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The Best Dragon Toy of 2020

Dragons are fascinating creatures. From their majestic appearance to the way they breathe fire, they are a favorite of many children.

They’re great for imaginary play and come in all colors and sizes.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best dragon toy. They’ll make the perfect companion for any dragon enthusiast in your life. 

Top 5 Best Dragon ToysWhy It's BestMom Rating
ValeforToy Dragon Toys,12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon FigureGood variety of dragons, great attention to detail♥♥♥♥♥
Spin Master Dreamworks Dragons, Toothless & Hiccup, Dragon with Armored Viking FigurePart of a larger playset, best DreamWorks Dragon Toy♥♥♥♥♥
BeebeeRun Remote Control DinosaurBest RC dragon, tons of interactive features♥♥♥♥♥
Spin Master Dreamworks Dragons, Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon with SoundsBest Hatchimals dragon, best baby dragon toy♥♥♥♥♥
FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin' DragonBest dragon plushie, interactive dragon plushie♥♥♥♥♥

Best Dragon Toys for Kids of All Ages

ValeforToy Dragon Toys Realistic Looking Dragon Figure

Image of the ValeforToy Dragon Toys,12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Figure,4 Inch Mini Dragons Sets with Gift Box, Non-Toxic Safety Materials ABS Vinyl Plastic Dragon,Party Favors Toy for Boys Kids

The ValeforToy Dragon Toys 12 Piece Assorted Realistic Looking Dragon Figure is a great choice whether you’re looking for favors for a dragon-themed party or just want several figurines for your child to play with. Each figure stands about 4-inches tall. The figures come with realistic designs in several different colors. 

The smaller size of these figures makes them perfect for interacting with other figures (like Imaginext toys). Your child will delight in adding them to castle wars and playing alone or with friends. Their size is perfect for fitting in children’s hands and the dragon figures are recommended for ages three and up. 

The attention to detail with these figures is really nice. They are made from ABS vinyl plastic, which is non-toxic and durable, and coated in non-toxic paint. The detail in the wings, teeth, and eyes makes for a realistic playing experience. A couple of the figures even have more than one head!

These dragons come in a 3D gift box (made of cardboard) that can be used for carrying and storage. Of course, it is only cardboard, so it won’t withstand especially rough handling or getting wet. The box is also labeled ‘dinosaurs’, though it does come filled with toy dragons. 

While these are designed durably for the most part, you can see the seams where wings and arms were added. In some cases, the dragon can break in these areas if they are handled roughly. 


  • Recommended for ages three and up
  • Fits well in small children’s hands
  • Great detail in the design 
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors 
  • Comes with a carrying and storage box
  • Made of non-toxic materials 
  • Some dragons have multiple heads 


  • Box is labeled ‘dinosaurs’ and made of cardboard
  • Wings can break off with rough play

Dreamworks Dragons Toothless & Hiccup

Image of the Dreamworks Dragons, Toothless & Hiccup, Dragon with Armored Viking Figure, for Kids Aged 4 & Up

The Dreamworks Dragons, Toothless & Hiccup is recommended for children ages 4 and up. Its figures are modeled after the movie and this comes with a large, black dragon toy modeled after Toothless and an armored figure modeled after Hiccup. The Hiccup figure is significantly smaller, similar to how the characters are portrayed in the movie. 

These figures are great for imaginary play because they can be posed in different ways. The armored figure features authentic armor and a removable weapon. The head, arms, and legs can also be posed.

Toothless can also be posed, having moving legs and wings so your child can prepare for battle. Something to note is that while the wings do move, they only move a little bit and might not be as realistic as you might like. 

Your child will also love that Toothless comes with a blue fire projectile. Load it into Toothless’ mouth, pull back on the leg, and the projectile will launch forward, simulating real fire shooting from the dragon’s mouth. They can reload and launch over and over again. 

Movie toys are nice because your child can recreate scenes from the DreamWorks film if they would like. Then, once they’re more comfortable playing pretend, they can start to explore different scenarios and reap the benefits of imaginative play. 


