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The Best Toy Xylophones of 2020

The best toy xylophones help little children to learn scales and octaves while offering a beginning understanding of music. Of course, at first, your child will simply want to pound on the xylophone with the drumsticks and make a ton of satisfying noise! Find the best xylophone capable of withstanding a beating and still make music for your children and toddlers. 

22 Best Toy Xylophones for Your Children and Toddlers

Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Accordion Hedgehog

Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Explore & More Accordion Hedgehog

The Skip Hop Baby Musical Toys: Explore & More Accordion Hedgehog is the perfect xylophone for toddlers as it comes on wheels. Also, the mallet attaches to the toy via a string so it won’t’ get lost. Also, the base is an adorable fox design little tots will find themselves drawn to over and over again. 

Save this toy for children a year and older. Once they are the right age, they will love wheeling the fox around and watching him bob up and down. Moreover, toddlers will love the bright rainbow-colored keys. 

With eight keys, tots can bang away and start learning basic musical keys, all for a very low price. Store the mallet under the base in the built-in spot. Also, the toy is PVC and phthalate-free making it safe and fun. 

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

With the Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone, children get a wheeled xylophone with an attached mallet. It comes in the typical Fisher-Price patriotic color scheme of red, white, and blue with a bright yellow mallet. Furthermore, it comes with eight rainbow keys ranging from small to large to create different sounds. 

A pull string allows your toddler ages 18 months and up to pull the toy around the house. It’s a fantastic toy to improve gross motor skills and help with hand-eye coordination. Toddlers can also learn fine motor skills with this toy as well. 

The toy is also the right size to sit on the baby’s lap for a little jam session. Classic baby toys like this one stand the test of time and make playtime loud and fun without batteries or electronics. Help your toddler learn to make music with a very popular children’s brand. 

Schylling Wood Xylophone

Schylling Wood Xylophone

The Schylling Wood Xylophone includes two wooden mallets to help kids to work to hands at one time. Moreover, it’s high quality with a wooden construction painted in a subtle dark blue. So many toy xylophones are overly garish in bright colors that do not blend in with decor, but this will be a gorgeous addition to your home. 

Next, the xylophone comes with eight differently colored keys, each with increasing sizes to change the tune of the metal. Also, the keys are securely attached with strong metal pins. It measures 10.5 inches long, making it the perfect size for little hands.

Finally, the keys have the notes printed on each key, so little kids can help to recognize musical keys and letters as well. Give this gift to children ages three and up. Pass this high-quality toy down to future generations too. 

Bukm Kids Musical Instrument Set

Bukm Kids Musical Instruments, Musical Toys for Toddlers, 25 Pcs Wooden Musical Percussion Instruments, Preschool Educational Learning Tambourine Xylophone Toys for Toddlers Kids Children with Storage

Kids love musical instruments, and with the  Bukm Kids Musical Instrument Set, they get twenty-five instruments to try. Not only do they get a xylophone but also a tambourine, triangle, bell stick, and wrist bell. It also includes bird whistles, rainbow toy, finger castanets, shaker eggs, maracas, and tone blocks. 

Each of the toys are perfectly safe for children over the age of three and up or under two with constant adult supervision. With this set, they can figure out which instrument they enjoy the most. Much to their enjoyment, they can make a ton of noise too!

Most of the pieces are made out of sturdy wood or metal, although a few are made with plastic. The set includes a plastic storage bag to keep the mess contained. Now kids can improve many musical skills such as creativity, memory, enlightenment, and even color recognition with a single gift. 

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

The Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone is an adorable xylophone with a happy smiley face ready to get little kids giggling. One difference with this toy xylophone compared to others is it has less space between keys, which means little fingers won’t get trapped. However, it could change the tune of the toy.

Melissa and Doug make high-quality toys like this wooden xylophone. It includes two wooden mallets and some cards so kids can practice playing songs. Each card fits in the back of the toy for easy storage. Also, the cards are color-coded to help kids learn easier. 

