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The Best Unicorn Toy of 2021

Unicorns have a magical sense about them that makes them perfect companions for mythical characters like princesses and dragons and knights. They’re the perfect toy for imaginary play in make-believe lands and even action-packed fairy tales.

Below, you’ll find our top picks for unicorn toys. This ranges from plush unicorns that are perfect for snuggling to unicorn figures with brushable hair or interactive features that are perfect for play time. You’ll also find a buyer’s guide that should help if you aren’t sure what the best unicorn toy would be. 

Best Unicorn Toy for Kids:

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Best Unicorn Toys for Kids

Liberty Imports Unicorn Stable Take-Along Kids Toy Playset

Unicorn Stable Take-Along Kids Toy Playset with 3 Unicorns, Styling Brush and Accessories

The Liberty Imports Unicorn Stable Take-Along Kids Toy Playset with Styling Brush and Accessories comes with three unicorns in pink, white, and blue. Each unicorn comes with a brushable mane and tail, riding saddle, and cute design. Instead of being hard plastic, the outermost part of each horse toy has a velvety texture that’s nice to pet. 

Each of these unicorns stands about 6.5″ high, making them perfect for playtime. They come in a sturdy cardboard ‘stable’ that your child can carry them in. Even though this is made from a thick material, keep in mind that it is cardboard, so if they sit on it or tear it up, it will not withstand the abuse. 

The velvety unicorns are recommended for children three and up. In addition to the soft texture that your child will love petting, they have a realistic tail and mane. They also come with removable saddles and bridles, as well as a vanity mirror, comb, and hair clips.  

With the velvety texture, these unicorns can get scratches in their coat if your child is rough while playing. It’s natural for that velvety type of material to wear off over time. Your child will still be able to play with them as they normally would, however, the unicorn won’t be as pretty. 


  • Soft, velvety coat 
  • Brushable mane and tail
  • Sold as a three pack with a pink, blue, and white unicorn 
  • Hair accessories included 
  • Removable saddles and bridles
  • Box doubles as a stable and carrying case


  • Velvety coat can wear down over time

Surprise Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Eggs

Set of 2 Surprise Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys, Assorted Colors

The Set of 2 Surprise Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Egg Kids Toys is a fun toy for ages three and up. When you submerge the egg in water, it hatches 12-24 hours later. After hatching, the unicorn figure inside continues to grow for an additional 48 hours. 

The outside of the egg has a colorful rainbow pattern that kids will love. It’s hard like a chicken egg, but about three times larger. Inside, one of three unicorn figures is hiding and ready to hatch. There is a blue one, a yellow one, and a pink one. After each figure is done growing, you can keep it in the water or remove it and it will shrink back down. 

Something to note is that this isn’t the best choice if your child is looking for a highly detailed unicorn. While the figures inside do resemble unicorns, they are a little bit blob-like. If you’ve ever bought any of the other growing figures for your kid, you’ll have an idea of what they are going to look like. The unicorn in the egg is made of foam with a magical finish. 

The major fun from this comes from watching it hatch, so it’s more of a novelty toy. If you want something your child is going to play with over and over again or a toy that is more interactive, it’s not the best choice. 


  • Fun rainbow pattern on the outside of the egg
  • Egg has same texture as a chicken egg but is larger
  • Days of fun watching the unicorn hatch and grow
  • One of three unicorn figures inside, it’s a surprise 
  • Figure shrinks once it’s removed from water
  • Fun as a novelty toy


  • Unicorn is a little blob-like
  • Novelty toy that can only be used once

labebe – Baby Rocking Horse Unicorn

labebe - Baby Rocking Horse, Ride Unicorn, Kid Ride On Toy for 6 Month-3 Year Old, Infant (Boy Girl) Plush Animal Rocker, Toddler/Child Stuffed Ride Toy (Pink)

The labebe – Baby Rocking Horse, Ride Unicorn is the perfect ride-on toy for the unicorn lover in your life. It has plenty of safety features that are important for kids playing on a rocking horse, including a seat that they can be buckled into. This makes it one of the best rocking horses for kids between the ages of 1 and 3. 

