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Chicco Corso Modular Travel System Review

Travel systems are meant to bundle everything you need to travel with your little one in a convenient package.

The Chicco Corso Modular Travel System makes it easy to safely and easily get your baby wherever you are going.  This travel system comes with the KeyFit 30 Zip Infant Car Seat and the Corso Stroller.

We’ll take a closer look at both of these in this Chicco Corso Modular Travel System review. 

Chicco Corso Modular Travel System - Silverspring, Grey

Key Features of the Chicco Corso Travel System

Before we jump into the individual parts in this travel system review, let’s look at how the pieces work together. This top travel system comes with the Key Fit 30 Zip, the Corso stroller, the KeyFit base for use in the car, and a click-in adapter to be used with the stroller for the car seat. The car seat clicks into the base or the adapter, so it’s easy to install in seconds in the stroller or the car. 

A Closer Look at the KeyFit 30 Zip

Even though this is designed to work with any KeyFit or KeyFit2 car seat with an adapter, it does come with the KeyFit 30 Zip Infant Car Seat included. This is one of Chicco’s top-rated car seats, so it makes sense that they’d include it with this stroller. 

Age and Weight Limits 

The KeyFit is designed to be used from birth. If you are bringing a preemie home, there’s an insert included to keep your little one between 4-11 pounds safe. Once they’ve outgrown the insert, this car seat can be used rear-facing up to 30 pounds. 


One of the major benefits of the KeyFit Zip 30 is that it makes installing your baby’s car seat easy. This comes with a LATCH system for cars that are compatible. The SuperCinch makes it easy to tighten the car seat into place with a single pull. This stops it from moving side-to-side while you’re driving. For car seats that don’t have LATCH, there are clear belt guides to be used with the vehicle safety belt and a lock-in system to be sure that the car seat is in tight. 

The KeyFit Zip 30 also comes with ReclineSure. ReclineSure is a 9-position leveling system that works in a wide range of cars. It’s designed to be sure you can have the car seat level against the seat every time, reducing the risk of improper fit or installation. There are also dual-bubble indicators that let you know that the car seat is sitting level and properly installed. 

Chicco Corso Modular Travel System - Silverspring, Grey


One of the primary factors in safety is having the car seat installed correctly and your baby buckled properly inside the car seat. With all the safety features for installation, that is covered. This car seat also features EPS energy-absorbing foam that lines the inside of the car seat. For parents that travel a lot, this is even FAA approved for airplane use. 

Of course, this has all the other safety features you’d want in a car seat as well. It has a five-point harness and side-impact protection that will keep your little one safe in case of a car accident. The one thing it doesn’t have is a steel frame. 


In addition to the safety features, this also has plenty of benefits to keep your little one comfortable. The inside is well-padded and comfortable to sit on, with or without the insert. 

A multi-position canopy is also included on the car seat. Not only can the sun’s rays cause sunburn and damage to your little one’s sensitive skin, but they also can make your baby overheat. The canopy blocks these and also eliminates some light which is nice if your little one wants to take a nap. 

Other Features

With a car seat that lasts up to 65 pounds, you’ll have to wash it at least a few times. Car seats endure everything from baby spit-up to toddler messes like spilled drinks and crumbs. The Chicco KeyFit Zip has a car seat pad that easily unzips to be thrown in the wash. Being able to zip it on and off avoids the hassle that comes with rethreading harnesses once it’s clean. 

Some other zip-on features include the canopy, a boot to keep your baby warm during colder months, and a visor. These features are the major thing that sets this car seat apart from others. If you don’t need all these features, you can see how the KeyFit 30 Zip compares to the KeyFit 30 and the Keyfit 30 Magic here

A Closer Look at the Corso Stroller 

The Chicco Corso stroller is loaded with features that make it easy to use for parents and safe to use for baby. It also easily tackles rough terrain, so it’s perfect for strolling with your baby anywhere. Let’s take a closer look. 

Versatility and Ease of Use 

There are four different modes of travel for this stroller. It works forward-facing or rear-facing with the car seat and adapter and has both seating options when used with the included toddler car seat. This means your baby can watch you or explore the world around them. 

When moving over different types of terrain, this stroller is ready to tackle anything. It has FlexCore adjustable rear suspension that handles bumps while still giving your baby a smoother ride. It also has larger wheels, hub bearings, and EVA tread for gripping on different surfaces. The one area where this is lacking is the brakes. While the brakes work, they don’t have the single-press brakes that are more convenient and easier to use. 

When you’re done riding, this folds up easily with a single hand. It also folds compact, which is nice if you stop to eat at a restaurant or want to to tuck it away for storage. The smaller size also makes it more compact so it fits inside your trunk. 

Chicco Corso Modular Travel System - Silverspring, Grey


The Chicco Corso stroller features a multi-position recline and adjustable footrest. This lets your little one lay back and relax or sit up and check out what’s going on around them. 

While they’re in the stroller, there is a three-point harness to keep them safe. The harness has two pads for ensuring they are comfortable against your little one’s strollers. You’ll want to wait until your baby can sit upright to use the harness safely. This should be used with the car seat until your baby has the head and neck support to hold themselves up. 

Other Included Features

The stroller also features a three-panel extendable canopy so you can customize the amount of sun your little one is getting. On top, there is a peek-a-boo mesh panel so you can keep an eye on your baby while you’re on the go. 

Underneath, a storage area helps you carry whatever you need. You’ll also find four storage pockets located on the inside of the basket. There is also a mesh storage pocket on the back of the toddler seat. This stroller is lacking in other storage- there are no cup holders and this does not have a child’s tray. 

What We Liked

There wasn’t a lot that we didn’t love about the Chicco Corso travel system. The infant car seat attaches to and detaches from the car seat base and stroller easily. Once your child is big enough, they can use just the toddler seat included with the stroller. Both of these are loaded with features that make it convenient and functional for parents to use. They are also safe and comfortable for your precious cargo, whether your driving in the car or taking a stroll with your little one.

With all the zippable features on the car seat, this is perfect for all kinds of weather. The zippable boot keeps your baby warm in the winter, while features like a canopy and visor provide protection from the sun and wind. With the stroller having features that make it great for traveling over all types of terrain, this travel system is also great for everything from strolling through the park to rolling over tougher terrain.

What We Didn’t Like

The biggest factor that you’ll want to keep in mind is that this travel system is a little more expensive compared to some of the others. This is because of all the added features. If you’re looking for something that can handle a lot of different terrains and you want protection from the weather, this is a great investment.

For families that aren’t going to spend a lot of time walking around with their little one, especially in the inclement weather, then you may not want to spend the extra for all the added features.

This is also lacking a few features that many parents appreciate on strollers, including single-press brakes, parent cup holders, and a child’s tray.  

Chicco Corso Modular Travel System - Silverspring, Grey

Final Word

There are a lot of things to consider as you’re choosing a travel system. The Chicco Corso Modular Travel System has plenty of great features. Above all, it’s going to keep your baby safe whether they are in the car or their stroller. If you need the extra features, this is a great investment for your little one. It’s great for handling different terrains and it provides protection from the cold, wind, and sun regardless of the time of year. 

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