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The Best Britax Strollers of 2021

If you have been eyeing Britax strollers, you aren’t alone. Britax has been trusted by parents for over 80 years. Originally a branch of an automobile accessory company, Britax is now known as one of the top names in the car seat game.

After cementing the brand’s status in car seat brands, the company’s engineers set their sights on strollers. Needless to say, Britax enjoys boundless success in that sector as well. 

If you’d like to be the owner of a Britax stroller but just aren’t sure which is best for your family, this guide is for you. We have narrowed down Britax strollers and accessories into seven main categories and crowned the winners. 

The Best Britax Strollers in Every Category

Best Britax Double Stroller

Double strollers are a must-have for families with two or more little ones. Even if your oldest is a toddler, you’ll still find yourself in numerous situations where you’ll have to plop them down into a stroller. If you have two kids to push and transport, go big with a double stroller.

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller


Whether your double trouble is in the form of twins or typical siblings, the Britax B-Lively Double Stroller will be your lifesaver.

When Britax does a double stroller, they do it right. First and foremost, this stroller has an all-wheel suspension. No matter where you need to take your two kids, whether it be sidewalks or some rougher terrain, this stroller can handle it.

Sure, all-terrain is nice, but is it convenient? It sure is. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, making this big stroller only 29 pounds. There’s a good chance this stroller is lighter than your toddler!

With two youngsters, you undoubtedly have your hands full. When you can spare one, that’s all you’ll need for this stroller’s one-hand features. One hand can fold this stroller and one hand can also recline the seat. Oh, and you only need one hand for the linked parking brake!

Surely, you also have double the stuff to carry around. Luckily, the extra-large storage basket can hold all of it. Plus, it features dual front access to the basket so your necessities are always close at hand. If the basket isn’t enough, there are also six back pockets. Six!

While all of this is incredibly useful, let’s not forget that this stroller just looks cool. The modern look of the B-Lively will make you the envy of all the other moms. Don’t forget to pick your favorite neutral; there’s Raven (black) or Dove (gray).

Best Britax Jogging Stroller

After a year full of health crises in 2020, being in prime physical shape is at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. The cheapest form of heart-healthy cardio is jogging – in fact, it’s free! There are no gym membership fees to pay in order to take a brisk jog around your neighborhood.

Beyond your own health, as a mother, it’s vital for you to model healthy habits for your children. With a jogging stroller, your little one gets to join in and witness your exercise firsthand.

As far as Britax strollers go, the brand doesn’t offer a jogging stroller option. Although a few Britax strollers do happen to have the hallmarks of a jogging stroller, no Britax strollers should be used as such. As they are not made for the activity, using them during jogging could be unsafe.

Don’t despair though! If need a jogging stroller and trust the Britax name, I have a viable alternative. You’ve likely heard the name BOB in terms of strollers. The name is synonymous with top-notch jogging strollers – and the brand is owned by Britax! 

BOB jogging strollers are engineered to withstand physical activity, whether you’re lightly jogging or outright sprinting. Meanwhile, your child is cozy and protected!

If you’re interested in learning more about BOB jogging strollers, you’re in luck! We have reviewed several BOB strollers. 

Best Britax Stroller with Bassinet

Stroller bassinets are a cozy on-the-go nest for the tiniest family members. Bassinets have a flat surface, making it safe for a sleeping space. While snuggled up inside, babies aren’t confined upright in a harness, which decreases the danger of positional asphyxiation. 

Basically, bassinets are perfect for sleepy newborn days. While you run errands, it’s inevitable that your little one will be looking for a quick snooze. In contrast, what if you’re visiting a friend and the visit runs into naptime? We all know babies shouldn’t nap in traditional car seats outside of the vehicle. But guess what – that stroller bassinet is like a portable crib. Naptime is on!

Britax B-Ready Stroller

B-Ready G3

If you’re on Team Bassinet and Britax, you’ll want the Britax B-Ready Stroller.

Of all the current Britax strollers and travel systems, it is the only one with a bassinet option. It does not come with a bassinet accessory. You will have to purchase it separately, but the extra buy is so worth it.  

The designers weren’t messing around when they named this stroller the B-Ready because it will be ready for anything. When you add the bassinet, this stroller has 12 seating options! It can even be transformed into a double stroller. While the bassinet is in use, you can attach an infant car seat to create an in-line double stroller.

