Then go through our list of great gifts to find one that fits her interests. Choose something unique that she is likely to love. Consider how she will use the gift you are buying her. Ensure that gifts meet safety standards and also verify the recommended ages for a product. You don’t want to get a gift meant for four to eight-year-olds that a 12-year-old will find babyish.
  • Also don’t get something that is so far above her head that it won’t grab her interest. Age recommendations are there for a reason, but also consider individual maturity and development. Some tweens are able to navigate products meant for older ages easily, and others might find products too challenging even if they are within the age range. Lastly, check out the reviews and questions others have asked and then go for it. Besides, girls will love the time and thought that went into picking out a special gift, just for her.

Will the toys last a long time?

  • It depends on the item you purchase. Some products have a shorter expected life due to the materials they are made of and some items depend on how much and the ways it is used. Technology is also always changing and what is cutting-edge now can be outdated in six months, so keep your expectations appropriate for the life of your gift.
  • Craft kits will eventually run out of supplies, crayons wear out, and clothes get outgrown. Also, look at the reviews from others who have purchased it to find out how long it has lasted for other girls. Remember, experiences can differ, so read a variety of good and bad reviews to ensure the gift meets your expectations.

Where can I find the best gifts?

  • Great gifts can be found in a variety of places both online and in-store. Once you have an idea of what you want, shop around to find the best product and deal. In-store sales can be a great place to find what you are looking for at an affordable price.
  • However, Amazon often offers the best deals year-round, verified reviews, and(sometimes free) two-day shipping. Amazon is convenient, and fast in a time crunch, but feel free to buy anywhere you find the best deal and product for that special little girl. Also, read descriptions carefully because sometimes pictures feature add-on items or larger sets that you can buy

Do 12-year-old girls still like toys?

  • It depends on the girl. Many girls still enjoy toys, while others prefer other types of gifts. Girls mature at different rates so some tween girls will still play with dolls, others will be transitioning to makeup and jewelry. There is no cut and dry answer to this. You’ll need to be a detective to uncover what she wants.
  • Find out what the girl you’re buying for likes, what she does with her free time, and her interests. Use these findings to choose a great gift she’ll love. If you listen and keep her in mind when buying a gift it is sure to hit the mark. Be sensitive to her feelings, though, as many girls will be uncomfortable opening a “little kid” gift, especially at a party full of her friends. If you truly believe you’ve found something she’ll love, but aren’t sure if it will embarrass her, give it to her before or after the party when it is just her and her family.

What do 12-year-old girls want?

  • Most girls will want gifts that are trendy and will help them fit in at this age. However, every girl is different. One may love pink and another may detest it. One girl may still play with dolls and a different girl never did, even when she was younger. Think about the conversations you’ve had with her or those close to her. What did she talk about? What types of activities is she in?
  • If you listen close enough, she’s probably already mentioned what she likes.  If not, ask her. Or ask one of her friends or family members. Most girls have an endless wish list that they can’t wait to share with you. If your girl is into science then she may love Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World.

How do I keep my daughter’s room from becoming cluttered?

  • Have a plan. Before holidays like birthdays and Christmas, designate a certain number of toys, accessories, or clothes that must be given away or donated. Involve them in where to donate them. There are a number of great organizations to donate to, like a local women’s shelter, church, a charity organization, or perhaps a family with children who would be glad to receive some gently used items.
  • Many families have a rule that the number of incoming gifts has to have an equal number of items that their child must get rid of. This keeps their room and home from being overloaded. Here is a list of places that accept clothing donations.

Are popular brands better than unknown brands?

  • Not necessarily. While popular brands mass-produce and often go to great lengths to ensure quality, many unknown brands produce the same or superior quality. Name brands can sometimes be reliable and other times fall short of expectations. Do some research on the brand and product you are buying to ensure a quality product that will last.
  • Whether you purchase a name brand or a smaller brand, know the reputation of the business along with their track record, if they’ve been around for a while. If you are looking for a popular product, beware of imitators that make cheaper products and try to pass them off as the original using shoddy materials which often do not work right or fall apart very quickly.

You can’t go wrong with technology, right?

How can gifts help reduce a girl’s dependence on technology?

  • Technology has a place and a time. Fortunately, there are many gifts which encourage and even require time away from technology. Board and card games are a favorite non-tech activity for kids of any age. Getting them outside for at least 60 minutes a day by providing plenty of ideas for outdoor play will help girls stay healthy and active. Products like Play22 Infrared Laser Tag Setand Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights are great ways to get her outside without a bunch of bulky equipment.

Wrap Up

If you are buying for a 12-year-old, it can seem overwhelming. Between the number of choices out there and trying to figure out what type of gift preteen girls even like these days, it may become confusing. So we’ve done the hard work and have given you a short list of items that fit the bill.

Choose your favorite item from the list and give it to her, knowing that it is a high-quality gift that will last for a long time. Remember to consider family rules and be careful not to buy items forbidden by parents. Some families do not allow guns, even if they are part of a laser tag set. Others don’t welcome technology, so be aware of the family norms.

Just the fact that you thought of her and put in some effort will surely make her appreciate whatever gift you decide on.

Jennifer Doss
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