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Uppababy Cruz V2 Stroller Review: Is it Better than the Cruz?

The Uppababy Cruz V2 is the perfect stroller for parents with a single child or a family with an age gap. Experienced Mommies want the most up-to-date stroller to make their lives easier, and that’s just what the updated Cruz V2 does: it improves upon the Cruz and makes a good stroller an exceptional stroller.

Take a look first at what the Cruz V2 stroller offers and then find out what has changed since the last model of the Uppababy Cruz.

uppababy cruz v2 styles

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller Review

Strollers come with many different features, and the Cruz V2 comes with everything you could want in a stroller, except maybe a coffee maker and a Bluetooth speaker. Don’t worry, surely at least one of those is coming in the future. For now, take a peek at all of the enviable features in the Cruz V2 stroller.


uppababy cruz v2 canopy

The canopy of this stroller offers two functional stages to work well for rainy or overcast days, depending on your needs. Many strollers use a foldable canopy, which works well but often gets in the way and unfolds at the wrong time. Instead, Uppababy uses a main folding canopy with a zippered in section to keep it out of the way or access quickly.

More sun protection from an extended canopy means your baby or toddler can sleep while you go about your business. Either block the sun or extend the canopy by unzipping and block the whole world from your baby so they can have full comfort. The canopy also keeps rain and snow from attacking your child.

Another great feature of the Cruz V2 is that you can adjust the canopy up or down with one clever movement. Now the canopy can sit closer for younger tots and move up higher as your child grows. The stroller also comes with a tailor-made rain and bug shield to protect against the elements.

Finally, the 50+ SPF UV protection canopy offers two mesh viewing windows. You can use the mesh windows to provide a little ventilation on hot days, or you can use them to check your baby without disturbing their slumber. Quick flaps allow you to check without rolling, making noise with velcro, or glaring bright lights onto your child.

Seat & Harness

The Cruz V2 offers a roomy seat for children of all sizes from the ages of three months up to fifty pounds. Furthermore, the adjustable leg rest allows plenty of space for little legs with a comfort bar for feet to rest on. A high seat back also allows the baby’s head to rest comfortably no matter how tall they are, now and in the future.

As with all great strollers, you can easily adjust the seat to a reclining position. Your baby can sit up straight or relax with multiple positions for maximum comfort on the go. Adjust the recline with a single hand for minimal disruption for you or your child.

Moreover, the harness is a single unit with easy to adjust buckles. Moms, this means no re-threading every time your child has a growth spurt! One easy motion allows you to adjust to the size of your baby.

Seat Options

uppababy cruz v2 seats

If you want a stroller with room for two babies, you will want the Vista V2, but if you only have one little one, the Cruz V2 is the right size for you. You can even add in a piggyback ride-along board so an older sibling can ride along without sitting in the stroller.

Another great option this stroller provides is the ability to reverse the seat. Change the direction so your child can face you when they are little and then change the seat to forward-facing when your child is ready to take in the world.

If you prefer a bassinet for the first six months, you can use it on or off, and it pops in and out easily. The bassinet also includes a cover and a deep canopy, and babies can safely sleep overnight in the bassinet. As the toddler seat works best for children ages six months and up, the bassinet allows you to use the stroller earlier.

Furthermore, many parents prefer to use a car seat for their infant, and that’s definitely an option with the Cruz V2. It works with the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat without any attachments as it simply clicks and locks into place for a perfect travel system. Like with the Cruz, this stroller is also compatible with select Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex car seats with additional adapters.


uppababy cruz v2 handlebar

The handlebar may not come with a mommy organizer, but it does include genuine leather with breathability. Adjust the handlebars with a convenient telescoping mechanism with a single hand. It goes high enough for very tall parents or short enough for shorter parents.

A bar at the front of the seat for the baby also includes breathable leather. It helps to keep the baby in place and provide a place for their tiny hands. Furthermore, you can add a child snack tray too to improve the use for your baby.

Wheels & Suspension

Uppababy offers an all-new rear suspension with dual-action to provide a smooth ride for strolls. New bigger 10-inch tires also help to even out the rides so your baby can sleep even in rough terrain. Also, a new lock indicator lets you know when the wheels are locked for easier use.

Storage Basket 

uppababy cruz v2 storage basket

A large storage basket with pockets provides plenty of space for storage under the seat. The basket can hold a whopping thirty pounds of weight. Store the rain liner in one of the pockets or use it for your personal items at easy reach.


