28 Gifts and Toys 6-Year-Old Girls will Love

by Adrina Palmer |

Need to shop for a six-year-old girl? Don’t stress. We have a full list of toys designed for this age that will please any little girl. At six, girls are hitting a few new milestones and becoming more aware of themselves. They have grandiose ideas and want to make an impression on the world. Young girls think they can be anything and want to try everything in the search for their inner self.

Even though she can be a police person, lawyer, doctor, or anything else she imagines, right now she dreams of being a beautiful princess. Mainly because she doesn’t know princesses have to live with tons of rules and a non-stop schedule. Either way, she wants to be royal because of the fancy life it promises and all of the pretty dresses and jewels. She wants to experience all the magic in the world and you can help out with all the gifts on this list. We did the research, you can relax and pick the gifts you think your girl will like best.

Top Ten Gifts and Toys for 6-Year-Old GirlsWhy It Is Best
ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card CrafterDIY Kit, Great for Giving, Tons of Accessories
FAO Schwarz Wooden CastleWood Blocks, Castle Styles, 150 Pieces
KidKraft Disney Princess DollhouseFive Rooms, Includes Furniture, Princess Decor and Design
Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island GameNo Reading, Problem Solving, Everyone Wins
Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding RobotRobot Named Dash, 5 Free Apps, STEM toy, Voice Activated
Ocean Meets Sky HardcoverBeautiful Illustrations, Sweet Engaging Story, Promotes Reading
ReliBeauty Girls Drop Shoulder Princess Aurora CostumePrincess Dress, Gold Details, Removable Brooch
JOYSTAR Girls Bike with Training WheelsIncluds Training Wheels, Coaster Brake, Adjustable Seat
Hammock Swing ChairFringe Detail, Handmade, Two Hanging Styles
Everest Toys Crazy Forts69 Pieces, Imaginative Play, Sturdy Plastic, Fun for Groups

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28 Gifts and Toys 6-Year-Old Girls will Love

1. Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Flower Fleece Quilt No-Sew Craft Kit


Little girls love to put their mark on the world or at least make something showcasing their skills. With Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Flower Fleece Quilt No-Sew Craft Kit she can make a big footprint in the house with a quilt she made all on her own! The best part though is no clean up for mom.

Fleece is an extremely durable and easy to work with fabric because it has a little stretch and doesn’t fall apart or loose threads on the edges. No matter how long your daughter takes to put this quilt together, the fabric will hold its shape. Also, the tied together it will stretch a little but stay together even in the washing machine. No peeling either!

Next, the quilt comes with a flower pattern and a selection of coordinating colors. The kit includes 48 12 x12 squares already fringed to tie together. Finally, the quilt comes with detailed instructions and ideas. Of course, your girl can go willy-nilly with the pattern too! But make sure she understands the basics or the blanket will not turn out well.

 – 48 Pre-fringed squares – Requires patience to tie all the knots
 – Multiple colors included
 – Comes with directions and ideas
 – Easy tie to create
 – Durable fabric won’t fall apart
 – Washable
 – Learning kit teaches dexterity and more

2. Melissa & Doug Fashion Design-Art Activity Kit


If you were a girl in the 80’s or 90’s, chance are strong you had a fashion kit similar to the Melissa & Doug Fashion Design-Art Activity Kit. If you didn’t own one, then you had a friend who did and you loved playing with the set. Now you can give the gift of creating fashion to your daughter. Let the fun continue for another generation!

The fashion design set comes with 16 double-sided fashion-plates, 4 pencils, 1 crayon, a crayon holder, and a storage case. Basically, the set comes with everything your daughter needs to design red-carpet-worthy dresses. Even better, the set is great for travel. Finally, this set can inspire little girls to use their imagination with a little guidance and learn more about their own style, which is probably a little flamboyant at 6-years-old.

 – Imaginative play and design – Doesn’t keep paper securely in place
 – Includes fashion plates, pencils, and case – Pictures can turn out blurry
 – Teaches hand-eye coordination – Does not include paper
 – Encourages creativity
 – Great for travel and quiet
 – Easy to use
 – Has a handle
 – Great price

3. Style Me Up – Fashion Design Coloring Book for Girls


If the fashion-plates above enticed your little girl, you may want to get her the Style Me Up – Fashion Design Coloring Book for Girls too. This spiral bound sketchbook comes with wonder and whimsy, oh and stencils, stickers, and sample patterns. Why limit your daughter to drawing clothes only for humans? Let her draw fabulous clothing for mermaids, magicians, princesses, and of course, unicorns. You know how sensitive unicorns are about drab clothing. Everything must sparkle!

