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The Best Wooden Toy Cars of 2020

There is a wide variety of wooden toy carssome are like model cars and you can build your own, while others come with road signs or a pull-back function that make them more fun to play with. When choosing wooden cars, the thing that matters most is that your child enjoys them.

The best wooden toy cars fit perfectly in your little one’s hands. They’ll roll smoothly along surfaces and last through the years.

Here’s a look at our top wooden toy car picks.

Top 10 Wooden Cars for KidsWhy It's BestMom Rating
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Vehicles Set Best first vehicle set♥♥♥♥♥
Orbrium Toys 18-Piece Farm Safari Set Best wooden train car set♥♥♥♥♥
Umu First Play Wooden Stacking CarsBest stacking car set, good choice for first wooden car♥♥♥♥♥
Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking GarageGreat for imaginative play, realistic wooden car play set♥♥♥♥♥
Top Bright Wooden Car Track and Roller BallsVariety of ways to play♥♥♥♥♥
Candylab Toys Stinger Wooden CarBest wooden classic cars for kids♥♥♥♥
Mindware Babu Wooden Roller Car ToysBest building car for babies and toddlers, best mix-and-match car set♥♥♥♥
Imagination Generation Wooden Wheels Tough Jobs Set Best wooden truck playset, great attention to detail♥♥♥♥♥
Melissa & Doug Toys and Keys Wooden Garage SetBest take-along playset, best garage playset♥♥♥♥♥
Lewo Wooden Ramp Racer with 8 Mini CarsBiggest racer playset♥♥♥♥♥

Top 30 Wooden Toy Cars

Melissa & Doug Wooden Cars Vehicle Set

Image of Melissa & Doug Wooden Cars Vehicle Set in Wooden Tray (9 Vehicle Toys, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Cars Vehicle Set comes with a slotted storage tray that has a special place for each car for easy clean-up. It comes with a police car, taxi, various race cars, a minivan, and more.

These wooden cars are designed for use by children ages 3-6 years, making it a perfect choice for toddlers. The cars are finished with bright, colorful paint. Like many toys, this is going to wear with time the paint will chip with rough play and if your child chews on it. Even though the set is designed for kids over three, there is still a chance that your little one likes putting things in his or her mouth.

 Aside from the possibility of paint chipping over time, these are designed durable. They’re perfect for kids in their throwing stage and the wheels hold up well too.


  • Durable, sturdy cars
  • Wheels move smoothly
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Finished with bright, colorful designs


  • Paint chips over time or when chewed on

Hape Wooden Toy Car Set

Hape Mini Van Wooden Toddler Toy Vehicle in Red

This Hape Wooden Toy Car Set comes with four sturdy vehicles including a car, truck, airplane, and helicopter. Even the flying vehicles have wooden cars and they come in bright, vibrant colors that will catch your little one’s eye.

Hape has taken steps to ensure these cars are safe for children. They’re recommended for use for ages 10 months and older because they are fully assembled and are not a choking hazard. Additionally, these are made from non-toxic wood.

Some of the kid-safe features include small finger holes that make these easy to grasp, rounded edges that are safe to use, and real rotating wheels.

Though the materials used are safe, there is also a risk of paint chipping with use (or chewing). As chewing is especially common in younger babies, you should expect the vehicles to chip over time when used by younger kids.


  • Made of non-toxic wood and paint
  • Real working wheels on all vehicles
  • Designed perfectly for smaller hands
  • Painted with bright, vibrant colors


  • Paint chips easily

Colorations Wood Rolling DIY Car Design

Image of Colorations Wood Rolling DIY Car, Set of 12, Ready to Decorate, Arts & Crafts, Toy, Movement, Racecar, Girls & Boys, Craft Activity, Model Car, Beginner

The Colorations Wood Rolling DIY Car Design kit comes with twelve individual cars that are about 4-1/2 inches long each for your child to decorate. The wheels work well and the cars move along smoothly, so your child gets the opportunity to have fun decorating and then play.

This works well as a gift for younger or older kids looking to exercise their creative abilities. The wood can be used with markers, tempera paint, or acrylic paint. While this is perfect for a gift, it also works as a great way to entertain guests at parties.

