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The Best Magic Kits For Kids of 2021

Magic tricks fill kids (and adults) with awe. From levitation to disappearing acts, magic makes it seem like anything is possible.

Magic kits make it easy for your child to learn tricks at home. Even if they don’t take it to a professional level, it’s a great hobby and something they can have fun doing.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best magic kits for kids. 

Best Magic Kit for Young Kids:
Best Magic Kit for Older Kids:

Best Magic Kits for Young Kids

Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set

Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set

The Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set is also recommended for younger kids, ages 4 and older. While many other sets come with props to be used for multiple tricks, this comes with a total of 31 props for 25 tricks. 

There are several fun tricks included in this that will leave your child’s audience wondering how they did it. They can magically color a picture, make crayons travel, make a coin vanish, and much more. In addition to the included tricks, there are written instructions and access with a code to online tutorials that will teach your child how to do each trick step-by-step. 

The tricks included in this are a little different than some of those offered in other kits. This makes it a great choice for beginners or as an addition to your child’s growing set of magic props. There is also a wand included in this. It can be used to dress up, but also works for the vanishing wand trick. 

One thing to note is that some of these tricks take a little longer to master. There are plenty of things for younger users (around ages 4-5) to start with. As they practice more, they’ll be able to do more of the advanced magic tricks. This learning curve is nice because it ensures your child isn’t going to tire of the kit too quickly. They can also build confidence as they start with the earlier tricks and then master the harder ones. 

Something to note is that the written instructions are not easy for all kids to follow, especially if they’re younger. You may need to help your child. Another issue is that this is an older kit and the company has since been disbanded. This means if you have any problems with the set, you won’t be able to contact customer service. 


  • Good learning curve so your child is still entertained as their skills advance
  • Helps build confidence with magic tricks
  • Comes with magic wands and many other props
  • Instructions for 25 different tricks
  • Access to online videos for easier learning 
  • Great for beginners (ages 4 and up)


  • Company no longer exists
  • Written instructions can be hard for younger users to understand 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Solid-Wood Magic Set With 10 Classic Tricks

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set is recommended for ages 8 and up. It’s a great beginner kit for young users and has plenty of props that make it fun (and easy) to learn some new magic tricks. 

If your child has any favorite magicians, then they’ll love learning these classic tricks. There are props and instructions for completing ten classic tricks, including Magic Coin Box, Vanishing Zone, Vanishing Coin, Secret Silks, Disappearing Ball, Money Maker, Cylinder Squeeze, Egyptian Prediction, Magic Number Prediction, and Great Escape. 

This makes a great starter kit because the tricks are not especially advanced. Even so, you may need to help your child with clarifying some of the instructions. This does not come with a DVD or any kind of instructional video. Additionally, the instructions don’t have clear illustrations that would make them easier to follow along with. On the plus side, this gives your child a chance to use their problem-solving skills. 

Like other Melissa & Doug products, this is made with sturdy, non-toxic wood and other high-quality materials. There is also a wooden storage box that comes with this kit, which is a nice addition for keeping all of your child’s magic props together. Something to note is that the box is on the small side, so everything must be packed carefully for it all to fit. It also doesn’t have a latch, so it falls open easily and isn’t great for transporting your child’s magic supplies. 


  • Great beginner’s magic kit 
  • 10 classic tricks your child can learn
  • Props are designed well
  • Easy enough for young kids to figure out 
  • Instructions included for all the tricks 
  • Skills for your child to learn, which is challenging and fun


  • Doesn’t come with video instructions 
  • Storage box is small and doesn’t latch 

Learn & Climb Magic Kit Set for Kids

Learn & Climb Magic kit Set for Kids - 50+ Magic Tricks. Clear Instruction Manual & DVD

The Learn & Climb Magic kit Set for Kids – 50+ Magic Tricks is a great choice if you’re looking for a big magic trick kit with clear instructions. It comes with an instruction manual and DVD, as well as access to online videos where your child can see the tricks in action as performed by a real magician. 

This set comes with 12 different props that allow your child to perform over 50 different tricks. These are all organized in the box, which opens up like a carrying case. There is also a plastic insert inside the box that keeps all the tricks safe and organized between performances. 

