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The Best Doctor Kit Toys of 2020

Playing doctor is a type of creative play that nurtures the imagination. Not only does it give your child an opportunity to solve problems, but it can help eliminate any doctor-related fear that your child might have.

Toy doctor kits make it easier for your child to play pretend. They’ll also become more familiar with the real tools that a doctor might use during a basic check-up.

Here are our top recommendations for the best doctor kit toys. 

Top 6 Best Kids Doctor's ToysWhy It's BestMom Rating
Kidzlane Kid's Doctor Kit with Electronic StethoscopeBest doctors kit with an electronic stethoscope, instruments light up and make sounds♥♥♥♥♥
Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor's Kit Play Set Wide range of tools, works with Get Well Center playset♥♥♥♥♥
Toys B. Dr. Doctor Toy Deluxe Medical KitBest doctor kit for toddlers♥♥♥♥♥
Joyin 29-Piece Medical KitBest medical set with a patient, best doctors kit with baby doll♥♥♥♥♥
FunLittleToy Kids Doctor KitBest dentist doctor set♥♥♥♥♥
Ben Franklin Toys Lab Pad Biology KitBest doctor learning playset, best doctor activities♥♥♥♥♥

Best Doctor Kit Toys for Kids

Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope

Image of Durable Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope and 12 Medical Doctor's Equipment, Packed in a Sturdy Gift Case

The Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope and 12 Medical Doctor’s Equipment features 12 various medical tools and gadgets, including an electronic cell phone and stethoscope. These all come in a sturdy carrying case with a snap-lock latch. 

The Kidzlane doctor’s kit also comes with eyeglasses, surgical scissors, a syringe, a thermometer, bandages, a mirror, a reflex testing hammer, an otoscope, and a blood pressure monitor. The stethoscope produces a coughing sound and real-life heartbeat sound and the cell phone has several tones. As a bonus, batteries are included. 

The most unrealistic part of this kit is the blood pressure cuff. The armband does not blow up and the bulb syringe that you squeeze does not reinflate after you squeeze it. 


  • Comes in a carrying case 
  • Cell phone and stethoscope make noises 
  • Extra batteries are included 
  • Several moving parts for interactive pretend play


  • Blood pressure bulb doesn’t reinflate after being squeezed 

iBaseToy Doctor Kit for Kids

product image

The iBaseToy Doctor Kit for Kids comes with a carrying case that folds out with side trays so your little one can easily access their tools when they’re performing a checkup. Eyeglasses and an ID badge are also included for your child to look the part.  

Several of the tools included in this kit light up, including the oral mirror, pulse apparatus, thermometer, otoscope, and ear thermometer. The stethoscope lights up and makes heartbeat sounds. Some of the other medical tools in this kit include pill cases, a syringe, tweezers, scissors, forceps, and a reflex hammer. 

The pillboxes included are made of cardboard so they may not be durable enough for rough play. This does have less than some other kits, however, the pieces included will help make the doctors a less scary place for your toddler. 


  • Tools are durable and have smooth edges
  • Eyeglasses and ID badge are included
  • Carrying case folds out to make a table for tools during an exam
  • Several of the tools light up
  • Stethoscope lights up and makes sounds


  • Pillboxes are made of cardboard

Battat Deluxe Doctor Kit

Image of Battat - Deluxe Doctor Kit - Pretend Play Doctor Set for Kids 3 Years + (11-Pcs)

The Battat Deluxe Doctor Kit (11-Pcs) comes with everything your little one needs to do a basic checkup in a sturdy carrying case. It’s perfect for taking care of siblings, parents, and teddy bears and is designed for use by kids ages 18 months and older.

Tools like the thermometer, scissors, and tweezers help build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while creative play nurtures your little one’s imagination. The tools are not realistic, however, and none of the pieces work as they did in the last set. 

This is one of the more affordable kits and it’s a great starting set of tools when your little one is exploring the concept of playing doctor. You can invest in a more expensive kit if your child seems interested in learning more. 


  • No small parts, for 18 months plus
  • Comes in a carrying case 
  • Playing with the tools builds fine motor skills
  • Very affordable


  • Not as realistic as some other sets 

Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set

Image of Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor's Kit Play Set, The Original (25 Pieces, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Kids Toy Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

The Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set comes with 25 pieces that make it possible for realistic doctor pretend play. In addition to basic tools, it also comes with an ID badge, activity cards, eye cover, and more.