The Britax bassinet accessory is suitable for use from birth to 20 pounds. It has a soft fabric belt to keep your baby safe and in place. The cover is removable in case of a warm day, while the canopy can be put in multiple positions including down completely.

By the way, this stroller is compatible with any Britax infant car seat, of course, but you can also use BOB car infant seats with the B-Ready!

Best Britax Umbrella Stroller

Once your child grows and becomes more mobile, you can do away with bulky travel systems and opt for a compact stroller. Umbrella strollers are my jam. I say that with no hint of irony. Most days, I’d choose to sit my toddler into an umbrella stroller over any other.

You just can’t beat the convenience of an umbrella stroller. What’s so wonderful about umbrella strollers? For me, it’s a few big reasons. They store so easily in my car’s trunk. I can lift them with one arm and they fold up in a snap.   

Oh, and they are usually very affordable. Win!

Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller, Apple

The Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller is how Britax does the umbrella stroller.

In general, umbrella strollers tend to be the cheapest options. As could be expected, Britax’s umbrella stroller is also it’s most affordable. 

For such a reasonable price point, this stroller is still loaded with features. My absolute favorite is the hands-free carry option. The stroller has a should strap that allows you to carry both the stroller and your little one when cuddles just must be had.

Of course, the designers had to make this stroller easy to carry, so the B-Mobile has the brand’s smallest fold (and it takes only one hand).

One detail makes the B-Mobile beat out other umbrella strollers. Since umbrella strollers tend to be geared for toddlers and older children, they aren’t designed with a car seat in mind. Britax, however, designed this umbrella stroller to be travel system ready! Your Britax infant car seat can connect with this handy stroller!

Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller

Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller, Sketch

The Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller is a stroller full of personality.

With a description that is just so on-the-nose, Britax encourages you to pave your own path with this stroller. While it’s an obvious play on words, it’s also a great idea. While this stroller may only be 20 pounds, it’s as sturdy as a much bulkier option.

This four-wheeled stroller has swivel front wheels for easy navigation and those tires are foam-filled to eliminate the possibility of pesky punctured tires. Those no-flat wheels will carry your baby from birth all the way to 55 pounds.

No matter where you venture, you’ll have plenty of storage. The large bag underneath can carry your diaper bag for you, while a large zippered pouch on the back can carry the essentials, like your phone, wallet, and keys. 

The stroller will grow with your child, thanks to the adjustable five-point harness. It will be a while before they outgrow a good nap, though, so they’ll love the comfort of the infinite recline. 

While Britax strollers are typically offered in neutral colors, the Pathway stroller has a splash of fun, thanks to bold colors and playful patterns printed on the inside of the canopy.  

Best Lightweight Britax Stroller

If you will often be loading your stroller into a car trunk or dragging it up the stairs to your fifth-floor apartment, you’re probably hoping for an option that isn’t heavy and cumbersome. Luckily, Britax has several models that won’t break your back!

If you’re worried that you’re sacrificing quality or features for a lighter load, worry not. Britax doesn’t cut corners on any of their strollers, so no matter how light your stroller is, you will have the confidence that comes from a high-end product. 

Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller, Apple

At a mere 16 pounds, the Britax B-Mobile Lightweight Stroller is the lightest Britax stroller you can buy. 

This stroller is making its second appearance on our list! It’s not shocking though that Britax’s umbrella stroller is also their most lightweight option!

In fact, as mentioned before, this stroller is light, it has a no-hand carry strap. How many other strollers can you just carry around like a tote bag? Of course, if the strap isn’t your style, this stroller does have a travel bag you can purchase. 

Still, you might find yourself asking how comfortable the Britax B-Mobile is for your child. The answer: very! Your baby will be relaxed, thanks to a near-flat recline, an adjustable calf rest, and an extra-large canopy with a flip forward visor. 

Being light in weight doesn’t make this stroller light at style though. Currently, this stroller is available in Raven (black) and also in 3 bold and bright colors: Apple (green), Cobalt (blue), and Ruby (red).

By the way, in case you need to know, this stroller does meet the requirements for stroller use in Disney World!