  • Toy is large and fun to play with
  • Toothless is bigger than Hiccup, like in the movie
  • Can be posed in different ways
  • Hiccup figure has weapon and movable head, arms, and legs
  • Toothless’ wings and legs move
  • Toothless comes with a projectile that can be launched forward 
  • Great choice for imaginative play 


  • Wings only move a little 

BeebeeRun Remote Control Dinosaur

Image of the BeebeeRun Remote Control Dinosaur, Red Dinosaur Figures Realistic Looking with Roaring Spraying Light Up Eyes,RC Walking Dragon Toy for Kids Boys Girls Birthday Gifts

The BeebeeRun Remote Control Dinosaur is a red RC dragon that walks around and roars to your child’s delight. It also has light-up eyes and realistic features, including a water spray function that looks like real smoke coming from the RC dragon toy’s mouth. It also has the ability to shake its head and flap its wings.  

This dragon toy stands 11.5″ tall, making it perfect for kids who want a larger-sized dragon toy. It comes with the dragon, remote control, water injectors, and manual. The manual is easy to understand and teaches your child how to make the dragon spray water, as well as which buttons to use on the RC remote to activate the different features. 

This toy is recommended for kids ages four and up. It does not come assembled, so you’ll need to attach the wings and tail after you take it out of the box. This does mean that the parts can come off if your child is pulling on them, especially the tail. There are also two different screwdrivers inside the set, which are important because of the smaller screws needed for the battery pack and the wings. The needed batteries are not included, but you’ll need 3 AA batteries for the dragon itself and 3 AA batteries for the RC controller. 


  • Realistic roars and smoke function
  • Dragon eyes light up and flaps its wings 
  • RC controller is simple to operate 
  • Walks across a wide variety of surfaces 
  • Comes with screwdrivers for assembly 
  • Almost a foot tall 


  • Will need to help younger kids understand the instructions 
  • Requires a lot of batteries

Dreamworks Dragons Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

Image of the Dreamworks Dragons, Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon with Sounds, for Kids Aged 5 & Up

The Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon with Sounds is a great dragon toy for girls and boys. It comes with everything your child needs to hatch Toothless and teach him all types of dragon tricks. This Hatching Toothless toy is recommended for kids ages five and older. 

To make baby Toothless hatch, your child will need to agitate the egg by rocking and tapping on the egg. They’ll be able to see his eyes light up in the eggshell and as they rock it, he’ll growl. Toothless also taps back if they tap on the shell and responds when they clap. Once they shake, tilt, and tap on the shell enough, Toothless will start to break through the shell. 

Once he’s out, there are plenty of fun ways to interact with the baby dragon toy. Hold his belly to charge plasma and then once you release, the mouth glows. Toothless also moves his ears and wings as you help him through the sky. A fish is also included so you can feed him once he gets hungry.

You will need 2 AA batteries for Toothless to work, however, he comes with a set pre-installed so your child can enjoy all the fun even while he’s still in the egg. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, baby Toothless can play interactive games. Roar at Toothless and he’ll roar back- you can even have a competition over who growls louder. Toothless’ growl also gets deeper as he ages. You can also ask different questions and he’ll respond or put on music and he’ll dance. When friends are over, Toothless can be passed around so everyone can try to avoid the plasma blast in a game of ‘Hot Potato’. It’s fun for everyone to play and designed for ages 5 and older. 

While all the different functions are really fun, you will need to read the manual to understand what it can do. There is also a dial to set Toothless to different modes. This can be difficult for a five-year-old to figure out on their own. 


  • Tons of interactive features 
  • Toothless hatches as the egg is agitated 
  • Comes with batteries installed so your child can interact with Toothless before he hatches
  • Dances to music and has games to play alone or with friends 
  • Growl gets deeper as Toothless ages 
  • Can feed Toothless with fish accessory when he’s hungry


  • All the features can be hard for a five-year-old to figure out 

Dreamworks Dragons Lightfury Deluxe Dragon with Lights and Sounds

Image of the Dreamworks Dragons, Lightfury Deluxe Dragon with Lights and Sounds, for Kids Aged 4 and Up

The Lightfury Deluxe Dragon with Lights and Sounds is a great choice for kids that love the DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon franchise. In addition to several dragon characters from the movie, there is a Vikings set sold separately and each of the Vikings fits on the back of each dragon perfectly.

This could easily be the start or the next addition to your child’s growing collection of How to Train Your Dragon Toys. The Lightfury is recommended for kids ages four and up. 

Lightfury features pop-open fabric wings that unfurl as you push the button on her back. The beautiful fabric has a bioluminescent design just like in the movie. This also activates lights and sounds, including glowing eyes and dragon roars. 