The design for this sturdy rocking horse won awards from the Nuremburg and Melbourne toys exhibitions. In addition to having a soft, plush design that your child will love to pet while they are riding, there is a seat and buckle attached to the top of her back. The unicorn is filled with PP cotton and has sturdy seams that are stitched together well at the seams for durability. The structure is made using medium density fiber and solid wood, which makes it sturdy without being too heavy. 

Parents will also appreciate that this fabric is soft and resistant to stains. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the materials with baking soda and water. Additionally, the three-point harness is a great choice for parents who are worried about their child’s safety. It keeps them in the seat and keeps little fingers out from under the unicorn rocking horse toy. 


  • Has a three-point harness and seat to keep your little one safe
  • Made of soft cotton materials
  • Frame is sturdy but not especially heavy
  • Fabric is resistant to staining
  • Award-winning design
  • Cute unicorn-like details


  • We couldn’t find any!

Little Jupiter Plush Pet Set with Purse

Little Jupiter Plush Pet Set with Purse - Unicorn Toys - Unicorn Stuffed Animal - Unicorn Gift for Girls - Kids Plushie (White Unicorn) Age 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 yrs

The Little Jupiter Plush Pet Set with Purse – Unicorn Toys comes with a cute sequined purse, plush unicorn pal, and sparkly unicorn keychain. The purse can be used to carry the unicorn and is recommended for kids ages 4 and older. 

One of the nice features of the sequined purse is the reversible sequins. It flips from purple to silver and your child can customize it with different patterns just by touching it. The miniature plush unicorn keychain is silver and pink and also has reversible sequins. Of course, with anything that has sequins, there’s a risk of your child picking them off or damaging them. If your child plays with this bag and carries it, it shouldn’t be an issue.  

The stuffed unicorn in this set can easily become one of your child’s favorite snuggly friends. She’s white and has a rainbow-colored mane and tail. The unicorn also has a horn and wings. If your child prefers pink, there is also a pink unicorn and purse set.

The unicorn is made of plush polyester material and all parts of this set have been third-party tested for safety. 

Something else that parents will appreciate is that there is a 100% money-back guarantee from the Little Jupiter company if you’re dissatisfied with the set. It’s always nice when a company stands behind their product. 


  • Reversible sequins on bag and keychain 
  • Unicorn has wings and fits inside the bag
  • Purse can be used as a purse or pet carrier 
  • Little Jupiter company has a 100% guarantee 
  • Comes in two different colors 
  • Third-party tested for safety
  • Unicorn plushie is soft and snuggly


  • Some kids might pick at sequins

Best Interactive Unicorn Toys

Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn

Little Live Pets - Sparkles My Dancing Interactive Unicorn | Dances & Lights to Music - Engaging Fun - Batteries Included | For Ages 5+

The Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn is highly interactive and designed for ages five and up. She has several features, including the ability to light up, make sounds, and dance to her own music. 

Sparkles has a cute pink and purple design, from the pattern on her coat to her hair. In addition to Sparkles, this brand has a unicorn named Butterbow. Butterbow has all the same features but has a white design with pink flowers and blue and pink hair. Each unicorn stands about 6″ tall. 

Sparkles’ long tail and mane can be brushed with the included brush. A treat is also included (a cupcake) for her snack. Additionally, some of the other features of this unicorn toy include a horn that lights up and changes colors, unicorn sounds, and the ability to nuzzle when patted, dance to music, and trot. All these functions make Sparkles really fun to play with. 

One thing to note is that this is very loud. You also cannot turn it off and it might ‘go to sleep’ and then neigh really loudly a while later. There also is no volume control. You’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the unicorn -they are not included. 


