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Best Baby Socks: Finding Socks That Will Stay on Your Newborn and Toddler’s Feet

Baby feet get colder than ours- so why do they keep kicking off their socks? Even though your little one isn’t moving around much, finding a pair that stays put can be a parenting nightmare.

The best baby socks stay put. But how do you find the balance between socks that are too tight and socks that fall off? Elasticity improves the fit, while the material creates a breathable or warm environment. Some also have grippy bottoms, which are useful as your little one learns to take their first steps.

Let’s take a look at some of the top choices for the best baby socks.

The Best Baby SocksWhy It's BestMom Rating
Luvable Friends Baby Basic SocksWear them tall or fold them down; made from breathable cotton/nylon blend♥♥♥♥♥
Squid SocksSilicone dots for superior grip, almost impossible to pull off♥♥♥♥♥
Cheski Baby Boys Knee SocksExtra elastic to stay up, don't slide down easily, not easy to pull off♥♥♥♥♥
Rative Non-Skid Crew SocksCotton/spandex blend with cute designs and a grippy bottom♥♥♥♥♥
Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton SocksBlended with soft organic cotton and polyester in a medium thickness♥♥♥♥
Hudson Baby Essential SocksElastic fit with a warm terry lining inside and lots of color options♥♥♥♥♥
Aminson Ankle Socks With GripsBack tab prevents heel irritation and grippy bottom stops sliding♥♥♥♥

The Best Baby Socks and Baby Booties of 2020

Luvable Friends Baby Basic Socks

Best baby socks - Luvable

Luvable Friends Baby Basic Socks are made of a blend of 73% cotton, 25% nylon, and 2% spandex, which allows for a lightweight, breathable sock. They are designed to fit babies between 6 months and 1 year of age.

One downside of this pair of socks is the confusion with the design. There are two different types sold. One is a thicker sock and one is a thinner sock. Though each serves their purpose, the product descriptions are the same and it can be hard to tell which one you are getting from the photo.  

The longer design of these socks means you can let your little one wear them tall or fold them over. They are flexible at the top but hold their shape, so they will hug your baby’s legs without leaving marks even if they are a little chubby.

They have fun, kid-friendly designs as well as more plain grays and whites. These are good for the parent who is obsessed with keeping matching socks on their little one’s foot. For parents who aren’t so OCD, you may have fun mixing and matching the different designs.


  • Wear tall or fold them over
  • Fun designs and plain designs
  • Breathable, lightweight, and stretchy
  • Good pre-walking sock


  • Can be hard to tell which socks you are getting when ordering online

Cheski Baby Boys Knee Socks (0-6 months)

Image of Cheski Baby Boys Knee Socks Stay Put on Baby's Kicking Legs 0-6 months ~ 3 Pair

Cheski Baby Boys Knee Socks are manufactured by the Cheski Sock Company, which was started by a mother who had trouble finding socks to stay on her baby’s feet. In addition to the knee-high boys design pictured here, these are available in different sizes and colors for boys and girls from 0-18 months. 

The thing that sets Cheski baby socks apart from others is the extra elastic around the legs and ankles. The extra elastic stops them from sliding down and holds them to your baby’s legs without being too tight. Additionally, these don’t shrink, unravel, or lose elasticity after several washes. 

Another nice feature of these socks is the length. The knee-high design is perfect for preventing your baby from ripping the socks off their feet. This means less lost socks and less frustrations for parents and warmer toes for baby. 


  • Extra elastic in the legs and ankles to keep the socks up 
  • Baby can’t pull them off as easily 
  • Available in sizes ranging from 0-18 months 
  • Good choice for boys and girls 
  • Elastics withstands washing well 


  • We couldn’t find any! 

Squid Socks Claire Collection

Image of squid socks Claire Collection girls baby socks Princess, Hula, Cupcake white 0-6 months

Featured on Shark Tank, Squid Socks feature patented stay-on technology that really helps them stay on your child’s feet- even if an adult is pulling on the end of them. There are organic silicone ‘squiddy dots’ found on the upper cuff of each Squid sock that lets them grip your baby’s leg and makes them nearly impossible for babies to pull off.