There is a good amount of detail on the Lightfury dragon and her body is sculpted like it was in the movie. Additionally, the legs are posable so your child can have fun acting out different scenes from the movie or make up their own adventures. 

One thing to note is that while the wings do pop out easily, it can be hard to get them back into place. Additionally, sometimes the wings pop out even when they are secured, without the button being pushed. Most younger kids won’t be especially bothered by this, especially if they are fans of the movie franchise. 


  • Vikings from the set can ride on the dragon
  • Beautiful, bioluminscent design on the wings 
  • Button that makes the wings pop out while flying
  • Button also makes eyes glow and activates sounds
  • Good attention to detail
  • Legs are posable 


  • Wings are hard to put back in place 

SCHLEICH bayala Flower Dragon and Baby Toy

Image of the SCHLEICH bayala Flower Dragon and Baby Imaginative Toy for Kids Ages 5-12

The SCHLEICH bayala Flower Dragon and Baby Imaginative Toy for Kids Ages 5-12 is the perfect dragon toy for girls who would appreciate a prettier dragon. This set comes with two dragons: a mother and baby. Like many Schleich toys, there is great attention to detail for a more realistic playing experience. 

The intricate details in this dragon are nice – you can even s    ee every feather in the wings and detailed scaling all over mommy and her baby. This is part of the Bayala Collection from Schleich, which makes it easy to buy other dragons to go along with this set. There are also other mythical creatures in the play world. One of the favorites is the Glittering Flower House with Unicorns. 

With a mother and baby dragon, it’s easy for your child to play pretend. As they play, they’ll be developing social and emotional skills. This toy can also help them explore the parent-child relationship more. 


  • Great attention to detail
  • Comes with mother and baby dragon
  • Can be used as part of a larger Schleich playset
  • Helps children explore the parent-child relationship
  • Great for inspiring pretend play


  • We couldn’t find any! 

JOYIN Walking Realistic Toy Electronic Dragon

Image of the JOYIN Walking Realistic Toy Electronic Dragon Dinosaur with Roaring Sounds and 2 Eggs Laying

The JOYIN Walking Realistic Toy Electronic Dragon Dinosaur with Roaring Sounds and 2 Eggs Laying is a unique dragon toy because it lays eggs as it walks. It is also designed realistic with great attention to detail and the ability to roar like a real dragon. 

While this is designed with smooth edges and toxin-free plastic, the small eggs can make this a choking hazard for younger children. It is manufacturer recommended for kids ages 3-years and older. Even so, you’ll want to be sure your three-year-old doesn’t put the eggs in their mouth. 

This is also not the best choice for a child that plays with their toys too rough. The wings can come off if they are bent too far and the hatch where the dragon eggs go inside the dragon can also be forced open to far and then will not shut. While this might make a great gift for a kid that is a little older, it may not withstand rough play from a three-year-old. 

The unique egg-laying feature leaves plenty of options for play with this dragon. It can lay eggs and then protect them from battles. Additionally, you could purchase smaller dragons for when the eggs ‘hatch’ so your child can have more fun. You will need AA batteries for this to work and they are not included. 


  • Egg-laying feature is really cool to play with
  • Dragon walks and roars
  • Takes AA batteries (standard, easy to replace)
  • No sharp edges 
  • Great attention to detail
  • Made from toxin-free plastic 


  • Might not withstand rough play from a three-year-old
  • Eggs are small and might get lost easily

SCHLEICH Eldrador Lava Dragon Imaginative Toy

Image of the SCHLEICH Eldrador Lava Dragon Imaginative Toy for Kids Ages 7-12

The SCHLEICH Eldrador Lava Dragon Imaginative Toy is recommended for kids ages 7-12, making it a great choice for the older kid in your life that loves dragons. It’s made with the same quality that parents expect from the Schleich company, which is German-based and has been providing quality toys for more than 80 years. 

The detail and precision used to craft this toy gives it an authentic appearance and makes the dragon appear life-like. As a lava dragon, the ‘scales’ have the appearance of real magma with vivid orange and red colors with black detailing. Whether your child is a fan of lava or dragons, there are plenty of other Schleich toys that can be part of a play world. They recommend the Eldrador Lava Scorpion as a companion. 

For kids who would be impressed by a ‘scarier’ dragon toy, this is a great choice. In addition to the lava-like design, this features detailed talons, spikes running along the dragon’s back, and ferocious-looking teeth. The wings are also well-detailed. Something to note is that the wings can fall off this pretty easily, especially if it is handled rough. On the plus side, the wings can be re-attached. 


