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The Best Punching Bag for Kids of 2021

Punching bags are the perfect tool for helping kids release stress and frustration in a healthy way. They also encourage your kid to be physically active and can promote imaginative play.

The best punching bag for kids depends on your child’s age, size, and interest in boxing. Below, you’ll find our list of top punching bags for toddlers, teens, and all kids in between.  

Best Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids:

Best Punching Bag with Stand:

Best Hanging Punching Bag:

Best Bag for Kicking:

Best Inflatable Punching Bags For Kids

The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

The Original 46

The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag features a fun clown design. It is made of soft, durable vinyl and is a reproduction of the Original Bozo Bop Bag that was popular in the 1960s. 

The base of this bop bag is made to be filled with sand. It also features a squeaky nose, hair, and bop zone. The entire bag stands 46-inches tall and it comes with the sand already in the bag, so the box that this ships in is a little heavier than you’d expect. 

Bozo is very sturdy and withstands punches and kicks. The amount of sand makes it pop up quickly, ready to take another hit. It’s a great way to help toddlers get energy and frustration out.

If it doesn’t pop back up as quickly as you expect it to, try adding more air. 

Like any vinyl product, there is a possibility of punctures or tears in the seam. This is fairly sturdy but if there is any damage, the punching bag is also easy to repair. 


  • Made using durable vinyl
  • Squeaks when it is hit
  • A little taller than other pop up bags
  • Comes with sand already in the bag
  • Pops up quickly because of sand in base


  • Seams can tear with rough play

Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids, Box, Bop, Punch, Great Tool for Agility-Balance-Coordination-Athletic Development, in or Outdoor Active Play

The Big Time Toys Socker Bopper Power Bag Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids is a high-quality bop bag that can take any hit your child throws at it. It can withstand kicks and hits and is designed for children ages three and up. 

This bop bag has adjustable bounce-back action depending on how much sand or water you put inside it. You can use the Socker Bopper Power Bag with hands or purchase Socker Boppers to go over your child’s hands. It stands at 42″ tall. 

The punching bag is made out of heavy-duty vinyl that is less likely to be punctured or damaged while playing. You fill the bottom with sand or water and the top with air. You may want to experiment with different amounts to get the perfect bounce-back action for your child.

The material is soft when inflated and won’t damage your child’s hands.

Though the material used is durable, the bag can develop pinholes along the seam. They are repairable on the outside but if your child throws the bop bag around it can develop holes on the inner seam between the water and air chambers that make the bag unusable. 


  • Heavy-duty vinyl resists being punctured
  • Can adjust water/sand levels for unique bounce-back action
  • Bounce back lets your little one have fun while they keep swinging
  • Perfect for toddlers
  • Can be used with hands or with Socker Boppers


  • Seal can pop inside if your child is too rough

Eforoutdoor Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

Eforoutdoor Inflatable Kids Punching Bag, Free Standing Boxing Bag for Immediate Bounce-Back 5.25ft for Practicing Karate, Taekwondo, MMA Suitable for Kids and Adults (Age 4+)

The Eforoutdoor Inflatable Kids Punching Bag is designed for intermediate users ages 4 and older. It comes with a foot pump that makes it easier to inflate and stands 5.25-feet tall. 

This bag is made from soft materials so it can be used with bare hands. You fill the bottom with sand or water and the top with air, making set up easy.

Another nice feature of this is the design. There are bulls-eye marks with different point values around the bag. This lets your child practice punching and kicking for a specific target. 

One of the biggest problems with the softer bags is that some kids are rough on them. The company stands behind their quality and offers a 60-day refund, which is nice if you are worried about how rough your child will be on this punching bag.

Like most inflatables, there is a risk of tears along the seam if your child is too rough. 


  • Has bulls-eye targets to practice hand-eye and foot-eye coordination 
  • 5 1/4-feet tall
  • Easy to set up and get started 
  • Foot pump makes this easier to inflate 
  • 60-day warranty included 


  • Risk of tears 

Best Kids Punching Bags With Stand

Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag

Century Lil' Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag

The Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag is designed with the younger boxer in mind. It’s the smallest of Century’s training bags and is designed to withstand hits and kicks from kids ages three and up. 

Set up of this bag is easy: put sand or water in the base and it’s good to go. The base is rounded so it can be relocated and the entire bag weighs around 120 pounds when filled. This has a bag made of high-impact foam covered in durable nylon. 