With all the stickers, stencils, and ideas your girl will have the best dressed mystical creatures in all the land. Even better, she will learn to trace, color inside the lines, and express her personal style. Finally, imagine all the fantasy play this book will inspire! She will have unicorns and princesses arriving at the royal ball in style.

 – Sketchbook for fashion – Can be used up in one setting
 – Mystical collection – mermaids, wizards, princesses, and unicorns
 – Promotes imagination and creativity
 – Includes stickers, stencils, sample pages, sketch pages, and inspiration pages
 – Fabulous price
 – More sets available for each girl’s tastes
 – Great for travel

4. ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card Crafter


Forget Hallmark, your little kiddo can be the newest talent in card design with the ALEX Toys Craft DIY Card Crafter. You don’t even need to make a trip to the store to have her pick out sixty million pieces of paper to cut-up or double-sided tape, and enough stickers to make a sticker-book jealous. Everything she needs to make a birthday, Christmas, or Easter card for grandma is inside this adorable kit.

Why by this set? First, beyond everything inside the box, girls love to be creative and with new empathy and understanding of people she will want to do nice things for others. Now she can cheer-up peoples days with handmade cards. Next, arts and crafts are a great way to inspire creativity and dexterity. Finally, this is a great craft for rainy days or for when friends are. You can even have her create her own invites for a party! That makes this a two-fer gift!

 – Promotes creativity – Doesn’t include a storage container
 – A giving gift
 – Includes printed cards, envelopes, stickers, shapes, adhesive and more
 – Fantastic price
 – Great group project
 – Also has stamps and stamp pad

5. Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities

Image of the Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities


Your little one is too young for chemistry class but you can inspire a love of excitement for science now. With the Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science +70 Activities, your daughter can fall in love with science early and look forward to future science and chemistry classes. STEM toys are a valuable addition to any home to encourage a love of learning and prepare children for the future.

This set is epic for a few reasons. First, the set covers three scientific areas: physical, earth, and life. Each of the activities is geared toward one of these studies. Second, the activities teach chemistry, physics, magnetism, weather, biology, geology, and even flight. Third, the supplies arrive in a zippered bag for easy storage. Lastly, this is a great group project to try with friends or siblings. Do make sure a parent is nearby to supervise as sometimes science projects tend to blow up, or worse, make a giant mess in your kitchen.

 – STEM learning Toy – Messy – AKA – dirty kitchen
 – Over 70 activities– Instructions sometimes missing
 – Promotes a love of science
 – Great price
 – Includes a storage bag
 – Covers Physical, Earth, and Life
 – Teaches many areas of science
 – Great for groups

6. ALEX Toys Let’s Pretend School


At six-years-old, most kids are still excited about school and want to try their hand at teaching. The ALEX Toys Let’s Pretend School allows your kid to be the teacher of her own classroom. Of course, finding students might be a little difficult.

This adorable little set includes 255 pieces – everything needed to run a classroom. Teachers might even like this gift as it comes with activities for maps, letters, numbers, food pyramid, and more. Also, this is a great activity for siblings, especially for kids not in school yet. Some six-year-olds are stuck going to kindergarten based on their birthday and this set can encourage them. Finally, the set folds up for easy storage.

 – Fabulous price – Mostly paper
 – Includes a bell and activities – No storage for the bell
 – Award-winning toy
 – Great for groups
 – Portable and easy storage
 – The tri-board sits on a desk or table
 – Has inner pockets for storage

7. FAO Schwarz {150 Piece Set} Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set


If your little girl asks for a castle this year, tell her to build her own. To make the job a little easier get her the FAO Schwarz {150 Piece Set} Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set. Designed for castles, this set will bring your little girls dreams to life with solid wooden blocks.

Why buy? First of all, the set includes 150 blocks in a fabulous castle theme. Secondly, this toy is a STEM toy that promotes problem-solving and fine motor skills. Finally, the toy unlocks the imagination and creative juices in the brain. Bring forth the builder and build!

 – 150 Wood blocks – A bit expensive
 – Castles Theme – No storage container included
 – Educational STEM toy
 – Promotes problem-solving, and fine-motor skills
 – Imaginative toy
 – Great for group play

8. 4M Crystal Mining Kit


Girls, especially little girls, a dream of a life filled with ball gowns, fancy shoes, tiaras, and gems. With the4M Crystal Mining Kit your girl might not be able to mine gemstones but crystals look like gems and for a much smaller price tag.