The socks are made from 87% polyester, 10% nylon, and 3% spandex, which creates a stretchy but breathable fabric that holds up well in the wash. These are also moisture wicking. You can buy Squid socks in several designs for boys and girls, as well as unisex designs, which is nice for parents who want to be surprised by the gender of their baby. The company also rolls out new designs regularly.

Squid socks also feature a unique shape that curves inward around the natural arch of your baby’s foot. Sizes range from 0-6 months to 2T-3T. Another nice feature is the grippy bottoms, which is especially important as your child begins taking their first step to avoid some slips and falls. 

One thing to note is that the socks are a little bit tighter than others in similar sizes. You may need to size up a few months when buying, however, with the silicone technology, the extra room still allows the sock to grip your child’s leg so they cannot pull it off. The Squid Socks company also recommends that you do not allow your child to wear these socks at night. 


  • Silicone dots grip baby’s leg so they cannot be pulled off 
  • Grippy bottoms 
  • Available in a wide range of designs 
  • Sizes 0-6 months up to 2T/3T
  • Soft, stretchy design
  • Holds up well in the wash


  • A little tight
  • Should not be worn at night

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties 

Image of Hudson Baby Baby Cozy Fleece Booties with Non Skid Bottom, Cream, 0-6 Months

If you are looking for a classic baby bootie the Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties with non-skid bottoms are one of my favorites and super popular on Amazon as well.

The 1-inch velcro makes it easy to put these on and they stay on. Your toddler may be able to get them off eventually but that’s what toddlers do.

There are non-slip, grip lines on the bottom to keep the baby’s feet from sliding on hard surfaces.

These come in 25 different colors and styles. Your baby might like the cute animal face choices.


  • Very soft
  • Warm from the thick fleece
  • Easy on and off with velcro


  • May collect pet hair

Rative Non-Skid Crew Baby Socks

RATIVE Non Skid Anti Slip Crew Socks With Grips For Baby Toddlers Boys (3-5 Years, 12 designs/RB-71218)

Best Baby Socks - Hudson Baby Baby Basic Socks, Neutral Stripe 12-Pack, 6-12 Months

Rative Non-Skid Crew Socks have a taller design. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This, paired with their medium thickness, makes them perfect for cool and warm weather.

The taller design of these socks makes them fit your little one’s foot well. They are also available in toddler sizes. However, these socks do run on the small side.  

These socks have a knitted design and a grippy underside so they are non-slip. They do not wear down in the wash. Since they are medium thickness, the cotton/spandex combo lets them stretch for a better fit.

They are available in boy and girl options. However, you will need to look at them on separate pages, which can be an inconvenience to parents on the hunt for a baby sock. They have cute designs for either gender.


  • Tall design prevents rubbing
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Grippy design on bottom of foot
  • Knitted design is durable


  • Run on the small size

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Baby Socks

Best Baby Socks - Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Socks, Fox 8Pk, 0-6 Months

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Socks are made of a blend of 78% organic cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex, making them incredibly soft and stretchy. Even though they are stretchy, they hold their shape well once on your little one’s foot and when washed.

Something to note is that even though these are advertised as organic, they are not 100% cotton. The description is misleading, especially for parents looking for an organic baby sock.

These socks are also a little small to size, so you may want to order up. For example, a size of 6-12 months foot is better for a 0-6-month-old child. There are sizes for newborns, infants and toddlers.

What parents will like is the design that clings to your baby’s leg. You can wear as is or fold them over. They are medium thickness, making them perfect for warmer months.


  • Hugs your child’s foot 
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Plain or colorful designs
  • Medium thickness


  • Socks run small-to-size
  • Not 100% organic

Hudson Baby Essential Socks

Hudson Baby Baby Basic Socks, Neutral Stripe 12-Pack, 6-12 Months

Hudson Baby Baby Socks, Basic Ballet 8-Pack, 0-6 Months

Hudson Baby Essential Socks are a great gift for baby showers or when you don’t want to know the gender of your little one until they arrive. There are also more gender-specific options.

The thick, plushy design is perfect when it is cooler inside or outside. They have soft, breathable cotton on the outside and terry lining on inside. They reach to calf-length, which is nice for keeping your little one’s entire foot warm.