For kids working to improve their hand-eye coordination, there are three colored shapes/numbers on the sides of the bag. The other side features the dragon logo.

While this can be used without gloves, you may want to get gloves for practice if your child is enrolled in martial arts or boxing classes where they will be using gloves for consistency. 

The one thing to note is that this does slide around when bigger kids (around 8-9 years) kick it. This might be improved with suction or some type of grip between the base and the floor. 


  • Designed for the younger boxer/MMA enthusiast 
  • Only need to add sand or water 
  • Rounded base for easier relocation
  • Comes with targets printed on the sides of the bag 
  • Can use with or without gloves 


  • Might slide around a little when larger kids hit it 

Tech Tools Punching Bag for Kids, Boxing Set with Stand and Gloves

TechTools Punching Bag for Kids, Reflex Boxing Bag with Stand - Kids Boxing Set Includes Kids Boxing Gloves - Height Adjustable, Gifts Idea for Boys and Girls Ages 3 - 8 Years Old (Youth)

The Tech Tools Punching Bag for Kids, Boxing Set with Stand and Gloves is recommended for use by ages 5-12. It is height adjustable between 35-50″ and has a unique design that makes it more compact than the average standing punching bag. 

The bag sits on top of an adjustable pole and springs back after being hit. Your child stands with one foot on the base as they swing, holding the bag in place. It moves on the top of the pole, swings back, and your child can hit it again.

With the unique design of the base, a major advantage of this is that it can be used outdoors on grass, concrete, and other surfaces, as well as anywhere you have space indoors. 

The Tech Tools speed bag is perfect for speed boxing and improving hand-eye coordination. It can take a hit and is plenty sturdy, so it will last.

One thing to note is that the constant back-and-forth on the pole from the bag being hit can cause the bolts that secure it to the base to loosen. You’ll want to tighten them regularly or instruct your child to.  


  • Has great spring-back action
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Small and portable 
  • Adjustable height 


  • Bolts on the base need tightened regularly

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FUN LITTLE TOYS Boxing Ball Set for Kids

FUN LITTLE TOYS Boxing Ball Set for Kids with Punching Ball with Stand, Boxing Gloves, Hand Pump and Adjustable Height Stand, for Boys Girls

The FUN LITTLE TOYS Boxing Ball Set for Kids comes with a punching ball on a stand, boxing gloves, and a hand pump. It’s perfect for kids ages 3 and up because of its adjustable height settings. 

The ball is easy to inflate using the hand pump. It sits on top of a stand made of a strong spring that bounces back after being hit. This is more of a speed bag than a heavy bag, however, it’s perfect for getting energy out and improving hand-eye coordination. 

The FUN LITTLE TOYS boxing set is also easy to assemble. Fill the base with sand and water and follow the included diagram. The directions are also printed on the box, which means you don’t have to worry about not having the instructions. 

Something to note is that the back-and-forth movement of being punched loosens the bolts that hold the bag on top  of the spring. You’ll need to tighten the bolts and re-inflate the bag as needed. 


  • Ball is easy to inflate
  • Good for improving hand-eye coordination
  • Adjustable height 
  • For kids ages 3 and up, so good for high-energy toddlers 
  • Assembly instructions printed on the box 


  • Bolts loosen and bag loses air over time 

Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids Incl Boxing Gloves

Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids Incl Boxing Gloves | 3-8 Years Old Adjustable Kids Punching Bag with Stand | Boxing Bag Set Toy for Boys & Girls

The Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids Incl Boxing Gloves is designed  for kids to play practice or for imaginative play. It comes with an adjustable stand, a solid base, and kid’s boxing gloves for practice. 

The punching bag is made from a thick PVC material and the spring is made of a thick, durable coil. It springs back when hit and adjusts between 31 and 44 inches, making it perfect for most 4-10-year-olds.

With its durable design, the Rovtop boxing set can be used by your child for years. 

To use this, you’ll need to set it up on laminate or tile flooring. The base comes with four rubber suction cups to secure it to the floor and should also be filled with sand or water. 

Child’s size boxing gloves are also included in this set. The gloves might be a little tight on an older kid (around 11-12), however, it’s still a great starter boxing set. 


  • Spring and bag are made of extra-thick, durable materials 
  • Adjustable stand so this can be used for kids ages 4-10
  • Comes with boxing gloves 
  • Sturdy stand and good spring-back action 
  • Can use water or sand to fill base 


  • It’s a low quality kit that allows kids to see if they like boxing. It’s not for serious boxing.