Your child can be an excavator with this kit. First, she can imagine being an archeologist. Second, she can imagine being a rock miner. Third, she can imagine being a princess with a treasure trove full of her very own gems. Finally, you can even plan a treasure hunt with the crystals after they have been excavated. A great gift for fancy girls.

 – Educational Kit teaches geology – Messy
 – Includes magnifying glass, plaster rock with 8 crystals, digging tool, storage pouch – A few customers missing parts
 – Get to excavate – Some stones difficult to excavate
 – Great for imagination
 – Excellent price
 – Affordable

9. L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy


Who doesn’t love a surprise? With the L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy your little girl can unwrap multiple surprises for limited-edition dolls and little sisters. Each gift globe includes six pearl surprise balls, one shell-shaped doll stand, a glitter case pure to store, and a bath fizz. Yep, this is a bath toy with bath fizz inside! Great for little girls who fight bath time.

A few notes about the toy: do not let the water go above the fill line. Next, let the fizz dissolve without touching or it will leave a temporary color on your girl’s hand. Last, each set comes with outfits and accessories. A fun gift with lots of shimmery pearl surprises that is great for travel.

 – Full of six surprises – Some of the kits are missing parts
 – Comes with 2 dolls and accessories – Overpriced
 – Has a bath fizzy
 – The case can be used as a purse
 – Includes a storage shell and stand

10. My Little Pony Toy – Magical School of Friendship Playset

Inspired by season eight of the My Little Pony toy is the new My Little Pony Toy – Magical School of Friendship Playset. My Little Pony fans will cheer when they see this toy – and when they realize season eight of the show is on Netflix. Even ponies need to go to school and with this set now they can with Twilight Sparkle as the teacher.

The first reason to grab this playset is a great size and the lever-activated elevator. Next, your girl will over lighting up each classroom and teaching with 24 classroom accessories. Finally, she will want to play with friends and they can all go wild in Ponyville, or whatever they call the play where ponies live.

 – Includes Twilight Sparkle – No downsides!
 – 22 Inch tall school and 3 tiers
 – Has an elevator and working lights
 – Includes accessories and images
 – Interactive for fun pretend play
 – Great for My Little Pony fans
 – Great price
 – More available separately
 – Easy to assemble

11. Lil’ Gleemerz Adorbrite Figure


Give the gift of a creepy light up doll. Just joking, the doll isn’t creepy it just doesn’t look like any animals that exist. Points for imagination as kids will love this strange little creature that lights up. The Lil’ Gleemerz Adorbrite Figure might have been born in Barbieland, or maybe My Little Pony Land. Maybe Troll Land. Either way, grab one of these toys for the next six-year-old girl on your list and expect a squeal of delight.

Little girls will love this strange creature because it’s interactive. The tail lights up – which is why I know it isn’t from this earth. Also, the toy responds to touch and sound with over 100 different reactions like purring, farts, and flashing lights. Next, girls can press the nose for three different ways to play including game mode, hangout, and light party. Last, the animal’s paws allow it to hang in cute poses all over the house. All this for a low price. Your girl will be happy and so will your wallet.

 – Comes in multiple colors – Requires 1 LR44 battery (its included)
 – Responds to touch and sound – Alien creature too gassy
 – Has over 100 reactions – Not cuddly
 – Hangout, Light Party, & Game mode
 – Press nose for fun
 – The tail lights up
 – Comes from another planet…
 – Poseable
 – Excellent price

12. Furreal Flurry – My Baby Snow Leopard Interactive Plush Toy


Don’t buy your child a real cat that requires food, a litter box, and attention. Get the Furreal Flurry, My Baby Snow Leopard Interactive Plush Toy to keep your daughter content with purrs and cuddles without all the extras. If you already have a cat don’t fret. Use this hilarious cat to freak your cat out and teach to behave.

In real life, your girl cannot own a snow leopard but with this toy, she can. Not only can she have one, but she can also feed the kitty a bottle, watch the cat coo and walk, cuddle with the poseable cat, and enjoy the forty-five plus sounds and motions. Delight your little girl today.

 – Cheaper than a real Snow Leopard – 4 AA batteries required (included)
 – No cat litter required – A small percentage had glitchy kitties
 – Plush and interactive toy
 – 45 Sounds and motions
 – Feed the baby kitty
 – Pose and love the kitty
 – Comes with accessories
 – More animals available

13. KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse


If you daughter loves all things princessy than she will love the KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dreams Dollhouse. With five rooms for open play, your girl can become a decorator, a princess, and anything else she desires. The toy comes with a whole lot for the steep price.

