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Best Infant Floor Seat- Find the Best Seats to Get Baby Sitting Up

by Adrina Palmer |

After hours and hours of cruising the internet, I finally found the perfect baby floor seat to give your arms a break so that you can fold laundry, or wash dishes, or drink coffee (this one is the most important). With three kids of my own, I know just what to look for in an baby floor seat to keep your baby safe, occupied, and happy.

Besides “which infant floor seat is the best?”, we need to know lots of important stuff, storage, safety, feeding, and, of course, toy! We also need to figure out resale and ages for infant floor seats, so we’ve got an FAQ section to help with that.

Do not waste money trying out inferior chairs, read below to find your best baby floor seat.

Baby Floor SeatWhy It Is BestMom Rating
Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor SeatSoft Fabric, Removable Tray, Sturdy, Folds Flat.♥♥♥♥♥
Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat MulticolorFolds Flat, Soft Fabric, Toys, Sturdy.♥♥♥♥♥
Boppy Baby ChairFolds down, Multi-purpose, Skid-proof bottom.♥♥♥
Prince Lion Heart BebePod Sitter BoosterFun Colors, Toy and Placemat, Spacious.♥♥♥♥♥
Bumbo Multi Floor SeatAdjustable, Removable Insert, Wide Base, Tray Storage Built-In.♥♥♥♥♥
Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 SeatSimple, Removable Padding, Tray Storage in Bottom.♥♥♥♥♥
Bumbo Original Floor SeatMolded Seat, Young Babies, Foam for Comfort.♥♥♥♥♥
Little Tikes Infant Supporting Floor SeatDurable, Simple, Comfortable.♥♥♥♥♥
Contours Twist and Grow SeatEasy to Wash, Leg Room, Grows with Baby.♥♥♥♥♥
Regalo Floor Activity Removable Feeding SeatRemovable Padding, Safe, Good Price.♥♥♥♥♥
Summer Infant 3 Stage Super SeatRotates, Activity Tray, Stimulating, Portable.♥♥♥♥♥
Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat Friends Floor SeatRotating Toy Tray, Safe Design, Bright Colors.♥♥♥♥♥
Summer Infant Deluxe Super Infant Floor SeatBuilt-In Toys, Multi-Purpose, Compact Design.♥♥♥♥♥
Baby Einstein 3-in-1 Snack & Discover Infant Floor SeatRotating Seat, Great Toys, Swivel Tray.♥♥♥♥♥

Keep Baby Busy With These Infant Floor Seats

1. Fisher Price Sit Me Up Infant Floor Seat with Feeding Tray

Best Baby Floor Seat for Smaller Babies

Image of the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

This is it mamas- the seat you have been looking for! A chair that does everything but makes you a cup of coffee and mop juice off the kitchen floor. Pop baby in, put some cheerios on the tray (only if baby is old enough) and get to work. While this chair does not grow with your little tyke, like some of my other favorites below, it serves its purpose in the here and now for babies in the stage to need a place to sit and stay entertained for a few minutes at a time. Fisher Price’s Sit Me Up Floor Seat gives your baby a view of the world and a place to feel like a big kid.

The Pros

Looks – This sweet little seat comes in monkey print, lion, print and a couple of other animals in soft fabrics that are machine washable! Babies have a tendency to leak multiple bodily substances, washable is a must.

Function – Not only is this item easy to assemble (for well-trained dads) but it folds up to clean up your living room for company. All those baby toys take up space, this one gives you the option of disappearing under the couch. The removable snack tray gives baby an option to graze while he plays.

Cost – You won’t cry too much over the 40ish dollar price. Maybe you can convince your mom or great auntie Sheryl to splurge on this little luxury.

Quality – Fisher Price has made an adorable, weighted chair will not topple over or pinch your little one. No hard edges to poke baby and the chair will stick around for many babies to come. Because your child will only use this chair for a few short months, resale value is of the utmost importance to get more bang for your buck.

The Cons

Size – If your little one tends to be at the top of the growth chart you may need to look into an alternative as this chair does not have wiggle room to spare.

Angle – Eager babies ready to take on the world may not like the forty-five-degree angle meant for support.

Latch – If your little bundle of joy is not quite so clever to climb out then choose this seat. No latch means precocious babies will create extra work for mama.

Want to know how this top seat compares to the Bumbo baby seat? Take a look at out Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Versus Bumbo Floor Seat post.