Any type of crafting is great for encouraging creativity, motor skills, and creative thinking. One thing to note, however, is that the wheels do not move as smoothly as your child might like them too.


  • Doesn’t have labels or stickers to remove before painting or coloring
  • Can be used with markers or your choice of paints
  • Works as a gift, party favor, or classroom toy
  • Great for encouraging creativity and motor skills
  • Your child gets the benefit of painting and then playing


  • Wheels can stick a little sometimes

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden First Vehicles Set

Image of Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden First Vehicles Set With Truck, Car, and Airplane

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden First Vehicles Set comes with a truck, car, and airplane. It has the same quality you’d expect from a Melissa & Doug toy, including smoothly moving parts and high-quality pieces.

These wooden vehicles are designed chunky for little hands. The wheels move and so does the propeller on the airplane. Each vehicle is designed in primary colors with non-toxic paint. Additionally, the sturdy hardwood has a weight that is pleasing for little hands.

These vehicles are recommended for ages 18 months to three years. Even though they are durable overall, the wheels are plastic while the rest is made of wood. The airplane also has thinner parts, so the wood is not as sturdy as it is in some of the other vehicles.


  • Wheels move smoothly
  • Chunky design is perfect for little hands
  • Has a good, solid weight
  • Primary colors are engaging
  • Painted with non-toxic paint


  • Wheels are made of plastic
  • Airplane is not as sturdy as other vehicles

Fun Express Unfinished Wooden Cars

Image of Fun Express Unfinished Wooden Cars (Set of 12 Toys) DIY Crafts

Fun Express Unfinished Wooden Cars have a good amount of detail that your child will enjoy decorating. Small wooden knobs, detailed wheels, and smooth rounded edges make for a perfect painting surface.

The cars are about 2-1/2 inches long. It comes in a set of 12 cars that are perfect for classrooms, birthday parties, or the average car enthusiast. The paint is sold separately but you can use acrylic, tempura, or anything else. Once your child is done painting, they can play. Use a piece of cardboard or another flat surface to make a ramp and watch the cars go.

The knobs on top of the car represent racer’s heads, which can also be fun for children to paint with a silly face. They can be a choking hazard for younger children, especially with the smaller size.  


  • Racer’s heads are fun to paint
  • Works with markers too
  • Working wheels make the car fun to play with once dry
  • Smooth, rounded edges and good details


  • Knobs are small and may fall off

Orbrium Toys 18-Piece Farm Safari Wooden Set

Image of Orbrium Toys 12 (18 Pcs) Wooden Engines & Train Cars Collection with Animals, Farm Safari Zoo Wooden Animal Train Cars, Circus Wooden Train Compatible with Thomas, Brio, Chuggington

This Orbrium Toys 18-Piece Farm Safari Wooden Set comes with a train engine and several wooden cars. They connect with strong magnets so they can easily be pulled along. In addition to the engine and 11 train cars included in this set, six animal friends are included.

The parts included in this set are a little on the small side, so you’ll want to wait until your little one is at least two or three to give it to them. The animals are especially small.

Something else to note is that the wheels are plastic instead of being made of wood, however, they are durable and move along smoothly. The wheels are the perfect size to work with most wooden railway brands, including Thomas the Train, Chuggington, and Brio.


  • Compatible with many wooden railway brands
  • Strong magnets keep everything connected
  • Animals included for riding along in the train
  • Bright, fun colors


  • A little smaller than expected

Toyland Kids Wooden Roll Cars

Image of Wooden Roll Cars for Toddlers 2 3 Years Old, KIDS Toyland Push and Pull Car Toys for Kids, 3PCS Baby Toys Cars Set - Tractor, Truck and Cars, Educational Learning Vehicle Toys for Girls and Boys

The Toyland Kids Wooden Roll Cars Set has thee vehicles, including two tractors and a farm vehicle carrying milk. This is ideal for creative play and is a great choice for kids ages 2-3 and up.

This particular set comes with 1 green tractor, 1 red tractor, and a milk car. The other set has 1 ambulance car, 1 fire engine, and a recycling truck. Each of these also comes with a small person’ that sits inside the truck for more realistic play.