First, you get five open space rooms, a glass slipper, and pillow, tons of intricate detail, and step-by-step instructions. Second, the house is big enough for 12″ dolls (yes, Barbie will fit). Third, includes furniture and everything your daughter needs to live the life of royalty. Finally, the sturdy construction of composite wood, solid wood, fabric, and plastic will last for more than one child.

 – Extra large doll house – Requires assembly and is difficult
 – Big enough for Barbies – Very Pricey
 – Includes 11 pieces of furniture – The stairs are frustrating
 – Great for imaginative play
 – Sturdy construction
 – 5 Open space rooms

14. Animoodles Magnetic Iris Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush


Have a unicorn lover in the house? Grab her a Animoodles Magnetic Iris Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush for the next gift-giving occasion. The legs, arms, tail, and head of this stuffy come off to be interchangeable. For more fun, buy a few more of the animals, like the lion, frog, orangutan, or sloth to change up all the animals.

The body parts stay together with magnets. These are super strong neodymium magnets with enough strength that the joints can be rotated and put on other metal like a refrigerator. Change the unicorn’s position. Don’t worry, the magnets are buried beneath 3 layers of fabric in each body part. In short, a fun and weird toy kids will go nuts for but make sure they are safe with the magnets. Keep them away from electronic devices.

 – Mix and match plush animals – No downsides!
 – Super strong magnets
 – Can stick to a refrigerator
 – Affordable
 – Poseable
 – Tons of fun and imaginative

15. Mushroom Kids Child Night Lights


Why have a nightlight when you an have a light-up mushroom for a funky and whimsical room. The Mushroom Kids Child Night Lights is an adorable and full of tons of advantages. This is not your typical night light with an on and off switch.

This fantastical lamp is so fun it comes with a remote! Pick your color, change how bright the light is and more. The first aspect that makes this light special is the low-wattage built-in 4 piece LED on a wood base. Also, the mushroom cap is made of soft silicone. Next, you can adjust the light to dimmer by percentage or enjoy flashing, strobed, faded, or smooth lights. Even comes with built-in memory to remember your settings. The last aspect is the lamp is USB powered and the perfect lamp to light a child’s path in the dark.

 – Dimmable and color changing – No downsides! You will want two!
 – Cute mushroom design
 – Sturdy and safe materials
 – A great nightlight
 – Fun for whimsical or woodland rooms
 – LED lights – energy smart
 – Includes a remote control
 – Built-in memory
 – Tons of colors and other options

16. Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Game


Your little mermaid (fan) may need this Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island Game. Why you might as should you buy her a board game with lots of pieces she is like to lose long before you have gotten your money’s worth? Because this game is cute, has rave reviews, and fewer pieces than other board games. All stellar reasons. Take a closer look.

In addition to the fun mermaid theme, your girl can play with 2-6 friends to learn strategy and social skills. Even better, no reading required! The gameplay is simple too. Players as a team to help the mermaids swim back to their mermaid island before the sea witch arrives. Possibly Ursula? We vote yes. In conclusion, if they win as a team then everyone wins for a great uplifting game.

 – Fun group board game – A few people say the game is boring or impossible to win
 – Teaches teamwork – everyone wins!
 – No reading required
 – 100% green – Soy-based ink and recycled plastics
 – Includes  game board, tokens, a sea witch, spinner, and instructions
 – Encourage problem-solving
 – Promotes self-esteem and community
 – Great for gatherings
 – Fabulous price

17. The Floor is Lava! Interactive Board Game


By first grade, most kids are ready to play board games and they want to play with adults. The game The Floor is Lava! Interactive Board Game is a game for the whole family to love and will even encourage physical activity. Here is why your family will love this game:

One, the game is interactive. The goal is to leap over lava. Two, the game encourages imagination as you imagine pirouetting over lava. Three, you can duel family members and challenge each other. Four, get active jumping, leaping, balancing, and laughing. Last of all, enjoy inside or outside on cushioned, durable, and slip-resistant foam stones. A great game for parties, get-togethers, or family game night.