  • Great attention to detail
  • Good choice for a scary-looking dragon toy
  • Has talons, teeth, back spikes, and other great features
  • Looks like real lava
  • Part of the Schleich lava toys collection, so good as part of a playset
  • Schleich company is known for their high-quality toys


  • Wings may fall off but can be re-attached

Toy Essentials 4 Piece Dragon Action Fantasy Figures

Image of the Toy Essentials 4 Piece Dragon Action Fantasy Figures

The Toy Essentials 4 Piece Dragon Action Fantasy Figures comes with four figures ranging from 3.5-4.5-inches in height each. It comes with two winged dragons and two wingless dragons, each of them made from durable hard plastic. 

If your child has a castle playset or other smaller action figures, these would be the perfect dragons to add to their collection. They come in several different colors and have a scarier appearance because of their scales, talons, and sharp teeth. One of the dragons even has two heads. They’re a great choice for kids who might like ‘scary’ dragons to terrorize other characters in their playset.

Being made of hard plastic, these are easy to clean and durable. Something to note is that the heads can come off during play time. However, they are also easy to attach, so it’s not as much of an issue. The hard plastic is also nice because they are easy to clean, which makes them a great choice when your little one has friends over. 

It is a little disappointing that two of the dragons are ‘wingless’. While they still have plenty of other dragon-like features, without the wings they appear more dinosaur-like. The two-headed dragon does not have any wings. 


  • Made from a durable plastic material that is easy to clean
  • Great attention to detail 
  • Great choice for kids who want scarier dragons
  • One of the dragons has two heads 
  • Small figures are great for adding to play with castles and other small figures


  • Two of the dragons are wingless
  • Heads come off (but can be reattached pretty easily)

Princess Paradise Hydra The 3-Headed Dragon Child’s Costume

Image of the Princess Paradise Hydra The 3-Headed Dragon Child's Costume, Small Red

The Princess Paradise Hydra The 3-Headed Dragon Child’s Costume has great detail and is comfortable to wear as your child pretends to be a dragon. This is complete with a spiked tail, talons on the feet, and two puppet-like hand covers that look like dragon heads. 

The red and orange fabric and plush material makes this have a flame-like appearance. This is recommended for kids ages 3-4 and a little older. It is available in several sizes for a better fit, including x-small, small, medium, and large. Some parents note that it can run a little large, especially in the arms. 

This fits like a jumpsuit and comes in one piece, so your child may need help putting it on. However, it does have a hood instead of a mask for the head. This is nice because it makes it easier for your little one to breathe when they’re wearing.  Additionally, if your child plans on wearing it to school when they are allowed to dress up, they usually do not allow masks, so this is perfect. The hand covers are also nice since they can be worn as gloves while trick-or-treating or taken off so your child can play around the house. 

Finally, a few reviewers mentioned quality control issues. Occasionally, a tail may be sewn upside down or a foot might be on backwards. This is easy enough to fix yourself if you can sew or have it fixed. 


  • Great attention to detail
  • Makes a good Halloween costume or fun for play time
  • Dragon ‘heads’ are puppet-like and can be removed easily
  • Comes with a hood attached to a jumpsuit
  • Fabric is soft and has a flame-like appearance
  • Comes in several sizes for a good fit


  • Slight risk of quality control issues

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin’ Dragon

Image of the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is the perfect choice for kids who’d like a snuggly dragon pal that they can interact with. There are tons of interactive features and your child will be playing with this for hours. It comes with several pieces including a water-filling crystal, color-change treat, the dragon itself, and the instructions.

There are several fun ways to play with the dragon. One of the ways Torch interacts with your child is by responding to touch on his nose. There are over 50 sound and motion combinations that the dragon makes as your child plays. You will need 4-C batteries for this to operate and they are not included.  

In addition to the sound and motion combinations, Torch is fun to feed. Add water to the chamber and Torch breathes flame-colored mist. If you hold the included treat (a marshmallow) in front of the mist, it changes color as if he were really toasting it. Then, Torch burps when you feed him. The legs are also posable, which is good for having Torch stand to accept a treat or reach forward for hugs and snuggles. 


