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The 20 Best Pokemon Toys 2022

Pokemon was released in the United States in the late 90s. The franchise led to several video game variations, mangas, television shows, a trading card game, and of course plenty of Pokemon toys. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best Pokemon toys for the Pokemon lover in your life. With over 800 types of Pokemon available to date, there are plenty of toys to choose from. 

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Best Pokemon Toys

The Clip and Carry Poké Ball Belt, Electronic My Partner Pikachu, eKids Pokemon Walkie Talkies, and Pokemon Bandolier Set are best for active play, while the Funko Pop! set, nanoblock Building Kit, and Mega Construx Pokemon Building Box are best for collecting.

Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball Adjustable Belt 

Pokémon Clip & Carry Poké Ball Belt

The Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball Adjustable Belt is a cute gift for the young Pokemon lover in your life. It’s recommended for ages four and older. 

This Pokemon toy comes with a belt, a regular Poke Ball, and a nest ball designed to hold grass-type Pokemon better. A 2″ Pickachu figure that fits inside the ball is also included. In addition to being adjustable, this belt holds up to six balls if you purchase them separately. 

While this is a good value for the money, the quality of the Poke Balls is not the best. They are made from a thin plastic material. The button doesn’t function and these pop open instead. They may break if your child is rough with them, so it might be a good idea to purchase some extras. 

Something else to note is that the product description states this comes in assorted colors. Though it is advertised with the Pikachu figure and nest ball, it may come with a different colored ball and figurine. If you want to choose, it may be best to find this toy in a local store. 


  • Belt is adjustable
  • Holds up to six balls
  • Comes with two Poke Balls and a figure
  • Great for role-playing
  • Cute set for young “trainers”
  • Good value for the price


  • Material of the Poke Balls is thin
  • Button is non-functional
  • Can’t choose the second ball or Pokemon figure online

Pokémon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu

Pokémon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu

The Pokémon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu is recommended for ages four and older. It has three touch sensors that activate over 100 sounds, actions, and phrases. This interactive Pokemon toy is also available in an Eevee model (though the Eevee model has half the phrases).

The Pikachu figure has two modes of play, Train and Discovery. By switching between modes, you can train Pikachu to perform different actions. Your child can also press the three sensors in different patterns to unlock phrases and movements in Discovery mode. 

While there are a lot of things Pikachu can do, this doesn’t come with instructions for all the possible combinations. You’ll have to look up cheat videos on YouTube if your child needs help because the website on the box no longer has the instructions. 

Something else to note is that this is only about six inches tall. It is the perfect size to fit in a young child’s hands, but it may be a little smaller than you were expecting. It works using three LR44 (watch) batteries, which are included. Another benefit of watch batteries is that they usually last longer, especially since this goes into standby mode when your child isn’t playing with it. 


  • Three sensors that activate different movements and phrases
  • Training mode and discovery mode
  • Lets you teach Pikachu as you train him
  • Cute, hand-sized toy
  • Uses long-lasting watch batteries which are included
  • Has over 100 actions, sounds, and phrases


  • Figure is a little small
  • Doesn’t come with clear instructions

eKids Pokemon Walkie Talkies

eKids Pokemon Walkie Talkies Pikachu Toys FRS Walkie Talkies for Kids Long Range Static Free Easy to Use For Indoor and Outdoor Games

The eKids Pokemon Walkie Talkies set comes with two walkie talkies featuring cute Pikachu characters. They are easy to operate and work with a range of up to 500-feet. 

Unlike some walkie-talkies designed with several buttons to switch between channels, these feature a single button for your child to press when they are ready to talk. This is nice for younger kids, especially since these are recommended for ages three and older. 

Even though the single-button design makes it simple, it also makes it possible for your child to get interference. If there are other kids (0r adults) on the same frequency nearby, they may pick up whatever they are saying. However, the benefit of this is that you can buy more than one set of these and they can all work together at the same time. 