This set is designed for use by kids ages 3-6 years. Some of the tools included are a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, rolling forehead thermometer, otoscope, reflex hammer, scissors, syringe, hearing tester, and tweezers. There is also a bottle of real tongue depressors, though you won’t be able to wash the wooden depressors if your child puts them in anyone’s mouth. 

When playtime is over, the pieces can be stored in the carrying tote. This makes it easy for your little one to make house calls. This Melissa and Doug doctor kit can be used on its own or you can use it with the Melissa & Doug Get Well Center. 


  • Comes with ID badge, activity cards, and other extras 
  • 25 pieces that make playing doctor more realistic 
  • Carrying tote makes it easy to carry everything around
  • Can be used alone or with the Melissa & Doug Get Well Center for extra fun


  • Tongue depressors cannot be washed after use

Gifts2U Toy Doctor Kit

Image of Gifts2U Toy Doctor Kit, 37 Pieces Kids Pretend Play Toys Dentist Medical Role Play Educational Toy Doctor Playset for Boys Ages 3-6

The Gifts2U Toy Doctor Kit comes with 37 pieces. Eyeglasses, a doctor’s name tag, and a check-in clipboard are included to make your child feel the part of a nurse, doctor, or dentist. 

An included denture helps your child get familiar with brushing their teeth and dentist visits. The dental tools included are toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, dental mirror, dental drill, and tooth hook. Several of the other tools in the kit have batteries installed for light-up function, including the otoscope, medical amplifier, thermometer, flashlight, and blood pressure monitor. The stethoscope has light and sound functions. 

Some of the other tools included in this kit include forceps, bandages, syringe, stretch bands, pillboxes, trays, spoons, forceps, scissors, and more. For all the parts, it would be better if the case had a better way for the tools to be organized.


  • Has eyeglasses, name tag, and clipboard
  • Denture included for playing dentist
  • Several tools light up when used 
  • Stethoscope has light and sound functions
  • A lot of pieces included


  • Hard to keep the tools organized

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Doctor Kit for Kids

Image of Learning Resources Pretend and Play Doctor Kit for Kids, Pink Doctor Costume, 19 Piece Set, Ages 3+

The Learning Resources Pretend and Play Doctor Kit for Kids with Pink Doctor Costume comes with 19 pieces that make it fun and easy for kids to engage in realistic role play. The different tools also come with a cell phone, eyeglasses, and name badge in a pink and purple color scheme. 

Some of the tools included in this kit include a scalpel, bandages, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, ear scope, dental mirror, syringe, tweezers, forceps, scissors, bedpan, and reflex hammer. It has a pink plastic carrying case to store everything for house calls or when it is not in use. 

This toy doctor kit is designed for ages three and up. The stethoscope makes sounds and comes with batteries, while the cell phone has tones but will need 2 AAA batteries. 


  • Comes with sturdy carrying case
  • Realistic tools that encourage fine motor skills 
  • Several tools (like a dental mirror, bedpan, and ear scope) that you won’t find in other kits
  • Pink eyeglasses, name tag, and cell phone to look the part


  • Need batteries for the cell phone

INNOCHEER Kids Play Doctor Kit 

Image of INNOCHEER Kids Play Doctor Kit 20 Pieces Pretend-n-Play Medical Toys Set with Roleplay Doctor Costume and Carry Case for Little Girls Boys

The INNOCHEER Kids Play Doctor Kit Pretend-n-Play Medical Toys Set comes with 20 pieces, including a doctor’s lab coat that makes your son or daughter feel as if they are playing the part. A mask and eyeglasses are also included. 

The stethoscope and cell phone each make sounds. The other pieces included in the kit are three band-aids, three pill cases, scissors, tweezers, forceps, a reflex hammer, otoscope, thermometer, mouth mirror, and syringe. 

Something unique about this kit is the carrying case. It’s box-shaped and has a carrying strap. When your child sets it down and opens it up, there are hooks for some of the tools and side flaps that can be attached to hold instruments. The trays are hard to attach, however, so you’ll probably need to help your child with setup before you play doctor. 


