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The Best Ring Slings of 2021 – Carry Your Baby in Style and Comfort

Baby slings let you cuddle your baby hands-free, as if they were still attached, but with the ability to take the baby off! Slings also allow for discreet nursing while out in the world.

Ring slings, unlike other baby carriers, do not require a lot of work to get on or off. Slip the sling over your shoulder, gently put the baby in the folds of the fabric, and move on with your day as your baby sleeps.

Now the question is, what is the best ring sling? Well, here’s our roundup of the top ring slings to keep you and baby comfy on your busy days.

Best Ring SlingWhy It's BestRating
KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Affordable; stretchy fabric; 5 Year Warranty♥♥♥♥♥
Pura Vida Slings Luxury Ring Sling Baby CarrierEco-Friendly Extra-long, breathable fabric; beautiful colors♥♥♥♥♥
Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier Polyester mesh; can go in the water; neutral color♥♥♥♥
MEBIEN. TOUCHE DE LA NATURE... Baby Wrap Carrier Ring SlingWashable Turkish cotton muslin; pocket for storage♥♥♥♥
Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring SlingTwo sizes; zipper pocket; shoulder padding♥♥♥♥♥

The 5 Best Ring Slings on the Market

All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wrap & Sling by KeaBabies

Baby Wrap Ring Sling Ergo Carrier - All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps with Detachable Rings- Baby Sling - Infant Carrier - Babys Wrap - Hands Free Babies Carrier Wraps - Baby Shower Gift


If you want a stylish and affordable baby ring sling, look no further than the simple Baby Wrap Carrier by KeaBabies. As a ring sling is 99% fabric and 1% rings, the fabric matters. This sling is 95% cotton with a hint of spandex for comfort and movement. This material is great for toddlers who grow. 

The simple gray fabric makes for a versatile look to match and decor. Also, a great option for both mom and dad to carry dad with the unisex and neutral color. 

Two aluminum rings come off just as easy as they go on to allow you the option of using the fabric as a ring sling or as a wrap. Store the fabric rolled up in the included drawstring bag which makes it a great option for travel. 

Don’t worry about stitching, as the company used super-resistant stitches to ensure a long product life. Speaking of life, the product should last for newborns and toddlers up to 18 months old. Also, the ring sling includes a five-year warranty.  


While the website includes instructions, the product does not. However, the learning curve is very easy. As the rings are not attached you have more options but this is not a dedicated ring sling. Some find the coarser fabric uncomfortable but others prefer the fabric, as it stays in place better. 

Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier by Pura Vida Slings

Luxury Ring Sling Baby Carrier - Extra Soft Bamboo & Linen Fabric, Free Carry Bag, for Newborns, Infants & Toddlers - Best Baby Shower Gift - Nursing Cover - from Pura Vida Slings (Ocean Tide) 


The Luxury Ring Sing Baby Carrier by Pura Vida Slings offers full luxury with bamboo and linen. A perfect choice for eco-friendly mamas. Like the last ring sling, this one offers double aluminum rings. 

Even better, the ocean tide color is breathtaking in its beauty! If an ombre blue doesn’t work for you then try from ten other colors including dusty rose pink, earth mama creme, lilac cloud, midnight black, pink sunset, sage green, soft pink seashell, storm cloud, and warm sand. 

Pura Vida claims their wrap keeps more air on the baby, which helps to regulate temperature. Baby carriers can get stuffy and sweaty, speaking from experience. The ring sling I had was uncomfortable on the shoulder but both me and my baby could breathe without feeling overheated. 

The extra-long fabric serves as a blanket to cover up when nursing. Also, use the fabric to adjust for different sized moms and babies. The added fabric even works to allow dads to wear the baby too. Next, the sling offers a small packet at the end for storage

Another claim is this ring sling allows for the correct carry position for babies. Some carrier positions are so set they may not allow normal leg movement and could cause hip dysplasia in the baby. This sling keeps your baby in the natural “M position” to keep hips in the proper alignment. 


If anything, the wrap’s softness can hinder keeping the ring sling in place. That being said, only a few moms had an issue. The linen fabric wrinkles a lot. If you ever tried wearing a linen shirt or skirt, you know the fabric is beautiful, but it’s never going to lay flat. 

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier 

Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier | Lightweight Breathable Mesh Baby Wrap for Infant, Newborn, Kids and Toddlers | Perfect for Summer, Swimming, Pool, Beach | Great for Dad Too Blue

The Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier is a baby wrap made from mesh similar to basketball shorts, so it is designed to be more comfortable for mom and baby on warm days. It’s a great option for mom’s who want to spend time in the water with their babies. 

As the material is designed for water, it’s ready to go into the pool, lake, or ocean with you and your baby. It dries quickly and doesn’t sag, but you still need to be careful with your baby in the water. Either way, it is nice to have a wrap that’s ready for water. 

Also, the mesh allows sunlight in so you may need to stay under an umbrella for shade. It’s not very stretchy fabric but does work for children up to 30 pounds meaning up to toddlers depending on their size and weight. 