 – An interactive and physical game – No downsides!
 – Great for family and groups
 – Teaches balance and endurance
 – For indoor and outdoor use
 – Includes 25 foam stepping stones, 27 challenge cards, spinner, and instructions
 – For 2-6 players
 – Dueling and family play
 – Endless options for a different map

18. Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot


We bring you a coding robot. That’s right a robot to teach coding to children as young as six-years-old. The Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot is used in schools to help teach kids to program and create apps. Your young lady will enjoy the robot because of how cute he is, although, this is not the only feature. Here are the specs:

The first great feature of this little circular guy is he is voice activated. Next, he can navigate around objects. Third, he comes with five free programming STEM apps. Fourth, your child can learn to create, collaborate, and grow with the new world of technology. In conclusion, bring the future of education to your child and help her to feel in charge of her education.

 – Cute coding robot named Dash – May loose charge quickly
 – Easy to use – Updating issues
 – Used in Schools and award-winning – Expensive
 – 5 Free programming apps
 – Teaches collaboration
 – Includes the Wonder League community
 – Expansions available
 – STEM toy teaches coding
 – Voice activated

19. My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things


Young kids do not know a whole lot about themselves just yet. For example, they are not sure of where they are located in relation to the world. The book My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things teaches not just where your kid lives in the world but so much more.

First, she can learn where she is on earth, then about the weather. Next, she will learn about people, and the human body – even pets. After, she will learn about things. Foremost, she will gain a deeper understanding of who she is by the things, places, and people. Children only learn what we teach them and this job makes the job so much easier.

 – 224 Pages – No downsides!
 – For children ages 5-9-year-old
 – Lexile Measure 930
 – Teaches about things, places, and people
 – Helps kids understand how they relate to the world
 – Storybook feel – starts with, “Once upon a time…”
Fun illustrations and photography
 – Engaging text
 – Learning and reference book

20. National Geographic Kids Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book


For the equestrian fan or sticker fan, like most six-year-old girls, this is the activity book to buy. The National Geographic Kids Ponies and Horses Sticker Activity Book: Over 1,000 Stickers! (NG Sticker Activity Books) will enchant girls with the pictures and of course the over 1,000 stickers. Don’t worry moms, the book comes with more than stickers. Although, you may want to have a quick chat with your kiddo about where stickers belong – not on furniture, walls, or doors.

Packed to the brim with mazes, games, drawing activities, pictures of horses, word games, and more this little book is the perfect prize for a girl. She can take the book in the car, to functions, and anywhere else you travel. Lastly, the book will teach her a love for horses and games without needing an app.

 – Horse and pony themed activity book – More stickers than other stuff
 – Includes mazes, games, and more
 – Over 1000 stickers
 – Learning book teaches reading and puzzles
 – 56 Pages
 – Colorful and full of pictures
 – Great for travel and road trips
 – Affordable
 – Teaches directions

21. Ballerina Dreams: From Orphan to Dancer (Step Into Reading, Step 4)


Maybe you just enrolled your daughter in dance this last season or maybe she is begging to try out ballet. The book Ballerina Dreams: From Orphan to Dancer (Step Into Reading, Step 4) is an easy reader to inspire your little girl to become your little dancer. Even better, this is a Step 4 reader aged perfectly for beginning readers.

First, the book encourages dance and reading. Next, the book is a sweet story about a girl living in an orphanage in Sierra Leone and adopted by an American family. A photo of a ballerina was her inspiration for life and she became a dancer too. Finally, an inspirational story lets girls know their dreams can come true too.

 – Promotes reading – No downsides
 – An inspirational story about an orphan who became a ballerina
 – Easy to read sentences
 – Engaging story
 – Step 4 Reader
 – 48 Pages
 – Affordable

22. Ocean Meets Sky Hardcover


The book Ocean Meets Sky Hardcover is about a young boy who lives by the sea. The sea is a reminder of the stories his grandfather used to spin about where the sky and the ocean meet. A magical place where everything flips. Things that fly can now swim and vice versa. To honor the memory of his granddad, Finn builds a ship to sail to their magical place with a surprise at the end.

Many six-year-olds cling to the bonding time of a book before bed. This is a new book to enjoy with your little one and if you have even littler little ones, they will love this book too.

 – 48 Pages – No downsides!
 – For 4-8 years of age
 – Stunning illustrations
 – Beautifully written
 – Encourages a love of books

23. Airdom Non-Toxic Kids Nail Polish Set


Bring the spa home with a the Airdom Non Toxic Kids Nail Polish Set. Painting nails is a wonderful way to enjoy some quality bonding time with girls. Admit it, the majority of girls love to get their nails done. You may need to stock up on a few supplies not included in the set like cotton balls, placemats (no one wants nail polish on their table), and nail files.