Bobby Bully Body Opponent Bag

Bobby Bully

The Bobby Bully Body Opponent Bag has a life-like design complete with a soft outer skin shell. It has two height adjustments and is probably suitable for kids around 5-6-years and older. 

With a soft outer shell, this dummy can be used with or without gloves. As it looks like another opponent, it’s perfect for practicing boxing, martial arts, and other fighting styles. It can also be used to practice self-defensive moves. Your child can hit and kick the torso and head as needed. 

This is heavy, so it might be too much for your child to move around themselves. Once the base is filled, it weighs around 170 pounds. The base is rounded which makes it easier to roll around to new locations. 

Even with the outer shell being softer, it is made durable and easily absorbs whatever your child throws at it. Bobby Bully is also available in a full-size model once your child is older if they want to practice more. 


  • Perfect for practicing landing blows on a “real” opponent
  • Can be used with or without gloves 
  • Outer shell is covered in soft material to mimic skin
  • Very durable 
  • Two height adjustments 


  • We couldn’t find any!

Best Hanging Punching Bags For Kids

Everlast Nevatear Training Bag 40lb 

Everlast Nevatear Training Bag 40lb (EA)

The Everlast Nevatear Training Bag 40lb is perfect for older kids who want a tougher opponent (bag) to practice on. It weighs 40 pounds and comes with everything that you need to hang it. 

For parents looking for durability in a training bag, this comes with a patented NevaTear cover that is made from leather and meant to withstand the toughest hits.

As a hanging bag, the movement of the bag after being struck lets your child work on footwork while they practice throwing hits. 

This might not be the best for younger children, however, your child might be ready to use it around 7-8 years of age.

With the tough outer cover and heavy weight, you’ll want to purchase boxing or MMA gloves as well. You’ll also want to teach your child about how to properly punch to avoid injury to the wrist or hands. 

This is a great investment for a kid who is serious about boxing. You can adjust the height by adjusting the length of the chain and it can easily be used by kids, teens, and adults. 


  • Comes with all the hardware you need for installation
  • 40 pounds isn’t too heavy 
  • Leather NeverTear cover is durable 
  • Great investment for serious boxers/kickboxers/MMA fighters 
  • Helps with footwork while throwing punches 


  • We couldn’t find any!

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RDX Kids Heavy Boxing 2FT Punching Bag with Gloves

RDX Kids Punching Bag with Boxing Gloves, 2FT Unfilled Hanging Set, Maya Hide Leather, MMA Muay Thai Kickboxing Karate Training Grappling Workout, Youth Children Fun Games, Gift Boys Girls, Taekwondo

The RDX Kids Heavy Boxing 2FT Punching Bag with Gloves is unfilled but comes with everything you need to install the boxing bag. It stands 2-feet tall (three-feet with the chain) and comes with kid-sized gloves, the chain, and the bag. 

The zip-top makes it easy to fill with different materials as your child grows and gets stronger. It does not come with any instructions about filling the bag, however, you can start by using clothes, pillows, or blankets around the house. It can also be filled with sand as your child gets used to the weight. 

Both the bag and the gloves are built durable using high-quality stitching and Maya Hide leather. It can be used for kicking, punching, kickboxing, MMA, and more.

You can purchase just the bag, chain, and gloves or you can pay extra for expert installation.

Since you install this from the ceiling, this bag is not as portable as other options. However, this is expected since it is a heavy bag and not a speedbag. 


  • Can use clothes, pillows, sand, or other materials to fill the bag 
  • Zip-top makes it easy to fill
  • Durable bag and gloves 
  • Comes with chain to be installed in the home
  • Option for expert install


  • Doesn’t come with filling instructions 

UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set

UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set

The UFC Youth MMA Training Bag Set is a hanging-style bag perfect for kids to practice dodging an opponent while they land blows. It’s designed for older kids and comes with MMA-style gloves that are designed for youth wearers.

The outside of this punching bag is covered in reinforced vinyl material meant to withstand the abuse from hard punches and kicks. It also features web straps and chain loops, making it easy to hang up. It is a little smaller than a typical hanging bag, however, this makes it perfect for adolescents and teens to practice on. This works for younger kids, too, around age 7-8 years.  

The included gloves have a smaller, more compact design than boxing gloves. They also have open fingers, though there is padding around the knuckles to protect your child’s hands when they’re hitting hard. 