  • Comes with plenty of basic tools
  • Carrying case has attachable trays and hooks for instruments
  • Comes with a doctor’s coat so your child can really feel the part
  • Cell phone and stethoscope make tones


    • Hard to attach trays to carrying case

B. Toys B. Dr. Doctor Toy Deluxe Medical Kit

Image of B. Toys - B. Dr. Doctor Toy - Deluxe Medical Kit for Toddlers - Pretend Play Set for Kids (10Piece)

The B. Toys B. Dr. Doctor Toy Deluxe Medical Kit for Toddlers is a great starter doctor’s kit for your little one. It has nine instruments that come in a sturdy carrying box. 

he instruments included in this set are a stethoscope that produces a heartbeat sound, blood pressure cuff, safe syringe, thermometer, otoscope, scissors, tweezers, dental mirror, and syringe. One nice feature is that the thermometer and the blood pressure cuff both have working gauges. They are also made of sturdy, durable plastic and recommended for kids ages 18 months and older. 

The carrying box included is a little roomy. However, this makes it a good choice if you want to add things to the kit from around the house or other doctor’s toy kits. 


  • Blood pressure cuff and thermometer have working gauges 
  • Plenty of basic check-up tools included
  • Roomy storage case gives you the option of adding more tools
  • Good choice for younger kids (age 18 months and up)


  • Box is a little too roomy for included tools

Fisher-Price Patient and Doctor Kit

Image of Fisher-Price Patient and Doctor Kit - 9-Piece Medical Pretend Play Gift Set Featuring Real Wood for Preschoolers Ages 3 Years & Up

The Fisher-Price Patient and Doctor Kit comes with 7 pieces including a storage container that little kids will love because it’s easy to use and gives the ma patient. The apron acts as a person with fun visuals of internal organs for the patient.

For the doctor, the kids get a carry case with a handle, a thermometer, tweezer, reflex hammer, string, and a stethoscope. It a perfect option for little kids between the ages of 3 to 7 to learn empathy and nurturing. 

The only challenge may be kids learning to slide all the pieces into the case as it doesn’t zip up. Despite the wonky case, the apron makes this set invaluable and may bring the inner doctor out of your child. 


  • Comes with 7 pieces 
  • Innovative apron acts as a patient
  • Fun colors
  • Includes carrying case
  • Teaches organization 


  • The case doesn’t close well

iWood Wooden Doctor Kit

Image of iwood Wooden Doctor Kit, 11PCS Pretend Play Durable Medical Kit with Carrying Bag Doctor Role-Play Educational Toys for Kids Toddlers

The iWood Wooden Doctor Kit comes with 11 pieces including a bright red medical carrying bag. This wooden set has a smooth finish with rounded edges and is ideal for kids ages three and up. 

Some of the tools included in this kit are a thermometer, ointment, syringe, medicine, pills and pillbox, stethoscope, and more. The stethoscope and carrying bag are the only non-wood items included in this kit. 

Even though there is not a lot of different tools, the ones included can help your child get familiar with the doctor. The wood design of the pieces makes them durable, so you don’t have to worry about the different tools breaking. 


  • Tools have a smooth wooden finish
  • Rounded edges are good for small fingers
  • Comes with a cloth carrying bag
  • Stethoscope and carrying bag are the only non-wood items
  • Durable


  • Not a lot of pieces included in the set

Joyin 29-Piece Medical Toy Kit

product image

The Joyin 29-Piece Medical Toy Kit comes with a baby doll patient and plenty of tools for your little one to learn more about the doctor. Your child can wear the included stethoscope and name card to feel the part. 

This is a good kit to learn more about surgery and medical procedures. The carrying case unfolds into a table large enough for the baby doll to be operated on. Different tools can be set on the surgical disks that attach to the outside of the case and on the tray and instrument holder. 

Some of the pieces included are a syringe, working microscope, dental mirror, reflex hammer, otoscope, scalpel, scissors, water faucet, pill bottles, tweezers, and more. The water faucet even pumps real water. 


  • Comes with plenty of medical and surgical tools
  • Faucet pumps real water
  • Included baby doll can be used as a real patient
  • Medical toy kit unfolds to become an exam area


  • We couldn’t find any!

BRITENWAY Educational Doctor Medical Pretend Toy Set

Image of BRITENWAY Educational Doctor Medical Pretend Play Toy Set in Storage Box 34 Pcs - Battery Operated Tools with Lights & Sounds - Promote Learning, Hand to Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills

The BRITENWAY Educational Doctor Medical Pretend Play Toy Set comes with 34 different pieces. Several of the tools have lights and sounds when they are used, including the thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope, and flashlight. 

A denture is also included in this kit, so it can also help your little one get familiar with the dentist. Some of the other things included are dental tools like a mirror and teeth cleaning tools. Pillboxes, medicine, a syringe, band-aids, and other tools are also included. 

