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UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller Review – Why It’s Better Than the Vista

UPPAbaby Vista V2 comes out in February of 2020 and you may decide you want one once you read this, especially if you had the Vista original and noticed a few issues. All the glitches disappeared with the new model, as the company listened to customers’ comments and made an impressive stroller that’s ready to make your life easier.

Here are all the facts about the new Vista stroller. Take a look and decide if this is the right stroller for you and your baby.

Image of the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller Review


A height-adjustable, UPF 50+ canopy contributes to the safety and comfort of the stroller for babies, children, and even older children with an increased size to block the sun from eyes. Most strollers provide a viewing window and a modestly sized canopy, but this one takes canopies to new heights with an extra zippered section.

If you want a normal-sized canopy, keep the zippered portion zipped, but if the sun is beating down on your baby, unzip, and the canopy scrolls all the way down to the safety bar to completely block out all sun rays so your baby can sleep even while you shop.

Finally, the canopy comes with not one, but two peek-a-boo ventilating sections to view the baby and get a little extra air flowing through the stroller. The first utilizes an elegant fold-over flap; you can move on a whim to peek on your tot or provide a little bit of light. Under the zipper, find a second section to peek or provide light for your baby. Both windows are all built-in and easy to use without rolling or tying.

Seat & Harness

The Vista seat offers a spacious and cozy place for babies of all sizes to grow. It provides ample room without taking up more space than necessary, which translates to a more natural ability to walk through small spaces. The seatback goes back farther than other stroller seats, too.

A deep footrest provides plenty of legroom and adjusts to keep baby content. Add in the new harness with easy-to-adjust straps, and you have a seat fit for a king or queen. The newly adjusted straps don’t require rethreading every time the baby has a growth spurt.

Seat Options

One of the significant advantages, and why parents are willing to spend large sums on a designer stroller like the Uppababy Vista V2, is the many seating options. First, the stroller includes an easy to remove baby or toddler seat, and it also comes with a bassinet for the first three months of baby’s life. The options keep coming with the impressive Vista series stroller.

Use the toddler seat either forward-facing or parent-facing so the baby can see you or see the world. You can add in a rumble seat for two toddlers. Mix in an infant car seat and the bassinet for a total of two babies per stroller. You can even use the stroller with two car seats or any other combination, so long as you have the right adapters (sold separately).

Furthermore, add on a Piggyback to the back of the stroller so a third child can stand on board and for a ride-along. How much easier life is when a short-legged child rides on instead of slowing you down! With so many options available, you can make the stroller work for you, instead of you working for the stroller.


Both moms and dads won’t mind pushing this easy-to-steer the stroller with telescoping handlebars. It can accommodate multiple heights by going up or down easily while allowing for correct posture and full comfort. Moreover, the handlebar comes in full leather with pinholes for comfort, breathability, and grip.

Wheels & Suspension

Uppababy made many improvements to this newer version of the Vista, including softer tires. The wheels also resist punctures wounds, so you don’t have to worry about changing tires or uncomfortable pushing or riding. You can also lock the front wheels into place for smooth rides with a quick push down and a green indicator to let you know when the wheels are locked.

A new spring-action, all-wheel suspension will smooth out bumpy rides on uneven roads or wherever your day takes you. The new and improved suspension means your baby can sleep even on rough landscapes. It’s easier for you to push the stroller around because the wheels provide a cushy experience as they glide over rocks, bricks, dirt, and so much more. Also, the suspension works even with multiple babies on board so you can keep two little ones lounging without disturbing their slumber.

Storage Basket 

The storage basket for the Uppababy Vista V2 includes an extra-large basket for stowing diaper bags, shopping bags, blankets, and toys. It’s much deeper and roomier than other stroller baskets and even includes pockets on the back to quickly stow items like phones, bottles, or a snack. Also, the basket allows you to pop items in from the front or the back for the most usability possible.

One of the only downfalls of this stroller is it does not come with a built-in carry-all organizer for mama or a snack tray for children. You can purchase these items, but for additional costs. With the already higher price of the stroller, this may frustrate many customers. Parents can also purchase a dedicated cup holder and a basket cover.


A state-of-the-art folding frame allows the stroller to fold down by pushing two assemblies on the sides of the handle. This prevents the stroller from collapsing unintentionally, like a single button trigger release can sometimes do. The best feature of this folding stroller is its ability to stand independently while folded without having to maneuver the unit in any way. 

