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Britax B-Clever Stroller Review – Does It Live Up To Its Name?

The Britax B-Clever Stroller is one of the latest products to roll out from the Britax company.

This perfect traveling stroller has cool’ features like a mesh seat back, ventilated sidewalls, and a ventilated canopy. It also has an all-wheel suspension system and large wheels that easily roll over surfaces.

With a weight/age range from newborn up to 50 pounds, the money invested is well worth the years you’ll get from this stroller.

Let’s take a closer look in this Britax B-Clever Stroller review.

Image of Britax B-Clever Stroller - Up to 50 Pounds - Cool Flow Ventilated Fabric, Teal

Britax B-Clever Stroller Features

Age, Height, and Weight Range

One of the great things about the Britax B-Clever Stroller is that it can be used for newborns and until 50 pounds or 44-inches. However, you’ll need a Britax car seat to use in the stroller because it does not lay completely flat. This prevents the stroller from providing the head and neck support that infants need.  

For parents with a Britax car seat, this is going to be an easy transition. Britax has several rear-facing infant car seats that are ideal for use with this stroller. You can check out reviews for the Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat and the Britax Endeavors Infant Car Seat at these links.

Something to note when choosing an infant car seat is that the combined weight of your baby and the seat cannot be more than 50 pounds to use with the stroller. Once you have chosen a car seat, be sure that you install it using the included adapter to ensure your little one’s safety.

Image of Britax B-Clever Stroller - Up to 50 Pounds - Cool Flow Ventilated Fabric, Teal


The Britax B-Clever has an all-wheel suspension system and wheels that are large enough that your little one’s ride will be smooth even on bumpier terrain. The front swivel wheels make turning easy but they can also be locked into place when you are moving over grass or dirt.

The lightweight design also improves maneuverability since you will not be pushing a heavy stroller around. However, it is not the lightest stroller out there weighing around 22 pounds.


As this is designed for use with younger children, the Britax B-Clever has a 5-point adjustable safety harness. The safety harness is padded, but the material used on the padding is not as comfortable as the cool material used on the rest of the stroller.

britax b clever foot brake

This also has a convenient and easy braking system. The brake is located on the right side of the stroller and can be pressed down with a single foot. Even though the brake is only one side, pushing the brake locks both back wheels. Like most strollers, you should not park on any type of incline when using the safety brake.

Convenience Features

This also offers plenty of storage, including an under-stroller basket and dual storage pockets. The under-stroller basket is accessible from the front, which is definitely nice so you don’t have to struggle if your little one is reclined.   

Something to note is that the manufacturer is very specific in their recommendations for the weight that can be placed in the storage areas of this stroller. You cannot add more than ten pounds to the basket and each of the storage pockets is designed to hold just one pound. Avoid overloading these or the stroller can tip over.

Even though there is a decent-sized storage area, this does not have a child’s tray. This means that you’ll need to add more weight to the back storing your little one’s toys, snacks, and drinks, especially if you are going on a long walk.

Another feature that parents will appreciate is that the stroller can be folded with a single hand. It also stays standing when folded, which is perfect if you need to stop to eat while shopping around town or your baby just wants to be held for a while.

This does need to be assembled after buying. However, the Britax user manual that comes with the B-Clever has clear pictures and instructions, so assembly is easy.  


The Britax B-Clever Stroller is perfect for summer strolls because of the airflow that goes through the design. It has Britax’s breathable cool flow fabric around the stroller. The seatback is made of mesh material and the seating area and sidewalls are both vented for all-around cool airflow.  

Babies and toddlers using this stroller will also appreciate the multi-position recline that can be reclined until it is almost flat. This makes it perfect for nap time or for children who like to sit up and look at the world around them.

The stroller also features a large canopy to protect your little one from the sun. The ventilated canopy also has a peek-a-boo window for keeping a close eye on your little one. The magnetic closure is also nice because it opens and closes much quieter than Velcro would.

Image of Britax B-Clever Stroller - Upto 50 Pounds - Cool Flow Ventilated Fabric, Teal

For someone of average height, the handle of the stroller is at the perfect spot to effortlessly push your little one along. The handle cannot be adjusted though, so taller parents might want to choose a stroller that has this feature.


The Britax B-Clever Stroller comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Parents need to register their stroller with Britax within 30 days of purchase to use the warranty.

The warranty works for replacement parts or the entire stroller if necessary, however, the cost of shipping for new parts is not included. Additionally, there are several limitations and guidelines for how the stroller can be used so you do not void the warranty. You should read these carefully before using the stroller.


  • Lightweight design
  • Can be used from infant age up to 50 pounds
  • All-wheel suspension system with front swivel wheels for a smooth ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Under-stroller basket and dual storage pockets
  • Single-hand fold
  • Self-standing when folded
  • Single-foot parking brake
  • Multi-position near-flat recline
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure makes it easy to quietly peek in on your little one


  • High chance of tip over if you overload the basket or pockets
  • Only comes with a two-year limited warranty
  • Heavier than other lightweight strollers

Britax B-Clever Stroller and General Stroller FAQs

Can I use this stroller with an infant?

The Britax B-Clever can be used with infants but you’ll need a rear-facing infant car seat. Since this offers a near-flat recline and not a completely flat recline, you should not use it with babies without a car seat until they can support their head and neck.

For parents looking for tips to strengthen baby’s head and neck muscles, there are exercises that you can do with baby to help them grow stronger.

How do I maintenance this stroller?

When you buy something like the Britax B-Clever that has a long period of use, it’s important that you take care of it to make it last.

None of the stroller parts are machine washable, however, you can use a mild soap and cold water to clean the harness, canopy, and any other fabric. You should also air dry to prevent shrinking. Plastic parts can also be wiped down using these instructions.

The metal parts in this stroller are not made of corrosion-resistant metals so it is important to let it dry fully before folding it up. When stored, you should also keep the stroller covered to stop the material from being covered in dust.

Store away from sunlight and direct heat, too, because this can warp the parts. You should also wipe away any dirt or debris from the parking brake, frame, and other areas of the stroller to keep it operating smoothly.

What features should I look for in a stroller?

The most important advice regarding strollers is to consider your lifestyle and how you’ll be using the stroller. For example, parents who like to take their stroller grocery shopping might want one to choose one with a higher basket weight limit.

The type of stroller you buy can also affect what works best for your family. If you value maneuverability or plan to use the stroller so you can exercise, a jogging stroller might be a better fit.

For parents who have kids close in age, tandem or double strollers could be a better option. If you plan on using the stroller while traveling, you’ll want to buy one that folds small (and possibly can be used as a carry-on for airline travel).

You should also consider which convenience features are most important to you. Some manufacturers leave out certain features because they add to the overall weight or bulkiness of the stroller.

For example, this does not have features like an adjustable handle, cup holder, or child tray. These things are not necessarily deal-breakers though and you may be able to find Britax-approved accessories for use with this and other Britax strollers.

You’ll also want to consider how comfortable the stroller will be for your child. This has features like cool airflow that makes it perfect for traveling in the summer. The multi-position recline is also nice for taking naps. Finally, the suspension system keeps the ride smooth so your little one isn’t being jostled around while you push them along.

Final Thoughts

I love the idea of a Britax stroller that works perfectly for summer walks through the park or just strolling town. T

his is a stroller that can be used for years with a Britax infant car seat because of its wide weight range. Features like a single-hand fold, lightweight design, and large storage area also make the Britax B- Clever Stroller convenient for parents to use.

While it does not have features like a telescoping handle, cupholder, or infant tray, it is a straightforward stroller that is perfect for summer strolls and well worth the cost.

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