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Best Ride On Toys for 2 Year Olds

by Michelle Hand -

Finding a ride on toy for a 2 year old is a challenge. Some toys are too small and not exciting enough, while some toys require a bit too much coordination and battery power for a small toddler. So I’ve done some research and come up with what I think are the best ride on toys for 2 year olds. They’re educational, help develop gross motor skills, and have outstanding reviews!

Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil Rollin Giraffe Ride On

The Specs

This cute little ride on toy is probably geared more towards the just-turned-2 year olds. Although this ride on can hold up to 50 pounds, it doesn’t have too many bells or whistles, so an older child might become bored.

The two front wheels are wide to provide wobbly kiddos with extra balance. The back is held down by one large wheel. This wheel is covered to prevent any pinches or smashes.

This giraffe features an adjustable seat that can be scooted forward or backward to help your child reach the ground. The ride on toy is also steerable. The handlebars can turn either right or left, which turns the front wheels in the same direction.

You can use the Go and Grow Lil Rollin Giraffe inside or outside. It’s a basic ride on that lets your kiddo work on their gross motor skills while actively playing and moving with their little giraffe friend.

Good to Know

Like I mentioned above, this is a great starter ride on toy for those younger toddlers. Older kids, closer to 3, will probably be too big and advanced to bother with this toy. And although the seat does move up, it won’t work well for tall babies.

This ride on giraffe does require focus and muscle to get put together. And beware- improper assembly makes it really tippy!

It doesn’t exactly have power steering, so small movements only. And make sure to teach your kiddo how to place their legs so that they don’t get run over. It’s easy to squish toes if your kiddo is going backwards.



Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas Train with Track

The Specs

Raise your hand if your toddler LOVES Thomas and Friends! I know mine did and do! Take that love and use it to get them a ride on that they’ll adore.

This motorized Thomas with accompanying track is a lot of fun. The weight limit is 40 pounds, and I guarantee that your kids will want to ride on this until they reach that weight.

The train is powered by a 6 volt battery that allows it to go up to 1 mph on the track or 2 mph on hard floors. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re a 2 year old, that’s practically racing speed! It has wide wheels that can work both on and off the included 18 feet of track. You can also buy extra track to make a bigger play space. The track works well for younger kids that haven’t mastered steering yet.

And speaking of steering, it has a handle on either side that can allow your kid to have free range once they can steer. It has push button stopping and starting so it’s not complicated. It has fun noises and sayings from Thomas as it goes. Your kid can ride comfy with the single rider seat and the footrests.

Good to Know

The Power Wheels Thomas is a good one to grow with your child. A very young toddler can hold on and ride around the track because the seat is sturdy enough. An older toddler will easily figure out the buttons and will be zooming all around the house before you know it. And while this toy can’t go outside, it works great on all floors, even carpet.

Having a battery is an inconvenience. You’ll only get a few hours of ride time each time you charge the battery. And it takes a long time to charge up. Plus, you have to unscrew the seat every single time you need to charge it. Big pain, but worth it to see those big smiles.

Worth noting are the noises. It does make a loud sound when going on the track, and the noises from the toy itself are pretty loud. Doable, but it does drown out the TV and might wake up sleeping siblings.





Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

The Specs

Some ride ons require a little extra push from mom or dad. This ride on for 2 year olds is actually powered by an adult. There is a large handle located at the back of this car for parents to push. It’s got a parent cup holder.  The handle can be folded down under the car for smaller storage.

This car features 4 wheels that are whisper quiet, hence the name. The cab of the car is spacious and roomy for a toddler. There are 2 cup holders, a storage compartment under the car’s hood, and a horn for your kiddo to honk. A safety belt keeps your kid in the car during rides.

This large ride on toy is a cute car. It’s great for your kiddo to play on by themselves, or to go for a ride with you. The design makes it look like a real car, which 2-year-olds love! It weighs about 17 pounds and is quite big. It will fit your child up until age 4 or about 50 pounds.

Good to Know

This is a great outdoor toy. There are holes in the floorboards so that you can hose it out to clean it. One downside is that there is nothing to shade your kiddo, so get that sunscreen ready.