2. Fisher Price Floor Seat Sit Me Up

Fisher Price Unisex Sit-Me-Up Seat Baby Floor Seat 

The Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat Multicolor is similar to the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat but without the feeding tray.

I won’t go into a ton of detail here, since the features are almost the exact same as the other Fisher Price baby seat.  If your baby won’t need the feeding tray, then this is a great (and slightly cheaper!) option.

3. Boppy Baby Chair

Image of the Boppy Baby Chair, Elephant Walk, Gray

The Boppy Seat invented the nursing pillow and now has entered the infant floor seat market with lots of pluses. Your baby will love this simple chair despite the lack of entertainment as comfort and utility are the main focus.

The Pros

Looks – The simple design with gray elephants will make mommies happy to not have another garish baby item cluttering their home. If elephants are not your thing other patterns are available.

Function –  Easy to wash, insert for smaller babies, and a carrying handle makes this a top of the line seat for little tushies. The tray is easy to use, BPA free, and can go straight into the dishwasher.

Cost – In the fifty dollar price range, pray you get this chair as a gift for your baby shower. Make sure to put it on your registry!

Quality – Boppy does not just make the best nursing pillows but sturdy chairs too. The three-point harness passes inspection and leaves room for legs. The skid proof bottom prevents baby from slipping and sliding after you wax the floors.

The Cons

Size – If your baby is a chunky monkey you might need to look for a chair with more leg room. Babies also might find this a little uncomfortable in the crotch areas as there is no padding.

Support – The foam design is very light and not weighted. Babies that like to move may topple over, thank goodness they will be on the floor!

Entertainment – As entertaining as banging fists on a surface can be, babies will bore quickly with no toys.


4. Prince Lion Heart BebePod Sitter Booster

Image of the Prince Lion Heart BebePOD Chubs Plus Baby Sitter and Booster Seat, Berry Blue

The Prince Lion Heart BebePod Sitter Booster is simple and a decent baby floor seat. It has a cute design and serves a few different purposes throughout baby’s sitting time.

The Pros

Looks – You can buy this seat in 4 neutral, but still bright and fun colors. Plus, the placemat for each seat looks like some yummy fruit for a fun art pop.

Function –  You can make the BebePod into a floor seat or a makeshift highchair. It comes with strong nylon straps on the back and the underside that can secure it to a chair so that baby can be up off the floor and sit and the table with the fam. The placemat makes cleanup easy and the attachable tray toy is good for keeping a growing baby busy.

Cost – This is one of the less expensive baby seats on the list, so it makes a great gift! You won’t have to worry about flushing away a whole day’s wages on this cute seat.

Size – This foam padded chair is ergonomically designed for babies. It’s also very forgiving to babies with sweet chunky thighs, since the leg openings and baby buckle are made to go around some healthy thighs. The pommel in between the legs can be removed for babies that want or need more freedom.

The Cons

Stains – The white part of the seat loves to take on stains from baby food. Just clean everything quickly and thoroughly by hand and you should be fine. Worst case scenario- bleach and lots of rinsing!

Support – Little babies might feel like they are drowning in this super big seat. It won’t surround small legs to give baby support, so they’ve got to be really good at holding themselves up.

Tray – The tray toy is great, but the tray itself if pretty small. It doesn’t hold a lot of food as baby gets older. And the cute tray placemat can’t be secured, so it just ends up being another toy for baby to throw around.


5. Bumbo Multi Infant Floor Seat

Image of the Bumbo Multi Seat, Blue

Bumbo improved their original design and made a seat that goes past nine months all the way into 4T outfits with their new multiseat.

The Pros

Looks – The sleek white base with colored molded foam is easy to look at and fun for baby in multiple colors.

Function – This three in one design grows with baby and moms will love the one-handed tray attachment. The tray and straps for the back of chairs retract right into the base. Use this chair forever before selling for a decent profit. The foam comes out to use the chair into the toddler years.

Quality – Bumbo provides a harness and a simple design to keep baby safe on the floor or attached to a chair.

The Cons

Price – Moms, the price is hard to swallow until you realize this chair could last up to four years. It is reasonable if you calculate it annually.

Size – Chubby babies may balk at limited space.

Storage – This chair is no space saver, nor does it reduce in size for storage or travel.

Angle – No neck support for your little one’s neck. Wait until your baby has a strong neck before placing in this seat.

Tray – Moms, we have a hard to wash alert. Maybe the tray should just be for decoration and not for food.

Entertainment – This chair could be a documentary it’s so boring for babies. Find some toys or board books for them to chew on while sitting.

6. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat

Image of the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat, Peacock Blue

The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat comes close to the Bumbo but with a much smaller price tag and smarter design.

The Pros

Storage – You can put the tray (which is dishwasher safe!) under the seat, just above the foam, so that you don’t lose it. That’s Ingenuity.

Function – 2-in-1 might seem discouraging when compared to some of these 10-in-1 (okay, I’m exaggerating) seats. But it’s got the bare basics that you need: a simple floor seat to keep baby contained and a simple booster high chair for feeding baby.

Safety – There’s a three point harness for baby and two strong straps for putting this on a chair. No worries about tipping, falling, or escaping here.

Comfort – There is a padded foam insert that can be used for smaller babies who need an extra height boost and some cozier surrounding. It can be removed for the older children. The back is also higher than a lot of similar chairs.

Style – The basic seat design isn’t obnoxious or childish. Plus, you can choose from 9 different colors to fit any personality or decor.

The Cons

Price – This isn’t terribly expensive, but some of the brighter colors can get a little pricier.

Stability – The way the chair is balanced means that an overzealous baby could totally tip the chair forward. Just use common sense and keep an eye on your baby.

Size –  Once your kiddo reaches toddlerhood, that middle pommel is gonna become a real pain in the leg. And the middle buckle strap is gonna get shorter and shorter and harder to buckle as baby gets bigger and bigger.


7. Bumbo Original Infant Floor Seat

Image of the Bumbo B10055 Floor Seat, Aqua

The original Bumbo seat has some merit but not quite as much as the Bumbo Multi which grows and grows with your itty bit. The simple design was the original floor seat for babies but now many have improved on the little seat that keeps your baby upright but without entertainment.

The Pros

Looks – One colored piece of foam is about all you get with this basic product. It will never win a beauty contest but is functional and that is what counts.

Function – Keep your baby upright with a little support and a seatbelt for safety. Add a tray to put some small toys in babies reach. This chair serves its purpose but without the flare of the other chairs.

Quality – Sturdy foam and a safety belt make this a great option for smaller babies under a year that is able to hold their head up. The molded foam gives your baby comforting protection from falling.

Angle – Smaller babies will love the ability to view the world around them straight on with a little neck support.

The Cons

Cost – This chair is up there in price but is the original. You are paying for the Bumbo name but you get a lot of quality out of that price. The name recognition does give this seat a high resale value.

Size – Babies with rolls may find the design to be limiting in the wiggle room department.

Entertainment – You will need to provide babies toys.

8. Little Tikes Infant Supporting Floor Seat

Image of the Little Tikes My First Seat Baby Infant Foam Up Right Supporting Floor Seat, Pink

The Little Tikes Infant Supporting is similar in style to a Bumbo seat, but it’s much cheaper. It’s also a lot deeper and has bigger openings. There’s not much to say- the nearly perfect reviews speak for themselves!

The Pros

Parts – This chair is super simple. There’s one piece and some buckles. It’s easy to clean and easy to keep track of.

Cost – You can take the amount of money you saved and go buy you and the kids some ice cream. Or coffee. Or both, we don’t judge. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Quality – Little Tikes uses soft and cleanable rubber that’s really comfortable. It doesn’t topple over and it doesn’t rip or puncture. If they can make toys that hold up to toddlers, then I have no doubt that a Little Tikes chair would be in it for the long haul.

The Cons

Size – Large babies beware- even though this has more space than the Bumbo, it still isn’t huge. And it’s really only good until baby is about 9 to 12 months old, max. No toddler usage here.

Tray – Just like the Bumbo, you have to order the hard-to-find tray separately. This is quite peeving, since you really can’t do too much with just a plain old seat.

9. Contours Twist and Grow Infant Seat

Image of the Contours Twist Grow with Me 3-in-1 Floor, Booster and Feeding Seat -180° Swivel, Removable Foam Seat, Wipe Clean Feeding Tray and 3-Point Harness System, Aqua

Contours glaring green chair might be an eyesore but you can twist the seat giving baby a bigger range. With a range of growth, this chair will delight frugal mommies and babies for years with its versatile design.

The Pros

Looks – The bright colors might require sunglasses.

Function – Take the foam off for older babies, a removable tray. Belts to attach to the chair. Can be used on the floor. All these great features lead to a fantastic addition to your home. Wash this little chair easily. Everything can be taken off to wash. Twist the chair safely to allow baby to see more of the world.