Furthermore, it comes with eight keys, all in a rainbow of colors. It’s the perfect gift for kids between the ages of three and six, as each key is securely fastened. 

Lastly, the toy can teach simple music concepts, including octave, intervals, and rhythms. It’s a great way to learn artistic expression, creativity, and increase fine motor skills. They can also learn songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. 

VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone

VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone, Green

The VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone is an electrically enhanced xylophone ready to help your kids learn notes, numbers, sounds, and more. The mallet also acts as a pull string to roll the critter along for added fun. The fun doesn’t stop there either for little active toddlers. 

With the adorable green caterpillar design, kids can enjoy a festive xylophone that lights up when they tap on a key. Each of the keys features a number and sound to encourage learning. You can also switch between off and three modes to increase learning opportunities. 

The caterpillar is the right size for children ages 18 months up to four years old. It includes eight light-up musical bars. The games grow with kids too to teach music, songs, and sequence. 

Take the fun little toy anywhere you go to help toddlers learn sing-along songs, music, instruments, and creativity. Of course, kids can play willy-nilly if they like. Do make sure they don’t harshly bang on the toy as it’s plastic and breakable when beaten. 

Finally, you will need 2 AA batteries to power the toy, and they are included. It’s a great toy for little kids who want to play music with friends. Simply add in a drum set or toy piano, and your kids can start a band!

BFYWB Xylophone Musical Instrument

BFYWB Christmas Gifts Toys for 1-8 Year Old Girls Boys, Xylophone Musical Instruments for Kids Toddlers Toys for 1-8 Year Old Girls for 1-8 Year Old Boys Girl Birthday Present

The BFYWB Xylophone Musical Instrument gives a simple xylophone with the ability to teach your baby colors and music. It’s made of light wood, which adds to the appeal. Moreover, the instrument includes eight keys pinned into place. 

This xylophone is perfectly and accurately tuned with each key matching their assigned notes. It does not have any half scales, nor are there any high pitches. Also, it will stay tuned no matter how many times your child plays the toy. 

Kids can learn coordination by tapping the keys with the two included wooden mallets. Speaking of wood, the toy is wood as well, at least the frame. The set includes a music card to get kids started playing. 

The educational toy is free of odors, BPA, lead, and phthalate. Also, it doesn’t have sharp edges that can harm babies. Take it on the go for extra fun as long as it’s somewhere you can make noise! 

Give this xylophone to children ages three years and up. 

Hape – Pound and Tap Bench Music Set 

Hape - Pound and Tap Bench Music Set 30th Anniversary - 2016 LIMITED EDITION

The Hape – Pound and Tap Bench Music Set isn’t just a xylophone but a unique twist on the old concept. With this wooden toy, your children get three balls they can pound with the mallet, and they then drop on the slope of the xylophone. The multi-purpose toy makes for added fun for little children. 

You can choose from two color schemes, including red, white, and gold, or the rainbow pattern most popular to spark interest in children. Either way, the toy is made almost completely of wood. Only the keys are made of metal instead. 

The toy comes from Germany with a solid construction ready to last for generations of children. It has a fun musical pattern on the side with bright balls ready to grab kid’s attention. Do make sure your children know to only pound on the toy with the wooden mallet as it can definitely scar dressers and bed frames (we may know this from experience with an exuberant two-year-old). 

All of the paint on the toy is water-based and free of toxins. The xylophone part of the toys is rainbow colored with eight keys ready to enhance learning. Toddlers ages one and up can learn musical development, exploration, audio recognition, and fine motor skills. 

Last of all, you can use the handle on the xylophone to pull the musical section out and play with it separately. It’s a fabulous beginner learning toy. 

Xylophone for Kids

Xylophone for Kids: Best Holiday/Birthday DIY Gift Idea for your Mini Musicians, Musical Toy with Child Safe Mallets, Perfectly Tuned Instrument for Toddlers, Musical Cards and Harmonica Included

If you child loves Teddy bears then choose the Xylophone for Kids by Small Fish. It comes with bright yellow teddy bear mallets which add a cute touch to the simple toy. Also, the set includes a harmonica and musical cards. 