  • Several fun, interactive features 
  • Comes with a brush and Sparkles has a brushable tail and mane 
  • Cupcake is included for Sparkles to eat 
  • Has speaking function and makes unicorn sounds
  • Horn lights up and changes color


  • Batteries are not included
  • Loud and doesn’t have volume control 

VTech Myla the Unicorn

VTech Myla The Magical Unicorn

VTech Myla the Unicornis the perfect choice for the little girl in your life. This glittery unicorn toy is highly interactive and easy to personalize by changing the color of her eyes, wings, mane, and horn.

She’s recommended for kids from age 4 to 8.  

Myla comes with a magical brush and butterfly palette. Your child touches the brush to a color on the palette and taps Myla’s eyes, mane, wings, or horn to change the color. She can also mix different colors (like red and blue to make purple). A comb, crown, and hair clips are also included.  

There are also several other interactive features for playing with this fun unicorn toy. When your child pets her back, Myla says what the lucky color for the day is. They can also sing together- your child puts the microphone to Myla’s mouth to sing and then when she pulls away, Myla keeps the music going so your child can sing solo. 

Occasionally, the wand might not work properly. While you can get a replacement, this is something to keep in mind if you’re planning on buying it as a gift. 


  • Several different features 
  • Can change Myla’s colors with the butterfly palette 
  • Hair can be styled 
  • Singing mode 
  • Teaches about colors
  • Fun to personalize 


  • Wand is occasionally defective

Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy

Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy for Girls and Boys - Remote Control Robot Toy with Interactive Hand Motion Gestures, STEM Toy Program Treats, Walking and Dancing Robot Unicorn Kids Toy (Pink)

The Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy is a fun remote control unicorn toy that neighs, prances, dances, does tricks, and more. It comes with a remote control, follows hand motions, and even lets kids learn basic programming skills that improve STEM learning. This RC unicorn toy is recommended for kids ages three and older. 

Even though this is recommended as safe for ages three and up, some of the commands might be a little advanced for a three-year-old. They might enjoy playing with the RC controller, but the programming might be too difficult. This unicorn toy comes with treats that your child can use to create a sequence of moves. These sequences are an early introduction to programming. 

There are also interactive ways to play with this unicorn toy. In gesture mode, your child can use hand movements to help the unicorn walk around a room. The unicorn explores the room herself in Adventure mode. Additionally, there are several games your child can play with her. A toy comb is included for styling the unicorn’s hair. 

The unicorn itself charges with a single rechargeable battery and USB charging cable. You’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the remote control. The unicorn must be charged for 1.5 hours for 40 minutes of play time. You should also note that the manufacturer recommends that you do not charge this overnight. 


  • Great introduction to STEM skills like programming
  • Comes with treats to train unicorn sequences 
  • Different modes including Gesture mode and Adventure mode
  • Can style mane and tail
  • Remote control is easy to use
  • Batteries for the unicorn are rechargeable 
  • Dances and does tricks 


  • Need to charge an hour and a half for 40 minutes of play time
  • Cannot charge overnight
  • Might be too advanced for a three-year-old

Barbie Dreamtopia Brush ‘n Sparkle Unicorn

Barbie Dreamtopia Brush 'n Sparkle Unicorn with Lights and Sounds, White with Pink Mane and Tail, Gift for 3 to 7 Year Olds [Amazon Exclusive]

The Barbie Dreamtopia Brush ‘n Sparkle Unicorn is recommended for girls ages 3-7. She features fun lights and sounds and comes with a brush so your child can brush her mane and tale. The Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn also is the perfect size to play with the Barbie Dreamtopia dolls.

There’s a cute star pattern on the unicorn’s side that lights up in four different colors at once, including blue, yellow, green, and pink. Her horn also lights up when activated by pushing the button on her side or brushing her pretty hair. With a shimmery design and the color-rimmed stars, the blue hooves and pink mane only add to the fun of playing with this colorful unicorn.  

This toy is great for imaginary play because it’s compatible with the Barbie Dreamtopia princess dolls. They can ride along on the unicorn as they explore the Dreamtopia world. Your child can use them to tell stories or come up with adventures of their own. 

