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Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair Review

The Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair has arrived and we have the scoop here to let you decide if you need this high chair in your life. 

Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair 

Baby Jogger has broken out of making only strollers and car seats to a whole new line of products with their goal of making life easier for parents and more comfortable for babies. Let me tell you, the City Bistro High Chair offers tons of advantages, giving it a big spot on the market. 

Folding & Storing 

Some families need a high chair set up all day and night, and others need a chair to fold up due to space issues. If you need to fold up this high chair, you can easily into an almost unbelievably small size! You can even store the high chair between a counter and a shelf! 

As the seat folds down to on slim half-sized unit, you can even slide it in a closet, under a table, or anywhere else you need it to go. The seat folds down flat, and the tray stores on the bottom of the tray to reduce the footprint in your kitchen or dining room.

Unfortunately, the one thing this high chair seems to be lackings is wheels on the legs to move it around the room or roll to another space.

Who couldn’t use a high chair that folds up to 80% smaller than the full size? People with small kitchens will love the space-saving high chair.

It folds up in two easy steps and stands even in the folded position on its own. 

Tray Table 

Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair, Graphite

The tray table is one of the most important aspects of a high chair, and the City Bistro offers a wonderful tray table. We already told you how the tray folds up on the bottom of the legs, but it has other features as well.

First, the tray clips into place with a push of a button.

Second, the tray offers raised sides to keep Cheerios from falling off the tray.

Third, the tray includes a wide leg bar attached to the tray to keep your baby seated and unable to kick the tray off. Finally, the tray includes a unique tray insert. 

Image of Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair (Graphite)

Not only is the tray insert dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, but it’s set up like a plate with three compartments for three different types of food. It’s made of gripping material to stay in place, so your child cannot pick it up and throw it around. Though, toddlers are quite inventive and will still find a way to make a mess. 

Note, the tray does not include toys and will need toys from your own collection.

The main tray is super easy to clean with a smooth, easy to wash, smooth surface. 


Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair, Graphite

Adjustable high chairs are one of the best inventions for babies because they make the chairs usable faster and more cozy for babies and tots, but also comfortable for parents.

The City Bistro chair has four different heights, so you can feed your baby, whether sitting in a chair or standing. This also means you can take off the tray and scoot your child up to the table and adjust their height to match your table!

Around the round base, knobs on the side are a simple mechanism to adjust the height of the chair. However, the company has not announced whether the chair will offer reclining positions.

As the chair is for children ages 6 months, you can expect the chair doesn’t recline. Babies up to 6 months and up to 40 pounds need a reclining chair, but older babies do not need to recline as much. 

As the chair does not recline, this does mean you cannot use the chair from birth or even for your baby’s first meal without making adjustments not included with your chair. Though, this is an excellent option for families with multiple sized tables or parents with noticeable heigh differences.  

Appearance & Comfort

Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair, Graphite

Like the majority of Baby Jogger products, the City Bistro high chair comes in sleek black and gray to match modern decor. Although, this can be an eyesore in a warm-colored room, and the company only offers the one color.

It has many other advantages though if you don’t like the modern aesthetics. 

For one, the seat comes with comfortable and washable padding and also includes padded shoulder straps too. You can adjust the 5-point harness as your child grows for a better and safer fit.

Another great feature is calf support or a spot for their little feet to rest instead of dangling. Feet that dangle can cause discomfort, and as toddlers aren’t great at controlling their emotions yet, this means they may act out in an attempt to get out of their seat.

All these features lead to a seat baby won’t mind sitting in while eating. It’s also a very safe chair to keep baby in place without the possibility of escaping!

Finally, the fabric is not only machine-washable but also stain-resistant to prevent ugly discoloring and make cleaning up an easy chore.

Another great advantage is not set up for parents, as the high chair is ready to use straight out of the box!

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Final Thoughts on Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair

If space is the most important aspect of a high chair for you, then you will love the Baby Jogger City Bistro High Chair, as it folds up to 80 percent of it’s unfolded size.

However, this high chair does not recline, nor does it come on wheels to roll around your kitchen.

Parents who need space should also be aware that while this high chair will save space and fold compactly, more so than any other chair on the market, it will cost a higher price than most high chairs as well.

Baby Jogger has definitely brought a strong contender to the market!

baby jogger bistro high chair


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