To make your little one feel like they are playing the part, eyeglasses and a clipboard are also included. There are also three face masks. The box to carry everything in is durable, however, it can be hard to get everything to fit inside without moving the different tools around. 


  • Comes with face masks, eyeglasses, and a clipboard so your child can look the part
  • Helps children learn about the dentist and the doctor
  • Lots of different tools for imaginative play
  • Several of the tools have lights and sounds


  • Box is a little small for all the tools included

CUTE STONE Toy Medical Dentist Doctor Kit

product image

CUTE STONE Toy Medical Kit Dentist Doctor Kit comes with dentures and tooth tools, as well as tools you’d see in the average checkup. It also comes with eyeglasses, a disposable mask, clipboard, and name tag to help your little one look the part and assume their role as a doctor. 

Some of the dental tools included with the denture include a tooth hook, toothbrush, dental drill, mirror, and toothpaste. Some other things included are a blood pressure cuff, visual testing chart, forceps, scissors, tray, stethoscope, eye medicine, and liquid medicine bottles, syringe, otoscope, and more. 

While the blood pressure cuff does not inflate, the indicator arrow does move when it is squeezed. Several tools have light and sound effects, including the otoscope, flashlight, oral mirror, and thermometer. These four all have sealed batteries, which means you will not be able to replace the batteries once they die. All the tools come in a carrying case with a clear lid, which makes finding things easier. 


  • Includes pieces to dress up as a doctor
  • Teaches about the doctor, dentist, and other medical professions
  • Lights and sounds on several of the tools
  • Realistic indicators and plenty of dental tools


  • Sealed batteries on four of the tools

FunLittleToy Kids Doctor Kit

Image of Kids Doctor Kit-33 Pieces, Pretend Play Dentist Medical Kit with Electronic Stethoscope and Dental Unit Chair for Kids Doctor Roleplay

The FunLittleToy Kids Doctor Kit can be used to role-play as a doctor or dentist. This set comes complete with a real ‘patient’ doll, a dentist chair, and a stretcher. 

The unique pieces and having a small patient make it fun for your little one to role-play the part of a doctor. Some of the medical tools included are a stethoscope, oral mirror, toothbrush, syringe, tweezers, pill bottles, otoscope, and more. 

The stethoscope also has three buttons on the side that your child can push, indicative of good, normal, and a less normal heartbeat. You’ll need AA batteries for the stethoscope. The dental chair can also be assembled and has a lamp and sink. 


  • Comes with a working stethoscope
  • Dentist chair and stretcher included
  • A doll is included as a ‘patient’
  • Over thirty tools for learning more about dental and medical procedures


  • We couldn’t find any!

Kiddie Woods Wooden Toy Doctor Kit

Image of Kiddie Woods Wooden Toy Doctor Kit for Kids, Pretend Medical Play Set for Boys and Girls, Educational for Children & Older Toddlers

The Kiddie Woods Wooden Toy Doctor Kit comes with a lab coat so your little one can feel they are playing the part of doctor. Several other tools are included inside a carrying bag so your child can do check-ups anywhere. 

Some of the tools included in this kit are an otoscope, syringe, ear thermometer reflex hammer, stethoscope, and blood pressure monitor. The smooth wood finish and chunky wooden design are perfect for small hands and even the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff have wooden pieces. 

While the overall design of the kit is nice, it is hard to get the stethoscope to stay on the ears. This can become frustrating and takes away from imaginative play scenarios. 


  • Sturdy, wooden design
  • Smooth, finish and chunky design is perfect for toddler hands
  • Carrying bag and doctor’s lab coat included 
  • Good starter kit with basic tools


  • Stethoscope doesn’t stay on the ears well

Glonova Toddler Doctor Kit

Image of Glonova Toddler Doctor Kit for Kids, 12 Pcs Dotor Pretend Play Toys with Roleplay Doctor Play Set Costume, Dress up Doctor Accessories, and Carry Bag

The Glonova Toddler Doctor Kit comes with 12 pieces. This has plenty of things for your little one to use to feel the part of a doctor, including several dress-up accessories and a carrying bag. 

To look the part, a name badge, face mask, doctor’s coat, and eyeglasses are included. Your little one can also wear the stethoscope that makes real heartbeat sounds. 

In addition to the stethoscope, the included thermometer and reflex hammer also make sounds. Unfortunately, batteries are not included in this kit and each of the tools takes 2 AG10 batteries. 