Britax B-Clever Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Clever Lightweight Stroller | One Hand, Easy Fold + Ventilated Canopy + Cool Flow Ventilated Fabric, Cool Flow Teal

The Britax B-Clever Lightweight Stroller is a lightweight contender that clocks in at only 21 pounds.

Other than its weight, what makes this stroller so clever? This four-wheeled stroller has an all-wheel suspension that, when combined with the lightweight aluminum frame, gives the smoothest ride.

Meanwhile, your little one will be keeping it cool in their seat, thanks to the Cool Flow mesh fabric in the canopy. While enjoying the breeze on a nice day, your child can also recline and relax with the stroller’s infinite recline feature. You can always take a look at them through the peekaboo window – it won’t wake them because of its magnetic closure.

You can fold this stroller with just one hand. It just takes a push of a button and a pull of a strap. Before folding it up though, check out your storage basket down below. Since it’s large, there’s a good chance you stowed something down there!

The B-Clever stroller does come with a car seat adapter if you do have a Britax car seat. If you don’t, and you’d like to purchase the entire travel system, you can. Bonus: the travel system includes the child tray!

Britax B-Free Stroller

Britax B-Free Stroller | All Terrain Tires + Adjustable Handlebar + Extra Storage with Front Access + One Hand, Easy Fold, Midnight

For freedom from heavy bulky strollers, go with the Britax B-Free Stroller.

You’ll fall in love with this stroller for a few reasons. It could be the three all-terrain wheels or even the large canopy. You’ll be won over by its light weight though!

Those three above-mentioned wheels are different than other brand’s counterparts. This makes the stroller easier to maneuver and push. This sounds great, but in practice, it means punctured and flat tires when you got off the beaten path.

The Britax B-Free gives you the, well, freedom to stroll where you like. These three wheels aren’t air-filled. No, these tires are foam-filled rubber tires which means no flat tires!

You won’t be stressing about flat tires, or about comfort. Your comfort is well cared for, thanks to an adjustable handlebar so you’re sure to find the most comfortable grip. You’ll be able to carry everything you need too, thanks to a large storage basket and seven (count them!) pockets!

It’s built with your baby’s comfort in mind as well. An infinite recline and an expandable canopy with UV protection create a cozy nest for a nap. 

The B-Free comes with a two-year warranty. It has a weight capacity of 65 pounds. 

BRITAX B-Lively Lightweight Stroller

BRITAX B-Lively Lightweight Stroller, Raven | One Hand, Easy Fold + Infinite Recline + Front Access Storage + Peekaboo Window

For every mom, the BRITAX B-Lively Lightweight Stroller is a great choice.

In a lot of ways, the B-Lively is similar to the B-Free. However, there are a few differences that can make or break the decision to chose one over the other. The B-Lively was released in 2019 as an updated version of the B-Agile stroller (which you’ll learn more about in this article).

What sets this one apart is its mesh canopy. On warm days, sitting in a stroller can get rather toasty, but with the zippered-mesh panels on the seat and canopy, your little one will keep it cool. 

The B-Lively is equipped with an adjustable 5-point harness. In many lightweight strollers, I’ve encountered a simple safety belt situation and the adjustability is practically nonexistent. Britax wouldn’t do us wrong like that, so this 5-point harness is fully adjustable and grows with your child!

I like the linked parking brake on the B-Lively. With one latch, you lock both rear wheels simultaneously. I’ve owned a few strollers that had two different parking brakes and the annoyance is real.

From a photo, it’s clear that this stroller doesn’t have a child tray or a proper stroller organizer. This is common with Britax strollers – it keeps the design minimal. Still, this stroller does have a large zippered pocket on the back of the canopy. It can’t hold a drink, but it can keep your phone, wallet, and keys safe and secure!

This stroller can hold children up to 55 pounds and is covered by a two-year warranty. 

Check out our full B-Lively review.

Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller

Britax B-Agile Stroller

The Britax B-Agile Lightweight Stroller is perfect for everyday use!

As mentioned, the B-Agile is the predecessor to the B-Lively stroller. While this stroller is older than the others, that doesn’t take it out of the running. It’s still a fantastic stroller!

It’s important to point out that the B-Agile is 18 pounds, while the B-Lively is 20 pounds. Both strollers are categorized as lightweight strollers and they are certainly lighter than some competitor products. Two pounds doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but the extra weight could seem even heavier if you have to carry it around often.