Another downside- the wheels don’t turn. The steering wheel is for decoration only, since all the wheels are nearly fixed. You have to pop a wheelie to turn in a tight radius.

There’s a couple of small issues, like the cup holder being tiny and the complications of assembly. But otherwise, the Step2 Whisper Ride II is a quiet, sturdy, and fun ride on toy for a 2 year old who loves cars!


Kiddieland Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plane Light and Sound Activity Ride On

The Specs

I love how this one is an airplane- it’s a refreshing take on a ride on toy! This is designed for kids 1 to 3 years. It has a flat seat for them to sit and steer the airplane. There’s also a small handle at the back for pushing and pulling by a sibling or friend. There’s 4 sturdy wheels.

In the cockpit, there’s a steering wheel with buttons that get the lights and sounds to work. There’s realistic revving, take off, and landing noises. There’s also a gear shifter toy, a roller bar, and a fun radio.

At the front, there’s a Mickey Mouse figurine that dances along to the songs and sounds. There’s also a light up propeller that really can turn. When it moves, the propeller lights up, creating fun patterns that keep kids interested.

Good to Know

Kids love Mickey, and they’ll love the Mickey Mouse March Song that plays. You do have to have 2 AA batteries for the lights and sounds. And depending on how often your child plays with this, these could go fast.

Also be aware that this is on the smaller end of the ride on spectrum. It can work for a kid up to 3 years old, but I’m sure that a very large 2 year old will have a short play life with this ride on.

It’s a great toddler toy because they’ll like the lights, the sounds, and the ability to move. They will love to watch Mickey as the scoot and sing. Plus, it’s a plane, which is fun and different from a lot of other ride ons.




V-Tech Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

The Specs

This toy has two pieces. The front is the engine, which has all the lights, sounds, and fun. There’s piano keys, a turning clock hand, spinning beads on a bar, a book, and turning gears. There’s a number pad with a fun little walkie talkie that can be removed. There’s also a spot to place the included 13 block toys for interactive learning fun! This front piece plays over 100 different songs, sayings, and words. Your child will learn about everything from weather to animals to trains!

The back of the train is a fun wagon. This is the ride on part. Toddlers can sit on the seat top, which can then be folded up to be used as a handle if your child wants to have a free standing wagon. The included blocks, or other toys, fit nicely inside the wagon. When attached, there’s a chute that the blocks can go down to be placed in the wagon.

This toy can provide a couple of years of use. It works for kids from 1 to 3 years. It will hold up to 40 pounds (though I’ve seen it hold 50).  It can be a stand alone toy, a walker (minus the wagon) and of course, the fun ride on for your 2 year old.

Good to Know

I might have a soft spot in my heart for this toy because we own it! And the Ultimate Alphabet Train has been a hit in my house, from the 11 month old to the 4 year old.

There is a lot to love about this toy. It’s our go to for a bored child. It’s big for my nearly 1 year old, so I think the ride on would be perfect sized for a 2 year old. It is light and a bit narrow, so I could see some crashes happening.

I love that the volume can be adjusted. I don’t love that this train will randomly go off unless you shut the whole thing down. It has scared us to death on a few occasions.

Other than that, this is a great toy that will help a toddler learn- both physically and mentally.

Radio Flyer Scoot-About

The Specs

There’s not a lot that can be said about this wonderful old-school toy. It doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles. Okay, so there’s one bell and no whistles. But it works for kids up to 42 pounds in the 1 to 3 year age range.

It’s made from steel and plastic. The steel frame is solid, while the plastic bumpers and wheels protect your furniture and walls(if you’re crazy enough to let them use it inside). The steel chassis has wide set front wheels to make steering safer and easier. The back wheels are set much closer together for balance.

Your kid can sit on the adjustable seat and steer with real handlebars. The seat is plastic and can go to 3 height settings.The bars are cute and vintage, with a bell and streamers.

Good to Know

I love how well-made this toy is. It’s sturdy, but still only weighs 7 pounds. Now, it’s true that your kid will have to take little steps in order to scoot about. And if they rest their legs on the front bumper, which they’ll try, they might tip. But otherwise, it’s a safe and reliable toy.

My favorite part? The size. A lot of ride ons were short lived in my house because my kids are so big for their age. This particular ride on is fantastic for bigger kids. And I love that it’s an indoor/outdoor toy that can withstand hard play outside.


