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Britax Pathway Stroller Review

I have found that a wonderful stroller is worth its weight in gold. Whether you’re using your stroller for a simple walk around the block or as a baby transportation system in an airport, you’ll quickly discover that the quality of your stroller can greatly impact your overall happiness. There are many stroller manufacturers, and Britax is one of the best.

The Britax Pathway Stroller is the newest member of their 4-wheel stroller family. It is a high-quality (but not luxury) stroller that fits between the higher-end Britax B-Ready stroller and lower-end, lightweight B-Mobile stroller.

If you are looking for a 3-wheel stroller or something for more uneven terrain, consider the B-Agile stroller. Here’swhat you can expect from the new Pathway.

Image of the Britax Pathway Stroller, Sketch


One-Hand Quick-Fold

The stroller that I used for my two kids required both hands to fold. At the time I bought it, I didn’t think that would be too big of a hassle. It turned out to be an inconvenience more times than I anticipated.

When my oldest was very young, we had to fly and airport security requested I collapse the stroller and place it on the conveyor belt. I had to figure out how I was going to use both hands to collapse and lift my stroller while also holding on to my baby. Luckily, the woman behind me offered to hold my baby, and she looked trustworthy enough that I took her up on it.

The stress of the situation almost had me in tears. If you’re planning to use your stroller in travel, you should absolutely select a stroller that offers one-hand quick-fold.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Because of the lightweight aluminum frame, you can have the benefits of stability and security that metal bars provide without the hefty weight. This means that you’ll have confidence that your stroller will be able to safely transport your little one, and you’ll still be able to easily lift it whenever you need to.

Travel System

The Pathway is also sold as a travel system, which packages the stroller with the Britax B-Safe 35 infant car seat.

Image of the Britax Pathway & B-Safe 35 Travel System, Cabana

For Britax, their Click & Go System is like Graco’s Click Connect. It means that you can take your B-Safe car seat and secure it on your Pathway stroller. This feature may not sound that glamorous, but it’s really important.

Image of the Britax Pathway & B-Safe 35 Travel System, Cabana

By using a stroller that correlates with your car seat, you can move your little one straight from the car to the stroller. This is particularly helpful if your child has fallen asleep on the way to your destination. Then, when you get there, you can set up the stroller while your child sleeps peacefully, attach the car seat to the stroller, and be on your way.

This isn’t the only stroller car seat combo that Britax offers. Click to read our Best Travel System article, which lists the best Britax travel system.

All-Wheel Suspension

All-wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride. Although you might think that this feature just benefits your child, it also benefits you. As your child bounces along on a bumpy road, those vibrations go through your arms and up to your shoulders.

Image of the Britax Pathway Stroller, Sketch

By choosing a stroller with all-wheel suspension, you reduce the likelihood of a bumpy ride. This makes your walk more enjoyable for both your child and you.

5-Point Harness

The 5-point harness on a stroller is important for three main reasons. First, it keeps your child safely secured, just like in their car seat. Second, the security that the harness provides also doubles as a restraint. This makes it almost impossible for your little Houdini to escape and make a break for it. Finally, the 5-point harness helps secure your child when he or she falls asleep.

Honestly, my first son always stayed with me, so I rarely used his buckle. One day, he fell asleep while we were on a walk, and I didn’t realize it. As we walked, I watched his torso bob forward. Luckily, I figured out that he was asleep and got him reclined and secured before he fell face first out of the stroller.

Infinite Recline

The Infinite Recline is another very valuable feature to a stroller. Although I may not have used my 5-point harness often, I used my reclining feature almost every time I used the stroller. Whether we were walking around the neighborhood or seeing animals at the zoo, both of my children seemed to pass out at some point in time while riding in the stroller. When this happens, you just lower their seat back so that they’re more flat and let them snooze away!