The kit does have a lot of advantages. First, the set includes eight brightly colored nail polishes and a clear top coat. Second, the nail polishes are water-based and non-toxic. Even better, the polishes are glittery, easy to apply and peel off. Watch out for carpets though, as this polish dries quickly. A great gift for the little diva in your life.

 – Includes 8 nail polishes – Peels of in a few hours
 – 7 bright colors and 1 top coat
 – Affordable
 – Water-based and non-toxic
 – Glittery
 – Easy to apply and peels off
 – Quick dry
 – Odorless

24. ReliBeauty Girls Drop Shoulder Princess Aurora Costume


The ReliBeauty Girls Drop Shoulder Princess Aurora Costume is a dress fit for royalty. Pick from ankle length or knee length. Also, you have a selection of sizes from 2T to size 8. If you have two little princesses in your life you can purchase matching costumes!

Your girl will love the bright pink based on one of her favorite Disney Princesses, Aurora. The skirt is covered in a layer of shimmery tulle. The top is delicate like a flower with fringe, gold trim, a bow, and off the shoulder sleeves. Lastly, the dress is made to last with three layers of hem, a removable brooch, and a pullover elastic waist. Give your little princess a dress to match her sparkly personality.

 – Sizes from 2T to 8 – Sizing can be off
 – Ankle or knee length – Some complaints about the quality
 – Shimmery skirt with tulle
 – Off the shoulder sleeves
 – Intricate bodice with gold detail
 – Pullover style with elastic waist
 – Removable brooch
 – Three-layer hem
 – Fabulous Price

25. PinkSheep Beaded Necklace and Beads Bracelet Set


The princess dress above probably needs some beautiful jewelry to make it shine. The PinkSheep Beaded Necklace and Beads Bracelet Set is the perfect addition to any ball gown for girls under the age of twelve.  While pretty, these necklaces probably won’t work well with adult ball gowns.

Buy this set because it comes with six necklaces and six matching bracelets. If that’s not enough reason, then you love the pastel colors, the pretty pink bows, and simple yet appealing bead structure. The price is right to fill your little girl’s jewelry box with treasures and jewels. Finally, with the included gift bag you can give this gift in style!

 – Six necklaces and matching bracelets – No downsides!
 – Fabulous price
 – Soft pastel colors
 – Easy to put on and take off
 – Come in a gift bag
 – Sweet design worthy of a princess
 – Some of the beads are shimmery

26. Creativity for Kids Sparkling Hair Accessory Set

With the Creativity for Kids Sparkling Hair Accessory Set your little girl can make her hair beautiful with accessories. There are three different sets available and all three are fabulous but our favorite is the Sparkling Hair Accessories Set.

Here’s what we love: The set includes everything a little fashion designer needs to create unique headbands and hair clips with tons of accessories. Even better, she will learn a ton of valuable skills like hand-eye-coordination, fine motor skills, prep work, creativity, problem-solving. All that and some beautiful accessories too! Chances are strong she will lose all the accessories rather quickly, that’s why you should be happy she will learn so many skills from this set!

 – Create 6 headbands and 4 hair clips – Adult supervision suggested
 – Includes ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, bows, gemstones, and more – May need to use a glue gun instead of the kit glue to keep together
  – Teaches motor skills and more
 – Great for creativity and personality
 – Fun for groups or parties

27. JOYSTAR Girls Bike with Training Wheels


Every girl needs a bike for exercise and to learn balance. Not to mention, free spiraling down a hill on the back of a bike. The JOYSTAR Girls Bike with Training Wheels is a fabulous gift for any six-year-old who wants to spread her wings and fly.

If childhood memories of summers aren’t enough to cause you to buy a bike for your child, then maybe a sturdy frame and safety features like a coaster brake will be enough. Hand brakes can be difficult for younger children to operate. She can push the pedal backward and the bike will stop. Another safety feature is the enclosed chain guard to prevent injured fingers. In short, this bike is the perfect gift for little ladies who want to bike and for parents who want an easy installation and safe bicycle.

 – Sturdy Frame with durable steel – No kickstand
 – Coaster brake for easy stops – A bit expensive
 – Enclosed chain guard
 – Easy to assemble in 15 minutes
 – Comes in three colors
 – Includes stickers for personalization
 – Attractive colors
 – Comfortable and adjustable seat
 – Lightweight

28. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper


While a bit expensive, the Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper will keep your kid active. This little activity board has suction cups on the bottom to attach to the floor. When she moves it around the suction sounds like bubble wrap popping. We all know how satisfying the sound of bubbles popping can be on a stressful day. Take away your child’s stress with activity and bubble popping sounds.

