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The Best Toddler Carriers – Made for Toddlers 20 Pounds and Up

As toddlers are heavier than babies, carrying a toddler works a parent’s back a whole lot more and measures need to be added for support. The best toddler carriers provide support for the parent’s back while keeping the child’s legs in the M-position for healthy hip and back development.

We’ve found the best toddler carriers to keep your hands free to move around with ease without destroying your back in the process.

The Best Toddler CarriersWhy It's BestMom Rating
LILLEbaby 3 in 1 CarryOn All Seasons Toddler CarrierThree Ways to Carry - Front, Back, or Hip♥♥♥♥♥
Tula Ergonomic Carrier, Toddler SizeAffordable and Over 20 Patterns♥♥♥♥♥
Beco Baby Carrier Beco Toddler Carrier Crossable Should Straps and Pockets♥♥♥♥♥
Piggyback Rider Explorer Toddler Carrier Child Stands to Ride, Less Pressure on Parent's Back♥♥♥♥
Little TiB Ergonomic Baby CarrierCan Be Used From Birth Up to 55 lbs♥♥♥♥
fL The Freeloader Toddler CarrierHas a Seat for a Child and Foot Stirrups♥♥♥♥♥
Didymos Woven Wrap Baby Carrier Traditional Wrap Holds Up to Preschool Size♥♥♥♥♥

The Best Toddler Carriers of 2020

1. LLLbaby 3 in 1 CarryOn All Seasons Toddler Carrier

Tula Ergonomic Carrier, Humming Birds Gray-Toddler Size, 25-60 Pounds


Leave the stroller at home and carry your toddler in the LLLbaby 3 in 1 CarryOn Toddler Carrier.

Most baby carriers hold a child up to 45 pounds but this fabric carrier holds 20 pounds up to 60 pounds comfortably. You can also keep your hands free and go places you can’t go with a stroller. 

Use the carrier three different ways. First, use off to the side on either hip. Second, use the as a front carrier. Third, use on your back. 

Three-way adjustable buckles in various places allow the carrier to grow with your toddler and add extra room for comfort. A temperature control panel ensures your child doesn’t overheat. Other great features include a removable hood and two pockets. 

Next, a wide padded band goes around your waist to provide lumbar support with an added cushion on the back to keep the adjustable strap from digging into your skin. The shoulders are padded too for extra comfort as children get heavy. 

Finally, when your child spills apple juice or falls asleep and drools on the 100% cotton fabric, toss it in the wash for easy care. The carrier keeps your baby’s legs in an M-shape that’s better for their hip development. Comes in four colors, stone, dark gray, black, and a dark coral. 


Do not use this carrier for smaller or younger babies; use this with a baby at least 20 pounds. Also, the part that unzips to allow airflow does not tuck into anything and can annoy you while walking around.

The price may make you a little sad as it’s a rather high. 

2. Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Tula Ergonomic Carrier, Humming Birds Gray-Toddler Size, 25-60 Pounds


The Tula Ergonomic Carrier comes in 18 different colors and patterns to suit every personality.

Moreover, it comes in at about half the price of the LLLbaby toddler carriers, but cannot be worn on the hip like the other carrier. You can still carry on the front or the back. 

Tula’s carrier is made of lightweight and breathable canvas. Not just any canvas, but 100% Oeko-tex standard 100 certified canvas. Although, some of the designs are 100% cotton if you find canvas scratchy. The toddler carrier can hold a child between 25 to 60 pounds. 

The M-position supports proper development for little legs making this a comfortable place for a baby to rest for your child. For you, the carrier includes dual adjustable padded shoulders for neck and shoulder comfort and support. A removable hood can protect your child’s head from the sun. 

Lastly, the wide adjustable front panel provides all-around support for mom. The band also helps to distribute your kid’s weight evenly. Meant for children 32 inches and up. 


Despite 18 different colors, none of the patterns work for a guy. If you want dad to carry the tot you may want to find a more neutrally designed carrier.

Another problem, the carrier may be difficult to put on by yourself. 

3. Beco Toddler Carrier 

Beco Toddler Carrier (Dark Grey Cool Mesh)


While the Beco Toddler Carrier costs a lot for a carrier, it’s one of the few options available for carrying a child who weighs 20-60 pounds.

Dad’s won’t mind carrying children in this carrier either as it comes in a dark gray. Although, if you like fun patterns there are two options, nebula, and geo teal and white. 

Parents love the adjustable features as it can fit extra small adults up to those in size XXL. They can also carry three ways, front, back or on either hip. Crossable shoulder straps and a waist belt pocket add some new features not seen in other carriers. 

Children 18 months and older will love the 3D mesh vented panel for added airflow. A built-in headrest as well as a detachable sleep hood that can also protect from the sun. Not to mention they can nurse in the carrier as well and hands-free! Toss in the wash if there is a leak. 


The high price like with the LLLbaby may deter a lot of customers. Otherwise the carrier works great for carrying larger small children exactly as intended. 

4. Piggyback Rider Explorer

Piggyback Rider EXPLORER CAMO Child Toddler Carrier Backpack for Hands-free Hiking Trails, Camping, Fitness, Travel, Concerts, Adventures - LIMITED EDITION Mossy Oak


The Piggyback Rider Explorer works for mom’s, but the camo print was made with dad in mind and maybe even a hiking trip.

However, what makes this carrier unique is that children stand on a metal platform attached to dad’s back. Of course, mom’s can wear the children too if they don’t mind the print. 

The carrier comes in two pieces, one for dad with a back anchor to hold the straps together and the metal platform for a child to stand on. A second part holds a back anchor with straps for a child to attach to dad to keep him safe if he or she falls off the platform. 