These walkie-talkies do not have adjustable volume, however, they are loud enough without being obnoxious. Sound also comes through clearly while your child is in range, which means you won’t have to deal with annoying static. 


  • Cute, simple design
  • Good volume level
  • Single-button design is easy to use
  • Not much static
  • Can buy more than one set and use them together


  • Can’t switch channels
  • May pick up on other nearby walkie talkies or radio frequencies

Funko Pop! Games: Charmander & Squirtle

The Funko Pop! Games: Charmander & Squirtle is a great choice for older Pokemon fans. If your child is more of a collector than someone who plays Pokemon, Funko Pop! offers this dual pack featuring Squirtle and Charmander. 

Even though these are modeled after Pokemon, they have the classic Funko Pop! design with big, black eyes and simple facial expressions. The models are cute to look at and have good attention to detail, including a shell pattern on Squirtle and a flaming tail and fangs on Charmander. 

Even though Funko Pop! could be played with as a toy, most people who have them are collectors. They may be Pokemon enthusiasts or want to collect with the intent of hopefully having an item that is worth money one day.

The figures stand about 3.75″ tall and come in a window display box, perfect for keeping the collectible safe while you can still admire it. They are made from durable vinyl material. 

One thing to note is that with collectible items, the quality of the packaging is sometimes as important as the quality of the item. Some packages arrived crushed or damaged after being shipped, so if you are worried about the value of this as a collector’s item it may be best to buy it in the store. 


  • Window-display style box for collectors
  • Made of durable vinyl material
  • Good attention to detail
  • Traditional Funko Pop! eyes and simple design
  • Great for kids who are collecting Pokemon memorabilia
  • May be worth money one day


  • Packaging sometimes arrives damaged
  • A little small

nanoblock Pokemon Pikachu Building Kit Yank

nanoblock - Pikachu [Pokémon], nanoblock Pokémon Series Building Kit, Yank

The nanoblock Pokemon Pikachu Building Kit Yank comes with all the pieces you need to build a micro-sized model of Pikachu. Because of the smaller pieces and precision needed to build, this set is recommended for children ages 8 and older. 

In addition to the Pikachu figure pictured here, the nanoblock model is available in several other characters. Each figure only stands about 2-3″ tall when finished. These are designed that they can be displayed or taken apart and assembled again because they might not hold together for playtime. 

Something nice about these sets is that they come with a few extra pieces. This ensures that your child can complete the build even if they misplace a piece or two (which is easy to do since they are so tiny). 

The included instructions are easy to understand and assemble, but it takes time because of the small parts. Additionally, all the pieces are together instead of labeled separately.


  • Micro-sized figure is great for practicing STEAM skills
  • Several types of Pokemon available
  • Comes with a few extra pieces in the bag
  • Good, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Great as a Pokemon collectible or memorabilia


  • Pieces are very small and require a lot of precision
  • Breaks apart easily if played with

Pokemon Bandolier Set

Pokemon Clip 'N' Go Poke Ball Belt Set, Comes with Poke Ball, Nest Ball and 2-Inch Pikachu Figure- Perfect for any Trainer

The Pokemon Bandolier Set comes with a belt, storage pouch, two Poke Balls, and a 2″ Pickachu figure. It’s a great choice for kids who like to carry their Pokemon around with them, whether they are training them, going on adventures, or playing in the backyard. 

One of the nice things about the belt is that it can be worn around your child’s waist or across their chest. The belt is adjustable and easy to put on- it just clicks into place. It also holds your child’s storage pouch, which holds up to six Poke Balls and 2″ figures. One of the included Poke balls is traditional red and white and the other is a blue and yellow ball. 

The pouch holds up to six Poke Balls, which you can purchase to hold all your child’s favorite Pokemon characters. Once open, the top folds down flat and reveals a train where the 2″ figures can train and battle. 