The first advantage of this strange little toy is the number of options. Kids can sit, stand, wiggle, rock, tilt, and slide on this board. Second, when the board is used on hard floors the suction cups on the bottom stick until the board is moved around. The sound is like music to children’s ears. Third, the board teaches great skills, like creativity, imagination, strengthening the core, stability, balance, and more. Finally, a noisy toy with a satisfying noise and no batteries required.

 – Satisfying popping noise – Can scratch floors use on tile or outside
 – Active activity board – Expensive
 – Teaches skills like creativity and balance – Suction cups can come out easily
 – Stimulating and great exercise
 – Great for rainy days
 – Tons of movement
 – Fun for all ages – very sturdy
 – Easy to store
 – Can be used inside or outside

29. Hammock Swing Chair


This list has focused on princesses which a large quantity of six-year-olds love. To complete the princess theme purchase this Hammock Swing Chair for your princess’s room. If you would rather, put the swing on the front or back porch, on a tree, or even in the playroom. The swing sits like a chair but looks expensive and fancy with handmade knitted macrame. Finally, the swing holds up to 230 lbs, so rest assured it can hold your princess, all of her ball gowns, heavy jewels and tiaras, and any dolls or stuffies she sits with.

 – Cute Hammock Swing Chair with fringe – Hanging hardware not included
 – Handmade knitted macrame
 – Holds 230 pounds
 – Use inside or outside
 – Great price
 – Two hanging styles – swing or pivot

30. Everest Toys Crazy Forts


The last toy on this list might just be one of the most fun toys ever created. The Everest Toys Crazy Forts is a great imaginative toy to help young girls build a fort. Included: 69 pieces to build a frame.

The sturdy plastic pieces are pink and include plastic balls with holes to connect all of the pieces.  The set is portable and easy to build. You do have to add a sheet or blanket to cover the frame. Last of all, this is a great toy for groups or for siblings. They might actually get along for an hour. It’s possible.

 – Includes 69 piece connectors and sticks – Does not come with a cover
 – Imaginative play – Might want to buy two sets for size
 – Great for groups
 – Can be used inside or outside
 – Sturdy hard plastic
 – Affordable
 – Easy to use

Gifts for Similar Ages

How the Gifts Were Chosen

While your girl loves the fancy and magical in the world she is learning a few other skills right now too. Here are the milestones she will achieve this year.

Physical Milestones

Your little girl’s chubby little legs have now morphed into lanky longer limbs. She may grow an inch or maybe more over the next year. She still has plenty of energy for activity and playing outside, which is good because she should spend her days in the sun riding her bike or playing every chance possible.

This is the year of showing off skills. Expect your little lady to show off her impressive and growing list of talents like spinning, twirling, skipping, jumping, running super duper fast and more. Next, she can surprise you with her ever growing and improving hand-eye coordination. If she is into sports she will be better with soccer or even hitting a baseball. Dancing will be easier as well. Finally, she will love to move even more but with a bit more attention to detail and fewer injuries.

Emotional Milestones

During her first year of grade school, your little girl will gain a better understanding of other peoples thoughts and feelings. Even better, she will understand her own feelings better and not cry as easily. She will work harder to avoid hurting other peoples feelings and may even want to take care of them.

Next, your little lady is becoming more independent. She wants to do everything for herself and let her! She may pick out her own mismatched clothing, take a shower or bath on her own, or make her own sandwich. This is an important step as independence is the goal of parenting. Let her do what she can for herself and help her to learn to do the things she cannot do on her own.

These two emotional milestones – empathy and independence – are great fun for kids who dream of the day they will be a big kid. For parents, this age is bittersweet. We love when our children need us but also love when they can do for themselves. The great aspect of this stage is if you get sick, your girl can help out a tiny bit and will want to help as it helps her to show off her new abilities. In short, this is a season for positive emotional wins.

Social Milestones

With a new age comes a new ability for little girls to be in give-and-take friendships. She understands the benefits of taking turns and tries to please other people now. Expect your little one to still need some guidance in understanding the inner thoughts of other people and be there to guide her gently. As girls become more involved in their friendships and may even begin to choose friends over family.

As the family moves to the back burner, this is a chance for girls to understand friendship on a deeper level and make strides in teamwork with her peers. She will want to spend most of her time hanging out and playing with friends as she now has better abilities to be a friend. Be a little sad that your daughter needs you less but encourage her to be with her peers as this is a healthy sign she is growing into her own person. Finally, spend time with her when you can as children grow up far too fast.