Furthermore, the toddler toys comes perfectly tuned, ready for children over the age of one to learn basic music. The keys are on metal pins to give a little room for vibration and tuning. Also, each key has the appropriate note letter on it as well. 

Each key is a different rainbow color to make it easy to learn. All of the parts are non-toxic too. It’s a great set for when friends are over as they can play both instruments at the same time. They can also learn a few popular songs with the included cards. 

Lastly, the toy is made of strong and sturdy wood to last for years. It’s also BPA-free, lead-free, and leakproof. Add some music to your children’s play. 

3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toys

3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toys Montessori Musical Instrument Learning Developmental Light Up Toys for Kids Baby Infant Boys Girls Age 1 2 3 Years Old 12 18 Months

Toddlers will adore the bright and festive3 in 1 Toddler Drum Set Piano Keyboard Xylophone Toy. It’s not a single instrument but instead a mixture to engage kids and teach them multiple forms of music. Also, kids can learn number,s animals, and more with the fun toy. 

With this toy, you get a xylophone, piano, drums, whack-a-mole, and cymbals. Switch between four modes to learn different skills like percussions, xylophone, animals, or numbers. It comes in fun colors perfect for both boys and girls. 

Kids will love the two mallets to help play all of the different instruments. The toy also lights up to add to the fun, and it stands on its own. Several buttons allow kids to play new songs and other fun games. 

Store the mallets on the bottom by the battery outlet, which requires three AA batteries. Kids can perform a whole concert with a single toy!

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone

The Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Xylophone comes in a smart box shape with a draw for the included musical cards. It also includes two wooden mallets you can store in the draw too. The wooden material and shape makes it much easier to store this toy or even pack it in a tight closet. 

Introducing your kids to music has never been easier with this toy. It helps children to explore musical concepts through hands-on play and with color-coded keys. Kids can learn hand-eye coordination, music, creativity, and independent play with one fabulous and in tune toy. 

Each card comes with a song on both sides for added benefits. Also, the songs feature color-coded notation on a real musical staff. You can even place the songs on the included musical holder above the keys to read simply. 

Use for children ages three years old and up. 

Kidzlane My First Xylophone for Kids

Kidzlane My First Xylophone for Kids | 8 Song Learning Cards, Rubber Tip Mallet, Wooden Base Ages 18M+

Choose the Kidzlane My First Xylophone for Kids for a modern style ready to impress. This xylophone comes with the standard eight kesy but on a waterfall wood base. Also, all of the keys are labeled with a note letter. 

Next, the set includes several musical cards with songs your kids can play by color for easy concept grasping. Kids can also develop creativity, motor skills, language, and so much more. The ten-piece set also includes a mallet along with the cards and instrument itself. 

As the base is thick wood, you can enjoy the toy for many years with multiple children. The waterfall legs make it stand on its own on the table or on the floor for younger children, all with a bright design. 

Moreover, the xylophone is 100 percent child safe with non-toxic materials and smooth sanded edges. It’s lightweight, too, meaning kids can move it on their own. Even the mallet comes with a soft rubber tip making it perfect for children ages 18 months and up. 

Eastar Xylophone for Kids Glockenspiel Xylophone 

Eastar Xylophone for Kids Glockenspiel Xylophone for Adults for Toddlers Musical Instrument Percussion Instrument, 25 Notes, Multicolored

Although the price is higher, the Eastar Xylophone for Kids Glockenspiel Xylophone offers something the other xylophones don’t. With this incredible xylophone comes a case and has far more than the standard eight keys. 

As this xylophone includes 25 tones, kids can learn more, all with good timbre. Each of the 25 pounds provides an independent pitch, all from steel keys that do not dull and with good vibration. It’s easy to carry as well with a built-in handle and holes for better sound. 