Cost – This chair is a bit high but you get years of use.

Quality – Contours Twist and Grow is sturdy for the floor and for a chair with a leg room. The sturdy base will keep your child safe no matter where they sit.

The Cons

Entertainment – Baby will need toys for the tray as this model is lacking in entertainment.

Tray – The attachable tray can be hard to remove and put on the base.

Storage – Keep this chair at home as it does not fold for storage or travel and has a high back.


10. Regalo Floor Activity Removable Feeding Seat

Best Infant Floor Seats










The Regalo Floor Activity Removable Feeding Seat is more affordable and comes with a sleek design. This chair is less known and it’s harder to find reviews on. The existing evidence does point to this being a very budget-friendly and usable baby seat.

The Pros

Price – I’m putting this first since it’s so important. This seat is probably the cheapest on the list on any given day. If your finances are tight, look no further than this designed-like-the-expensive-seats seat.

Comfort – Lots of foam padding and a huge removable tray mean that this seat has all it takes to keep baby happy for a while.  The high back support and spaciousness don’t hurt either. Oh, and that foam can come out if it starts to cramp an older baby’s style.

Safety – You can avoid baby ouchies with the anti-tip base design and a sturdy 3 point safety harness.

Reputation – Regalo is a family-owned company that’s US-based. They pass all safety and certification standards like JPMA and ASTM for all their baby products. To that I say: well done!

The Cons

Entertainment – No toys, no nothing. The food on the tray should keep them entertained for a while, I suppose? Or you might be able to keep toys on there for 6.2 seconds before they fall off.

Function – This is a floor chair only. With the removable foam pad, I was hoping this would work as a booster-type seat for toddler. No such luck.


11. Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Floor Seat

Image of the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island Positioner, Booster and Activity Seat for Girl

Toys, toys and more toys! Your little one will love Summer Infant’s chair with a toy bar and a toy table. Even better, no batteries required. The fun colors and jungle theme will appeal to children and the chair grows with them.

The Pros

Looks – Lots of colors will appeal to your little one as will the tropical theme and toys to play with. Multiple themes appeal to all children and genders.

Function – A foam insert comes out of this multi-purpose chair. Use to feed or to play. The activity tray rotates for easy use and the toy bar is detachable. Later, the toys come off so you can attach this to a chair at the dining room table.

Quality – Straps for support is about all the quality you get for the price. This if more fun than value.

The Cons

Cost – Now is the time to cry, as versatile as the chair is, at the price point, it should be made of gold, not plastic and foam. If the price was more reasonable this chair would have made the top of the list.

Portable – the pieces come off but with nowhere to put them you are going to need closet space for this chair.

12. Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Friends Floor Seat

Image of the Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat, Forest Friends - Neutral

The Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat Friends Floor Seat is the same brand and similar product as the Summer Infant 3 Stage floor seat that we reviewed above. But this model doesn’t have the activity bar. The much lower, but still high, price reflects that barless fact.

The Pros

Style – Gender neutral! Any parent and baby can love the bright colored bugs and animals. The bright colors help attract your child’s attention so that they can play and learn.

Function – There are 3 stages to this seat. Stage 1 is just a plain jane chair to help baby to learn to sit up by themselves. Stage 2 is the chair, but with the snack and activity tray added on so that baby can play and interact. For stage 3, you can take out the foam insert and buckle to seat into a chair to make it a toddler booster seat.

Quality –  The harness is adjustable, the tray is huge, and the toys are nice. Oh, and the foam is soft and cleanable. It’s overall a well-built baby seat.

Safety – The 360 degree rotating tray will keep your baby entertained without giving them unequal weight distribution. Plus the 3 point safety harness is made from thick nylon straps and can be tightened to be really secure. The straps for chair attachment are serious stuff, too.

The Cons

Tray – Don’t get me wrong, I love the entertainment value of this tray! But the tray likes to stay stuck on the seat and it also is hard to clean because of all the nooks and crannies in the toys.

Storage – Start cleaning a closet now, because you are going to need somewhere to store this massive tray and seat.

Price– Maybe you should see some of the stuff you cleaned out of said closet, because you are gonna need that money to put towards this expensive seat. Good thing you can use it for a couple of years!

13. Summer Infant 4-in-1 Deluxe Super Floor Seat

Best Baby Floor Seat for Older Babies

Image of the Summer Infant 4-in-1 Deluxe SuperSeat, Teal

This Summer Infant 4-in-1 Deluxe Super Floor Seat keeps colors in check and provides entertainment for your little boy or girl. From floor chair to activity center, to feeding chair, this chair does it all with style.