The stroller folds up in one quick motion by pushing down on the levers on the side of the handlebars. It folds up compactly and even stands up for easier storage without creating something else to trip on in the closet or trunk.

Color Options

No matter which color you choose, the seat comes with a silver frame and black basket and wheels. The entire appearance is of sleek luxury, ready to make all your mommy friends jealous.


  • Alice – Dusty Pink
  • Finn – Deep Sea
  • Hazel – Olive
  • Sierra – Heather Tan
  • Bryce – Heather White
  • Emmet – Heather Green
  • Gregory – Heather Blue
  • Jake – Charcoal

Cruz V2 Features

  • Compatible with UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat (sold separately), no attachments needed
  • Toddler Seat: Best for Ages 3 Months to 50 lbs
  • Add-on the UPPAbaby Bassinet
  • Folded: 16.5 L x 22.5 W x 32.5 H
  • Unfolded: 31 L x 22.5 W x 40 H
  • Weight: Frame & Seat: 25.5 lbs
  • Built-In Adjustable Canopy with UPF 50+ and Height Adjustability
  • Includes A Rain Cover
  • Telescoping Handlebar
  • Detachable Bumper Bar that Pivots
  • Removable and Washable Stroller Seat Fabric
  • No Puncture Foam Core Rubber Wheels
  • 3 Year Warranty

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Versus the Cruz

With the Cruz V2 Stroller, Uppababy didn’t intend to create a new stroller, but instead to put the finishing touches on the Cruz stroller they already created. Now they have gathered feedback from customers and set about to create the Cruz V2, available in February of 2020.

As the company only made improvements instead of changes, there’s very little difference between the older and the newer version of the stroller.


The improved canopy offers one of the biggest changes between the Cruz V2 and the Cruz stroller. The older stroller had a pull-down inner extension to block the sun further. It also had a single roll-up mesh window you needed to use a toggle button to keep in place. 

With the newer stroller, you get a zip-out extension you control from the front of the stroller. This means your baby won’t be playing with it or possibly ripping or breaking the metallic extension. It also comes with two mesh windows with a quick flap for viewing your baby or allowing for ventilation.   

Seat & Harness

The seat provides new improvements, too, with a deeper and longer seat for more comfort. Also, the footrest offers more space too. This means your child has more space to grow into before you need to change to them moving out of a stroller.

Mind you, the stroller does not allow for a higher weight limit than the previous version and still suggests children stop using the stroller at fifty pounds. 

A newly improved harness makes your life much easier. No more re-threading every time your child has a growth spurt. The new 5-point harness stays at the top and adjusts to the size of your child with a single movement for less discomfort or struggle. Uppababy was definitely listening to moms with this change!

Wheels & Suspension

The new stroller comes with 10-inch wheels instead of 8-inch back wheels, which allows for better movement over even larger or rougher terrain. It also includes an all-new suspension system for optimal performance. Your baby can sleep even on the trail!

The new wheels and suspension come at a cost, as the new stroller weighs five pounds more than the older version. Though, it does add an indicator for the front brake lock, so you know when it’s locked with a glance. The older option weighed less but only offered front suspension, while the newer offers both front and back suspension. 

Storage Basket

The Cruz V2 stroller offers a larger storage basket to the elegant stroller. It now offers pockets for storing personal or quick-need items. With a weight limit of thirty pounds, you can store more such as diaper bags and shopping bags. 


Uppababy upped their game by improving the folding mechanism of the newer version of the Cruz stroller. It’s now one smooth motion instead of two smaller steps. It was functional, but this new system is even easier to use.

Moreover, the stroller now folds more tightly into a standing folded position meaning its easier to get into the closet or the trunk of your car. 

Color Options

The new stroller comes with nine color options with a couple of carryovers from the previous version – Emmett, Gregory, and Jake. However, they lost Jordan, Sabrina, and Loic but replaced the colors with Alice, Finn, Hazel, Sierra, and Bryce. No matter which color you choose, you will sport a gorgeous stroller ready to look great wherever you go. 

Final Thoughts About the UPPAbaby Cruz V2

Uppababy has proven they listen to their customers and made improvements to their prominent Cruz stroller to create the new Cruz V2. The minor complaints about the previous version have all been fixed to create a newer, better stroller of epic proportions for parents of a single child. For those parents curious if the newer version is worth a little extra cost, we at Experienced Mommy give a wholehearted yes!

Parents with two children or more will want to check out Uppababy’s new Vista V2, which brings many of the same elements and improvements but with room for two children. 

uppababy cruz v2 colors

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