Like many vehicles, this helps your child’s fine motor skills. Kids Toyland uses natural wood products that are 100% toxin-free. There is great detail on the paint and these are also durable. They are a little smaller than they seem but they are still large enough for little hands.


  • People that sit inside the trucks for more realistic play
  • Sturdy, solid wood
  • Great detail on the paint
  • Encourages fine motor skills


  • A little on the small side

Umu First Play Wooden Stacking Cars

Image of umu First Play Wooden Stacking Cars (Baby&Toddler Developmental Toy,3 Pieces)

The Umu First Play Wooden Stacking Cars playset is designed to encourage your little one’s development. It comes with a police car, fire truck, and ambulance that are curved to allow stacking.

The details and engaging colors used when designing these stacking vehicles make them fun for your little one to play with. They can enjoy how the easy-roll wheels move along or they can stack them on top of one another because of the unique curvature of the cars.

Not only does playing with this set enhance fine motor skills, but it also encourages your little one to use their imagination. It does not have small parts and is recommended for use by kids age 1 and up.


  • Can be stacked for another type of play
  • Encourages imagination
  • Paint is colorful, detailed, and engaging
  • Wheels move along easily


  • We couldn’t find any!

EverEarth Jr. Ramp Racer

Image of EverEarth Jr. Ramp Racer. Race Track for Toddlers and 4 Wood Cars, Race Car Ramp Set

The EverEarth Jr. Ramp Racer comes with four small wooden cars designed to race down the track. Toddlers will appreciate watching them move back and forth as they go down the sloped wooden track.

The bright colors of this track are achieved using non-toxic, water-based paint. It is recommended for ages 18 months plus, though the cars are a little small for kids’ hands to grasp. They can also be a choking hazard if put in the mouth, so you’ll need to watch younger kids with supervision.

The small size of the track makes this perfect for storing on a shelf or in a cubby. It is also nice that the cars move back and forth without falling off or getting stuck, so it is well-designed.


  • Cars move smoothly on the track
  • Wood is smooth and brightly colored
  • Non-toxic, water-based colors
  • Small track is easy to tuck away when not in use


  • A little too small for young kids to use without supervision

Imagination Generation Wooden Wonders Pull-Back Derby Racers

Image of Imagination Generation Wooden Wonders Pack of 3 Pull-Back Derby Racers Predators Pack

These Imagination Generation Wooden Wonders Pull-Back Derby Racers are designed after predators. Simply pull back on the car and watch it zoom forward.

The vivid designs are modeled after three speedy predators, including the Mako shark, African lion, and peregrine falcon. They race forward as a predator would after being pulled back, rolling along on smooth wheels. The attention to detail on these is great and the cars also have wooden racer’ heads that sit on top of the car in the driver’s seat.

These cars are designed with natural wood and stained with kid-safe paints. They are recommended for ages three and older. Unfortunately, they are not as durable as some other toys and the pull-back function can stop working after a few uses on some of the cars. This seems to be an issue that is hit-and-miss with quality.


  • Vivid designs modeled after predators
  • Good attention to detail
  • Car runs along smoothly once pulled back
  • Fun and engaging to play with
  • Your toddler will enjoy racing these cars


  • Pull-back function sometimes quits working

Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage

Image of Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage (Vehicles, Functional Elevator, Easy to Carry, 6 Pieces, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

The Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage has several interactive features that make it fun for kids to play with. The garage has two levels with a service station (including a gas pump), an elevator, and working doors. It also comes with two painted wooden cars.

Children will love the moving parts that encourage imaginative play. The gas pump goes into a tank’ (which is a hole in the car) and the cars can drive through the doors, go up the elevator, and drive down the ramp (complete with a lift bar). In the back, there is a drive-thru car wash.

This wooden car playset is made with the same quality that you’d expect from a Melissa & Doug item. It has smooth edges and is incredibly durable. It is also made with non-toxic paint and wood. As an added benefit, playing with all the little moving parts is great for fine motor skill development.


  • Car wash has several working parts for fun, interactive play
  • Great for fine motor skill development
  • Gas pump works with holes in cars
  • Working car wash and elevator
  • Strong, sturdy construction


  • We couldn’t find any!