Even though this is considered a youth MMA training bag, it might not be heavy enough for the older kid serious about training. They might want something heavier or larger. 


  • Easily hangs indoors, from a tree, or anywhere else 
  • Reinforced vinyl covering bag is durable 
  • Smaller size is perfect for younger kids 
  • MMA gloves included for impact protection 
  • Moves around like an opponent when struck 


  • Not good as a serious training bag 

Best Kids Punching Bags For Kicking

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster has four adjustable height settings between 37 and 52 inches. This makes it perfect for kids around 4-feet (around 4-5 years of age) and grows with them. 

To use this, the base will need filled with sand or water. When filled, it weighs around 170 pounds so it is a little on the heavy side. However, the base is also designed rounded which makes it easier to roll around and relocate as needed. 

The durable nylon of the bag can take a hit and the high-impact foam is perfect for beginner and intermediate users to practice their hits and kicks. For parents worried about durability, you’ll appreciate that this comes with a limited one-year warranty. 


  • Adjustable height settings 
  • Good for practicing kicks and hits 
  • Rounded base makes it easier to move around 
  • Designed durable
  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty 


  • Very heavy once filled

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag, Black/Red

The Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag is perfect for boxing, kickboxing, MMA fighting, and more. It has a wide striking surface but is small enough that your child can practice grappling, tackling, and takedown moves, too. 

The base of this punching bag is much lower set than you see on other bags. This keeps the weight distributed close to the ground and makes it less likely to fall over.

Something to note, however, is that the entire bag weighs just 40 pounds so it is possible your child is going to knock it down. It is also easy to pick back up and move around though. 

As an added benefit, the low profile make it perfect for kicking. The way that the bag moves make it perfect for practicing landing kicks and hits, even when the opponent is moving around.

Additionally, integrated handles on the top of the bag let your child move the bag around as they practice. 


  • Base has a low profile 
  • Lighter weight design
  • Can practice takedown, tackling, and more
  • Moves around when hit/kicked like a real opponent 
  • Easy to move around 


  • Might fall over because of light weight 

Physical Success Partners Kids Punching Bag

Kids Punching Bag, Kids Inflatable Punching Bag,Youth Boxing Bag, 1 Punching Bag for Kids.

The Physical Success Partners Kids Punching Bag is ideal for younger kids ranging from 2-7 years old. You can fill the base with sand or water, inflate the top, and your child can get started. 

The base holds around 4 gallons of water (or sand). Sand makes this work better as it weighs the bag down better. When filled with water, the punching bag weighs about 24 pounds and is easy to move around. The outside is made of heavy-duty PVC material that won’t split or tear from impact. 

With a taller, larger design, this bag has a greater surface area than some other pop-up bags. It has great response time and bounces back when hit or kicked. While the bag responds better when sand is used instead of water, the fill-hole is difficult to fill with sand. 


  • Easy to move around 
  • Strong, durable PVC construction
  • Fill base using water or sand 
  • Withstands kicks and hits well 
  • Greater surface area than some other pop-up punching bags 


  • Difficult to fill the base with sand 

Comparing Punching Bags For Kids

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Punching Bags For Kids

Type of Punching Bag

There are four main types of punching bags that you’ll want to consider when choosing the best punching bag for kids:

  • Inflatable bop bag- This is ideal for kids ages 3-6 usually. Bop bags are usually filled with water or sand on the bottom. When your kid hits them, the bag falls down and pops back up. This is more of a toy than an actual punching bag but is a good first choice for toddlers. 
  • Kids punching bag with stand- Punching bags on a stand take up less room than a traditional punching bag because they don’t swing around as much. They’re also easy to move around. 
  • Speed bag- Speed bags are usually smaller. They’re used to develop coordination and hand speed and are a good choice for kids of any age.
  • Heavy bag- A heavy punching bag is used to practice footwork and develop punching power. Heavy bags are ideal for older kids and teenagers. However, they do take up a lot of space because heavy bags require a ceiling mount or floor stand because of their weight.  

Age Appropriateness

Younger kids should start with a bop bag or a kid’s punching bag with a stand, while older kids might start with a speed bag and transition to a heavy bag.

It’s important that kids be old enough to take direction on how to punch to avoid hurting themselves.

Older kids might also appreciate a hanging bag once they are ready. Hanging bags have the advantage of moving around and coming back to your child, which is ideal for practicing punches while dodging an opponent.  

