Best Baby Projector Soother and Night Light

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Every parent knows that a good night of sleep is golden with a new baby. A quality and effective baby projector soother is a nursery must-have to keep baby calm and mom sane. The Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Soothing Owl with Night Stars Projector and Music is my top choice for best baby projector soother.

This projector soother does double duty as a plush toy babies can hold and interact with while also featuring 1o different soothing lullabies and a night light of galaxy stars. This product is also the perfect baby shower gift for an expecting mother.

When choosing a projector soother, remember to consider the options that best fit the needs of you and your baby. The market has a variety of different makes and models available to fit any parent’s needs.

The Best Baby Projector Soothers and Night Lights

Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Soothing Owl with Night Stars Projector and Music

Best All Around Projector Soother

Rated one of Tech Crunch’s 12 Best Baby Tech Gifts of 2017, this projector soother is the most versatile product for the money. My son was a colicky baby and after a few weeks of late night crying sessions, we discovered the miracle of the baby soother. The combination of soft light and soothing white noise was perfect to relax both me and my baby.

Image of the Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light & Shusher Sound Machine & Baby Gift, LED Star Projector & Portable Soother Stuffed Animal Owl with 10 Popular Songs For Crib to Comfort Plush Toy


The Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Soothing Owl with Night Stars Projector and Music is at the top of my list for its versatility. This projector soother is also a hand-washable plush toy perfect for keeping older babies and toddlers entertained. It includes 10 different lullabies, natural bird sounds, and a heartbeat sound along with projected stars to keep the room dimly lit.

The adorable design makes this soother a great decor piece for your nursery. The functionality and child friendly features also make this product usable as your baby ages.


Another great benefit of the Bubzi Co projector soother is the automatic shut-off. After 30 minutes the sound shuts off to give the baby a peaceful night’s sleep. The projection softly fades or may be turned off without impacting the music.

The compact size also makes this soother perfectly packable for soothing nights while traveling. Although this product is plush, it is also hand washable for easy cleaning. The Bubzi Co soother is sure to bring joy and peace to any nursery with it’s mom-friendly versatility.


  • Plush
  • 10 lullabies and natural sounds
  • Night light of galaxy stars
  • Battery operated
  • 30 minute automatic shut-off

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle

Best Non-Sound Projector Soother

The Twilight Turtle is not only cute and fun, but it functions as a top-rated, award-winning product. This projector soother offers a peaceful view of the starry sky to comfort your baby. While this projector soother does not offer a music or white noise option, it is a great option to add light without noise to your baby’s nursery.


The Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Turtle includes eight actual constellations and a helpful guide to identify the constellations. Parents and children can learn together about the Big Dipper and other constellations in a soothing environment.

Projections are available in three colors. Children will be surrounded by calming colors with the added opportunity to learn not only their colors but how those colors make them feel.

Ease of Use

While parts of the Twilight Turtle’s surface is plush, the hardware is protected by a plastic shell. Babies and children can hold and interact with this product without causing easy damage. This soother also includes a 45 minute shut-off timer to save the battery and keep baby’s room from distraction while sleeping.


  • Plush
  • 8 actual projected constellations
  • 3 soothing color options
  • Battery operated
  • 45 minute automatic shut-off

SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projector LED Night Light Lamp

Best Projector Soother as Baby Grows Up

As any experienced parent knows, sleep issues do not always end after babies transition to toddlers, preschoolers or even school-aged children. The SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projector LED Night Light Lamp is perfect for babies and yet remains appropriate as your child ages.

The projection features realistic images of the aurora borealis. The calming lights combined with a customized music option creates a relaxing environment to prepare for sleep.Image of the SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp with 8 Lighting Mode & Speaker, Relaxing Light Show for Baby Kids and Adults, Mood Light for Baby Nursery Bedroom Living Room (Black)

Personal Music Option

This projector soother has a build-in speaker compatible with MP3 players, iPads and iPhones. You can choose the music or sounds your baby or child hears straight from your music library. While most soothers on the market only allow a select number of sound options, the SOAIY Sleep Soother is limitless.

The downside is the need for another device in order to have sound with the SOAIY Sleep soother. You will also need to download music or sounds appropriate for a relaxing sleep environment.

Grown-up Look

Of all the projector soothers available, the SOAIY Sleep Soother looks more mature and less specifically designed for a baby. It is also not a product suitable for small children to play with alone. It is FDA approved for eye safety. However, as your child grows, this soother would transition nicely to a room for an older child.