If your child has had trouble following along with magic tricks in the past, this is a great choice for beginners because of the detailed written and video instructions. Some of the tricks included with this set include Finger Chopper, Vanishing tricks, the Dove Family, Cup and Ball, and many others. The wide variety and plenty of learning resources mean your child will enjoy hours of fun. 

This has a lower age range than some of the others, being recommended for ages 4 and up. There are small parts that can be choking hazards for younger children, however, the clarity of instructions and the included DVD make it easy for young magicians to learn and follow along. As an added bonus, this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The props included in this kit are made of plastic, making them easy to clean. They’re also designed smaller, which is great for little hands. The one downside of this set is that some users report the DVD did not work well in their disc player. This makes it less fun to use the kit, especially since there are only 21 tricks covered in the instruction booklet. 


  • Comes with instruction manual, DVD, and access to online videos for learning
  • Instructions are well-written for 21 of the tricks
  • Great for younger magicians (4 and up) because of the clarity of the descriptions and the size of the parts 
  • Variety of tricks for hours of fun
  • Props are easy to keep clean and organized in the case 


  • Included DVD doesn’t always play

ToyVelt Magic Tricks Magic Set

ToyVelt Magic Tricks Magic Set - Kids Magic Kit for Beginners with Over 200 Tricks and Instructions - Hours of Fun and Learning - for Boys and Girls Ages 5, 6,7 and Up

The ToyVelt Magic Tricks Magic Set comes with props to practice over 200 magic tricks. If you have a child that masters a few tricks and gets bored, this set is great because of the wide variety. It’ll take them some time to master all the tricks in this set. 

Since there are plenty of tricks with varying degrees of difficulty, this is perfect for beginners. The set is recommended for ages 5 and up. While the average 5-year-old might not be able to perform every trick right away, there are plenty of simpler tricks in this set they can learn. Some of the tricks your child can learn include Poker Trick, Magic Bandit Ball, Perplexing Beads, and Color Block Escape. 

Learning the different magic tricks is made easier because of the included QR code. You can scan this code with a tablet or cell phone to get access to magic trick videos you can’t find elsewhere. An instructional booklet is also included. 

As your child learns going through the tricks, they’ll be using their problem-solving skills to figure them out. Even though there is information for plenty of tricks, it doesn’t take tons of props. This means it’s easier to carry around so your child can perform anywhere. 


  • Great for beginner and intermediate users 
  • Plenty of tricks so your child doesn’t get bored 
  • QR code to access videos for tricks 
  • Takes problem-solving to figure out all tricks
  • Portable so your child can bring their magic tricks anywhere
  • Hours and hours of fun


  • Doesn’t come with a lot of props

Marvin’s Magic – Kids Magic Set

Marvin's Magic - Kids Magic Set - 250 Ultimate Magic Tricks & Illusions | Magic Tricks for Kids | Includes Interactive Magic Tricks, Magic Ups and Balls + Much More | Suitable for Age 6+

The Marvin’s Magic – Kids Magic Set is an excellent choice for younger magicians, as it’s recommended for ages 8 and up. It features many classic tricks and plenty of tricks to learn, including Magic Cup & Ball, card tricks and coin tricks, and even some fun money tricks too. 

The kit includes all the supplies needed for over 250 tricks and stunts. With a wide variety of magic at their disposal, your child will love putting on shows for family and friends. Being designed especially for beginners, it’s perfect for a child just starting out with magic. Another plus is that if your child doesn’t love it, you aren’t out a lot of money as it’s very affordably priced. 

The biggest downside of this kit is the instructions that come with it. There is no video tutorial and the instruction booklet is designed poorly. With colors and clear illustrations in the booklets, kids will be able to learn. Also, you can download the app and get exclusive videos to help learn how to do the tricks, which makes the price even better. 