Bring on the beach with this impressive wrap ready to go where you go. 


The only issue is while polyester works well in the pool or lake, it’s not super breathable even with the mess outside of the pool. Keep this in mind and if you plan to swim a lot, maybe buy this one and also another for outside of the pool.

Some people tend to sweat more or even get a rash from full polyester, so make sure you don’t have an allergy before buying. 

Ring Sling-Baby Carrier by Mebien

Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling-Luxury Extra Soft Turkish Cotton Muslin Grey Rose


One touch of the Baby Wrap Ring Sling Carrier by Mebien will have you ready to fill your house with Turkish fabrics. Unlike the linen fabric, muslin cotton fabric is wrinkly by design, like an elephant but softer. 

Toss in the wash over and over again and still enjoy the finely-woven breathable fabric. But don’t worry about shrinking as these come pre-washed. It’s made without harmful chemicals or processes, so it’s a great option for eco-friendly moms. 

Finally, a few benefits include a pocket for storage on the sling and a bag for storing your ring sling. While lightweight, this sling will keep your baby up comfortably.

With double facing, you can’t put the ring sling on backward with seams showing. 


The price is a little high, but you are getting high-end fabric. Also, there is only one color option. The soft gray and pink certainly is nice, but I would love some more options. 

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling-Luxury Extra Soft Turkish Cotton Muslin Grey Rose


The Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling comes highly rated and in a gorgeous deep purple worthy of a queen. Unfortunately, it’s priced for a queen as well. If you want another color the company does offer other options. 

The advantage of this ring sling is two sizes. Smaller moms might want the medium while taller or larger moms may want the large. 

The other advantage is dedicated fabric on the shoulders with a little bit of padding. This can help with positioning and comfort as well. Also, 100% cotton can slip around a bit during use and the padding can help to keep the breathable fabric from pulling off your shoulder. 

As with most ring slings, this one includes two metal rings. The rings are attached and will not come off without scissors (this is not suggested).

Unlike others, this ring sling includes a zippered pocket! Talk about convenient! 

Use for 8 pounds to 35 pounds without worrying about stretch. Cotton without spandex tends to keep its shape without loosening. 


The padding is great for some moms but for others, they may find the fabric runs into their neck and offers less flexibility. Overall though, the price can deter a lot of customers but this does offer a few advantages over the more inexpensive options. 

FAQs about Ring Slings

How long can I use a baby sling?

Most slings are for babies 8-35 pounds. That means that each child’s age will be different at that weight.

Also, even if a baby can use a sling up to 35 lbs, not every mom wants to carry around a heavier baby. Some moms have backs of steel or a steel disposition on the priority of babywearing. Other mothers are only willing to carry babies until they can walk.

Neither way is wrong or right, different families have different needs but don’t use the sling past 35 pounds. If you have back problems, then talk to your doctor and find out a better weight limit for you. 

Are ring slings the only type of baby carrier?

Nope! There are so many baby carrying options.

There are slings and baby wraps without the metal rings. There’s also more structured baby carriers, with less fabric and more support.

There are very supportive best hiking carrier options for going outdoors.

Of course, dads can carry babies too! If dad’s not impressed with a sling or wrap, show him the best dad carrier options.

Are slings safe for babies? 

Slings are safe when used correctly.

Always make sure your baby is securely tucked into the sling. If the baby feels loose, then keep an eye on the baby, as ring slings can shift. But with you right there, chances are strong you will sense a problem before it becomes an issue.

If you use a sling with a newborn, then make sure to use the cradle position and/or use a hand to cradle your baby’s head.

Do not use a sling with baby upright until they are old enough to hold their head up on their own. Even then, try not to do it too long and not when the baby is sleeping, as their neck muscles are still so young and unaccustomed to their own weight. 

Is there a way to make it more padded for my shoulders? 

Nope. It’s like bras, why would they want us moms to be more comfortable while carrying our children? Any inventors out there?

The Maya Sling offers some padding, but overall, baby slings tend to put a lot of weight on the shoulders. If you tend to carry a large purse, diaper bag, or other heavy objects, then you should adjust well to a sling.

However, trying to carry a bag and a baby in a sling may be more cumbersome than a mother may enjoy. If you are on the bustier side, then you may find a ring sling to be uncomfortable as positioning your baby in a way that they are not squished maybe a little more difficult. You may do better with an ergonomic carrier

Final Thoughts

Babies and moms bond with skin to skin contact and closeness. Baby ring slings help keep babies and mothers communicating in the best way possible, with love and closeness. Even better, unlike regular baby carriers, ring slings are less complicated once you get the hang of using them. A great way to wear your baby and even nurse discreetly in public or even soothe a fussy baby at home.

If you only pick one, try the Baby Wrap Ring Sling Carrier by Mebien, as it’s softness gets better with age, as does its sturdiness. Also, it’s already wrinkly, so no worries about trying to keep it unwrinkled! That’s less work for you, mama!

Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling-Luxury Extra Soft Turkish Cotton Muslin Grey Rose

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