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Chicco BravoFor2 Review – A Look at Your Sit and Stand Options

As a mom myself, I can attest to the fine line between a good stroller and an amazing stroller. The Chicco BravoFor2 is a higher end sit and stand stroller that is easy to maneuver and feels sturdy. At its price point, I would expect more features, or more overall usability, which is why I recommend checking out the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite as an alternative. 

Image of the BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller, Zinc Image of Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black

This Joovy sit and stand stroller really has everything the Chicco BravoFor2 has, but is more lightweight and comes in at a lower price point. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight does have its own downfalls, but with the more spacious front seat, you will get more years of use out of it, and it is arguably just as high of quality as the BravoFor2. If you are looking for double strollers, check out our exhaustive roundup of all the best double strollers.

What is a sit and stand stroller?

Image of the BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller, Zinc

Sit and stand strollers are an alternative to a side-by-side double or tandem seat stroller. There is space for one child to sit in the front and one to either sit or stand in the back. This leaves you with a compact stroller, still capable of toting two kids.

Sit and stands are typically ideal for parents with an older toddler/pre-school age child and an infant or young toddler. What I like about the sit and stand model is sometimes older kids don’t want to be strapped into a seat. This gives them the choice of what they want to do.

What should you look for in a stroller?


Adjustability is key on any product, really, but especially something like a stroller that is going to be used by all different sizes of people and their different sized kids.


I like to see an adjustable handlebar on any stroller because it makes the stroller more comfortable for people of varying heights. An adjustable handlebar seems to be a rarity on sit and stand strollers, because the child standing in the back relies on the handlebar to lean on or hold on to. If the handlebar goes too high or too low, it’s not going to suit the child. Because of this, I’m willing to look beyond this typically sought after feature.


Image of Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black

I love strollers that can be used in many different ways, and sit and stand models typically offer this. You can attach an infant car seat, or have a bigger child in the front, while your older child has the option to sit or stand in the back. Some sit and stand models even offer the option to purchase an add on that will provide an additional seat for the back, so both kids can sit more comfortably.


Sometimes when we’re out and about, we have a friend, spouse, or family member with us to help maneuver a stroller through doorways and between aisles. But lets face it, we’re often by ourselves. It’s really important to look for a stroller that is easy to push and maneuver around obstacles.

Typically, you want a stroller with sturdy wheels that won’t stick, and is overall just easy to push. It’s also worth it to look for a stroller with good suspension, because that will offer a smooth ride for both baby and parent. This is especially important if you want to take the stroller “off-road,” i.e. not just on smoothly paved surfaces.

Compactness & weight

I was still pregnant when I picked out my son’s first stroller. So I wasn’t testing different strollers to see how heavy they were and how difficult or easy they would be loading them into the trunk of my car. I can clearly remember taking different strollers off of the shelf at Babies R Us, taking them for a little stroll, seeing how they folded up, and then putting them back. So while I love my Graco jogger, boy is it a pain to load in the car. I have hurt myself on several occasions doing so!

Obviously, the amount of weight you want to lift will vary from person to person. While I recommend looking for a stroller closer to 20 pounds, definitely go check them out in a store before purchasing one and get a feel for what it will take to actually pick up the stroller and load it into your car.

Chicco BravoFor2 Key Features

Easy to push

The BravoFor2 really is a quality stroller. It is easy to push, the wheels don’t stick, and it provides a smooth ride for your little ones.

Zip storage for parents

Image of the BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller, Zinc

I like this feature because it provides an extra layer of protection for your valuables. Without this zippered pocket, I find myself putting my phone in a cup holder, which not only takes up a cup holder but also leaves it easy to take (or fall out)!

One handed fold

Many strollers these days feature the one-hand fold mechanism. Some of them are truer to form than others. I think one-hand fold should mean you can fold the stroller while holding your child in the other arm. Because let’s face it, that’s what we’re usually doing!

The Chicco BravoFor2 one hand fold mechanism really lets you do it with just one hand. The wheels roll back into each other when you pull up on the handlebar, so it doesn’t leave you needing to balance the stroller with your other hand.

Sturdy handle

Image of the BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller, Zinc

The BravoFor2 also has a sturdy handle, which isn’t something you’ll find on all strollers. Many strollers feature the one-hand fold mechanism, but most of them have a fabric handle that is awkward to use as a carrying handle. This Chicco model features a sturdy handle, made of the same material as the stroller’s frame. While it is still a little awkward to carry, it doesn’t feel like the handle is going to rip off of the stroller!

Watch: Features of the BravoFor2


Cup holders

The cup holders on the BravoFor2 aren’t deep enough – drink containers wobble and fall out when the stroller is pushed. This is something that would really bug me because I constantly use the drink holders and having them wobbly renders them almost useless in my eyes!

Limited compatibility

The BravoFor2 can work as a travel system with Chicco car seats – but ONLY Chicco car seats. While I do highly recommend the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant seat, this is a definite downfall for people who have another brand of infant seat.

Limited recline

I thought the Chicco BravoFor2 looked great until I saw how little the front seat reclines. Basically, once your smaller child grows out of their infant seat, they really won’t be able to comfortably take a nap in this stroller. This is a huge downfall for me. I could see this on a cheap umbrella stroller – you pay 20 or 30 dollars, you’re not going to get every feature. But this stroller is expensive! And one of the most important features on a stroller is the comfort it provides your little ones.

Obviously, there is limited space, unless you want to make the stroller super long (and harder to maneuver). You’re trying to squeeze two kids onto about the same amount of space as a normal stroller, so it makes sense that the front seat wouldn’t recline completely. I’m just not willing to give up the ability to recline at all. My son is almost two and he STILL takes naps in his stroller frequently. This is definitely something to think about if you’re considering the BravoFor2.

Better option?

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite

Image of Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Black


At just 22 pounds, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is almost 5 pounds lighter than the BravoFor2. This not only makes it easier to load into and out of your trunk, it also makes it easier to push.


The Joovy Caboose is significantly less expensive than the Chicco BravoFor2, but offers high quality.


The Joovy Caboose Ultralight is compatible with many infant car seats to create a travel system. However, you need to strap the infant seat in; it doesn’t click in place. This method is still secure, it’s just not as simple as the click-in feature.

It’s important to note that when the infant seat is being used, there is not a lot of room for the child sitting in the back. So much so that they may only be comfortable standing.


The front seat is more spacious on the Joovy Caboose, allowing for the potential of more years of use.

Storage basket

While the storage is comparable on both strollers, it is harder to access the storage basket on the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. You can’t access it easily when a child is seated in the back seat. You need to lift the seat in order to get to the basket.


Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite

  • Target.com: 4.4 out of 5 stars, 36 reviews
  • buybuyBaby.com: 4.5 out of 5 stars, 12 reviews

Chicco BravoFor2

  • Target.com: 4.2 out of 5 stars, 57 reviews
  • Bed Bath & Beyond: 4.6 out of 5 stars, 24 reviews

My Recommendation

If the Chicco BravoFor2 was much higher quality or had more features, I’d say spend the extra to get a better stroller. Given each stroller’s features, even if the two were exactly the same price, I would still recommend the Joovy Caboose Ultralight over the Chicco BravoFor2. They both maneuver nicely, but you will get more years of use out of the Joovy Caboose and the fact that it is lightweight and reclinable makes it the better choice overall.

Pamela Halstead
Pamela Halstead

I am a stay at home mother to one son. With a background in safety and health, I am very safety-conscious, especially when it comes to products for my child!