Linked Parking Break

At the back of the Pathway stroller is a brake system that allows you to lock both rear wheels at the same time. If you think about it, there’s really no reason why you would want to just lock one brake and not the other. Yet, on many strollers, you have to lock the wheels independently. These independent locks increase the odds of injury because of only one wheel getting locked and not both.

When both rear wheels are locked, you know your stroller is safe and secure. You can get your child in or out of the stroller without fear of harm.

Large Under-Seat Storage

You will want to bring things with you for nearly every excursion you take. In order to have the most fun on your outing with your stroller, it’s important that your storage can hold everything you need. Whether you’re bringing gear for you or your baby, that extra storage space below the stroller is very important.

Image of the Britax Pathway Stroller, Sketch

Large UV 50+ Canopy

Although many strollers offer a canopy to keep the sun off of your child, not all canopies offer UV protection. This feature helps distinguish the Pathway as one of the top-of-the-line strollers. By having this UV protection, you can better protect your little one from harmful UV rays that will damage his or her delicate skin.

Four-Wheel Configuration

Of all the features on the Pathway stroller, this one is my least favorite. To be honest, I’m a big fan of three-wheel strollers because they seem to offer a smoother ride on a variety of surfaces. With four wheels, you will want to make sure that you’re on a paved path, and don’t plan on running or jogging.

However, four-wheel strollers are truly wonderful when you’re walking on a paved surface. They feel easier to navigate than the sometimes clunky and awkward three-wheel strollers.

Two Year Warranty

Two years is a very generous amount of time for a warranty on a stroller. This gives you plenty of time to try out all of the features of the stroller and ensure that everything works exactly the way that it’s supposed to. In comparison, many quality stroller manufacturers just offer a one year limited warranty.

Technical Information

  • Stroller Weight: 20 pounds
  • Maximum Unfolded Dimensions:29″L x 23″W x 11″H
  • Folded Dimensions (Wheels On):29″L x 18.5″W x 11″H
  • Interior Seat Width: 11″
  • Tire Size: 6″ front tires, 9″ rear tires
  • Minimum Child Weight: 4 pounds
  • Maximum Child Weight: 55 pounds


  • One-hand quick-fold allows you to quickly and easily collapse your stroller while still being able to hold your baby. (This is particularly beneficial for anyone flying with an infant.)
  • The aluminum frame provides stability, but the light weight makes the stroller easy to lift.
  • The Click & Go System allows Britax car seats to snap on to the Pathway stroller.
  • All-wheel suspension provides a smooth ride for your child and reduces the amount of upper body work required by you to push.
  • A 5-point harness keeps your child safe, secured, and upright when they fall asleep.
  • Infinite recline allows you to lower your child’s seat back so they can rest easily.
  • The linked parking brake allows both rear wheels to be locked at the same time.
  • Under seat storage allows you to bring necessary gear with you.
  • The UV 50+ canopy helps protect your little one from harmful UV rays.
  • A two year warranty ensures your stroller will live up to your expectations.
  • It comes in four colors: red, blue, gray, and black.


  • The four-wheel structure makes the Pathway inappropriate for jogging or off-road excursions.
  • Although the under-seat storage looks like it could hold some gear, I’m not sure if it would be able to hold a diaper bag and jackets or a diaper bag and a purse.
  • No snack/drink tray! If you’d like one for your child, it’s extra. If you’d like one for yourself, you’re out of luck.
  • No parent “stuff” tray! Many strollers offer a little plastic tray at the back of the stroller. This allows you to keep your keys, phone, and maybe a drink nearby. There is no such tray on the Pathway.

My Recommendation

Overall this is a solid mid-level stroller. It is not for jogging or rough terrain, but it does have nice suspension and larger wheels than the lighter strollers.

I have to admit that I’m disappointed that the child’s snack tray doesn’t come with the stroller. Although I can live without my adult “stuff” tray at the back of the stroller, I wouldn’t be able to make-do without a place for my little ones to store their water and snacks.

Image of the Britax Pathway Stroller, Crew

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