  • Galaxy aurora projector
  • 8 light projection mode
  • Built-in speaker comparable with MP3, iPhone or iPod
  • Automatic shut-off after 1 hour
  • Corded electric power

Fisher-Price Calming Seas Projection Soother

Best Non-Plush Projector Soother

While the plush projectors offer the option for babies and toddlers to use as a hands-on toy, a non-plush soother offers the added benefit of being more easy to keep clean. The Fisher-Price Calming Seas Projection Soother is adorable and the perfect addition to a baby or toddler’s room.

This projector soother feels more traditional in style and design. It also offers the added benefit of Fisher-Price reliability and quality.

Image of the Fisher-Price Calming Seas Projection Soother

Fun Theme

The fun sea creature theme of this projector soother is delightful. The light show displays calming sea images like swimming fish and bubbles. The soother is designed to sit on a tabletop or dresser and displays images throughout the room for your baby to enjoy.

Less Distraction

Because the Fisher-Price Calming Seas soother is not designed for baby to play with, it may be less distracting at bedtime. Your baby or toddler can relax and enjoy 60 minutes of your choice of music, white noise or nature sounds. Because it is battery operated, it is easily packable for travel.


  • Full room projection
  • Includes music, white noise and nature sounds
  • 60 minute automatic shut-off
  • Battery operated

AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector with Timer Music Player

Best Baby Light Projector

What better thing for a baby to look at then the stars as they fall fast asleep? This projector gives them the moon and the stars to see. If you place this toward the center of the room, it will dress the walls and the ceiling in lights, giving a relaxing glow to the whole room and giving an active baby lots of places to look. The music helps soothe baby to sleep. Although occasionally finicky, this projector is a great choice for soothing baby.

Lots of Choices

The AnanBros Star Projector with Music Player has lots of options for your child. The lighted star globe rotates and offers 9 different lighting effects. The turning is silent, so there’s no loud noises to distract baby. The unit also comes with a removable 128M memory card so that you can load baby’s favorite tunes (or yours, not judging!) and play them nightly. If you don’t have time for that or you aren’t sure what to put on, there are 12 preloaded songs. And to make it all easy for parents, there is a timer that can be set (up to 999 minutes, which is a bit ridiculous) and an easy-to-see blue LED display.

Remote Access

My favorite thing about this is the remote. It can work from 32 feet, provided that your walls aren’t too thick. You can use the remote to set the timer to 4 different settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, or 5 hours. You can also start at 5 minutes and keep adding in 5 minute increments until baby is asleep. You can adjust the light, rotation, and music as well. I love that it has volume, skip, rotate, and repeat, instead of just stop and play.


  • 9 different lighting choices for star projections
  • Remote control
  • Preloaded songs and loadable song memory card
  • Long timer
  • 360° rotation

Fisher-Price SmartConnect Deluxe Soother

Best Smartphone Baby Soother

I know that I am always next to my phone. It makes wonderful sense to turn my phone into a remote for an amazing baby projector soother and night light. And that’s exactly what this Fisher-Price SmartConnect Deluxe Soother does! It has all the same bells and whistles as other projectors, plus a SmartConnect feature that links to the device via an app.

Imagine gently turning your child’s soother back on from your phone as you are relaxing in another room. Boom, done!

Lights and Sounds

This soother is the total package. It has 3 sound options: nature sounds, white noise, and soothing music (sadly, not classical). You have total volume control for all sounds. Next, it has 3 lighting options. The first two are a regular, warm night light and a soft amber animals projection. The next option is the starlight projection option, which gives you several different light colors to choose from.

Smart Tech

The icing on the cake is the Fisher Price Smart Connect app, available for Android and iOS. From that, you can control it all- lights, sounds, and even set a timer. The Sleep Stages tool in the app helps you program a bedtime routine for your child from the app. You select the Settle, Soothe, and Sleep settings and it stores them for nightly use. It makes getting a regular bedtime routine a cinch. Oh, and if you happen to be in the room, you can control everything from a backlit control panel on the soother itself.


  • 3 sound settings
  • 3 light and projection settings
  • Connects thru a smartphone app
  • Backlit control panel

SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother and Sound Machine

Best Baby Projector Soother for Nursery

Sometimes, you don’t want a movie theater-sized projector to light up your baby’s room at night. Sometimes, you just want a small, simple, and soothing baby projector that gets the job done. The SleepyMe Smart Sleep Sootherdefinitely that projector. It is a nice, compact size. It’s well made, and has simple lights and educational music. You don’t have to have a million features to have a great product!