Kidzzy Toys Play Vehicles 5 Cars and Stackable Garages

Image of Play Vehicles 5 Cars and Stack-able Garages for Toy Cars, Toys for 2 Year Old Boys and up

The Kidzzy Toys Play Vehicles 5 Cars and Stackable Garages set comes with five nesting buildings that stack on top of each other for a customized garage. Five corresponding vehicles are also included; including an ambulance, school bus, recycling truck, firetruck, and police car.

Another nice feature of these vehicles is that they are standard-sized for wooden tracks. This is a great way to encourage your child to play creatively and engage with their other playsets.

Something to note about this playset is that while the vehicles are made of wood, the buildings are made from a thick, durable cardboard material. However, it may not be durable enough to withstand abuse from toddlers. Both the vehicles and the buildings are painted with non-toxic, lead-free paint.


  • Comes with vehicles and corresponding buildings
  • Vehicles are standard-sized for use on wooden railway tracks
  • Uses non-toxic, lead-free paint
  • Buildings stack on top of one another for creative play


  • Buildings are made out of thick cardboard instead of wood

iWood Wooden Toddler Toy Cars

Image of iwood Toys Cars for 3-6 Year Old Wooden Toddler Toys for Kids[Police Car]

The iWood Wooden Toddler Toy Cars are made of sturdy wood pieces that your child assembles. It is available in a fire truck, ambulance, or police car.

By putting on the wheels and wood pieces in the right place, your little one can make a truck to play with. If you buy more than one, they can even mix and match pieces as they desire.

The wood used to construct the trucks is solid and smooth with a uniform texture. The company also uses a formaldehyde-free, water-based paint that is safe even if your little one chews on the trucks. They do appear smaller than expected but are all-around fun and interactive wood trucks for your child.


  • Water-based, formaldehyde-free paint
  • Child gets to assemble the truck themselves
  • Can buy additional trucks and mix and match
  • Wood is solid and uniform in texture


  • A little smaller than expected

Battat Wooden Vehicles Miniatures

Battat - Wooden Vehicles – Miniature Wooden Toy Cars & Trucks Including Toy Airplane, Steamroller, & Police Car for Toddlers 3-Years-Old & Up (6-Pcs)

The Battat Wooden Vehicles Miniatures is fun toy from popular brand Battat. This comes with five working vehicles ready to impress little kids and adults too. As they are miniatures, they can travel anywhere you go and keep your kids entertained. 

Each vehicle measures just a few inches tall and it’s compatible with the Batttat Deluxe Wooden Train Set. Kids will love the authentic and colorful cars filled with details and spinning wheels. It’s a great choice for kids who like both trains and cars as you can use them on train tracts. 

The attention to detail in this toy is really nice. The wooden cars is sturdy and can handle some rough play. In addition to encouraging imaginative play, this toy also teaches social skills, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity.

Lastly, the affordable set includes a work vehicle, police car, dump truck, ambulance, fire truck, and an air plane too!


  • Encourages imaginative play, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination
  • Works with rail road tracks
  • Moving parts 
  • Cars are built solid and sturdy
  • Great attention to detail


  • None!

Top Bright Wooden Car Ramp Racer and Roller Balls

Image of TOP BRIGHT Toddler Wooden Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy Gifts Car Ramp Racer, Hammer Ball Pound and roll Tower Toy for 18 Month and up

The Top Bright Toddler Wooden Car Ramp Racer is perfect for kids ages 18 months and up. It comes with a ramp that unfolds for a different style of play, as well as a hammer and balls that your child can pound down and watch them roll down the track.

One of the nice things about this is the wide range of play that is offered from the ramp. When your little one pounds the balls down, they travel down the track and end up in the grooves.

The car feature is also nice. When the track is opened completely, the car travels down the track smoothly. Your child sets the wooden vehicle on a small ramp and lifts it, starting its descent down the track. The variety of ways to play encourages creativity and this toy also promotes fine motor skills, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination.