This carrying device works best for children 2-4 years old or children up to 50 pounds. Although, it can hold more depending on the parent and the child. Because the weight shifts with a child standing, the carrier setup works better for parents’ back. 

A child needs to stand to use this carrier. If a child becomes sleepy, they do not have an option to relax as their hands rest on their parent’s shoulders and their feet on the platform. This is not a good option for tots who spend a lot of downtime napping. 

Next, All the straps are adjustable and you can purchase a HIP BELT for added comfort. The carrier is the lightest options available at under three pounds. Store the small device easily in an included bag. 

Finally, the six-point military-grade safety harnesses ensure no one falls, and no one gets hurt. The rear pockets offer a little storage. The metal platform offers non-skid to optimize a child’s standing position.


The high price for such a small device seems almost unfair. However, you are paying for a tested device with premium parts meant to last for more than infant weights and work well.

Again, a child cannot rest on this device. While it offers a better option for parents back, it’s not more comfortable for children. 

5. Little TiB Ergonomic Baby Carrier

fL The Freeloader Coral Reef (Blue) - Large


The Little TiB Ergonomic Baby Carrier comes in as a fraction of the cost of the other carriers listed above. As a matter of fact, this is the most affordable carrier for toddlers. 

Made of 100% organic natural polyesters make this an awesome option for eco-friendly moms. A mesh over the front provides ventilation for your toddler. The fabric is, of course, can go in the washing machine after spills and accidents. 

The design provides for a child’s natural neck and head posture and provides support without putting a strain on the hips or spine. The M- position (or frog-legged position) allows for good circulation in the lower half of the baby while supporting the baby’s weight at the bottom. 

Unlike the other carriers, this one works from 8 pounds and goes up to 55 pounds. That can be a lot of weight for a parent to carry which is why this carrier provides lumbar and back support. 


The Little TiB carrier can be difficult to put on and may run a little tight.

Best for smaller mom and babies, although, some dads can carry as well. Also, this works best as a front carrier. 

6. The Freeloader Child Carrier

fL The Freeloader Coral Reef (Blue) - Large


Why is the The Freeloader Child Carrier named the Freeloader? Because your child gets to ride sitting down. That’s right. This carrier includes an actual seat for your baby instead of a panel to slip your baby into. 

With a carrying capacity of 25-80 pounds, this carrier holds twenty pounds more than the other carriers. This works great for children who need to be carried longer because of injury, illness, or other problems. The extra carry allowance makes mom and dad’s job much easier and more comfortable. Make sure not to use before two-and-a-half years old. 

The Freeloader uses a unique buckle system that offers an ergonomic waist and seat as well as shoulders to distribute the weight evenly for both mom and baby. Stirrups and the seat position keep your baby’s body in the desired M-position and provides foot support. 

The carrier includes a 5-point safety harness which makes this a very easy-to-use carrier. Buckle in your child and then buckle the carrier to yourself. Then off you go on your adventure with lots of open-air for you and your child. 

Finally, the carrier sports padded shoulder straps for parents comfort too. Furthermore, you can store small items it the pockets on the sides and the back, but leave room for your child! Comes in three unisex colors. 


As the child sits in a seat, this carrier is for back carrying only. Because the weight concentrates in the middle or smaller part of the parents back, it can cause pain.

Older children may find the seat uncomfortable as it can dig into their legs.

The price is extremely expensive.

7. DIDYMOS Woven Wrap

DIDYMOS Woven Wrap Baby Carrier Prima Dark Blue/White (Organic Cotton), Size 4


The DIDYMOS Woven Wrap offers a traditional wrap you can position any way you like such as hip carry.

Although, a front or back carrier is the easiest to set up. You could even use as a sling ring depending on the size of your child and your comfort level. 

This wrap comes in multiple sizes based on the mom’s size. If you are petite pick sizes 2-4. Size 6 is the most common size though as it allows the most flexibility. For larger or taller parents you may want the added fabric of a size 7 or 8. No matter what size you pick, you can adjust the fabric to suit newborns, babies, and children up to preschool age. 

Wearing the carrier is easy. Put the carrier on to create a pouch and put the baby in. Wrap the fabric around to the back and tie. Wrap another way for carrying the baby on your back, following this video.

Last, of all, pick from over twenty different colors and fabrics to find the pattern best suited for your family. This wrap keeps baby protected and even allows you to nurse your baby or go anywhere you want with two hands-free. All this with 100% organic cotton.


Unlike the other carriers, this one does not offer waist support which means all the weight is on your shoulders. However, it is the most versatile 

FAQ’s About The Best Toddler Carriers

Will carrying a toddler in a carrier hurt my body?

Yes, carrying a toddler can give you a sore back or aching hips. However, most mom’s spend a lot of time carrying a child and with a carrier, you can more evenly distribute your child’s weight for some relief for your weary back. The best toddler carriers will provide relief not add to your pain.

Can a toddler carrier cause problems for my toddler?

As long as you use a carrier meant for a toddler that also uses the M-position for legs, the carrier can be a fabulous comfort for children. Make sure they do not overheat, they have space to breathe, and that they are comfortable and safe overall. Otherwise the best toddler carriers will not harm your child.

Find great baby carriers too!

Which toddler carrier is better, a carrier or a wrap?

Carrier provides more support for the mother to help evenly distribute the weight. Wraps are more versatile and fit more both mom and dad without having to adjust all the buckles. However, a wrap does not offer as much support as other toddler carriers but make nursing a child much easier.  

Final Thoughts 

The best toddler carriers provide support for carrying older, heavier children, like the Tula Ergonomic Carrier. It offers the right price, the right size, the right amount of support for both you and your toddler.

Carrying a child around hands-free in this structured carrier will make life easier for families who need or want to carry children around longer.

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