  • Has a wide variety of tricks for hours of entertainment
  • Great for younger magicians, designed for ages 8 and older
  • Includes an app to watch videos on how to do the tricks
  • Lots of card tricks in the instruction book
  • Props are well-designed and durable


  • Some of the tricks are hard to learn 
  • It’s not a great kit for little kids

Click N’ Play Magician Pretend Play Dress Up Set

Click N' Play Magician Pretend Play Dress Up Set with Accessories, Hat & Rabbit Magic Tricks

The Click N’ Play Magician Pretend Play Dress Up Set comes with a magician’s hat, cape, wand, and even a prop rabbit and coin. There are instructions for doing a few tricks and plenty of props to help your child feel the part. 

In addition to the props included in this kit, it comes with instructions for performing several tricks. Your child can even make the rabbit puppet disappear. In addition to being fun for playtime or for a beginning magician, this is great for Halloween, dress-up, and parties because of the costume. 

While there are some tricks included with this kit, there isn’t as much variety as you’ll find in some other kits. This is great if you are looking for a few tricks for beginners, or if you want to buy this in addition to another magic kit that offers more tricks. The Disappearing Rabbit trick isn’t one you’ll find in a lot of magic trick sets. 

The one downside of this kit is the sizing issues between the cape and hat. They designed the cape large, which is great for accommodating kids around the recommended age group. The hat, however, is best for kids ages 5-7 or so. Since it is a collapsible hat and has wire around the bottom, it’s not very flexible or adjustable and it’s too tight for some users. 


  • Comes with hat, cape, and magician’s wand 
  • Collapsible hat works for disappearing rabbit trick
  • Great for dressing up as a magician and performing a few tricks
  • Good choice for beginner’s or in addition to another set 
  • Cape is well-designed and roomy 
  • Props really make your child feel like a magician 


  • Hat may not be big enough for some users 
  • Not as much variety of tricks as some other options

Best Magic Kits for Older Kids

Trap Door Magic The Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic Set

The Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic - Complete Magic Course with Video Lessons

The Trap Door Magic The Amazing Treasure Chest of Magic Set is great for intermediate to expert users. The parts included in this look a little more professional rather than childish, which appeals to an older child’s eye. Even adults will have fun performing the tricks in this set. 

Since magic kits often amaze younger users, some have props that look childish. This set has professional-looking props that are well-designed. It comes with a magic wand, Pro Level US Bicycle Magic Playing Cards, coins, ropes, and all kinds of props. Some of the tricks your child will learn with this kit include The Colombo Card, 2 Card Monte, Nested Paper Mystery, Double Prediction, Sponge Balls, Rising Wand, Phantom Block, and many others. 

Rather than being a prop set, this is designed as a real training course that your child can use to enter the world of magic. In addition to the included instruction manual, this comes with access to magic video tutorials. The tutorials take your child through the tricks step-by-step. They are instructed by a professional magician and school teacher who has a great background for teaching magic. 

The way this kit is organized is also nice. Each of the tricks comes in its own bag. This makes it easy for your child to pull out one set and practice that trick without having to dig through the box for the props they need. Even though this is a little pricier than similar magic tricks, it is worth it for the higher quality experience. 


  • Good for ages 8 and older
  • Instructor of videos is a magician and a teacher 
  • Magic course rather than a few tricks
  • Looks professional
  • Magic tricks come in their own bags and are well-organized
  • Plenty of tricks for hours of fun 


  • More expensive than other options 

Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set

Marvin's Magic - Fifty Greatest Card Tricks Set | Children & Adults Magic Card Set| Includes Card Tricks, Close up Magic and Mind Reading Tricks | Comes In Gift Set Tin | Suitable for Age 8+

The Marvin’s Magic Fifty Greatest Card Magic Tricks Set for Children and Adults focuses on magic card tricks instead of using props. For kids (or adults) interested in magic card tricks, this is a great choice because of the variety. It is recommended for ages 8 and older. 

Since this only comes with a deck of cards and instructions, this is more affordable than some of the other kits. Additionally, even though it only has card tricks, there are plenty of things for your child to learn. This is not an ordinary set of cards- there are trick cards with some of them being thinner and others needing cut in half to perform the tricks. 

Even though this only offers card tricks, the set requires tricks like sleight of hand that your child will love mastering. As they get better, they’ll be able to perform dozens of card tricks and wow family and friends. Since there is only a deck of cards needed, it is also easy for your child to perform these tricks anywhere. 

