Graco Floor2Table High Chair Review

by Experienced Mommy -

Graco will be releasing the new Floor2Table high chair soon to add to the line of kid chairs like the Contempo, Swift Fold, DuoDiner, Table Fit, Blossom and Swivi Seat.

It isn’t known yet what features will be included on the Floor2Table, but the name implies it may function as a true stand-alone high chair, as well as an independent floor seat.

Graco has had innovations in the past like the Sous Chef seating system that was a high chair that also came with a baby rocker. You can remove the seat for eating and use the same stand to mount the rocker.

This makes the rocker sit more or less, waist height, at about the same level the high chair sits.

Multi-use baby gear, or combination use, like travel systems, where the pieces of baby equipment can serve multiple purposes is desirable among new parents. Getting more for less is always easy to sell, but is especially beneficial at a time of life when both space and dollars are limited.

If you think about it, a large number of baby items are simply seats in various forms. There are swings, bouncers, activity centers, walkers, high chairs, booster seats, car seats, saucers and many more. If some of those items can serve double duty, so much the better!

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