UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Double Stroller Review

by Michelle Hand |

UPPAbaby will be releasing the UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Double Stroller in spring 2019. We will do a thorough review as soon as it is available, but for now, let’s talk about what we do know.

Great Products, But What About the G-Link?

UPPAbaby has been designing innovative baby car seat, strollers, and other accessories for over three decades. When the company released its G-Link Double Stroller in 2016, it received mixed reviews. At almost twenty-five pounds, it was one of the bulkiest double strollers available on the market. Although it had a kickstand for storing it upright, it wasn’t a good choice for parents with limited storage space.

Updates from the Original G-Link

The stiff brakes made the G-Link easy to push, but it was harder to turn. A decent-sized storage basket could have been more useful if it wasn’t split in half by the frame. This isn’t ideal for parents with two little ones who need larger diaper bags. Still, the G-Link had some useful features, such as an extendable leg rest, adjustable seats, and a large canopy.

In spring 2019, UPPAbaby will release their updated model, the G-Link 2 Double Stroller. With a more streamlined design, the G-link 2 will be lighter and more compact than its predecessor. Among the improvements to the original design is a larger 3-panel canopy. This will protect your baby from the harmful UV rays from the sun year-round. Each seat will be independently adjustable. This is especially convenient if your children are different ages. The chairs will each hold up to fifty pounds, so the G-Link 2 can grow more with your children. When you finish with the stroller, it will still fold accordion-style, with a durable carrying strap. The cup holder will be removable for your toddler, and the access basket has been re-designed for more convenience. In two color schemes, Jake (black) and Jordan (Charcoal mélange), the G-link 2 promises to be a decent upgrade from the original model.

Stay tuned for more as we learn more and the official release happens!

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