The Vista 2 has a much smaller footprint. It takes up so much less space standing out of the way than laying on the floor. You don’t need a giant space dedicated to storing your stroller, just enough standing room. Nor do you need to remove the seat to fold it down- just send it into position and store in your closet or trunk of your vehicle. 

Color Options

The Vista V2 comes with nine dapper color options to suit most everyone’s taste. If you are looking for a cartoony, pastel, or babyish designed motif, you will have to look elsewhere, as the options all speak of class and elegance. Mind you, it’s the canopy and the seats with the color. The basket and frame all stay the same colors, along with the wheels.


  • Alice – Modern Pale Pink 
  • Finn – Two-Toned Teal
  • Hazel – Two-Toned Olive Green 
  • Sierra – Heathered Tan and Cream
  • Bryce – Silvery White
  • Emmett – Hunter Green 
  • Gregory – Silvery Gray 
  • Jake – Charcoal Deep Gray
  • Jordan – Heathered Gray 

Each of the options comes with a leather handlebar in shades of saddle brown, chestnut, or black. 

Image of the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller


  • Smart Frame Made of Aluminum and Magnesium 
  • Toddler Seat Works for 3 Months Up to 50 lbs
  • Bassinet Works From Birth to 20 lbs or Until Baby can Push Up
  • Compatible with the Uppababy Mesa Carseat Without Attachments 
  • Use an Adapter for Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex Car Seats
  • Folded Dimensions With Seat – 25.7W x 17.3L x 33H
  • Folded Without Seat – 25.7W x 16.75L x 33H
  • Open Dimension – 25.7W x 32.8L x 39.5H
  • Weight with Seat is 27 lbs – Bassinet 8.8 lbs

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Versus the Vista

Imagine you found a near-perfect stroller with just a couple of complaints, and then a miracle happens – the company fixes every issue you had, and now the stroller can officially be called perfect. That’s exactly what happened with the Vista and the Vista V2, as every issue was left behind with the new Vista stroller. Take a look at the changes.


The Vista had an extended canopy on both the toddler seat and rumble seat, but it was a roll-up, pushed up on the inside of the canopy. With the V2, the canopy zips down for extended sun protection right next to the handlebars. This new zip-out canopy also provides a second mesh peek-a-boo window for functionality and a sleeker design. Furthermore, the other mesh window offers a quick slide down instead of a roll-up and tie window.

Seat & Harness

An easier to use harness improves the Vista V2. No more re-threading like you had to with the Vista. The newer stroller seat offers one slot for the harness and it’s much less complicated to adjust the harnesses for easier adjusting to fit your baby. The seat also gets an even roomier size, for an added bonus!

Wheels & Suspension

The wheels of the Vista V2 get more cushion in the wheels and a slightly improved suspension since the Vista, but both offer top-of-the-line suspension with only minor modification for the newer model. However, a new wheel lock indicator lets parents know when they have the front wheels locked in place with the V2. 


The newer Vista V2 comes with a much sleeker storage basket, and it does not use snaps like the older Vista. Extra storage pockets for accessories were added to the newer models, which you can use to hold the rain shield, adapters, or even a sippy cup if you like.

Color Options

Along with the Vista V2, parents get four new color choices: Finn, Hazel, Sierra, and Alice. However, the older Vista had four colors which are now discontinued including Henry, William, and Spencer. Some of the colors remain available for both strollers including Jack, Emmett, Bryce, Gregory, and Jordan. 


All of the add-ons for the Vista V2 haven’t changed, except for a new adapter for the Nuna, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi car seats, which allows babies in car seats to sit closer to their mom or dad. This new adapter allows for use with the stroller in both single and double-seated mode. 

Final Thoughts About the UPPAbaby Vista V2

The Uppababy Vista V2 picks up where the Vista lets off to make a few modifications and improve the functionality of the stroller. Now, parents can enjoy an impressive modern stroller free of issues that plagued the older Vista model. All of the improvements make for a stellar, though pricy, stroller that’s ready to improve your life with an infant in tow. 

With endless seating options and smooth driving, this stroller steps into the future with a clean design to boot.

If you are looking for a stroller to grow with your family, the Vista was a great choice but the Vista V2 is an even better choice with an easier-to-use seat and harness, more streamlined basket, and an improved canopy for more sun protection. All this and very few downfalls, besides a lack of a mommy organizer and a snack tray for kids, which you can purchase separately. 

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