The only downside of this set is that the Poke Balls are a little tough to open. On the plus side, however, this makes them less likely to lose their ability to close over time as many Pokemon ball toys do. 


  • Comes with two balls
  • Carrying case holds up to six balls and folds open into a battlefield
  • Belt is adjustable and can be worn two ways
  • Great for imagination and roleplay


  • Balls are a little hard to open
  • Only one Pokemon figure included

Mega Construx Pokemon Building Box

Mega Construx Pokemon Building Box

The Mega Construx Pokemon Building Box comes with 450 pieces, including Pikachu and Eevee Pokemon. It’s great for encouraging your child to use their imagination as they build the Pokemon play area of their dreams. 

This particular set comes with three ideas for different structures that can be built with this set. Additionally, you can download the Mega Construx Beyonders app on phones or tablets for more building ideas. All three buildings can be made at once, with around 100 pieces left over. 

The Mega Construx set is recommended for ages six and up. The included instructions are easy to follow and the builds in the app also come with instructions. As your child builds, they are learning critical STEAM skills and practicing their problem-solving. 

Mega Construx also makes other Pokemon playsets (there is one recommended farther down in the article) that have action-triggered pieces. This set is compatible with those, which makes it easy to replace lost pieces and build a bigger Pokemon world. It is also compatible with other building sets like LEGO. However, you should note that these are a little stiffer than LEGO so they might need a little more force to put them together and take them apart. 


  • 450 pieces, including two Pokemon
  • Compatible with other blocks and building sets
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • App that you can download for more building ideas
  • Great for learning STEAM skills
  • Encourages imagination and problem solving


  • A little stiffer than LEGO brand blocks

Best Pokemon Battle Packs

The Pokemon Fire and Water Battle Pack is more affordable than both the Pokemon Carry Case Playset and the Mega Construx Chikorita vs. Cyndaquil set.

Pokemon Carry Case Playset

Pokemon Carry Case Playset, Feat. Different Locations Within One Playset, with 2-Inch Pikachu Figure, Treetop Trap Door, Battle Area, Hidden Cave and More - Easily Folds into a Backpack , Green

The Pokemon Carry Case Playset is recommended for children ages 4 and older. It folds up into a backpack and unfolds into a battle arena, so your child can take their Pokemon battles anywhere. 

This is action-packed with secret features for the training and battle area. There’s a Pokemon launcher on the battlefield, as well as moving parts like a moving whirlpool, trap doors, and a boulder roll. It also features a climbable tree. 

Even though the concept of this toy is great, it would be nice if the plastic was a little more durable. The clasp that holds the backpack closed when it’s folded might break over time and rougher kids may break the more fragile pieces on the inside.

While this is a nice-sized play area, it only comes with one 2″ Pokemon figure. Fortunately, there’s a lot of other micro figures like this and you can easily buy some more Pokemon to play with. This is great for playing alone or with friends, especially since it’s portable.  


  • Cute design
  • Portable
  • Lots of interactive features
  • Field for launching and battling Pokemon
  • Training areas
  • Can buy more Pokemon to play with


  • Could be more durable
  • Only one Pokemon figure included

Pokemon Fire and Water Battle Pack

Pokemon Fire and Water Battle Pack - Includes 4.5 Inch Flame Action Charizard and 2

The Pokemon Fire and Water Battle Pack comes with Charizard and Squirtle so your child can simulate a real Pokemon battle. It is recommended for ages 4 and up. 

The Charizard figure included has moving legs and wings. If you push the legs back while the fire is in his mouth, it launches the fire through the air. Even though it has moving parts, Charizard has a solid build. However, the fire piece is very small and easy to lose, especially when it’s being launched through the air. 

Like in the television show, Squirtle is significantly smaller than Charizard. Squirtle also doesn’t have any action movements or moving parts. On the plus side, he is built very solid. Since Squirtle is only 2″ tall, he also fits in other playsets, as well as standard-size Poke Balls. 