  • Tons of interactive features
  • Comes with a color-changing treat 
  • Torch emits ‘smoke’ and burps after ‘eating’ his treat 
  • Has over 50 sound and motion combinations for hours of fun
  • Highly interactive for a plushie
  • Snuggly and fun to play with 
  • Posable front legs 


  • We couldn’t find any! 

Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

The Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon is perfect for inspiring a love of dragons young. It is recommended for babies from 0+ months and has plenty of features to stimulate development. As something that is as easy to snuggle with as it is fun to play with, this baby dragon toy is a great first choice for your baby. 

Being designed for newborns, this dragon is safe. It is made of soft, non-toxic plush materials. Six other materials can also be found, including crinkly feet and a squeaky nose. The bright colors stimulate visual development, while the crinkle and squeaker sounds stimulate auditory development. 

As your child gets older, they’ll appreciate the pull string that makes the wings vibrate. This also teaches cause-and-effect play. Something to note is that the wings and pull cord can become stuck if your baby is holding them too tightly.

If your child ends up loving this toy, it’s easy enough to attach it to a car seat, diaper bag, or toy bar on a stroller and take it on the go. It is a great starter toy to be a familiar friend and many babies love playing with it, whether interacting with their parents or playing independently. 


  • Designed for babies newborn and older
  • Great first dragon toy
  • Soft, plushie design with several other textures
  • Stimulates textile, auditory, and visual development
  • Comes with a hook for easy attachment
  • Vibrating wings teach cause-and-effect play


  • The pull cord and wings can get stuck if they’re being held

Dragamonz 3-Pack Collectible Figure and Trading Card Pack

Dragamonz, Dragon Multi 3-Pack, Collectible Figure and Trading Card Game, for Kids Aged 5 and Up

The Dragamonz 3-Pack Collectible Figure and Trading Card Pack is a great choice for kids who have friends that are also interested in dragons. This set comes with three collectible dragon characters, three dragon cards, and 15 playing cards to be used as part of a game when you battle against other Dragamonz players. This also comes with an attack calculator card needed for game play. 

Each dragon that comes in this set must be hatched out of an cool egg. Your child smashes the egg against a table or other hard surface and the bottom breaks, revealing one of over 70 different dragons that can be collected inside. This includes a wide variety of dragons labeled as commons, rare mystics, and legendary mystics. Each dragon is also posed and ready for battle. These are designed for kids ages 5 and older. 

In addition to playing with friends, your child can play Dragamonz on the app. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. It works by letting your child scan in the toys from their growing collection and they can play with others in real-time. 

Something to note is that the game can be a little hard for the average 5-year-old to play with friends. Even with the instructions, it can be confusing. After a few runs, however, they can usually figure it out. 


  • Comes with three collectible characters 
  • Fun to break the dragon out of their egg
  • Cards are included 
  • Can collect dragons with different rarity
  • Fun to play with friends or on the Dragamonz app
  • Comes with everything you need to play, including instruction sheet and attack calculator card 


  • Hard for the average five-year-old to understand

How We Selected Dragon Toys

Type of Dragon Toys

 There are a wide variety of dragon toys available that are best suited to different age groups.

Plushies are best for babies, toddlers, and younger children that might prefer a dragon they can snuggle with. Some dragon plushies also make sounds when they’re snuggled with.

Dragon action figures are another good choice, especially for toddlers and older kids. Some even walk around and make roaring sounds on their own. Kids who don’t play too rough might appreciate something moving parts that make the dragons more interactive to play with. Others might prefer dragons that are posable or that can stand on their own, especially if they like to collect them or arrange figures on their shelf.

There are plenty of options, so the best thing to do is consider how your child will interact with the toy to see if it’s a good fit. 


There are few things more upsetting to a child than playing with their favorite dragon toy and having a wing or leg break off.

As you shop for dragon toys for kids, look for something that can withstand play. This is especially true when choosing toys for toddlers, as they are still learning how to manipulate the world around them. They may not know how rough they can play with something before it breaks.

Consider your child’s playing style and then look for something that suits it. 

Safety and Age Range 

When shopping for toys, look for manufacturer recommendations on the appropriate age range.

In the case of younger children (usually three and under), toys have restrictions for safety reasons. Small parts are choking hazards, as are parts that might break off of the toy. You’ll also want to be aware of sharp edges or pieces that are easy to break, especially with action figures and movable toys. Look out for any areas that might pinch a small child’s fingers. 