Size and Weight

While speed bags or a kid’s punching bag are better for smaller spaces, a heavy bag takes up a lot of room. Consider how the punching bag has to be secured, its overall size, and how heavy it will be if you want to move it around.

Some parents don’t mind having a fixed bag (like a hanging bag), while others want their child to have the option to move the bag around the house.

You’ll also want to consider noise level, as hanging bags can be obnoxious if you live in an apartment building. 

Something else to consider regarding size is how tall the bag is. Some bags have adjustable height, which is ideal when you buy a durable bag that you expect to grow with your child. Look for something with a wide age range and adjustable settings if you want this benefit. 

Overall Design

The way a punching bag is designed affects how well your child can use it. Some of them have good spring-back action, which is ideal for getting energy out and speed boxing. Other bags have features like bulls-eye designs or other targets. These are ideal for improving hand-eye coordination and practicing landing a blow with fists or feet. 

Something else to consider regarding the overall design is durability. If you choose a punching bag that is not durable, it may tear at the seams. This is especially true for inflatable punching bags like bop bags.

You should check reviews to see the tested durability of these styles of bags (though for the best punching bags for kids that we have listed, we checked features like durability for you).  

FAQs About Punching Bags For Kids

Are punching bags good for toddlers? 

As a toddler, your child is experiencing new emotions for the first time. They may need help learning what emotions are, how they make them feel, and how to manage them in a positive way.

Working with a punching bag helps toddlers work through emotions like anger and frustration in a positive way. When working with toddlers, it is important to remind them that the punching bag is a safe place to hit, like pillows are also something safe that can be hit. Teach them that there are consequences for hitting other people, animals, or things. 

Are punching bags good for teens? 

As your child goes through the changes of puberty and grows into a teenager, you’ll likely notice other changes in their mood and the way that they behave. Physical activity is a good outlet for the average teenage mood swing and reduces stress.

Punching bags are good for teens because they give an outlet for the things they are going through. Punching bags also great for stress relief, encourage your teen to stay physically active, and improve hand-eye coordination that is useful in other sports. 

Do punching bags cause violence? 

Behavioral scientists have studied the use of punching bags and found no correlation to violence.

In fact, punching bags help relieve stress and are recommended for kids in therapy as a healthy outlet for anger and frustration. It’s important to note that punching bags can be used to relieve stress and frustration, however, they should not replace healthy communication.

Be sure your child knows that they can come to you with their worries, problems, and frustrations and that you’ll work together to find solutions.

Be sure to explain that knowing how to fight does not necessarily mean your child should seek fights. In some cases, however, working with a punching bag can be used to teach your child self-defense. 

What are some of the benefits of kids using punching bags? 

When kids use punching bags, they are reaping the same benefits of physical activity. Teaching kids to be physically active from a young age instills habits that benefit their physical and mental health.

There are many benefits of physical activity for kids. It strengthens the muscles in the body, including the muscles of the heart. Physical activity also improves heart health by improving cholesterol levels and lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke. It improves blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, boosts energy levels, and more. 

In addition to stress relief, using punching bags is great for increasing emotional well-being. When parents work with kids by holding the punching the bag, teaching them how to punch, or just being involved, it strengthens the parent-child bond. Any activity that your child becomes good at also improves their self-esteem and makes them feel good about themselves, which is also beneficial to mental health. 

Finally, for kids dealing with bullying, learning to defend themselves can be paramount in improving their self-esteem and teaching them self-defense. While you do not want your child initiating fights, it is important that they know how to stand up for themselves. Explain that they should stand up for themselves to bullies. If things escalate, they’ll learn how to defend themselves through training with a punching bag. 

Is using a punching bag safe for kids and teens? 

One of the biggest risks when using a punching bag is a hand or wrist injury from hitting the bag improperly. If you’re working with an older child and a regulation boxing bag, wearing boxing gloves can prevent injury. Take the time to learn proper punching technique and teach it to your child.

Alternatively, consider paying for a boxing class so they can learn proper boxing form and technique

Final Word

The best punching bag for kids is going to be the one that fits your child’s needs. You’ll also want to consider factors like portability, how heavy the bag is, durability, and more.

Our personal favorite at home is the Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training Bag. It’s the perfect size for my boys (ages 4 and 6) and they love doing target practice with the shapes and numbers. I personally love how it helps them get energy and frustration out at the end of the day. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right punching bag for your kids, too. 


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