  • Charizard is 4.5″ tall
  • Squirtle fits in with other Pokemon playsets because of its small size
  • Great for simulating Pokemon battles
  • Charizard’s wings move
  • Charizard shoots fire
  • Realistic sizing compared to the show (Charizard is a bigger Pokemon)


  • Squirtle doesn’t have any actions and is smaller
  • Fire stick is easy to lose

Mega Construx Pokemon Chikorita vs. Cyndaquil

The Mega Construx Pokemon Chikorita vs. Cyndaquil is recommended for kids ages six and up. It comes with 129 pieces, including everything you need to build two Pokemon and a battle arena. 

This particular set comes with Chikorita and Cyndaquil, which are the starter Pokemon in the Gold/Silver/Crystal games. If your child prefers other Pokemon (or just wants more buildable figures for battle), this is also available in several other varieties. This playset comes in varieties including Chimchar vs. Pikachu, Totodile vs. Snubbull, Rowlet vs. Eevee, Piplup vs. Turtwig, Chespin vs. Fennekin, Froakie vs. Dedenne, and Litten vs. Popplio. 

Something nice about the buildable arena is that it comes with sensor-activated pieces. These are activated using pressure, so they’re great for role-playing and battling in the arena. Additionally, with all the sets available, it’s easy to combine them for action-based play and more characters. It is also good for kids that like to play Pokemon with their friends, especially if they are younger. 

This comes with detailed, full-color instructions that make it easier to put together. However, the pieces are not separated so it takes some time separating them to be sure you have the right piece. There are also a few pieces that are loose when attached, so they might break off and need to be fixed during play. 

Additionally, while these are LEGO-style pieces, they are not LEGO brand. This means they are not compatible with your child’s other LEGO sets. Even so, they are a great choice with the compatible sets, especially since building with LEGO is great for developing creativity, problem-solving, and critical STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills


  • Lots of different sets available
  • Pressure-activated sensors when assembled
  • Good graphics and instructions
  • Different sets are compatible
  • Encourages creativity and problem solving
  • Great for STEAM learning


  • Pieces aren’t organized
  • Some parts fit loose
  • Not compatible with LEGO brand sets

Best Pokemon Battle Figures

The Pokemon 13″ Mewtwo and Pokémon 12″ Gyarados are larger action figures, while the Battle Action 8 Pack set and Pokémon 4.5″ Blastoise are smaller action figures.

Pokémon Battle Action Figure Multi 8 Pack

Pokemon Battle Figure 8-Pack - Comes with 2” Pikachu, 2” Bulbasaur, 2” Squirtle, 2” Charmander, 2” Meowth, 2

The Pokémon Battle Action Figure Multi 8 Pack comes with 2″ figures of Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Houndour, and Charmander and 3″ figures of Psyduck and Haunter. The three-inch figures have posable parts and realistic designs with great attention to detail. 

These Pokemon figures are great for collecting or playing with. They are made from durable plastic and are officially licensed by the Pokemon company. If you don’t see your child’s favorites here, there are plenty of other varieties offered by the company. This makes it possible for your child to really collect them all. 

The other nice thing about the 2″ figures is that they are generally compatible with toy Poke Balls and playsets for more roleplaying possibilities. However, it would be nice if more of the Pokemon were posable. Most have seams where the head, arms, and other body parts are attached but they do not all move. Some of the Pokemon also don’t stand up on their own very well, either. 


  • Officially licensed product, collectible
  • Compatible with Pokemon playsets because of the small size
  • Lots of different Pokemon available
  • Some of the figures are posable
  • Great attention to detail
  • Durable plastic material is easy to clean


  • More posable characters would be nice
  • Characters don’t always stand up on their own

Pokemon Deluxe Collectible 13″ Mewtwo Figure

Pokemon Deluxe Collectible 13-Inch Mewtwo Figure - Highly Detailed, Authentic Legendary Figure Brought to Life, Glowing Lights When Poke Ball is Pressed - Gotta Catch ‘Em All

The Pokemon Deluxe Collectible 13″ Mewtwo Figure is something that a real Pokemon enthusiast will appreciate. There is incredible attention to detail and the figure lights up when the Poke Ball at the base is pressed. Mewtwo is designed on a 1/10th scale of the real Pokemon.  