The other reason that manufacturers put age recommendations on toys is for developmental reasons. Some toys might require certain abilities (like fine motor skills) or help kids develop those skills. This is especially true for highly interactive toys and toys for babies.

Of course, this is only a recommendation in these cases. Consider your child’s maturity and abilities. You may find that more advanced kids might prefer toys for an older age range. You’ll want to keep in mind that toys that are too immature for their skill level can cause boredom, while toys that are too advanced can lead to frustration. 

Overall Design

Your child might also appreciate a toy more depending on how it’s designed.

If your child has a favorite color for example, they might appreciate blue dragon toys or red dragon toys. If there is a specific television show or movie that has a dragon they love, you might be better choosing figures from that movie for imaginative play. For example, How to Train Your Dragon dragon toys might include dragons and characters like Toothless, Hiccup, Astrid, and Hookfang.

If you’re familiar with your child’s interests, you’re sure to pick out something they’re going to love. 

Level of Interaction

Some toys have a lot more interactive features than others.

For example, the FurReal Friends dragon and the BeebeeRun RC dragon both breathe smoke. Many of the dragons also have working wings, glowing eyes, and roaring dragon noises. Others are designed simply, having realistic features but not being battery powered.

Both of these types have their benefits. Something with lights, sounds, or other working features might benefit a younger kid that is still learning about imaginative play. On the other hand, sometimes too many features can be overwhelming, especially if there are different buttons for the features.

Dragon toys with interactive features also usually require batteries. If a toy does need batteries, you’ll want to consider if they are replaceable and how quickly the toy uses the batteries. You can get this information by reading dragon toy reviews to learn about experiences other parents have had. 

FAQs About Dragon Toy

Are dragon toys scary for young children? 

I remember that my oldest son (he was 4 around the time) got this dragon that stomped around and roared. He loved it. My younger son (who would have been two) was not the biggest fan. However, he did have a dragon plushie that was bigger than him that he absolutely loved.

Dragon toys themselves are not scary. For younger kids, however, something that is large and loud might scare them a little bit. Dragons might also have long rows of scales and sharp, scary teeth that intimidate younger children. 

Since there is such a wide variety of toys, it’s easy to find something that won’t scare your little one as much. If you’re worried about how they’ll feel about a dragon toy that makes sounds or has a scary appearance, choose something milder. 

Is playing with dragons good for my child? 

Any toys that get your child using their imagination and away from the television screen is a good choice.

If your child is into dragons, buying them playsets and toys encourages them to play with something they’re interested in. They might feel inspired to play pretend, especially if they have action figures to interact with the dragons. 

Keep in mind that any kind of imaginary play is great for your child. When they act as different characters, they are learning empathy. Positioning different characters and posing legs, arms, and wings requires fine motor skills.

Additionally, there’s the benefit of social and language skills. Even while your child is playing alone they are interacting with different characters socially.

Finally, imaginary play teaches creative and critical thinking, both of which are important for problem solving as your child gets older. 

How else can I nurture my child’s love of dragons?

Some children (and even adults) are fascinated with these mythical creatures.

There are plenty of ways to encourage your child’s love of dragons outside of playing with toys. Look for story books (like these great books for 5-year-olds which include the classic Dragons Love Tacos!) and movies about famous dragons. There are even some books that explain the science of dragons, including things like their habitats, how they breathe fire, and more.

By nurturing their interests, you are giving yourself a chance to bond with them and helping them learn more about something they love. 

Final Word

Dragon toys are the perfect way to let your little one’s imagination run wild as they come up with all kinds of ways to play. From basic dragon action figures to plushies modeled after some of their favorite characters, there’s no shortage of ways your child can have fun. To get the best dragon toy, be sure to choose something designed for your child’s age range.

BeebeeRun Remote Control Dinosaur, Red Dinosaur Figures Realistic Looking with Roaring Spraying Light Up Eyes,RC Walking Dragon Toy for Kids Boys Girls Birthday Gifts

Our favorite toy was BeebeeRun Remote Control Dragon. My kids loved the RC function and were amazed by the smoke coming out of the dragon’s mouth.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas on what would be best for your little one, too!

Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis is a part-time writer and a full-time mommy of two boys, Apollo (age 3) and Adrien (age 5). She has been working as a writer for five years and one day plans to run her own writing company. For now, Samantha is content working as a writer and spending all her free time with her little boys. They live together with dad in Ohio and spend their free time crafting, hiking, and baking.

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