Power Wheels Lil Lightning McQueen

The Specs

I’m so happy that Disney/Pixar Cars is back in style. It’s such a fun show, and this is a perfect gift for little fans. This car will fit kids from 12 to 36 months and up to 40 pounds.

The car operates using push buttons to start and stop. You do have to hold the button down to keep Lightning racing. It goes a max of 2 mph. The power source is a 6 V battery. It has enough power that it can be used inside, outside, and even on grass.

The cab of the Lil Lightning McQueen is spacious and has wide door openings for easy in and out. You can also use the car in one of 3 modes: English phrases and noises, Spanish phrases and noises, or noises only.

Good to Know

Like all Power Wheels, charging the battery is a pain! You have to remove the seat and charge the battery for 6 hours at a time (not to mention that 18 hour long initial charge). Changing the AA battery in the steering wheel for the noises is also kind of annoying.

The size is nice, but not huge. This is a good first powered car for a 2 year old. Once they get bigger and closer to that 40 pound mark, this car will go ridiculously slow with your child in it. That’s how you’ll know they’ve outgrown it.

It’s slow, but safe. There’s no reverse. It’s great for just cruising around the yard or down the street. The tires aren’t great, so it will get stuck in grass or gravel. But your kid will love it and will really feel like they’re racing with Cars.


V-Tech 3-in-1 Learning Zebra Scooter

The Specs

This toy trifecta works as a walker, a ride on, and a scooter. Gotta love multifunctioning toys! It works for children aged 1 to 3 and has a weight limit of 45 pounds.

Let’s talk about the fun stuff first. The mane of the zebra has light up buttons that activate the fun sounds and songs about animals. There is a basket on the front of the zebra that has 3 toys: a flashlight, a walkie talkie, and a compass. These work with the mane toy (see what I did there?) to keep your child learning and playing. It’s all topped off with a horn and a smile button.

The walker isn’t the best. But the ride on is awesome. Just position the seat in the right spot and the zebra becomes a great and stable ride on for a 2 year old. And if they get bored or too big? Fold up the seat into a handle and let them scoot around. The wheels are tough enough that it can even be taken outdoors.

Good to Know

This Scoot About ride on toy is fantastic, but the assembly is not. Getting the front wheel on right is challenging, and doing it right is imperative to safety.

Another problem is the noise level. The sounds are loud, the wheels are loud, and your child is probably loud. Not a good toy during sibling nap time! And it gobbles up batteries like mad. I’m thankful that the first 2 batteries are included.

Oh, and that little basket does NOT stay on. Not a huge deal, but you’ll be chasing that thing all over your house.

Otherwise, it’s a truly great toy that grows with your kid. They’ll get more than one way to ride on this toy and you’ll get your money’s worth.





Rockin Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride On

The Specs

I wanted to end with something a little different. That’s why I picked this adorable pony. It’s a good ride on option for 2 year olds because it’s so soft and cuddly. It will work for kids from 1 to 3, or up to 40 pounds. And it’s fun to ride!

The pony itself is plush with a nice mane and tail. The eyes are embroidered and not creepy. It has easy grip wooden handles and if you pinch the ears, it sings and mouths a cute “I’m a Little Pony” song and says other phrases. Toddlers love that their horsey’s mouth moves when it talks!

The ride on itself has 4 wheels and scoots easily around. With this 2-in-1, you can change it up by locking the horse into the rocker base, instantly changing it into a rocking horse. The base/footsteps of the rocking horse are non-slip for easy gripping and safety.

Good to Know

This Charger 2-in-1 Pony doesn’t work great on hardwoods for one reason: it damages them. So consider having your child ride this on a rug so that your wood floors don’t get scraped up. And if you have other flooring, the wheels might not turn well.

Which leads me to the final consideration. This toy is kind of cheap. Like not quality built. It’s adorable and a great thing for kids, but the wheels are finicky, the hair falls out, and it’s cheap plastic overall.

It will work well for a 2 year old because of the size, the softness, and the fact that it’s a pony. But it might not last long because it’s on the smaller side and it’s sort of cheap. At least it’s inexpensive.

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