One thing to note about this is that it’s a collectible figure, so it is a little on the expensive side for a toy. However, if your child would rather put it up, it does come with a window-style display case. The box is holographic and has a detailed design. This lets the Mewtwo figure be admired without being taken out of the packaging if you would like. 

Mewtwo stands on top of a platform that looks like he is emerging from the ground. Energy is surging from the ground and there are two energy balls in Mewtwo’s hands. The figure lights up near the base and near both of Mewtwo’s hands, where there are two energy balls. 

If this does come out of the packaging, you’ll need 3 AAA batteries to operate the light-up function. These are not included. 


  • Toy or collector’s item
  • Great attention to detail
  • Lights up
  • Designed on a 1/10th scale
  • Window-style display case
  • Box is well designed 
  • Stands 13″ tall
  • Durable build


  • Batteries not included
  • Expensive

Pokémon 4.5″ Battle Feature Figure – Blastoise

Pokemon Feature Battle Figure- Includes 4.5-Inch Blastoise

The Pokémon 4.5″ Battle Feature Figure – Blastoise comes with water blasters that really launch into battle. It’s a little bigger than the small-sized Pokemon characters and your child will have fun adding it to their collection. 

WIth the action-based play, this is a great toy for Pokemon battles. Your child is also improving their dexterity and fine motor skills as they are loading the launchers and shooting them at different targets. While this is a little bigger, it does still have smaller parts so it’s recommended for ages four and up. 

There are a few reports of the spring mechanism in the arm breaking or coming out, which may be a quality control issue. The price on this also fluctuates, so you want to shop around so you don’t pay more for it than the toy is worth. 


  • Great for roleplaying
  • Action-packed fun
  • has water launchers
  • 4.5″ is a little bigger than many Pokemon figures
  • Great attention to detail
  • Great for collectors too


  • Price may be too high
  • Spring occasionally breaks

Pokémon 12″ Epic Battle Figure – Gyarados

Pokemon Gyarados 12-Inch Epic Battle Figure - Authentic Details, Fully Articulated Figure - Pokemon Toys Inspired by Smash-Hit Pokemon Animated Series - Gotta Catch ‘Em All

The Pokémon 12″ Epic Battle Figure – Gyarados makes a cute companion for the Pokemon lover in your life. Its large size is perfect for Pokemon enthusiasts of all ages and it’s recommended for ages four and up. 

Gyarados is a water and fighting type Pokemon that packs a lot of power. Its hardened scales and stone-crushing fangs pair together well for offense and defense. This Pokemon toy has plenty of detail and models the franchise favorite perfectly. 

One of the cool things about this Gyrados Pokemon toy is that it features articulated joints. These joints let you move the parts of the body and pose the body in different ways.

Something to keep in mind is that these joints might loosen a little with play. They don’t always hold in place after you have positioned them, even when the model is used for display. 


  • Larger size is fun to play with
  • Great as a display model
  • Articulated joints for posing Gyrados
  • Great attention to detail
  • Cute companion for “training” and roleplaying


  • Doesn’t hold its pose well

Best Pokemon Book

A great opportunity for learning, the Super Deluxe Pokemon Handbook is best for older fans who want to read all about Pokemon characters.

Super Deluxe Pokemon Handbook: Stats and Facts on Over 800 Characters

Super Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 800 Characters

The Super Deluxe Pokemon Handbook isn’t technically a toy, but it’s great for Pokemon enthusiasts looking to learn more about their favorite characters. It also encourages reading (which is never a bad thing).