One thing to note is that this track is not compatible with other cars. The track has holes that the balls drop through when folded, however, the included car is large enough to go over them. Smaller cars (like Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars) are not large enough to be used. However, the car, hammer, and other parts have places to be attached to the set when it is put away so the pieces do not get lost.


  • Has several ways to play
  • The balls settle in the grooves so they don’t get lost
  • The car is designed sturdy
  • Storage areas are included for each piece


  • Not compatible with other cars

Candylab Toys Stinger Wooden Car

Image of Candylab Toys - Stinger Wooden Car - Modern Vintage Racer - Solid Beech Wood

The Candylab Toys Stinger Wooden Car is one of several by Candylab Toys that mimic mid-century American designs using classic cars. The other wooden cars available include Carbon 77, Doc Ryder, Gt10, Legend, Plum 30, and The Ace.

Though the cars are painted with lead-free, child-safe inks, it’s important to note that these might not be durable enough for being played with by younger children. Additionally, the real rubber tires, metal axles, and ABS plastic rims are choking hazards so this is ideal for kids who aren’t going to swallow them.

The Stinger is just one of several vintage heirloom wooden cars. This particular model is about 7-inches long and is perfect for kids interested in collecting as well as those who are interested in playing. The paint is not very durable, however, so expect scratches and chips if this is used for playing instead of as a collector’s item.


  • Sleek, classic design that celebrates vintage cars
  • Made of heirloom wood
  • 7-inches long and good attention to details
  • Several other classic cars available


  • Chips easily, not well suited to playing

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck & Cars Set

Image of Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck & Cars Wooden Toy Set (Compatible with Wooden Train Tracks, Quality Wood Construction, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

The Melissa & Doug Car Carrier Truck & Cars Set comes with a large carrier truck and four vehicles, including two cars and a minivan. The ramp lowers to help your little one load their vehicles and use their imagination while they play.

As with most Melissa & Doug toys, this is made of high-quality wood and bright-colored paint. The wheels on the carrier and the smaller vehicles move effortlessly whether your child is spinning them with their fingers or pushing them along.

One downside is that there are not stoppers once the car is loaded. Even though the trailer stays connected to the larger truck, some kids can be frustrated by the cars rolling off once they start moving. (You can craft a cardboard stopper if you’d like to prevent this issue).


  • Bright colors and high-quality wood design
  • Real working loading ramp
  • Wheels move smoothly for a fun ride
  • Encourages imaginative play


  • No stopper once the cars are loaded

Mindware Babu Wooden Roller Car Toy

Image of MindWare babu Wooden Baby Collection: Roller car Toys

The Mindware Babu Wooden Roller Car Toy is ideal for kids ho enjoy building, as your little one can mix and match pieces to create unique vehicles. The wheels attached to each vehicle roll along smoothly, so your little one can build and then play.

The vehicles are made using solid hardwood that is built to last. A BPA-free, non-toxic, water-based paint gives these their color. With the large pieces and safe construction, these trucks are designed to be used by children who are 6 months old and up.

The whole set comes with three wooden bases and six tops. There is plenty of ways to mix and match, however, your child will only be able to play with three of the vehicles at once. Once constructed, these vehicles roll along smoothly. They are very solid and well-designed for the average toddler.


  • Can mix and match to build different vehicles
  • Uses BPA-free, non-toxic, water-based paint
  • Vehicles are designed well and roll along smoothly
  • Designed solid


  • Only three bases included

Hape Kid’s Hape Family Car

Image of Hape Wooden Doll House Furniture Family Car Play Set

The Hape Kid’s Hape Family Car is designed to be used with doll families and other figures for imaginative play. It has working doors that open wide, making it fun to interact with.

This car has a sleek design and cute details, including two-rounded headlights, seats to accommodate four dolls, and a sleek stylish finish. The car is a bright red color that is made possible using non-toxic, child-safe paint. Hape recommends this for children ages 3 and older.

The steering wheel on this is fixed in place but the wheels move along smoothly. This car is the perfect size for other Hape buildings. Something to note is that the paint can chip if your little one is especially rough with their toys, especially if they are slamming it into walls.