One thing to note about this unicorn is that the sound it makes when activated is very loud. There is no volume control and if your child is one to push a button repeatedly, it can become annoying because there is no volume control. 


  • Can activate by brushing her hair or pushing the button
  • Has several colorful lights on the size
  • Same size as the Barbie Dreamtopia dolls 
  • Shimmery, bright, and colorful design
  • Unicorn’s horn lights up 
  • Great for imaginary play 


  • No volume control

Best Unicorn Game

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

TeeTurtle Unstable Unicorns Card Game - A strategic card game and party game for adults & teens

The Unstable Unicorns Card Game – A strategic card game and party game for adults & teens is perfect for that girl in your life who swears she’s over her unicorn phase but still secretly loves them. It’s a great choice for ages 14 and up. Even adults will have fun playing this game! 

In the game, you build an army of unicorns by trying to collect seven different unicorns in your stable. During the game, you race against other players and use other cards to foil their plans. They can also foil yours. The first person to successfully build their army wins. 

This game is recommended for 2-8 players, which makes it great for groups of any size. Typically, game play takes around 30-45 minutes. Inside, you’ll find 135 cards, a rule book, and a handy magnetic closure that makes it easy to shut the box and keep the contents inside. Something to note is that even though this can be played with two players, the instructions recommend going online for further instructions. There are several cards that need removed from the deck. 

If you aren’t sure if your teen will like this game, consider that Unstable Unicorns won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year. It was originally funded on Kickstarter and was one of the top 100 most-backed projects ever. Since it was funded, the game sold over one million copies around the world. If you’re having fun, there is also an expansion pack that can be bought for added fun. 


  • Great unicorn gift for teens 
  • Fun for groups of 2-8 players
  • Gameplay is long enough to be fun without being so long it gets boring
  • Action-packed game 
  • Fun to read the different types of cards 
  • Option to buy an expansion pack


  • Have to remove a lot of cards to play with two players

Best Unicorn Tent

USA Toyz Unicorn Play Tent for Kids

USA Toyz Unicorn Pop Up Tent for Kids - Indoor and Outdoor Playhouse Unicorn Tent for Girls and Boys, Pink Princess Tent with Unicorn Headband and Kids Tent Storage Carry Bag

The USA Toyz Unicorn Play Tent for Kids gives your child their own personal magical lair. It 51″ tall and 40.5″ in diameter, making it easy for 2-3 toddlers to fit comfortably inside. In addition to the tent itself, this comes with a unicorn headband (with a horn) and a convenient storage bag. 

This unicorn tent comes with foldable tent poles and can be assembled without any kind of equipment. There is also an instruction manual with pictures and easy-to-follow instructions. Unfortunately, even though this is advertised as a pop-up tent, it does not have a true pop-up design.

It is easy enough to assemble, however, the tent would be time-consuming to take down and put up frequently. Some parents choose to just leave it up, however, you’ll want to be sure your child isn’t being too rough with it if you do leave it up. 

The tent is durable because of the polyester fabric it is made from. The fabric is also water-resistant. This makes it easy to wipe clean if it gets dirty. You can also clean it using a mild soap and water. 

One of the most important factors in pop-up tents is stability, especially if your child is going to have friends over or be crawling in and out of it all the time. This has floor and roof anchors, as well as secure ties to keep the fabric and tent poles together. The door can be tied open and there is a mesh window that allows aeration to stop the tent from getting too hot. 


  • Big enough for 2-3 toddlers to play at once 
  • Door can be tied open and mesh window for good ventilation 
  • Comes with plenty of support for the tent
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Wipes clean easily 
  • Fun, whimsical unicorn design 


  • Doesn’t have a true pop-up design

Best Unicorn Costume

LYLKD Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirt with Unicorn Horn Headband 

The LYLKD Little Girls Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Horn Headband is perfect for a little girl who wants to feel some unicorn magic herself. It comes with a unicorn headband complete with ears, colorful hair, and a horn, as well as a rainbow-colored tutu that is as fun to look at as it is to wear. 