The recommended reading age for this book is 7-10 years. As your child reads, they’ll learn about more than 800 characters. There’s information about each Pokemon’s type and possible moves, as well as evolutions of that Pokemon. You can also find out statistics about height, weight, and more. 

The descriptions of various Pokemon are accompanied by detailed graphics. It has information on Pokemon across all 7 regions, including Pokemon from the most recent Sun & Moon games. 

While this is very informative, it could be more informative about the different Pokemon type alignments and how Pokemon perform against other Pokemon in battle. Additionally, the Pokemon are listed alphabetically instead of by their assigned number. It is still easy enough to find what you are looking for if your child can use alphabetical order, though. 


  • Encourages reading
  • Lots of information on different Pokemon
  • Vivid illustrations
  • Information about over 800 characters
  • Updated information on Pokemon from the Sun & Moon games
  • Alphabetically ordered for finding Pokemon easier


  • Could be listed by Pokemon’s identification number
  • No battle stats

Best Pokemon Games

The Pokemon Trading Card Game: Battle Academy Bundle and Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game are best for learning to play with and trade Pokemon cards, while the Pokemon Trainer Guess – Ash Adventures is best for critical thinking and reasoning.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Battle Academy Bundle

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Battle Academy Bundle

The Pokemon Trading Card Game: Battle Academy Bundle comes with everything that new players need to challenge someone else in battle. There are enough cards for two players to battle, including three decks that have 60 cards each. 

With this set, each of the three decks comes with a special Pokemon to play with- Raichu GX, Charizard GX, or Mewtwo GX. The decks are also stacked with trainer cards and energy cards for playing the game. Even though the set comes with three card packs, this allows for variety because you need a total of 60 cards to lay the Pokemon TCG. 

This is nice because it teaches the basics of playing Pokemon. It comes with two manuals and even has instructions on the board that comes with the games that remind you what to do when it’s your turn. Additionally, this comes with damage counters to make keeping the score easier. This will be important as you knock out your opponent’s Pokemon. 

It also comes with two manuals — one for a basic game and one for playing the 2-player game with these cards. In addition to playing with friends, this comes with an online code so you can battle other Pokemon trainers online. This is nice if your child doesn’t have a lot of friends interested in the Pokemon universe. 

Some other extras included are portfolios from the Sun & Moon series for keeping cards safe while you show them up and a metallic coin. Additionally, there are four booster packs from the Sun & Moon series. While this is a little on the expensive side, it is worth it with all the packs you get. 


  • Great way to learn the Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Comes with a lot of strong Pokemon and booster packs
  • Lots of extras included
  • Damage counters included for keeping score
  • Access code for online play
  • Portfolio for keeping special cards safe
  • Easy to understand instructions


  • Expensive

Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game

Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game

The Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game features an over-sized Snorlax card, two special holographic Snorlax cards, and four packs for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It also comes with an access code for online play. 

The nice thing about the access code for this is that even though Pokemon is popular, your child might not always be able to play when they want to with friends. Playing online gives them the opportunity to play and socialize with others. 

This is a good investment for an older kid who is more likely to respect the cards because of the price. The holographic and over-sized cards are of good quality and would make the perfect addition to anyone’s Pokemon lineup. Snorlax is also a great choice — his high defense and large size make him powerful (as long as you can keep him awake). 

While it is nice that this comes with booster packs for the card game, you should note that it’s a matter of random selection like the cards. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get rare cards in the booster packs. 


  • Comes with a collectible oversized card
  • Code to play online
  • Great for socializing
  • Holographic cards are collectible
  • Great collector’s item
  • TCG packs contain extra cards to play with


  • Expensive
  • No guarantee there will be rare cards in the additional packs

Pokemon Trainer Guess – Ash Adventures

Pokémon Trainer Guess - Ash Adventures

Pokemon Trainer Guess – Ash Adventures is a game where you think of a Pokemon, answer yes and no questions, and then the game tries to guess it. It’s a lot of fun and encourages your child to do critical thinking as they play. 