  • Fun to interact with
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Working doors and smooth-rolling wheels
  • Good amount of details
  • Bright, engaging colors


  • Paint will chip if your little one is especially rough with toys

Melissa & Doug Dump Truck & Loader Wooden Play Set

Image of Melissa & Doug Dump Truck & Loader Wooden Play Set

The Melissa & Doug Dump Truck & Loader Wooden Play Set comes with a dump truck, loader, and flatbed trailer, as well as a wooden road barrier and other wooden construction pieces. The different parts encourage imaginative and creative play.

The bright colors and attention to detail on this set are realistic. The vehicles tilt, lift, and scoop as well. Melissa & Doug recommends this toy for children ages 3 and older. As with other Melissa & Doug toys, this is made using kid-safe paint and high-quality wood.

In addition to encouraging creativity, your child will need to move the parts to interact with these sets. This helps them develop fine motor skills and coordination.


  • Encourages creative play
  • Fun, engaging colors
  • Comes with several parts for realistic play
  • Made with high-quality wood and non-toxic paints
  • Helps your child develop coordination and fine motor skills


  • We couldn’t find any!

Top Bright Wooden Truck and Car Ramp with 4 Mini Cars

product image

Something unique about the Top Bright Wooden Truck and Car Ramp with 4 Mini Cars is that it has tailgates at the ends of the ramps to keep the cars in place while it is moving around. It has bright colors and the large truck and ramp come with four cars.

This is the perfect size for the average 2-5-year-old to play with. The wheels are durable and roll along smoothly on the truck and the cars. They are made of smooth, high-quality wood and finished with non-toxic, water-based paint. This is also designed durable, which is important when shopping for toddler boys.

In addition to working as a loader, the truck can be used as a ramp when it is completely unfolded. This gives your child another way to play. Something to note is that the plastic tailgate part is not as durable as the rest of the truck and it may break with rough play.


  • Has tailgates to keep cars in place once loaded
  • Bright colors are engaging and fun to look at
  • Made with a durable wood
  • Wheels roll along smoothly
  • Works as a ramp, too


  • Plastic tailgate is not as durable as the rest of the toy

See more toy options for 5-year-old boys

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Image of Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars by Horizon Group Usa, DIY Wood Craft Kit, Easy To Assemble & Paint 3 Race Cars, Multicolored

The Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars set comes with three race cars for your child to assemble and paint. This kit comes with everything they need, including the paint, and is designed for ages 6 and older.

This is a great way to encourage creativity. As an added benefit, the wheels roll along smoothly and your child will have a toy to play with once they are done painting. The entire kit comes with 42-wood pieces (these are already cut and sanded), sandpaper, 12 pots of acrylic paint, 3 sticker sheets, 3 pots of glue, and 2 paintbrushes. Easy-to-follow instructions are also included.

Even being pre-sanded, there can be a little struggle getting all the parts to line up appropriately and your child might need adult help for that. It is a fun project that can be done together, though.


  • Comes with everything you need to paint and assemble three cars
  • Cars can be played with once they dry
  • Sanding the parts can be fun for kids
  • Putting the car together encourages problem-solving skills


  • Pieces do not line up perfectly

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set

Image of Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set, The Original (Cars & Trucks, 4 Cars and 1 Semi-Trailer Truck, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Kids Toy Best for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Year Olds)

The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set comes with a semi-truck trailer and four cars. The unique feature of this set is the magnetic loader arm that picks up the cars and sets them don on the tracks on the back of the trailer.

This toy is recommended for children ages 3-6 and offers hours of imaginative play. The cars fit easily into the grooves on the trailer so your child can drive around once they are loaded. Additionally, the truck moves independently from the trailer for easy maneuverability.

These cars are designed tough and durable. The wheels roll along smoothly and will keep rolling for many adventures and hours of play. Maneuvering the arm increases fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, too, so your child is learning as they play.

Something to note is that the wooden arm could be a little sturdier. It ill be fine for the average kid but may break if your child plays too rough.