Cognitive Milestones

As the year progresses, your little lady will begin to have a better understanding of right and wrong. Also, this new understanding may turn her into a little tattle-tale as she doesn’t like to see anything done wrong. You may start hearing, “It’s not fair,” a lot. Try not to get too frustrated as this is a necessary stage of comprehension for little kids.

Another great benefit of this age is an improved attention span!  Little girls can sit still for an entire movie or even long enough to finish an entire book. Here’s want you should focus on helping her with this year. First, help her participate in small groups, a natural desire but she may need a little encouragement.

Second, help her to understand how to tell and relate to time. Consider getting her a watch or a clock in her room with an alarm. Last, encourage her to draw shapes as this is an important development this year. Especially odd shapes like diamonds and triangles.


The new and improved attention span opens up a broader range of toys to delight her senses. The toys in this list help to represent the better attention span and an ability for more focused attention, like the card making kit, or the coding robot. Next, your daughter needs to spend a lot of time exercising like with the bike or building a fort. Finally, imaginative play helps little girls find a focus for her life, and so encourages a lot of imaginative play like with the dollhouse or the toy snow leopard.


Is my daughter old enough for DIY Crafts?

Most definitely! Not only is she ready she will be excited to try new crafts. Try to help her keep the clutter to a minimum. Get some cheap containers to store all of her supplies in and try to keep the kits separated. If you can handle a bit of mess than load her up with crafts. She can try sewing, crochet, bracelet making, knitting, headband making, wreath making, and so much more. Just don’t expect the final product to be a work of art, unless you like Picasso.

Can my girl play with a science kit by herself or does she need supervision?

We strongly suggest you supervise your daughter’s science experiments. Remember talking about messes in the last question with craft supplies? Now picture messes with explosions – that land on your ceiling. Science is fun for kids, cleaning up is not fun for kids. If you monitor the science, you can monitor the mess.

Also, science experiments need exact measurements sometimes and someone capable of reading all of the instructions. Not all of the six-year-olds are great readers just yet and may find a few words more difficult in a science book. Otherwise, help your child to have a love of science now by trying out exploding volcanos with baking soda and vinegar, but maybe outside to avoid the mess.

My daughter isn’t a strong reader yet. How can I help her?

The best thing you can do to help your budding reader is to encourage her to read. Continue bedtime books to encourage a love of reading with fond memories. Some kids may never love to read but this is one of those skills you just have to push through. The best bet though is to find a book that engages your child’s imagination. Take her to the library and help her to find different genres and authors until she finds her fit.

Does my daughter need to learn about coding?

No, your daughter does not need to learn coding, but it is an important skill for the future. Coding paves the way for a future of innovation and toys that teach coding are the vehicles for advancement. Computers and devices are here to stay and understanding them is important to working with computers. Older generations can find computers to be daunting but younger generations have the advantage of growing up with electronics and understanding from the beginning.

We want to get our daughter a bike but is she ready to ride without training wheels?

Some six-year-olds are ready and others are not. Mostly, its a fear of the unknown and falling. Physically, your child has the ability to ride without training wheels and the sooner the better. The best bet is to sit her down and explain she will fall a time or two but won’t be hurt and will be able to get up and try again. This takes away the unknown. Also, explain that safety gear is the reason she will be hurt less, as well as, she won’t be driving at top speeds.

How do I get my child to play outside more often?

You may not like this answer but make them. Turn of the television, hide the electronics (or at least the chargers) and send her on her merry way. Give her stimulating toys and play structures to encourage her to play outside, like a playhouse, swingset, bike, scooter, trampoline, or friends over to play with.

Friends are the best method. Life can be boring alone, playing even more so. Host a play date or call the kids from across the street over. Pack them a picnic and your kid will have the time of her life.

My child isn’t interested in board games like I was as a kid. How do I get her to like board games?

Some people, even kids, just don’t like board games the same way others do not like puzzles. Other kids might just not have found the right game for them. Some people prefer card games, other silly games, some memory games, the list goes on and on.

Try multiple games until you find one your child likes or until you come to the realization she is just not a game person. Also, you can try to get her to play games with her peers as kids tend to be sillier so she may just want a different group of people to play games with.

Wrap Up

If you only buy one toy from this list, we suggest the fort toy Everest Toys Crazy Forts as this is a wonderful toy for imagination and for groups. Also, this is a learning toy to encourage problem-solving, thinking, and innovation. You can’t go wrong with a toy with the power to turn your young lady into a fort designer.

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