This comes in medium size, recommended for ages 2-4 years, and large, recommended for ages 4-8. It’s perfect for Halloween, playing dress-up, or just wearing around the house. The hardest thing about this unicorn outfit is convincing your little one to take it off. 

The skirt is made from layered polyester tulle and satin, making fabric that feels comfortable against the skin. It also has an elastic waistband, which makes it easy to choose the right size for your child. 

To keep the fabric intact, this is recommended for hand wash and air dry. While the skirt may withstand occasional washing, washing it too frequently can wear down the fabrics and cause tears. The one downside is that most toddlers are messy, so you might find yourself washing it frequently if it becomes a favorite outfit. 

Something else to keep in mind is that the headband is sized the same for both outfits. While the one-size-fits-all design makes it easier to size, children with a smaller head might have trouble with it slipping because of the weight of the horn. 


  • Bright, vivid colors 
  • Makes your child feel like a unicorn 
  • Works as a costume or for dress-up
  • Skirt has elastic waistband for a good fit 
  • Comes in two different sizes 
  • Headband features ears, a horn, and ribbons so your child really feels like a unicorn


  • Headband might be a little too big for some kids and slip
  • Need to handwash to prevent rips and tears 

Best Unicorn Book

How to Catch a Unicorn

How to Catch a Unicorn

The How to Catch a Unicorn is a New York Times Best Seller and it’s perfect for the unicorn lover in your life. 

Reading to your child is important from an early age. Even when your little one is an infant, reading to your child promotes important language skills. Additionally, it’s a great way to bond with your child. 

This fun, colorful book lets your child set ‘traps’ at the zoo for a beautiful unicorn. As you read, vivid, colorful pictures help tell the story. Additionally, there are other fun characters including beautiful peacocks and majestic zebras. 

‘How to Catch a Unicorn’ is just one of several books about catching magical creatures by author Adam Wallace. You’ll also find ‘How to Catch a Dragon’, ‘How to Catch a Mermaid’, ‘How to Catch a Tooth Fairy’, and several others in this series. It is recommended for ages 4-10, though you can easily read it to your toddler or infant. 


  • Fun, whimsical characters 
  • Promotes early learning and language skills
  • Vivid, colorful pictures and designs 
  • Plenty of fun, zany characters 
  • Makes reading fun
  • Great way to bond with your child 


  • We couldn’t find any!

Comparing Unicorn Toys

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected the Best Unicorn Toys

Age Range

Unicorns are very popular today, with everyone from toddlers to teens loving the mythical creatures. When you’re shopping for your child, be sure to consider their age as you think about how interested they’ll be in a toy.

For example, while Myla the Unicorn would be perfect for a child under age 10, it’d be hard to keep a pre-teen interested in her. They’ll likely find Myla to be too childish. The unicorn board game, on the other hand, would be perfect for a pre-teen or teenager, but a poor choice for a toddler. 

Manufacturers often put age recommendations on their product so parents can get a better idea of which unicorn toys are best for their child. Choosing something to simple will leave your child bored while choosing something too advanced can be frustrating. The best unicorn toy will be perfect for your child’s age range. 


One of your primary concerns as a parent when shopping for unicorn toys for your child is safety.

This is especially true for babies and toddlers. One of the biggest concerns is small parts that can be choking hazards for kids under three. You’ll also want to be aware of parts that might break off, making them small enough to choke on. 

Before you choose a toy, think about how it works and if it poses a safety hazard to younger children. Look for sharp edges and moving parts that might pinch small fingers during play time. 

Finally, look for compliance with ASTM or CSPC standards. These are regulations put in place for materials used, generally ensuring they aren’t hazardous in any way. While most companies no longer manufacture toys made with lead paint, it’s important to be sure plastic, paint, and other materials are non-toxic as well. 


It is almost inevitable that your child is going to break some of their toys.

This is especially true of babies and toddlers. They are still learning how things work and might put pressure on a toy just to see what happens.