However, the xylophones are not pinned inside the box, and they can come out. The company tunes the keys before they let it leave the factory. It’s a great toy to help kids learn musical literacy, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and many other musical skills. 

With the xylophone, you get two mallets also for two-handed playing. It’s the only option that provides more than eight keys, so kids are not limited to only a few musical tones. Definitely choose this option for kids who show an interest or ability in music. 

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Xylophone for Kids

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Xylophone for Kids, Baby Musical Instrument Toy with 2 Xylophone Mallets and 3 Musical Cards, Holiday Birthday Gift for 1 2 Year Old Boys Girls Toddlers

Children 18-months old and up will adore the TOP BRIGHT Wooden Xylophone for Kids. It might just be the cutest xylophone in the world as it has elephant sides that make it stand up like a mini piano. Also, it’s partially made of wood for stability.

The notes for each of the eight keys are clearly painted underneath the keys, making them easy to see. Next, behind the xylophone is a pocket stand for the two mallets and music cards. The set includes three music cards to help children to learn a few songs.  

Your child can start training to be a musician with this fun instrument and eight tones, each in a bright color. Kids can practice scales or two favorite children’s songs. 

All this from a toy safe for child us as it’s free of odor, BPA, lead, phthalate, and chemicals. The metal keys are all well attached, so your child cannot remove them. It can be used by a child under a year and a half with constant supervision. 

TORQPRO Xylophone

TORQPRO Xylophone for Kids Perfectly Tuned Xylophone Musical Instrument Toy for Toddlers with Plastic Baby Safe Mallet Best Holiday/Birthday Educational Gift

Teach you child a love of music with the affordable TORQPRO Xylophone. It comes in a plastic base with a space to store the plastic mallet. Each key is sealed in on the sides for safety. With the low price, you can afford more than one to help closely ages siblings enjoy the same toy without fighting. 

Each of the keys comes in a different color without the quite typical mix. Instead, it comes in purple, blue, orange, green, red, yellow, white, and black. All eight keys are numbered and coordinate with a specific note ranging from low do to high do. 

It’s an easy to store toy perfect for children ages three years old and up. It can help with not recognition, hand-eye coordination, and so much more. Moreover, it’s gender-neutral to work for any child. 

Finally, the toy is free of BPA, lead, and phthalate. You won’t find any sharp edges either, and kids cannot take it apart. Kids will love playing with this toy anywhere, even on the go, if your ears can handle the noise!

Agirlgle Xylophone for Kids

Agirlgle Xylophone for Kids Musical Toy Baby Musical Instruments for Toddlers Zenergy Zen Chime Colorful Bell Xylophone Toy with Child Safe Mallets

For kids who want a unique xylophone get the Agirlgle Xylophone for Kids. Instead of the typical keys and base, this one offers pipes for a modern appearance ready to impress kids and adults alike. Kids will love the fun, clinky sounds of the pipe for a windchime sound ready to impress. 

As this xylophone is made for toddlers, it’s secure and safe. It comes with two mallets with rubber tips. Also, the pipes are held together with a black base made of foam with aluminum tubes. 

Children can learn music with the includes music cards. Moreover, the diatonic scale is one octave in the key of C with an extra B to change to the key of F. It’s small, portable, and ready to interest tots while teaching them tons of skills. 

Finally, industrious toddlers will be able to pull the tubes out of the foam. Watch your children to make sure they don’t take the pieces apart. Each aluminum tube does have both a number and a letter printed on the front for easy recognition. 

Manhattan Toy Musical Chicken Xylophone

Manhattan Toy Musical Chicken Wooden Instrument for Toddlers with Xylophone, Drumsticks, Cymbal and Maraca

The Manhattan Toy Musical Chicken Xylophone is an adorable toy perfect for toddlers. As it’s in a chicken shape, kids will be drawn to the fun style and multiple play options. However, it only comes with five xylophone keys. 