Simple Sounds and Stars

I’ve already touched on how awesome it is when a soother can also be educational. This soother plays classical music by Bach, Brahms, and Mozart. But to keep things light and fun, you’ll also find kid classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” If baby is a little more granola, they can listen to lake sounds, forest noises, or a heartbeat. There’s also a plain white noise setting. All songs and sounds can be played in order or can be repeated, with full volume control.

As for the stars, you can pick either purple, orange, or green lighting and control the brightness. You can also select a mode that rotates all 3 colors for a gorgeous light show. The best part is that you can operate the lights and sounds independently or together.

Total Control

This soother will make you feel safe and in control. It can be set to a 30 minute timer so that you don’t have to worry. There are no cords, and it has pretty good battery life, depending on how often you use it. It’s totally portable, with non-slip rubber feet. Plus, you can just wipe it down with a baby wipe if sticky hands get onto it. All of it is controlled by 4 rubber buttons on the back of the eggshell.


  • Smaller size (8 x 6.7 x 5.7 inches)
  • Simple, classic songs
  • Colorful lights
  • Easy to clean and move

Munchkin Shhh Portable Baby Sleep Soother Sound Machine

Best Baby Sleep Soother

If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night in a hotel room or friend’s house, then you know how important it can be to have some soft noise and warm light to sleep soundly. Babies are no different, and if you travel with your baby, or even move them from one room to another, you’ll want a baby projector soother that goes with you.

This machine has lights, sounds, and best of all, it works as a magical baby shusher.

Shushing and Soothing

Does anyone else’s child have an irresistible urge to sing along to every song, ever, even if it doesn’t have words. That’s why I appreciate the fact that the Munchkin Shhh soother machine has sounds that will soothe baby, not stimulate them. You can pick from shushing, a heartbeat, or white noise. I feel like that gives you sounds to grow with, from a newborn’s heartbeat to an older child and white noise.

As for the lights, there is a soft glow LED night light. It can emanate solidly or it can pulse to match the selected sounds. I know that doesn’t technically count as a projector, but it does project light and it’s an amazing soother if that’s more where your focus is.

Tiny and Portable

This machine is seriously small. Like, only 4.25 inches tall and only 3 inches wide small. All you need is 2 AA batteries and you are good to actually go. Just beware- using this thing all night long can really eat those batteries quick. That’s why it’s best to set the timer to either 10, 20, or 30 mins and then let it stop after that. Not a good machine for all night soothing.


  • 3 soothing sounds, including shushing
  • 2 light options
  • Automatic timer
  • Battery operated
  • Small and moveable

Benefits of Using a Projector Soother

Sleep is important to the health of babies and children. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports the recommended sleep amounts of 12 to 16 hours per day for babies four to 12 months old. Even children up to 12 years old need around 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night.

Tools like projector soothers may help your baby sleep better even through their childhood years. Investing in a quality, versatile projector soother will create the relaxing and calm environment for your baby’s nursery that any new mom would want.

Personally, I still use a soother in both of my school-aged children’s rooms at bedtime. It is one consistent tool that let’s us all relax and prepare for sleep.


  • Keep babies calm
  • Help babies get back to sleep more easily
  • Help maintain healthy sleep through transition periods
  • Many are dual purpose with sound and light
  • Supports an established sleep routine

How to Select a Projector Soother

Projector soothers offer many choices for parents. Varieties run from sound-free to MP3 adaptable. You may want a plush soother that also acts as a toy or stick with a more traditional plug-in model.

Regardless of your needs, the market now offers a wide range of options for parents to choose from. Consider these helpful criteria in your decision making process.

  • What type of power source is used?
  • What type of light or image is displayed?
  • Does it have a timer?
  • Does it offer sound or noise?
  • What type of volume control is available?
  • Is it safe for young children?

Image of the Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light & Shusher Sound Machine & Baby Gift, LED Star Projector & Portable Soother Stuffed Animal Owl with 10 Popular Songs For Crib to Comfort Plush Toy

Projector soothers are available with a variety of features and styles. The Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Soothing Owl with Night Stars Projector and Music is my top choice of soother for its versatility and cute design. Whatever option you choose, adding a projector soother to your nursery is a good investment.

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