Parents will also appreciate the elasticity of these socks. They stretch well but hold their shape so they do not fall off your little one’s feet.

They do run a little small-to-size. Parents should consider this when ordering. Since this is one of the more affordable options, however, you can easily by the next size up too and have them ready when your little one grows out of these. You’ll go through a lot of clothes through the first year of your baby’s development.


  • Gender-neutral, plain, and gender-specific options
  • Good elasticity to fit your little one’s foot
  • Terry lining on inside is warm
  • Breathable


  • Runs small to size

Aminson Anti-Slip Ankle Socks

Aminson Anti Slip Non Skid Ankle Socks With Grips for Baby Toddler Kids Boys Girls-6 Pack

Aminson Anti-Slip Ankle Socks are shorter than the others mentioned so far. However, they have a taller back that stops your little one’s ankles from being rubbed by their shoes. To help with sizing, there is a measuring chart that uses the length of your child’s foot and corresponds with the right shoe size.

These are a great choice for when your little one starts walking, as they have little rubber bead-like, non-skid grips on the bottom. These provide traction without disrupting your child’s natural gait.

The blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex makes these slightly stretchy. However, they do not stretch as much as some others mentioned. The cotton is soft and breathable.

Though these socks run a little big, they will shrink as you wash and dry them. Keep this in mind and don’t be discouraged if you need to put them through a wash cycle before your baby gets use out of them.

If you do end up loving these socks, they are available in toddler sizes as well. This is perfect for families with hard floors since toddlers are as likely to fall as babies when they are running through the house.


  • Available in baby and toddler sizes
  • Anti-slip design on the bottom
  • 95% cotton is plushy and soft
  • Tall ankles in the back to prevent abrasions


  • Run a little big
  • Shrink in the wash


FAQs for Best Baby Socks

Why Are Baby Feet So Cold?

Think about the number of times that you get up to take care of your little one during the day. You’re constantly moving, right? Babies feet get cold easier because they have small bodies and are not moving around as much.

A lot of their heat often escapes through their heads and feet, which is the reason you should try to keep socks or baby booties on your little one, especially during cooler months.

How Do I Know Baby is Warm Enough?

Your baby’s small body has a lot of trouble keeping itself warm, especially during cooler months.

You can check your baby’s body temperature by touching their extremeties. If they are especially cool or hot to the touch, you may want to take steps to regulate your little one’s temperature. A space heater can work wonders in the nursery, without the need for a bunch of extra clothing.

You should also consider how comfortable your child is. If they are sleeping, playing, or eating contently, instead of being fussy or whining, they are probably comfortable.

Does Baby Need Shoes Too?

The socks you choose for your baby are important because you should let them go barefoot (or wear socks) whenever possible. This helps them build strong ankles and better arches.

When they do need shoes (like when they are outside), choose something made from a flexible, breathable material. Opt for canvas, cloth, or leather instead of plastic. Baby socks with grips are also a great choice once your little one starts walking.

We’ve got a full breakdown of the best baby and toddler summer shoes.

Something else to keep in mind when choosing baby shoes is the height of your little one’s socks. Even when they are soft, shoes might rub your little one’s feet in all the wrong places. Cut back on irritation and the possibility of blisters by being sure you choose socks that sit higher than your child’s shoe.

What Type of Baby Sock Should I Choose?

Before your little one is on the go, the best baby socks are those that will stay snug on their feet. You don’t need anti-skid or any other featuresjust something sufficient for the weather. You may want to choose a thinner sock during summer and a thicker sock during winter months.

Once your little one is moving around, you’ll want to choose socks that are better for walking. Pick a sock that has an anti-slip grip on the bottom. This will stop your child from slipping and sliding before they learn to get their balance. It can also make it easier for them to push around walkers and other baby toys.

Final Take

Ideally, choose several of the best baby socks when stocking your little one’s sock drawer. You’ll want thick socks for the winter, thin socks for spring and summer, and socks with grips for when your child starts walking. Plus, you can never have too many since they are constantly getting lost or eaten by the dryer.

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