The B-Agile does live up to its name, in terms of agility. Thanks to a swiveling front wheel, this stroller has an ultra-tight turning radius. This is incredibly helpful in navigating crowds and narrow areas in stores if you decide to use this stroller beyond jogs. 

On jogs, the UPF 50+ canopy will protect your baby’s delicate skin. The infinite recline offers ample headroom and a comfortable place to nap. Don’t worry – you can always take a look through the ventilated peek-a-boo window. 

Like most other Britax strollers, this stroller has an easy one-hand fold. Whether you need to store it in a car, a house, or an apartment, this stroller can make the squeeze. 

As this is an older model, you can typically find the B-Agile cheaper than other Britax models. Be sure to snatch one up!

Best Britax Stroller Trays

Every stroller on this list is awesome in its own right. Still, even the best strollers out there can benefit from a stroller accessory or two. Stroller trays make certain activities easier, like when your child needs a snack. 

If Britax strollers have one fault, it’s that they don’t have stroller trays. It’s a design choice to keep the strollers’ bulk minimal. Even so, many parents find themselves wanting a tray.

Once you’re the proud owner of a Britax stroller, if you think you should add on a stroller tray, there are a few options for you. While each tray has the same look, they are designed to attach to certain stroller models. 

Britax Stroller TrayImageCompatible Britax ModelsSpecial Notes
Britax B-Agile/B-Free Child TrayBritax Child Tray for Single B-Agile, B-Free and Pathway Strollers, Black

Single B-Agile, B-Free and Pathway strollers

This tray will only fit on stroller models manufactured after 2014. If you are considering this for an older stroller, check how old it is first. 

Britax B-Lively Child Tray

Britax Child Tray for Single B-Lively Strollers, BlackSingle B-Lively strollerIf you’re worried about loading and unloading, this tray swings out for easy access. 

Britax B-Agile Child Tray

Britax B-Agile Child TraySingle B-Agile strollerLike the other trays, this one detaches with a button.

Britax Child Tray for B-Agile Double Strollers

Britax Child Tray for B-Agile Double Strollers, BlackDouble B-Agile strollerThis tray can be used on either left or right side. For a tray on each side, you will have to purchase two.

Britax 2-Piece Child Tray Kit for B-Lively Double Stroller


Britax 2-Piece Child Tray Kit for B-Lively Double StrollerDouble B-Lively strollerThis kit does include two trays, one for each side.

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller Infant Car Seat Adapter & Child Tray Kit


Britax B-Lively Double Stroller Infant Car Seat Adapter & Child Tray KitDouble B-Lively strollerYou’ll want this tray if one side of your double stroller is occupied by an infant car seat. 

After attaching on a child stroller tray, if you find yourself wishing for some extra storage for your purposes, Britax does sell a stroller organizer.

Britax Stroller Organizer with Insulated Cup Holders | Large Center Compartment with Magnetic Closure + 3 Outer Pockets + Folds with Stroller, No Removal Needed

If an organizer is a bit more than you need, you could also purchase a standalone cupholder to hold that Starbucks cup! It’s easy to install and is compatible with B-Agile, B-Free, Pathway, and B-Lively strollers.

Britax Stroller Cup Holder, Black - Compatible with Single B Agile, B Free, Pathway and B Lively Strollers

Best Britax Stroller Board

Britax Stroller Ride On Board | 3-Wheel Design for Balance + Quick Release for Easy Install and Removal + Adjustable for Height + Holds Up to 50 Pounds

Eventually, all kids grow up and big kids outgrow their stroller. Still, even if a younger sibling has inherited the stroller, your big kid might still find themselves dragging on a walk. Here, stroller boards come in!

Stroller boards attach to your stroller, allowing your older child to stand and ride on the back while the younger sibling is seated in the stroller. While Britax has several models of strollers, they only have one stroller board. Fortunately, it’s a versatile accessory and can attach to most Britax strollers. It can even work with some BOB strollers (Britax owns the BOB stroller company). 

This handy board is adjustable, making it able to accommodate your child through any growth spurts. It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, meaning it will easily carry your child until they’re ready to give up the board. 

