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Chicco Viaro Stroller and Travel System Review

Chicco Viaro Travel System, Verdant

The Chicco Viaro Stroller and Travel System is an all in one travel solution for babies from 4 to 50 pounds.  We bought our Chicco Viaro Travel system right before our second baby’s arrival. After testing it for some months, I can confidently say, my husband and I are big fans.

The Chicco Viaro Stroller

Included in this Travel System is the Chicco Viaro Stroller.  This lightweight stroller is perfect for any outing and accommodates the Chicco Keyfit Car seat for added convenience.

My husband had no problem assembling the Chicco Viaro stroller and we soon found out that it folds up very easily for transport and storage. It fits into our baby’s small closet perfectly, as well as the back of our trunks leaving extra room to spare.  I have also found this stroller to be sturdy and safe.

Chicco Viaro Travel System, TeakThe Chicco Keyfit car seat inserts into the stroller quite smoothly so your newborn can ride comfortably while staying in the car seat.  It’s easy to transfer our son from the car to the stroller, especially when he’s asleep or it’s colder outside.  I love the fact that when I insert the car seat in the stroller our baby faces us, so we can easily watch him.

Once my baby gets bigger, I can use the stroller without the car seat. The adjustable seat back will allow the baby to sit and observe the world or quickly recline for naps on the go. The Chicco Viaro has a weight limit of 50 pounds so the baby will be able to use it well into the toddler years and beyond (for reference, my average sized 6 year old is 48 pounds).

Chicco – a reliable brand

Chicco is a very reputable brand when it comes to children and infant products. Their mission is to make parenting a breeze – an inspiration to what motivated them to create a safe and healthy environment for your baby.

For years, Chicco has been creating top quality baby products for moms and successfully built a respectable reputation for doing just that. Their hundreds of baby products range from cribs to car seats to toys, to name a few.  Chicco’s products regularly win awards for safety, reliability and ease of use. There are many other good travel system brands of course. Go here to see all of our car seat and stroller reviews.

Sturdy Wheels

The Chicco Viaro handles our walks around the neighborhood very well. The front wheels can swivel and turn easily.  Chicco Viaro Travel System, TeakAlso, its light weight, which makes it easy to push. The Chicco Viaro is perfect for use on paved surfaces and sidewalks.

If you need to stop, the Chicco Viaro has a foot brake at each rear wheel, so you can easily and quickly lock it. It’s easy to engage and disengage the foot brakes. Once you apply the brakes, just fold the stroller with a single push of a button, which can be done with one hand for convenience.

One handed fold

This is a biggie for me.  When I’m juggling baby gear, I appreciate any feature that can make that easier.  With a one handed fold and unfold, this stroller is out of the car and ready to roll in no time flat.  I can unfold it, put the car seat in and be on my way.

Check out the one-handed fold along with the other cool features in the video below:

Storage Capacity

One of the features I love about the Chicco Viaro stroller is its large storage capacity. The stroller has four different cup holders with two at the front for your baby, and the additional two for the parent. You can use it for an extra baby bottle, water bottle, and soda cans, among others.

Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller, Graphite

Additionally, the Chicco Viaro comes with sleek trays for both your baby and the pusher of the stroller. The adult tray is designed to keep items like keys, wallets, cell phone, etc., while the child tray holds snacks and baby toys.

At the back of the seat is a large storage basket which is easily accessible from behind the stroller. This storage area is ideal for holding blankets, purse, diaper bags or other baby materials.

  • It features a one hand quick fold (and unfold) for convenience.
  • Can be used with Chicco Keyfit Car seat for children that weigh between 4-30 pounds Chicco Viaro Travel System, Teak
  • The Chicco Viaro can be used without car seat once baby gets bigger, between 30-50 pounds.
  • This lightweight stroller is easy to maneuver thanks to its’ sporty, 3-wheel design.
  • Front wheel has suspension for an extra comfortable ride
  • The aluminum frame is totally safe and lead-free
  • Extra large canopy which overlaps fully with the car seat canopy to protect those precious sleeping babies from the sun.
  • Two cup holders for the child and two cup holders for the adult
  • Generous sized basket for ample storage space
  • The brakes are independent and toe-tap activated

The car seat included with the travel system is the Chicco Keyfit. Surprisingly, it is light weight and easily clicks into both the Chicco Viaro stroller and the car seat base.

The Chicco Keyfit car seat fits perfectly into the rear center seat of our car, leaving a comfortable space for other car passengers to sit.  The car seat straps are easily adjusted for our baby to fit snugly, yet comfortable in the car seat.

Generous weight range

The Chicco Keyfit car seat has a weight range of 4-30 pounds.  The removable infant insert padding is for babies 4 -11 pounds.  This insert can be easily removed when your little one starts getting bigger.  The baby will grow out of this car seat when they reach the weight of 30 pounds.  More likely though, they will grow out the height range first, which is 30″.  When the top of your child’s head is an inch away from the top of the seat, it’s time to transition to a convertible car seat.

Easiest to install

Chicco Viaro Travel System, TeakThe Chicco Keyfit car seat is a top rated baby car seat because of its safety and ease of installation.  In fact, it’s the easiest car seat I have ever installed. The design makes it simple to install correctly every time, which makes it safe.

Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat and Base with Car Seat, Lilla

You can easily gauge whether the car seat is installed correctly by looking at the bubble level indicators, which are on each side of the car seat base.  Adjust the base if the bubble is not in between the appropriate lines.  Because every car is different, it’s nice to have the bubble level indicator as an easy double check.

To adjust the base, the Recline Sure spring-assisted leveling system comes to the rescue.  Use the buttons to adjust the base up or down so that the bubbles are level.

Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat and Base with Car Seat, Lilla

The Chicco Keyfit car seat is easy to remove from the vehicle (without waking baby) so that the car seat can be transported around.  Having the Chicco Viaro stroller to seamlessly transition the Chicco Keyfit into is an added bonus.

  • The roomy weight capacity (30 lbs) is convenient and will take your baby through most of its first year, if not beyond.
  • The Chicco Keyfit is really easy to install securely and safely with the SuperCinch Latch Tightener and level indicator.
  • The Chicco Keyfit car seat has impeccable safety ratings
  • The foam padding and structurally thick cushioning offer the perfect security and support for your baby.
  • The five-point design of the harness provides better security and maximum comfort for your little one.
  • The Chicco Keyfit car seat seamlessly transfers from car to stroller especially when you don’t want to wake your sleeping baby.
  • The removable infant insert padding can be easily taken out when your little one start growing bigger.

Check out the video below which explains all the features of the Chicco Keyfit car seat in depth:


However, every product has its own cons. Though they are minor objections you can live it (we did and we’re fine), here are some things to be aware of:

Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat Base, Anthracite

  • Securing the base to the car seats may be difficult for some. In fact, it can slightly wiggle, and this may be worrisome for some moms.  You will want to install the base tightly with no wiggle room by pulling on the adjustment straps firmly.
  • The Chicco Keyfit’s cushioning and extra padding could be too warm for some babies, especially during summer months.
  • Some users felt that the sunshade of the Chicco Keyfit alone was not quite large enough to shield the baby from the sun.
  • Longer babies may find these seats uncomfortable, even if their weight limits falls on the average.  For this reason, the car seat maxes out at 30 pounds or 30 inches, whichever comes first.
  • Some reviewers felt that the fabric of the seat and neck cushion is a bit rougher when compared to other brands.  However, my baby was always comfortable in this seat, even on longer journeys.

Let’s Compare: Britax B Agile & B Safe 35 vs Chicco Viaro

We’ve talked a lot about the Viaro travel system. Now I want to put it up against one of the best travel systems: the Britax B Agile B Safe. For 2 travel systems that are so similar, these 2 are actually quite far apart on a few aspects.

With both of these car seats, the manufacturers have definitely focused more on safety and maneuverability and left out the smaller details. This isn’t such a bad thing. With either system, you are going to get one of the safest car seats on the market, since Britax and Chicco consistently dominate the safest car seat lists. You just can’t beat that.

I will say that the Chicco car seat isn’t as deep as the Britax. This makes it so much easier to get the baby in and out. But I do like the shape of the Britax from a safety standpoint. As for installing the car seats, they are both ridiculously easy to install. They both have easy latch anchors and easy tightening. I believe that the Britax base is better because of the SafeCell technology.

The biggest differences are found in the strollers. My biggest pet peeve with the Viaro is that it doesn’t lock when folded. That makes transporting it or moving it such an awkward chore. Add in the fact that it’s 2 pounds heavier, and it becomes even more tricky.

Now let’s look at the fold itself. The B Agile is easy to fold and so is the Viaro. Both of them are capable of being folded with one hand. But the Viaro allows you to push the button and pull the strap to fold all in the same spot. You don’t have to push a button on the side and then grab the middle strap like the B Agile.

The Britax B Agile folds up a bit smaller. I think that this mostly has to do with the fact that it doesn’t have the tray. The snack tray that acts as the Viaro’s car seat adapter sticks out really far when folded, thus needing a bit more room in the trunk. And if you take it off, you run the risk of losing it and not being able to use the stroller for a travel system.

The Viaro does have better storage. The lower basket is so much larger. Plus, you can access it from rear and from the front, which can be inconvenient with a taller child riding in the stroller, but it’s nice when the kids are small. The Viaro has the parent snack tray and the child snack tray included for no extra cost.

For the same price, you’d expect the same quality. But that’s not quite true with the Viaro and the B Agile. The Viaro has a few items that seem to be cheaper quality. The wheels are the biggest problem. The Viaro’s wheels are cheap- thin and easily bruised and bumped by any little rock in the road. And if you ride on gravel, you’ll shred your wheels in no time. The fabric and plastics also feel cheaper and thinner than those on the B Agile.

Chicco certainly has more bells and whistles on their stroller, like I mentioned above. They have much better storage and a slightly easier one handed fold. But the stroller feels a little cheaper and it doesn’t lock! Since the Britax car seat has more bells and whistles and is a bit nicer overall, and that’s probably more important, the Britax B Agile and B Safe 35 travel system is my winner for the best 3-wheeled travel system.

Here’s a couple more comparisons for you to check out:

Chicco Bravo vs Britax B-Agilex

Britax B-Agile vs Baby Jogger City Mini

Still looking for more options?

Check out our post about some of the best travels systems of 2018, that has a great option for every purpose and every mom’s budget. And here are the best Jogging Travel Systems.

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