In addition to the mentioned tools, a scalpel, scissors, ear scope, syringe, medical chart, and clipboard are also included. The tools are designed durable, which is great since the coat should fit your child from ages 3-6 and they can play with this kit for years. 


  • Plenty of basic tools included
  • Comes with a lab coat, glasses, ID badge, and face mask to help your child look the part
  • Stethoscope, reflex hammer, and thermometer make sounds
  • Medical chart and clipboard are included


  • Batteries are not included

INGQU Kids Doctor Kit

Image of INGQU Kids Doctor Kit Pretend Play Set with Working Platform Case, Durable 19 Pieces of Heartbeat, Injecting Dentist Doctor Set for Kids Girls Boys

The INGQU Kids Doctor Kit comes with fourteen pieces. In addition to basic medical supplies, the glasses and visual chart can be used to help your child learn more about the eye doctor. 

The eyeglasses can also be worn when your toddler plays the role of a doctor. This kit also comes with a record card to make notes about the visit and a work badge. Tools like an ear thermometer, reflex hammer, otoscope, pulse apparatus, surgical scissors, stethoscope, oral mirror, scissors, and surgical scissors are also included. 

The stethoscope makes a heartbeat sound and the ear thermometer, otoscope, oral mirror, and pulse apparatus all light up for more engaging play. Everything comes in a wide briefcase-like storage box that is easy to open and close, however, it is not especially sturdy. 


  • Comes with a few tools to learn about the eye doctor
  • Record card and ID badge included 
  • Some of the tools light up and the stethoscope makes heartbeat sounds
  • Great starter kit with plenty of pieces to learn more


  • Storage case is not especially sturdy

Ben Franklin Toys Doctor Lab Pad Biology Kit

product image

The Ben Franklin Toys Doctor Lab Pad Biology Kit is ideal for older kids who want an in-depth look at being a doctor. It has over 30 tools and 12 different activities including real-life tests and experiments for hours of play, making it one of the best doctor kit toys for ages 8 and up. 

This is also the most realistic toy doctor kit. It has a real working stethoscope that is used for one of the experiments. They aim to teach more about the heart, eyes, and overall health. Some of the things included in this kit are a write and wipe checkup list, sling bandage, syringe, petri dish and vials, eyedropper, and more. It also has experiments that use different things you find around the house to help your child understand the human body better. 

Another nice feature of this kit is the real human torso model, which lets children get a closer look at the bones, skin, muscles, and organs. This is recommended for ages 5-15, though some of the experiments might be a little hard for younger kids to grasp. 


  • Plenty of experiments for hours of fun
  • Real-life experiments help children understand the human body better
  • Teaches more about eyes, the heart, and overall health
  • Comes with a real working stethoscope
  • Most realistic toy doctor kit


  • Might be a little advanced for some five-year-olds

Find the best toys for 5-year-old boys and 5-year-old girls here!

Dreamy Accessories Pretend Play Toy Doctor’s Kit

Image of Pretend Play Toy Doctors Kit for Kids w/ Customizable Doctor Costume - Playset Includes Light Up Stethoscope, Bandaids, Thermometer & More - Toddler Toys for Learning & Educational Fun

The Dreamy Accessories Pretend Play Toy Doctor’s Kit comes with light-up accessories and a doctor’s coat to make your little one look the part. Your little one will also appreciate that the lab coat comes with stick-on letters to customize the coat and playing experience. 

The customizable doctor’s coat also comes with a cotton bag that can be customized with your child’s name. Additionally, the bag is roomy enough to hold the several tools included in this kit, including the thermometer, otoscope, tweezers, syringe, surgical scissors, pill basin, and more. A doctor’s chart and nameplate also add to the role-playing experience. 

The included stethoscope also makes heartbeat sounds and lights up. The otoscope and dental mirror also light up. Something to note is that some of the bags read ‘My Dinosaur Kit’ instead of ‘My Doctor Kit’.


  • Stickers to customize the jacket and the bag are included
  • Plenty of dental and medical tools included
  • Several of the tools light up and make noises 
  • Cotton bag is roomy
  • Doctor’s coat is big so your child can wear it for years


  • Incorrect labeling on the doctor bag sometimes

Joyin Kids Doctor Kit 

product image

The Joyin Kids Doctor Kit Pretend-n-Play Dentist Medical Kit comes with over 30 pieces. In addition to various medical tools, this also comes with a doctor’s coat, clipboard, glasses, and ID tag. 