The board is suspended on three sturdy wheels and is easy to install. At first, with all the parts laid out, it appears to be deceivingly complicated. After a simple assembly, you’ll have to attach the quick release mounting brackets to your Britax stroller. After that, attachment and release is a snap.

When big brother or sister isn’t around, the board comes with an included storage strap. This strap holds up the board and keeps it out of your way until it is needed once again. 

Before purchasing, do note that this board does not work with the B-Lively stroller or any double strollers. The board comes with a one-year warranty. 

Britax Stroller Ride On Board | 3-Wheel Design for Balance + Quick Release for Easy Install and Removal + Adjustable for Height + Holds Up to 50 Pounds

Buying Criteria for Britax Strollers


Is it just me or are stroller designers really upping their games? Strollers today are sleek! It wasn’t always that way. 

A quick Google search for strollers in the 1990s paints a very different picture than we know today. I’ll also have to ignore the fact that strollers from my childhood are now deemed “vintage.”

Strollers of the late 20th century were bright and garish and had inexplicable amounts of vinyl surfaces. The patterns on these things all remind me of Uncle Joey’s shirts on Full House. 

Thankfully, brands like Britax ended that trend and instead produce these sophisticated and modern strollers (and no atrocious patterns). Strollers like the examples on this list are more than just a cart to push your kid in. Strollers are closer to status symbols now and Britax sends out a sign of class.

Price Range

In a perfect world, all strollers would be a cheap $5 purchase. What a dream! In the real world, though, we expect to pay a certain amount of money in order to give our children a level of comfort and safety as we stroll along.

Undoubtedly, Britax strollers are not budget strollers. Still, the higher price tags haven’t stopped them from being one of the best-selling childcare brands in the U.S. For the Britax price point, you get a comfortable and flexible stroller that can grow with your child. 

FAQs About Britax Strollers

How do you fold Britax strollers?

Most Britax strollers feature a one-hand fold. While models differ slightly, the basic premise is the same. 

To fold a Britax stroller, apply the brake with your foot. Next, with your hand, press the frame release button. Then, reach down to the seat and pull up on the fold strap. The stroller will fold as you pull upward on the strap.

See the video below for a quick demo.

How do you open Britax strollers?

Opening a Britax stroller is just as easy as folding it! First, on the side of the stroller, you’ll find a chassis lock. With your thumb, press in the chassis lock. This will unlock the stroller’s fold. 

Second, after unlocking the fold, you will simply pull upward on the stroller’s handlebar. The stroller will unfold and click into position as you pull upward.

There is also a video demonstration of opening a Britax stroller at 0:49 in the following video.

How do you clean Britax strollers?

As much as we try to keep our strollers clean, there will come a time that every stroller will need a scrub.

Britax strollers, by design, are easy to clean. The fabric parts and harness are not machine-washable, unfortunately, but cleaning it is still uncomplicated. The harness and the fabric seat cover should be wiped down with a cloth and a mild soap. They should be air-dried to avoid shrinkage. 

If you’d like to remove the stroller’s textiles to better clean them, it’s easy to do. You’ll start at the handlebar and unbutton the straps that hold the fabric. The sides are attached to the canopy with velcro and can be pulled apart. The rest of the textiles are held with snap buttons and can be undone.

It is definitely recommended that you do remove the textiles periodically for a deeper clean. This applies to any stroller – debris and crumbs get stuck in crevices!

Next, with that damp soapy cloth, wipe down the aluminum frame of the stroller. Do not use any abrasive solvents or chemicals on any part of a Britax stroller. For example, bleach is a no-go.

When you are done, you should never fold the stroller while it is wet. You will want to allow the stroller and its components to completely dry before storing it. 

Have there been recalls for Britax?

Fortunately, Britax is a company with its act together and it hasn’t had to recall many products. The B-Agile was subject to a recall in 2017 due to issues with the infant car seat mounting. Less than 30 cases of injury were reported and nothing more serious than bumps and scratches.

Britax typically acts quickly in case of a manufacturing error and provides timely repair options for consumers.

Wrap Up

The best Britax stroller for your family depends on your specific circumstances, like the area you live and the activities you participate in. With this guide, we broke down the brand’s best strollers into categories to help make your decision easier to make. 

Whichever stroller you go with, you’ll be receiving a high-quality product that will grow with your child. When it comes to Britax, you truly can’t go wrong!

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