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The Best Ergo Baby Carrier

by Serena Caravela |

The Baby Carrier has been the saving grace to many homes, including my own. There are so many different baby carriers out there that it is very easy to become overwhelmed and exhausted. I personally have tried three with my first and three more with my second and found one that had it all.

The Best Ergo Baby Carrier is the [amazon_textlink asin=’B00IES2WLU’ text=’Ergobaby Original’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’experiencedmommy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’10c0dad3-83df-11e8-b081-b35d20fb6d64′] based on safety, price and its many wonderful features.


Erogobaby Original

First of all, Ergobaby is a very durable, safe, and trusted company. For years they have provided homes with many different babywearing options. Options, that will leave parents a little less anxious because they are confident that their sweet little bundle of joy is safe and sound.


The most important thing in the world is keeping your kids safe. With the baby wearing popularity rising, unfortunately, there have been many claims to unsafe baby carriers. This is because of the way the baby sits in the carrier. The [amazon_textlink asin=’B00LZKBP3K’ text=’Ergobaby Original Collection’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’experiencedmommy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3051e900-83df-11e8-a986-a9f4c397a43a’] was designed to cradle your little one safely in the “M” position at all weight and sizes. The Ergobaby Original Collection includes an infant insert for babies seven to twelve pounds and up to four months.

Image of the Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier with X-Large Storage Pocket, Galaxy Grey 

Extra Support

Once they gain control of their head your baby can safely sit in the baby carrier without the infant insert. This feature was one of the many reasons it was voted the best. My biggest issue with both of my children was that I needed the “extra hand” but I did not have enough support to babywear until they were a few months old. Many baby carriers do not suggest using until a specific weight, but when they do reach that weight the baby carrier does not have enough support for their head. This is where most parents know the one-handed baby wearing move. This is when you are not confident in the safety of the baby wearer so you hold your baby with one hand at all times.

Image of the Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier with X-Large Storage Pocket, Dew Drop


For anyone who has created a registry you know the pressure of finding a balance of all your favorite items but not asking your “Great Aunt Betty” to spend 500 dollars. Baby carriers have come down in price within the last few years. There are many top-of-the-line brands that cost hundreds, but just because it is name brand does not mean it is the best. Some of these brands have been the baby carriers that have been most dangerous for your baby’s body. The Ergobaby Original has a fair price in the medium range on Amazon. With an Amazon Prime account, there is free shipping and a discounted price at times.

Image of the Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier with X-Large Storage Pocket, Dew Drop 


The features are my favorite part of this product. There is a bit of an obsession with pockets nowadays. The Ergobaby Original Collection has an extra large pocket. Personally, I like to fill it with a diaper, a small container of wipes, credit/debit cards, and my keys. This makes quick trips to places like the supermarket a lot easier. This pocket has a zipper versus a button which is great because it can be a challenge to push a button closed if your baby is sleeping or fidgeting.

The Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy can be worn in three positions; front inward facing, on the hip, and on the back. This baby carrier has a privacy hood which is great when napping or to protect your little one from too much UV rays. You can breastfeed while wearing this baby carrier which will maximize hands-free time. There is even a sweet little baby doll version for your older toddlers. How sweet would it be to have your little one walking around with you with a matching baby carrier?

For the Parent

This baby carrier is made with the intentions to fit most. The adjustable straps can fit a largely framed husband and are plus size friendly. The baby carrier is designed to distribute the weight evenly through the shoulders and hips. This is incredibly important especially if you have a cuddly baby who wants to help non-stop. I cannot tell you how many times I was ready to go full grocery shopping and halfway through my list am exhausted. My back will become so sore for hours after wearing but with this, it takes much longer to feel any tension.

Why the Ergobaby Original Collection is my Top Choice

The Ergobaby Original Collection was selected best by all that it provides and the price. No matter what parenting style or choices as a parent, we all want the same thing. That is safety. If it is a fair price that is only a plus. Ergobaby has many great products with many different features.

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier


The Pros

The [amazon_textlink asin=’B07DJXNM5P’ text=’Ergobaby 360′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’experiencedmommy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f63ecef-83df-11e8-be10-2db8031d8945′] is very similar to the Ergobaby Original Collection. It can be worn at all positions: front-inward facing, front outward facing, on the hip, and on the back. This could grab the attention of many buyers simply because many babies do enjoy outward facing. The design of this carrier, just like the rest, was made specifically to provide a very safe hands-free option to carry your baby. The 360 is reasonably priced with the infant insert and some of the color choices are often on sale.

The Cons

The 360 does not include the extra large pocket taking away the convenience of minimalizing what you have to carry with. The infant insert is not included and can be purchased through Amazon.

Personally, I did not babywear front outward facing much at all. It was not as comfortable as the back position for me. I also never felt confident bending over with my baby front outward facing. This feature was not a deal breaker for me making the Original Collection the more favorable choice. Also, the price add-on of the infant insert brought the 360 price to a bit more than the Original Collection. That is enough to make the decision a little easier for me.

Image of the Ergo Baby Omni 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Teething Pad and Bib - Khaki Green/Natural 

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

The [amazon_textlink asin=’B0743L6R1T’ text=’Ergobaby Omni 360′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’experiencedmommy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a430d7b4-83df-11e8-88ca-af8080f87925′] is everything a busy parent could want. It is stylish, comfortable, and safe for your precious little one. It is very similar to all other Ergobaby baby carriers.

The Pros

The Omni 360 is very comfortable because of the way the baby carrier distributes the weight of your baby. It has all of the safety and convenience features of the Original Collection making it a great buy. The Omni 360 is designed to fit a seven-pound newborn safely without the extra insert. It also includes a detachable pouch that can fit all of your important on-to-go items such as keys, phone, wallet, diapers, wipes, and more. The baby carrier is safe to wash in the washer machine and is durable enough to not lose shape after.

The Cons

There really are not many cons to this baby carrier. It is what everyone wants in a carrier and covers all basic wants, needs, and more. The Omni 360 is on the pricier side, but if that is not a problem than I suggest this choice.  For many parents, it is not impossible but after all the other needs such as a crib, dresser, changing table, diapers, wipes, bath, toiletries there is a much bigger need for saving money.

Babywearing Struggles

Here is my hilarious method of how I babywear with the back position I have always been a little nervous about missing a snap or leg hole and dropping my baby. I would lay down the back seats of my van, get whatever baby carrier I would use ready, and put my baby in the carrier. Then I would sit below their legs clip the hips clip and slowly lean backward over my baby to put the shoulder straps on. I would make sure everything was secure and properly tightened before I would stand up. I honestly cannot tell you how many looks I received doing this well from everyone except other parents of babies. They usually gave an understanding giggle or smirk. This baby carrier limits that silly method and makes the back position a lot easier to put on safely.

Best Ergo Baby Carrier for You

No matter which one you choose your baby will be safe, secure, and comfortable. You, the wearer will also be comfortable babywearing. We all have times in parenthood where we could use an extra hand whether it be to take a long shower without hearing the “ghost cries” halfway through. Or even to get other things done quicker and more successfully such as work or chores.

Ergobaby is a company who wants to make sure your baby is safe in their products. As a mother, I look for this in the companies that I use for my children. If safety is not their first priority than I am very quick to move on to a different company. Ergobaby is recognized for its safety by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Both my children and I love the Ergobaby Original Collection and would recommend it to family and friends. So does many of its customers, just go check out its reviews.

Serena Caravela
Serena is a SAHM to a preschooler and toddler. Every day is about showing her children how to be happy and kind. She has a passion and love for writing.

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