As you shop for unicorn toys, protect your investment by buying some durable. Pay extra attention to things like legs and the unicorn horn and thick the material is that the toy is made from. The best unicorn toy will be made from high-quality materials that won’t break while you’re child is playing with them. 

This is something you cannot always tell by looking at a product. If you’re unsure, look for unicorn toy reviews to point you in the direction of something that can withstand rough play from toddlers. 

Overall Design

Finally, you’ll want to consider how a toy is designed. If your child has a favorite color, you might be able to choose pink or purple unicorn toys. For kids excited by rainbows or sparkles, you could find a rainbow or glittery unicorn toy. By personalizing the toy to what your child likes, you can almost guarantee they’ll love whatever you choose. Something you pick can easily become the best unicorn toy in your child’s eyes if it is one of their favorite colors.  

Something else that might matter to your child is how realistic or detailed the unicorn is. Some kids might prefer something detailed. This is especially true for kids obsessed with unicorns. Others might not mind less-detailed unicorns. After all, they are creatures of fantasy anyway, so their appearance is open to interpretation. 

FAQs About the Best Unicorn Toys

Can boys play with unicorns?

Unicorns are often associated with pretty colors like pink and purple, glitter, rainbows, and other more ‘girlish’ things.

Even though a lot of unicorn toys are marketed toward girls, there’s no reason that boys can’t play with them as well. Unicorns fit right into the same mythical play world of castles and dragons. They’re perfect for flying through the sky or giving a ride to action figures, too. Plus, if girls can play with dragons and knights, why can’t boys play with unicorns and princesses? 

What matters the most when choosing toys for your child is that they are going to enjoy playing with them. Plus, if you are really worried about it, unicorns come in white, black, and every color in between. 

Are unicorns male or female?

If you look into the history of unicorns, traditionally they are all males.

Of course, if you look at various characters in recent years, female unicorns have also been portrayed. For breeding purposes and because unicorns have likely evolved as people have, there are male and female unicorns today.

If you believe unicorns are birthed from magic, then it’s more likely they don’t have a gender. One rumor even states that you can tell the difference because the horn on male unicorns spirals clockwise, while the horn on a female unicorn spirals counterclockwise.

Of course, most manufacturers likely don’t pay attention to these kinds of details when making toys. 

What does Myla the unicorn do?

Myla the unicorn is a popular choice because of how she interacts with your child. Though she has a soft outer fur, she’s a robotic unicorn.

Myla sings and interacts with your child. You can use the included magic brush and butterfly palette to color her wings, eyes, and horn. Myla also gives your little girl a lucky color every day when she pats her back. Barrettes and other hair accessories are also included, so there are plenty of ways for your child to play with Myla the unicorn. 

How can I encourage my child’s interest in unicorns? 

One of the great things about unicorns is that many kids, teens, and even adults are interested in their fantastical world. Many companies have started marketing toys, books, clothing, and more to keep up with this trend. This means there’s plenty of ways to encourage your child’s interests.

While toys are one of the best ways to encourage imaginative play, you can also read them books and encourage them to learn more about unicorns. As they learn more, they’re building critical learning skills that can help them later in life. 

Are unicorns a good toy for my child?

Any type of imaginative play is beneficial for your child. Imaginary play teaches creative and critical thinking skills, improves language and social skills, and increases empathy and emotional awareness.

Certain toys might also teach cause-and-effect relationships, improve fine motor skills, and more.

In conclusion, yes, unicorns make a wonderful toy for your child, whether they are a baby, toddler, child, or teenager. 

Final Word

Our favorite was the Little Live Pets – Sparkles My Dancing Unicorn. All the interactive features made it fun to play with and it didn’t come with the same play time and battery restrictions as the RC unicorn toy.

Of course, there’s plenty of other fun toys on this list that will make unicorn lovers of any age happy. Hopefully, this list has helped you narrow down the best unicorn toy for that child in your life, too. 


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