This has knowledge of the original 151 Pokemon. In addition to responding yes or no to its questions, you can say, “I don’t know”. Since you don’t have to read to play, this can be used by children ages six and up without difficulty. The game is easy to operate.  

To help out with questions your child might not be familiar with, this comes with a field guide. The field guide is on what feels like magazine paper, but it should hold up okay if your child isn’t too rough with it. 

The biggest flaw of this is that the devices sometimes will mistake “no” for “I don’t know”. This can make the game guess inaccurately. 


  • Has knowledge of the original Pokemon
  • Requires your child to use critical thinking
  • Easy to operate
  • Don’t need to read to play
  • Comes with a field trainers’ guide
  • Easy to answer yes or no questions


  • Sometimes confuses “no” and “I don’t know”

Best Pokemon Plushies

The Pokemon Snooze Action Snorlax Plushie and Pokemon Jigglypuff Plush are both soft plush toys, but the Jigglypuff Plush is more affordable.

Pokemon Snooze Action Snorlax Plushie

Pokemon Snooze Action Snorlax Plush, 10-Inch Plush Toy - Features Over 20 Authentic Snorlax Sounds, with 2 Modes of Play: Asleep & Awake, Plus Vibrating Belly - Eats Pecha Berry (Included) , Blue

The Pokemon Snooze Action Snorlax Plushie is recommended for kids ages three and older. It is loaded with fun features and even has a vibrating belly that “rumbles” like when Snorlax is hungry. 

This plush Snorlax is easily a great gift for younger Pokemon lovers. He is highly interactive and makes 20 different sounds, including rumbling, munching, snoring, and more. His mouth and tail also light up. 

Snorlax comes with a Pecha berry that your child can put in his mouth. When he eats, it activates different sounds. Snorlax also has two modes; asleep and awake. Each mode unlocks different phrases, sounds, and actions. These features are powered with 3 AAA batteries, which are included. 


  • Vibrating belly rumbles when Snorlax is hungry
  • Comes with a Pecha berry for feeding Snorlax
  • Batteries included
  • Over 20 sounds and phrases
  • Light up mouth and tail
  • Two modes of play
  • Soft, plushie-style is great for cuddling


  • Pecha berry is small and easy to lose

Wicked Cool Toys Pokemon Jigglypuff Plush

Pokémon Jigglypuff Plush Stuffed Animal - 8

The Wicked Cool Toys Pokemon Jigglypuff Plush is perfect for kids who want their own Pokemon to play with and snuggle at night. It is recommended for kids ages two and older and is one of the best Pokemon toys for toddlers for this reason.

This plushie is soft but durable. It is made from polyester with great attention to detail. Jigglypuff’s facial features are sewn on instead of being button eyes, which is nice because it doesn’t pose a choking risk for younger children. 

Jigglypuff is the perfect size to cuddle, being 8″ tall. Of course, there are several other plushies made with the same quality in different characters. Some of the featured characters include Eevee, Mewtwo, Chikorita, Pichu, Lapras, and more. The wide selection makes it easy to choose your child’s favorites. 

The fabric of the Pokemon is durable and withstands being washed as needed without fading. Something to note, however, is that the color sometimes appears differently than pictured. With Jigglypuff, some buyers report it being a light pink rather than the bright pink pictured. 


  • Soft, 8″ plushie is great for cuddling
  • Great for carrying around
  • Recommended for ages 2 and older
  • No buttons or loose pieces
  • Good attention to detail
  • Durable design
  • Many other Pokemon characters available


  • Isn’t always the same color pictured

The Best Pokemon Toys Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How to Choose a Pokemon Toy


Pokemon toys come in all shapes and sizes, from soft plushies and plastic action figures to trading cards and Pokemon LEGO sets. We tried to find Pokemon toys in a wide variety of categories, so there’s something for everyone. As you consider the types of Pokemon toys your child has and the types of activities they are interested in, this should make it easier to find something in the category you are looking for.