The Pros

Looks – White, teal, and lime green have a better chance of matching decor styles than primary colors.

Function – The compact design will work for years with removable padding as baby grows. An insert for growth and small size allows for a wide range of ages in this chair.

Cost – The average price is middle-ground, neither expensive or cheap this chair is worth the money.

Quality – BPA free, plenty of straps and lots of comforts, this chair will please mom and baby.

Entertainment – Toys are included to keep baby smiling.

The Cons

Comfort – The chair lost points for its ability to pinch and hurt baby with metal parts. And the activity bar can come loose.

14. Baby Einstein 3-in-1 Snack and Discover Infant Seat

Image of the Baby Einstein 3-in-1 Snack & Discover Seat

The Baby Einstein 3-in-1 Snack & Discover Seat is a well-built and ingeniously-designed baby floor seat. It’s not at the top of the pack, but it’s not at the bottom, although it’s last on this list.

The Pros

Function – Mode 1 is the good old baby floor seat. Mode 2 is the activity seat with the fun tray attached. Mode 3 is the chair-top booster. You get to use this seat from about 4 months until 50 pounds!

Cost – It’s not terribly expensive for the amount of toys and good design that you get. Plus, Baby Einstein is an affordable and reliable brand.

Entertainment – The included toys can’t be beat. They’re interesting, educational, and durable.

Design – The chair itself is decently big and high backed for good support. But what I love most is the rotating seat and swivel tray. The seat can turn around so that baby can choose where on the tray the want to play. And when you want to get baby out without moving the whole entire tray off, just swivel one section out of the way.

The Cons

Belts – Big points deduction for the safety harness. It has small straps that fall down into the chair and then you have to dig under baby to get them. Plus, they get too small pretty quickly if you have a hefty baby.

Safety – One big safety concern with this seat: the toy arch comes off and can become a shockingly terrifying baby weapon.

Guide to Selecting an Infant Floor Seat

Not many regulations monitor this fairly new to the market chair. Check for sturdiness and return any product that appears to put your baby at risk. Here are a few other key aspects to look for in an infant floor seat.

Easy to Store

Storage is necessary especially as traveling with baby is inevitable. Pick a chair that does not have too many pieces to lose or store if you have limited space or need it for travel.


Some chairs do not have enough safety features. Even if a baby is on the floor they can still fall over and injure their fragile head. Look for a harness and a sturdy bottom that will not topple over.


Chairs with fewer parts tend to be easier to clean and provide fewer opportunities for tiny fingers to get stuck in difficult spots.

Has Feeding Tray

A feeding tray is necessary for a chair with little entertainment. Also, babies love to graze and a small clean spot to put finger food will keep baby content longer.

FAQ’s about Infant Floor Seats

Can I use a floor seat in water, like a bathtub or shallow pool?

Infant floor seats are never meant to protect a baby in the water (even foam seats). Find a specialty product for babies going in the tub or pool.

Can I put a floor seat on a counter or table?

Never place baby on the counter in a chair that can be tipped over. These seats are meant for the floor or to be attached to a chair, not to a counter or surface.

When is my child old enough to switch to the booster only part of an infant seat?

This will be different for any child, but usually when a child can climb safely and you don’t have to worry about them falling over in their chair, then you can place them in the booster chair without a harness.

When is my child old enough to switch to feeding in this chair?

When a baby can hold their own head up well and are ready for solid foods they can switch to feeding in this chair.

Can I use this chair outside?

You can place baby in an infant floor seat outside but make sure they are on level ground and properly monitored the entire time. Never leave baby alone inside or outside.

Can my baby sleep in an Infant Floor Seat?

Infant floor seats are meant to allow babies to sit up to see the world around them, not for sleep. Their necks are not strong enough to sleep in these chairs and it can make it hard for them to get enough oxygen if babies sleep sitting up.

Final Word on Infant Floor Seats

Image of the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with TrayWhile the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat does not have a harness, it is the best baby floor seat for small babies with neck strength to sit in and enjoy the world.

Image of the Summer Infant 4-in-1 Deluxe SuperSeat, Teal




If your baby is bigger and busier and needs a more structured, but still comfy option, you can’t beat the Summer Infant 4-in-1 Deluxe Super Floor Seat. It’s the best baby floor seat for older babies because they can eat, drink, and be merry, all in one spot.

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