In addition to the book of magic tricks, this comes with access to tutorial videos and bonus tricks online. One thing to note is this may be complicated for beginners. While it’s nice for a challenge, this magic card kit is best for intermediate users. 


  • Great for intermediate magic users 
  • Comes with a trick deck 
  • Book has 50 tricks 
  • Access to online tutorials and additional tricks 
  • Cards are easy to carry around and perform anywhere 


  • Too challenging for beginners

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

The Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase is a great choice for kids ages 8 and up. This is a larger kit that’s great for once your child has shown an interest in magic, especially since it has 100 different tricks. 

With a large variety of tricks at their disposal, your child won’t have to repeat tricks constantly. This gives them more fun. It will also be more fun to show off their skills to friends and family. As they master more of the tricks, they’ll be able to put together unique shows. Some of the tricks included in this kit include Dice Escape, Multiplying Balls, Cut and Restore Tissues, Magic Card Shuffle, and Vanishing Salt. A magic hat and wand are also included. 

This does come with a storage suitcase that seals shut, making it a great choice if you want a kit your child can carry around with them. Additionally, this suitcase is meant to be used as a performance table. Something to note, however, is that the kit/table is made from thick cardboard. It will withstand play if your child isn’t rough with it, however, they’ll want to avoid crushing it or getting it wet.  

While this does not come with a DVD, it does come with instructions and codes for online videos. These videos will help your child easily learn different tricks. 

Something to note is that while this is an affordable magic kit with lots of tricks, some of the props are lower-quality. They do still work well, but they won’t withstand abuse if your child is rough with them. 


  • 100 different tricks to learn
  • Comes with access to online video tutorials
  • Variety means your child (and their audience) won’t get bored quickly
  • Easy to learn the different tricks
  • Comes with a table and storage case 
  • Hat and wand included 


  • Storage box could be better quality 
  • Some of the props aren’t designed well


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magic Chemistry Set - Perform 10 Amazing Easy Tricks with Science, Create a Magic Show with White Gloves & Magic Wand

Not the typical magic kit NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s Magic Chemistry Set is a combination of chemistry experience that have, cool, magical effects and a magic show wrapped into one.

The set comes with white gloves and a magic wand with which to perform the show that defies physics. Kids will be able to do 10 tricks including making a coin float, changing the color of water, producing bubbles and making snow appear. 

It is truly a learning toy combining STEM and performance.

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  • Detailed instructions
  • Chemistry and physical science learning opportunity
  • New twist on magic shows
  • Everything needed for both the “tricks” and the show
  • Enough materials to practice once or twice before the show


  • Could use a few more tricks

Comparing Kids Magic Kits

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Magic Kits For Kids


If a magic kit only teaches a few tricks, your child is likely to master those in a short time and then become bored. This is especially true after they’ve shown their tricks to most of the people they know.

A versatile magic kit is going to have a lot of tricks that your child can long. Not only will this keep your child entertained longer, but it will also be longer before they’re asking you to buy them another kit so they can learn more. 

Age/Skill Range 

Like all things, magic tricks are something that requires a little bit of skill to practice. Even with the directions included, your child needs to take time to practice if they want people to be impressed with their tricks. Tricks may require skills like sleight of hand or other skills your child practices over time.

Magic kits are often recommended for beginners, intermediate, and expert range and you should choose accordingly.

Choosing something right for your child’s skill level makes it more fun. While it’s okay to look for a challenge, something too difficult may become frustrating. 

One thing that can be beneficial is choosing a kit that has a wide range of tricks with varying difficulties. For beginners, there will be enough tricks to hold their attention. As they learn more, they can move on to more advanced magic tricks. 

What’s Included

Magic kits typically come with at least several props for doing tricks. Instructions are included as well. You’ll want to look at the quality of the props and be sure they won’t break easily, especially when shopping for younger kids. 

Additionally, you’ll want to see if there are any extras included. If your child is going to put on a magic show, they may want a wand, hat, and cape to make them feel the part. If it’s not included, this might be a good additional gift. Some kits also come with access to additional tricks and online tutorials with a code online. These ensure you’re getting more for your money. 