Age Appropriateness

We also tried to include toys designed for both younger children and teens (as well as everyone in between). Older kids might collect action figures or trading cards if they have friends that play, while younger kids might prefer plushies or action figures. Pokemon LEGO sets are also a great toy (but only if your child is old enough that they won’t choke on the small parts). You should always follow manufacturer age recommendations for toys designed for younger kids. 

Quality and Safety

When shopping for toys, it’s important to consider the materials used. Plastic should be BPA-free, especially if you are shopping for a younger child that’s likely to put the toy in their mouth. Most Pokemon toys are made of plastic (though there may be some made of metal). 

Something else to consider in regards to quality is the durability of toys. Younger kids might play rougher. If they do, you want to choose toys that won’t break easily. Inspect Pokemon toys for sharp parts before giving them to a younger child, too.  


For most kids, the authenticity of a toy won’t matter. However, if your child plans to collect Pokemon toys or trading cards, then something authentic might be a better fit for their collection. Like with baseball cards or coins, these might even be worth money one day.

If your child is more likely to look for something collectible, you’ll want to consider where the toy was manufactured. Certain manufacturers are licensed to create Pokemon products, which makes them more authentic. You’ll also want to be sure the toy is free of flaws. In addition to the toy being free of flaws, the packaging should not be crushed or damaged for the toy to retain its value and be worth something one day.  


Even though Pokemon has been around for decades, the availability of different toys, cards, games, and other merchandise is affected by supply and demand. It isn’t uncommon for people to buy Pokemon merchandise and then try to resell it at a higher price. If you are going to invest in a more expensive Pokemon toy for your child (especially if they are a Pokemon fanatic or collector), don’t be afraid to shop around first. You might find that certain toys are cheaper depending on where you buy them.

FAQs – Pokemon Toys

What is the coolest Pokemon toy?

Pokemon toys come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Before you buy, think about the child’s age range and their hobbies. 

For younger kids, Pokemon playsets and plushies are both good options. Plushies make a good companion and many playsets come with Pokemon, Poke balls, and/or battle areas where your child can roleplay. These are also great if your child has friends they like to play with, especially if they have a large collection of Pokemon toys. 

For older kids, you’ll want to consider their hobbies. Kids that collect items might want something they can put on display, especially if they are already interested in baseball cards or other collectibles. Older kids might also appreciate trading cards if they still play with friends or Pokemon video games.

If you do decide on Pokemon video games, be sure they have a system compatible with the game at home. Many original Pokemon games are played on handheld devices like the Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Color. They are also available on older systems like the Nintendo 64 and newer systems like the Nintendo DS or Nintendo Switch.

Where can I buy Pokemon toys?

The Pokemon franchise is incredibly popular. Pokemon toys can be found in major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also find more personalized Pokemon toys and merchandise in online shops like Etsy. For people looking for collectible Pokemon toys, auction sites like eBay are popular. Yard sales and secondhand shops are other places you might find Pokemon toys — after all, some of them have been around for 20 years or more. 

What are Pokemon?

Pokemon is a shortened term for Pocket Monsters, small creatures that “trainers” catch, train, battle, and trade with other trainers. On their journeys, Pokemon level up and become stronger. Some also evolve into new, stronger Pokemon. Pokemon may evolve by leveling up through battling experience or using certain types of stones. 

While there were originally only 151 Pokemon, several new generations have emerged over the decade and there are more than 800 kinds of Pokemon today. Pokemon are categorized into different types like grass, poison, or fire. There are 15 categories and many Pokemon fall into more than one type. Different types have advantages and disadvantages against others — this is where strategy comes in. Pokemon trainers make their Pokemon stronger to win in battle- but even stronger Pokemon don’t always win if they are weak against their opponent’s type of Pokemon. For example, water is super effective against fire while ground moves don’t deal any damage to flying type Pokemon. 

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