Beyond the Swedish style ready to improve any room, the toy includes a rocking frame, wings, numbers, shaker balls, and hands-on fun. It’s also wooden, meaning it will last a long time through multiple children making the price very affordable. Even the mallets are solid wood. 

The chicken tail comes off and turns into a maraca with a handle. Even the wings clack to make a sound, which is music to the ears of children who are one year old and up. Add in a cymbal on the head for more noise-making fun. 

With an adorable look and whimsical design, this toy will grab lots of attention and teach toddlers music in the process. It’s an entire musical band all in one toy ready to delight little hands as they learn to make sounds with instruments. 

Melal Xylophone – 15 Note Color Glockenspiel

Melal Xylophone - 15 Note Color Glockenspiel - Sheet Music Cards

Kids can enjoy the large Melal Xylophone – 15 Note Color Glockenspiel to learn more music with more sounds. It’s well tuned and makes a fantastic introduction to music for kids. Unlike other musical instruments, this one takes less effort to learn so you can focus on teaching notes and what sound they should make. 

To get kids started, use the 19 included songs and melodies. Each card comes with circles according to the color and key so kids can learn visually. It’s a fabulous percussion instrument to add to a musical family, especially for kids with a short attention span. 

Children will love learning classic songs, including Christmas songs and Happy Birthday. Before long, they can be showing off their mad music skills and putting on little concerts for their family. 

The base is wood, as are the mallets, and the keys are metal with secure pins to keep them in place. It’s easy to store, too, with a streamlined design. 

20 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel 

20 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel - Metal Xylophone - Sheet Music Cards with Songs

Give your child and open base 20 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel xylophone to expand their note options and increase the music they can learn. While it’s pricier it offers so many more keys so kids can learn more notes. All the notes are marked on each of the colorful keys in the correct order for good tune and sound. 

The wooden base keeps all of the metal keys in place and easy to play. Furthermore, two wooden mallets include rubber tips. All of the keys are locked into place with sturdy metal pins to keep the instrument intact. 

Use this chromatic xylophone for children over the age of six years old who shoe an interest in learning a fuller range of up to two octaves. The keys range from F to C for musically inclined kids or those interested in learning. All of the keys are marked too so kids can tell which key is where. 

Finally, the toy xylophone includes 12 cars with 23 letter-coded kids’ songs. Now it’s time to make music. 

Glockenspiel 15 Note Xylophone in Wooden Case

Glockenspiel 15 Note Xylophone in Wooden Case - Easy Play Songs Included

The Glockenspiel 15 Note Xylophone in Wooden Case is ready to delight kids with more keys. Please note, this option is designed for older children and not for toddlers. However, it does comes with a case and musical cards. 

With 15 notes, children can learn more sounds and get a better understanding of music. It comes with two mallets with rubber tips, and all of the keys are a single color. Kids will need to learn each note without the colors. 

As for music cars, those are in color, and it comes with ten double sides cards to help beginners get started. All this and the xylophone comes in a blue wooden case with a handle. It’s great for kids who want to play but don’t like bright garish color schemes. 

Store the whole case out of sight when not in use. All of the music is easy to play and doesn’t require any experience to learn. 

ENNBOM Xylophone Glockenspiel

ENNBOM Xylophone Glockenspiel 8 Notes Chromatic Resonator Bells with Green Case

The ENNBOM Xylophone Glockenspiel comes in a nifty little carrying case with room for keys and the mallets. It’s a truly unique toy as you can take each key out and separate each from the others. Each key comes on its own block so kids can fan them out and learn patterns and sizing along with tunes and other musical skills. 

Next, the keys are made of aluminum alloy and plastic, along with a plastic case and mallets. It comes with the standard eight keys, each with a different color. Moreover, the portable set makes a beautiful sound and helps to develop musical skills from an early age. 

The company does not suggest an age for their toy, so it’s best to watch children under the age of four with the toy to ensure they do not hurt themselves. 