Having easy-to-understand instructions makes learning magic easier, especially for beginners. Instructions should be written in a way your child can understand. Having illustrations are also incredibly useful for some tricks. 

As some kids are visual learners, there are also magic kits that come with a disc that had videos. If this isn’t available, you can look around online for tutorials that will make some tricks easier. It is not uncommon for magic kits to come with access to online tutorials for your child to learn.  

Overall Safety

Like all toys, you want to be sure that the magic kit is safe for your child. If your child has younger siblings, be sure there are no plastic bags, bubble wrap, or small pieces left laying around. To better gauge the safety of the magic kit, take the time to do a few tricks with your child the first time they open. You can also look for age-appropriate kits to be sure the one you choose is safe for your child’s age range. 

Storage and Portability

Once your child learns magic, odds are they’ll want to share their new skills. If they plan on carrying the props around, having a storage container or bag is helpful.

Additionally, you’ll want somewhere your child can store their props so they can keep everything together. This is especially true because magic kits often contain small parts.

You’ll also want something that stays shut while your child is carrying it around. Otherwise, the small parts might roll under the refrigerator or get lost in the gravel if your child drops it. 

FAQs About Magic Kits For Kids

What are some of the benefits of magic kits for kids? 

Some kids have a natural curiosity. This makes it hard to narrow down which of their interests to explore. Magic kits have several benefits for kids, including allowing them to explore their natural curiosity.

As they explore this curiosity, your child gets the benefit of exercising their creativity too. They have to plan what they say as they do these tricks. You can also encourage them to pick out an outfit and put on a magic show.

Magic kits boost your child’s confidence as they show off what they learned. As people are entertained, they are encouraged to try new tricks and keep building their skills. They also give your child an opportunity to boost their problem-solving skills. As they figure out how to perfect different tricks, they’re practicing critical thinking that can help them much later in life. 

Finally, magic tricks are a great conversation starter. It can encourage your child to break the ice and make new friends. 

What magic tricks can my child learn at home? 

You can encourage your child’s interest in magic even before you buy them their first magic trick. There are plenty of cool tricks that can be learned at home.

For example, you only need a sponge, some water, an ice cube, and a cup to do the disappearing water trick. Wedge a sponge in the bottom of the cup (you will want to use something that isn’t transparent). Then, set the ice cube on top and add the water. When the cup is tipped over, the water absorbs in the sponge and only the ice falls out.

You can look for videos or tutorials online to find some more easy magic tricks that can be done at home. Many can even be done without any ‘magic props’.  

What is the easiest way for kids to learn magic tricks? 

If you aren’t ready to buy a magic kit for kids yet, there are still plenty of options for them to learn tricks with things you may already have at home. If your child is new to magic, look up good magic tricks for beginners. You can also find tricks for intermediate or older users.

Something that can help when doing magic is watching them performed in a video. If the magician slows down and explains the tricks, it’ll be easy for your child to learn online. 

If you are using a magic kit for your kid, then you’ll want to look for one that has easy-to-follow instructions. It’s common for magic kits to be sold with DVDs or other instructional videos in addition to a book of instructions. You’ll also want to be sure the instruction booklet is easy to follow along with. Otherwise, your child might end up feeling frustrated instead of empowered. 

Finally, be sure to encourage your child to keep exploring their skills. One thing parents can do is have them put on a weekly magic show to show off their tricks. Not only does this encourage them to practice, but it also gives them a chance to exercise their creativity and problem-solving capabilities as they plan a show. 

Final Word

For our family, the Ideal My First Magic Show Magic Set was our top choice. It was perfect for both of my boys to play with. I also liked that some of the tricks were simple and others were more challenging. They didn’t get bored with the kit quickly and after a week or so of playing, they still had more tricks to master. 

Of course, there’s plenty of best magic kits for kids. Think about your child’s age and skill level as you’re shopping. Then, consider what’s included in the kit and how easy it is to learn. By considering these factors, you’re sure to find a magic kit your kid will love. 

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