Some of the included medical tools are a stethoscope, reflex hammer, syringe, tweezers, ear scope, blood pressure cuff, oral mirror, scalpel, bandage, and more. Several of the tools light up and the syringe moves back and forth. The tools that do have functional features come with batteries pre-installed. 

Something to note is that the doctor’s coat does run a little on the large size, especially for kids around ages 3-4. This is okay because they’ll likely grow into the coat, especially since the tools are designed durable enough that your kid will be playing doctor with this kit for years. 


  • Stethoscope and other tools are functional
  • Comes with doctor’s coat, glasses, clipboard, and ID badge
  • Comes with batteries 
  • Dental and medical tools are included
  • Tools are designed durable


  • Doctor’s coat runs a little large

How We Selected Doctor Kit Toys 

Included Pieces

The best doctor kit toys are going to help your child accurately role play as a doctor or patient.

They might include things your child can wear like glasses or a stethoscope to help them look the part. Other included pieces should make your little one feel as if they are acting as a doctor.

Even though you can play doctor with almost anything (my kids have used pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks to make ‘splints’ for their stuffed animals’ broken legs), having more pieces is great for more realistic pretend play.

Age Appropriateness

With any children’s toy, factors like how small the parts are and how easy or difficult the toy is to use affect how safe the toy is for children.

Generally, toys with smaller parts are not recommended for children younger than three. (For the younger ones, opt for a medically-themed Play-Doh set instead!)

The age appropriateness also affects how much your child is likely to understand a toy. For example, an older child may be more appreciative of a child’s doctor kit with a real stethoscope than a younger child would.  

Overall Quality

To assess overall quality, we took a look at real reviews from parents, grandparents, and other caregivers across the Internet. We also tried some of the doctor kit toys out ourselves to compile a list that is sure to keep your little one happy.

In addition to considering what was included and the age-appropriateness of each toy, we also considered factors like durability and design. 

FAQs About Doctor Kit Toys

What are some good rules for playing doctor with kids? 

First, set boundaries for what is appropriate and what is not.

Children are naturally curious. One part of playing a doctor is learning more about the human body. By the time children are ready to play doctor in their toddler years, they are also learning that certain things feel good and bad. A good guideline is to reinforce that private areas should stay private. Curiosity is natural, but it is also important to guide that curiosity in the right way. 

Even though going to the doctor is something private, you should encourage your child to talk about how they play doctor with others. 

Finally, be sure that your child is a nice doctor. Remind them that they are there to heal and help, not to hurt.

Beyond that, let your child have fun and be creative with the maladies they cure!

How can I make playing doctor with my child more fun? 

You can make playing doctor more fun by making play more realistic. For example, giving your little one tools like a clipboard and admission paperwork makes the scenario realistic.

In addition to the tools included in the toy doctor kit, you could also give your child real medical tools like band-aids or ace bandages while they are playing pretend or set up a reception area for them.

There are a few cool ideas to make kids have fun with medical equipment from Michigan Medicine

What are some of the benefits of playing pretend with children? 

Playing doctor and other creative games with your child is a great way to strengthen your bond and nurture their imagination. There are also several other benefits, including:

  • For language development- Pretend play gives your child a chance to understand language more. When your little one plays out a scenario, they are organizing their ideas. They might imitate mom, dad, or their doctor. As children act out different scenarios they form connections between sequences of events. 
  • For social and emotional development- Any type of playing pretends or dramatic play gives your child a chance to take on the role of another person. They experiment with social and emotional roles in life. When your child is playing pretend with others, they are also developing socially by taking turns, creatively problem solving, and sharing responsibilities. Empathy is also developed as your little one experiments with being in someone else’s shoes. Finally, pretend play can be a great tool for developing self-esteem since children can be anything in the world by imagining that they are.
  • For the imagination- Children look at the world differently than adults. Nurturing the imagination encourages creative problem-solving. When you reinforce this creativity, it makes it easier for your child to come up with solutions. If this skill is continually nurtured, it will benefit them greatly in their personal and professional lives. 

Final Word

The best doctor kit toys will help your child get familiar with doctor’s visits. They’ll learn what to expect. Playing with doctor’s kits for kids will also inspire those who might want to have a medical career in the future.

My favorite doctor kit toy is the Ben Franklin Toys Doctor Lab Pad Biology Kit because it has the most learning opportunity. The included activities were also nice for encouraging different ways to play. 

Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis
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