  • Magnetic arm is fun to play with (and helps develop critical skills)
  • Cars are designed tough and durable
  • Wheels roll along smoothly
  • Cars fit easily into the grooves on the trailer
  • Truck moves independently from the trailer


  • Wooden arm is not designed especially durable

Imagination Generation Wooden Wheels Tough Jobs Pack

Image of Wooden Wheels Tough Jobs Pack: Natural Beech Wood Tractor, Pickup Truck, and Cement Mixer

The Imagination Generation Wooden Wheels Tough Jobs Pack comes with a tractor, pickup truck, and cement mixer. All the toys are made from blocks of natural beechwood that are then cut and crafted into chunky vehicles that are perfect for small hands.

Kids who love trucks and cars will love the detail on these vehicles. They have painted details like headlights, ladders, and exhaust pipes. Additionally, the cement mixer really rolls, the pickup truck has room for storage in its bed, and the big back wheels on the tractor mimic a real-life model.

The wheels on each wooden car move along smoothly with low-friction metal axles. Both the wheels and the trucks themselves are designed to withstand tough play.


  • Great attention to detail
  • Plenty of working parts for realistic and imaginative play
  • Made of sturdy natural beechwood
  • Chunky vehicles are perfect for small hands
  • Wheels roll along smoothly


  • We couldn’t find any!

Melissa & Doug Keys & Cars Wooden Rescue Vehicle and Garage Toy

Image of Melissa & Doug Keys & Cars Wooden Rescue Vehicle & Garage Toy (Emergency Vehicles, Color-Coded Keys, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, 5 Year Olds and Up)

The Melissa & Doug Keys & Cars Wooden Rescue Vehicle and Garage Toy comes with a garage, a set of three keys, and three rescue vehicles. The colors of the rescue vehicles correspond to keys in the garage so it teaches color recognition and promotes fine motor skills.

Something nice about this set is that the vehicles can be locked inside and it can be carried along. This makes it the perfect toy for engaging your child while you are waiting in the doctor’s office or attending a meeting. It even has a carrying handle.

One downside is that there is no way to attach the keys to the set. For preschoolers who are constantly hiding or losing toys, this can make the garage unusable if they are not careful with their toys. It can be a little difficult to get the keys in the keyhole, but it does encourage dexterity and hand-eye coordination.


  • Encourages fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination
  • Convenient carrying handle for playing on the go
  • Color of vehicles corresponds to the color of the key and garage door
  • Rescue vehicles are designed sturdy and with good detail


  • Cannot play with the toy if the keys are lost

HM-Tech Wooden Train Set

Image of Wooden Train Set 27 PCS - Magnetic Train Cars Alphabets Set Includes 1 Engine - Toy Train Sets For Kids Toddler Boys And Girls - Compatible With Thomas Train Set Tracks And Major Brands - Wooden Box

The HM-Tech Wooden Train Set comes with one engine and 26 cars for the letters. It is designed with bright, engaging colors and the individual cars are held together using powerful magnets.

This can be a great learning tool for parents who sit down and play with their kids. Help your little one put the train in alphabetical order. As they get older, you can even teach them to spell simple words.

Another benefit of this set is that it’s designed standard-sized to be compatible with most wooden train track sets. This means that if your child already has a train set, they can add this to it for more fun. These also fit into a wooden box that is included so your child can have fun on the go.

Something to note is that the magnets can fall off the cars sometimes. However, the customer service is great and it is easy enough to get replacements.


  • Comes with 27 pieces
  • Fun way for your little one to get familiar with the alphabet
  • Standard-sized to be compatible with most wooden train tracks
  • Box included for added fun on the go
  • Bright, engaging colors


  • Magnets fall off occasionally

Lewo Toddler Toys Wooden Ramp Racer with 8 Mini Cars

Image of Lewo Toddler Toys Wooden Ramp Racer for Girls Boys Wood Race Track with 8 Mini Cars

The Lewo Toddler Toys Wooden Ramp Racer with 8 Mini Cars is a lot larger than the previous ramp racing sets mentioned. Its larger size makes it more interesting to your little one who will have hours of fun watching the cars race down the track.

The entire track is lightweight enough for a child, weighing just three pounds. It has six car ramps and an included parking lot where your little one can set the cars when they are done playing.

While the cars and main structure of the ramp are made of wood, the tracks themselves are plastic. The bright, engaging colors are fun to look at but it is not as durable as wooden tracks.