HAPPYMATY Handheld Xylophone Glockenspiel 

HAPPYMATY Handheld Xylophone Glockenspiel with Wooden Mallets 8 Tones Metal Bars Musical Glockenspiel Instrument Preschool Educational Toy for Children Kids White

The HAPPYMATY Handheld Xylophone Glockenspiel is an easy to hold xylophone with a built-in handle and a place for the mallet. It’s a solid wood base with white keys perfect for playing on the go. If your child doesn’t like white, you can also pick between red keys or rainbow for a more festive design. 

Not only is the base wood, but it’s also a beautiful rounded shape with tons of room for the music to flow. All of the edges are smooth, making it safe for children ages two-years-old and up. It’s very lightweight too, so little ones can carry it with ease. 

Furthermore, the xylophone is accurately tuned and makes pure and pleasant sounds. Just make sure your child bangs gently, or they could harm the toy and your ears. The notes range from C to C to help with learning music and other skills as

Buying Criteria for Toy Xylophones


Wooden xylophones will always last longer than plastic. Also, wooden xylophones provide superior sound quality as well. As children tend to be rough on toys, its best to chose high-quality material to avoid any breakage or other issues that could harm your baby. Always check a new toy before giving it to your baby. 

Also, ensure each key on the xylophone is locked into place and doesn’t slip off. Check the wood for splinters and also check to make sure the sticks are solid too. Always watch your child when they have a toy as they can find interesting ways to harm themselves. 


A good xylophone will visually stimulate children with bright colors and fun designs. The best xylophones also have key letters on each key as well to help you and your baby learn a little more about music. You could even play a game with the keys when they are marked. 

Some xylophones come with cards so children can learn to start playing songs. Show your child how to use the sticks properly on the xylophone so they can follow your example. If you have a musical instrument, you could play along to encourage your child to play as well by example. 


Music, in any form, can boost cognitive skills and sensory development. Moreover, musical instruments can help develop gross and fine motor skills too. Learning a new skill takes practice and can, in turn, teach patience too. 

The benefits don’t end there, music can also encourage self-expression, enhance memory, and provide an emotional outlet. Music can even promote healthier social skills as they learn to associate with people on a different level or a universal language like music!

Starting your child with a xylophone now may encourage them to learn more music and, therefore, more skills. You may even be surprised to learn that music can help to increase math and language skills too. And as we all know, music can even help us to relax and fall asleep easier. 

Finally, children can learn scales and octaves from xylophones, which is an integral part of learning music.

FAQs About Toy Xylophones

What does Glockenspiel mean? 

Glockenspiel is a German word that means a set of bells like a percussion instrument like a xylophone. Usually, they are graduated bells or bars that make a sound when struck with another item like a drum stick. Basically, it’s the German word commonly used for xylophones. 

Also, it refers to tuned metal pieces mounted to a frame, which again refers to a xylophone. Why the German word became popular is anyone’s guess, but it is fun to say!

Can my child someday have a career playing the xylophones? 

While it is possible to have a career playing the xylophone, consider it more a starting instrument to encourage children to play music in a simplistic form. Many instruments are much more difficult, and a xylophone is less scary as an introduction to music. Use a toy xylophone to encourage interest and a basic understanding of music and try not to set any other purpose. 

Will playing the xylophone help my child learn music?

Absolutely. A xylophone is an instrument and can teach the basics of playing, such as recognizing keys. Any introduction to music can help your child learn music as it helps to teach pitch, tone, key, and so much more. Xylophones are also easy to play, making it more engaging and interesting for children. 

Wrapping Up Toy Xylophones

Xylophones are an easy way to introduce music to children. Not only can they learn notes and tone from a xylophone, but they can also learn patience, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder this simple toy ends up in almost every playroom.

If you looked through the entire list and still cannot decide which xylophone to pick for your child, we suggest you try the Manhattan Toy Musical Chicken for toddlers as it offers the most fun possible. However, for older children, consider trying the Eastar Xylophone for Kids as it offers the most keys so kids can learn more. No matter which you choose, you can be sure your children will learn something! 

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