knee pad, leg warmers for crawling babies

Baby Knee Protectors for Crawling Babies

by Sarah Stockett |

For many babies, crawling is a phase that last for several months. For hours a day, some (although not all) babies will practice crawling around on the floor. Once kids start crawling, you will want to protect their knees.

Here are the best knee protectors for crawling babies:

Is Knee Protection That Important?

Before I start discussing all the really cool knee protection I’ve found for your crawlers, I want to address this question:  Is knee protection that important?

In my opinion, yes. Your little crawler is going to spend a lot of time on his or her hands and knees. If you have a hard floor, they will want the extra cushion and padding so there isn’t so much pressure on their knee joints.

Even people with soft, plush carpet may want knee protection for their crawlers. Anyone who has had rug burn can attest to how painful it is. You will want to spare your child from this pain.

The Romper

There are several reasons you may prefer to put your child in a romper with reinforced stitching or patches on the knees like the Honganda Infant Long Sleeve Romper. As a mom of boys, I can tell you that ordering clothing items resembling leg warmers never crossed my mind. Instead, I got rompers, pants, and knee pads. 

Another benefit of using a romper or pants for your child is that you know their legs won’t get cold. Where I live, it can get very cold in the winter. It gets especially cold on our floors in the evening. By putting my boys in rompers or pants, I was more certain that they were warm and that their knees were protected.

Why This Romper?

Frankly, part of the reason why I chose the Honganda Infant Long Sleeve Romper is because there aren’t a ton of options like it. Sure, you can find rompers all over the place, but not all of them have the reinforced stitching in the knees like this one. 

This romper is stylish and soft, making it a perfect choice for your little crawler. Plus, the feet are exposed, allowing your little one to use the grip from his or her feet to move around.

Some Potential Issues

First, the buttons on this romper are not purely decorative. They are indeed buttons. That means that you will need to unbutton, put your child in, and re-button. This could be a deal breaker for parents who don’t want to mess with buttons.

This brings me to the next issue–there’s not any sort of quick diaper access. There are no snaps in the crotch (or even buttons) to allow you to quickly change your baby.

Finally, this item seems to run large in the sizing. So, if you’re ordering this item for your little crawler to wear right now, maybe go down a size.

The Pants

Image of the Go Little One Go Anti-Slip Bamboo Baby Crawling Leggings Pants - Helps Learning to Crawl on Slippery Floors Easier and Safer (Charcoal Grey)

Pants with reinforced or padded knees like Go Little One Go Anti-Slip Bamboo Baby Crawling Leggings Pants are a great options for parents with crawlers. As I already mentioned, pants ensure that your little one won’t get cold legs while crawling on the floor. Plus, the coverage ensures no cuts or scrapes and the extra padding keeps your child’s knees safe.

Another bonus is that pants are very convenient for parents that are changing diapers or starting potty training. Pants offer quick access for any toileting needs, but they also don’t add the bulk that knee pads might. Parents who are thinking of putting knee pads over their child’s pants might want to reconsider because the knee pads might prevent essential access for diaper changes or using the toilet.

Why These Pants?

The Go Little One Go Anti-Slip Bamboo Baby Crawling Leggings Pants are made of bamboo fabric, which is a wonderful natural fiber known for helping you stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

The anti-slip grips are made from non-toxic water based silicon. Plus, the manufacturer claims that they won’t fall off after multiple washing.

Some Potential Issues

The fabric feels kind of thin. If your goal is mainly to provide knee padding, this may not be your best option. Although the grippers are great for preventing slipping and sliding, they don’t provide much cushion for the knee.

The Cute Leg Warmer/Knee Pads

A naked foot can provide grip and traction for your little crawler. That’s why some people decide to use the leg warmer/knee pad combo like David accessories Cute Bear Leg Warmers – Knee Protector.

By wearing these long leg warmers, you can maintain easy access to your child’s diaper area and still keep their legs warm. Plus, the leg warmer should provide enough coverage to protect your little crawler’s legs.

Why These Leg Warmer/Knee Pads?

I chose the David accessories Cute Bear Leg Warmers – Knee Protector as the best of its kind for several reasons. First, it’s made of 100% cotton, and I really like natural fibers. Second, these are so stinking cute!

Even though some of the leg warmers look a little more feminine than others, I don’t think they look so feminine that I wouldn’t put them on my boys. Plus, the company has said that if you are partial to a style or design to specify in your order, and they will send you the styles you choose. Be aware that if you do this, it turns your order into a custom order, and it might take a little bit longer to fill and ship.

Finally, I really love the price and quantity. In this pack, you get 7 leg warmer/knee pads for a really fair price, and I love the idea that one order could potentially take care of all the leg warmers that I’ll need for a week.

Some Potential Issues

Since these are basically really long leg warmers, they don’t actually provide any additional padding for the knee joint. So, if you’re looking for that extra padding, this isn’t your best option.

Also, although these leg warmers claim to be for kids aged 0-3 (including kids with chubby legs), they do tend to run a little small. My suggestion is that these are probably more for kids 0-2.

The Knee Pads

Image of the Baby Knee Pads, 3 Pairs Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee, Toddlers Knee Protector

If you’re looking for basic knee protection for your little crawler, I recommend Adorell Baby Knee Pads. Knee pads help keep your baby’s knees safe from scrapes and bruises. Plus, with the grippy surface, it should reduce slips and falls for your child.

Why These Knee Pads?

The Adorell Baby Knee Pads appear to be the absolute best knee pad for your baby. The knee pad design provides cushion for the knee joint. Plus, the grips on the surface should help your baby get traction to crawl better.

The knee pads are made with 80% cotton and 20% spandex. This combination should allow the knee pad to stretch to fit most babies without becoming so tight that leg circulation becomes an issue.

Some Potential Issues

Style is really the only downside to these knee pads. They are a mint green color, and (except for their color) they really remind me of knee pads I got to play volleyball in high school–not very stylish. Sure, these allow more movement at the knee joint than adult knee pads, but they still look very utilitarian.

The Stylish Knee Pads

So, if you’re interested in getting knee pads for your little one, but you don’t love the mint green color of the Adorell Baby Knee Pads, check out the LQSmile Unisex Baby Kneepads. These knee pads will keep your baby’s knees safe and add some wardrobe style.

Why These Knee Pads?

With an olive/gray color scheme that features elephants and some monkeys, these stylish knee pads are gender neutral. Anyone can love them for their style or comfort!

These knee pads are 90% cotton, with elastic bands around the edges, and a sponge in the center knee area. This ensures padded knees, comfort, and a consistent fit.

Some Potential Issues

The top issue is that you may not love this design or these colors. If that’s the case, these will not be the choice for you because there are no other design or color choices.

Also, there are only two to a pack for a very good price. I’m guessing that, unless I do laundry every other day, I’m going to need to order more sets of these knee pads. Like I said in my David accessories Cute Bear Leg Warmers – Knee Protector review, I really like to just order one pack and know I’m taken care of for the week.

My Recommendation

Truly, I do recommend each of these as the best of their categories. If you feel a pull one direction or the other, follow your instincts.

For me, though, I have a tie for what I would personally recommend. The reason I have a tie is because we have cold winters where I live. For this reason, I recommend the Go Little One Go Anti-Slip Bamboo Baby Crawling Leggings Pants for the colder months and the David accessories Cute Bear Leg Warmers – Knee Protector for the warmer months.

Although neither of these really pad your baby’s knees, the leg coverage will provide protection and warmth. Personally, I value these traits more than additional padding. Also, both the pants and leg warmers can be used as a transitional product when your little one is learning to move from crawling to walking.

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