  • Tall race track with six ramps and eight cars for hours of fun
  • Made of sturdy, durable wood
  • Bright, engaging colors
  • Parking lot included for parking cars when your child is done playing with them


  • Plastic ramps are not as durable as wood

Top Bright Wooden Shape Sorter Truck

Image of TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys for Toddlers Learning Sort and Match for 1 2 Year Old

The Top Bright Wooden Shape Sorter Truck is a great way for your child to have fun while they are learning. The truck is a cement mixer and the barrel spins around so your child can put the right shape into the corresponding hole.

There is great attention to detail with this truck. The door of the cab opens and closes and the wheels roll along smoothly. As your child puts the shapes in the right spot, it encourages hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and dexterity. You can also work with them to learn shapes and colors.

This is designed for children ages 18 months and older. The barrel itself is made of plastic but the truck and the shapes are made of high-quality wood. It does have a string on the front so the truck can be pulled, however, the string is really short and won’t work well for most kids.


  • Good details on the wooden truck
  • Can be used to explore shapes and colors
  • Requires problem-solving skills
  • Fun for kids to play with


  • String on the front of the truck is useless

Want more trucks? We’ve found the best toy trucks for kids. 

Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Animal Stacking Cars

Image of Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Animal Stacking Cars (Baby & Toddler Developmental Toy, 3 Pieces, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for Babies and Toddlers, 9 Month Olds, 1 and 2 Year Olds)

Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Animal Stacking Carsare perfect for babies as young as 9 months and up to the toddler age. They have bright colors, large wheels, and animal drivers that are engaging to young minds. These cars also stack on top of one another for more creative ways to play.

Each car is four-inches longs and the wooden design fits nicely in small hands. The cars feature easy-roll wheels that are perfect for younger kids and cute characters including a cat, bear, and dog.

In addition to rolling smoothly, your child can use their finger to turn the wheels. The cars also have cute patterns and color schemes that will inspire your child from the first time they open the box. Something to note is that the wood is very soft. Even though this is great for play, the wooden parts may be indented or dinged if your little one is too rough.


  • Bright, engaging colors
  • Can stack, push along, or ride
  • Wheels roll along smoothly
  • Cute patterns and animals are engaging


  • Soft wood is susceptible to indents/dings

Wooden Toy Car FAQs

What is a good age range for wooden toy cars?

Most manufacturers set an age range based on a child’s interest and safety features. For example, even though a child might be interested in a wooden car playset, if it has small signs and other little parts, it might not be a safe choice for kids under two. Fortunately, there will be plenty of others designed for younger kids.

Older kids might prefer wooden cars that need to be put together or even painted.

Something nice about wooden toys, especially wooden cars, is that they encourage imaginative play away from the television screen. When toy cars are designed engagingly (and age-appropriate), your child can spend hours using their imagination to play.

Do wooden toy cars make good gifts?

There is a wide range of wooden toy cars that make great gifts.

Younger children might appreciate wooden cars with a racetrack, street signs, or even a pull-back function that lets them exercise their creativity. Older kids might want to assemble and play with toy cars.

Another major benefit is that high-quality wooden toy cars are designed durable. That means even once your little one is done playing with them, they can easily be stored or given to another child in the future.

What should I look for in a wooden toy car?

Once you are sure the toy is age-appropriate for your child, you’ll want to consider the quality of the toy.

The best wooden toy cars are made from finished wood that is smooth so there isn’t a risk of splinters. If it has wheels or moving parts, be sure there aren’t any parts that pinch small fingers.

You’ll also want to consider the overall durability of the car. In addition to the durability of the wheels, consider how hard or soft the wood is. Softer wood can be indented during playtime, especially by younger kids who are not as aware they are playing rough.

Final Take

Whether for a gift or just because, the best wooden toy cars will keep your child entertained for hours. Hopefully, this guide has helped give you ideas for the best choice.

If you aren’t sure what to get, the top-quality Melissa & Doug Wooden Cars Vehicle Set is a great place to start! For older kids, the Colorations Wood Rolling DIY Car Design give them a chance to create and play.

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