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2022’s Most Innovative Baby Products

Baby companies have to stay on their A-game if they want to keep winning your hard-earned money. Today’s market is competitive, so the price, features, and comfort better be just right. Innovation is key to topping the best product lists.

Every year, the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association puts on a huge trade show where parents and retail buyers alike can peruse the newest and best in baby land. Since JPMA is a pillar for industry safety and quality, you just know that it’s gonna be good.

I got the chance to go this year, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! As a veteran mom of nearly 3 kids, and a veteran children’s product reviewer of 4+ years, I knew just what to look for. And now I want to share it with you!

Here are the top 16 most innovative products at the JPMA show 2019.

The Best Baby Products – JPMA 2019

Baby Trend Go Gear 180 6-in-1 Travel System

best baby products - Baby Trend Go Gear 180 6-in-1 Car Seat portion of the Travel System

Best Baby Products - Stroller that goes with the Baby Trend Go Gear 180 6-in-1 Travel System

This modular jogging stroller travel system comes with the innovative and crazy-safe E-Shift Car Seat, which will shift the forces of impact in an accident to help make baby safer. The included Go Gear 180 stroller has a seat that switches directions or becomes a frame stroller to accept a car seat.

Inglesina Quid Stroller

best baby products - Inglesina Quid Stroller

This is Inglesina’s stylish answer to the lightweight stroller question. It folds easily, has luxe finishes, and can be opened and closed with just one hand.

Inglesina MyTime High Chair

best baby products - Inglesina MyTime High Chair

If you are pressed for space, you can make this double as an infant seat and a high chair! The full recline means that it can accept babies from the smallest ages, all the way up to bigger kids. Plus, it folds flat and has a soft and easy-clean leatherette chair pad.

Joovy Gloo Baby Bed

best baby products - Joovy Gloo Baby Bed

At the beach, on the soccer field, or just at grandma’s house, this baby igloo has the perfect blow-up sleeping pad for baby to sleep on, sans sun and bugs. Just pop it up to open and then fold it down completely flat for on-the-go sleeps.

Joovy Kooper Stroller

Lightweight strollers that fold up for air travel are a huge trend, and Joovy added their own touches in a big way. A massive 55lb weight limit, big wheels, a full child tray, and a massive canopy are just a few of the great features. Bonus: it can accept a car seat to become a travel system, and it’s also available in a side-by-side double stroller version.

Britax One4Life Car Seat

best baby products - Britax One4Life Car Seat

Can Britax outdo themselves? Yes, they can. This has an updated ClickTight system, harness storage, loads of padding, integrated and washable cup holders, an anti-rebound bar that turns into a footrest, and breathable mesh airways. They really did think of everything from birth to middle school.

Diono two2go Strollers and Accessories

best baby products - Diono two2go Strollers

If you have twins, want a stroller for each vehicle, or an extra stroller to leave with grandma, then this is the deal for you! You can get two of the fabulous Diono d2 umbrella strollers for a great price. And if you need any accessories, besides the included rain cover, you can buy those in doubles as well.

best baby products - Diono two2go Accessories

Baby Trend CoverMe Convertible Car Seat

Problem: your toddler is sitting in the back seat, complaining that the sun is juuuuussttt tooooooo hoottttttt. Save the meltdown by getting them their own adjustable canopy on their car seat! This safe seat works from basically birth until your kiddo is ready for a booster. Is this genius or what!?

Baby Trend Co-Sleeper Bassinet

best baby product - Baby Trend Co-Sleeper Bassinet

You want a pack n play, but you want a bassinet as well. Don’t buy both, buy two-in-one. This comes in a smaller size and a regular size. Drop down the sides for your infant, raise them up for your baby. Oh, and it comes with a cute canopy for covering the bassinet, too.

BOB Alterrain Stroller

best baby products - BOB Alterrain Stroller

BOB is getting a newer, nicer look. Their new logo adorns this fabulous running stroller that has features like a massive canopy, sturdy wheels, covered storage, flat fold, and great brakes. Consider it a BOB for the modern running mamma.

Evenflo XPlore Stroller

Best baby products - Evenflo XPlore Stroller

The utility of a wagon meets the convenience of a stroller. You can configure this in many ways: with two wagon seats, a wagon seat and a stroller seat, or a wagon seat and a car seat. Make a combo that works for you! You can push it, you can pull it, and it’s got that sporty look.

Cybex by Karolina Kurkova

Best baby products - Cybex by Karolina Kurkova

While this technically hit the market before the JPMA show, it’s still pretty brand new. Cybex, the home of the recline-to-flat Cloud Q car seat, has partnered with a supermodel to make some of the prettiest baby gear you’ll find. Who needs black or grey when you can have bright colors, real metal accents, and silky fabrics?

MAM Comfort Pacifier

Best baby products - MAM Comfort Pacifier

For years, there has only been one good all-silicone pacifier on the market. But now MAM, who makes some of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies, is getting in on the action. The shape makes it easy for baby to latch and breathe, while soft silicon stays easy-to-clean.

Contours Bitsy Double Stroller

Best baby products - Contours Bitsy Double Stroller

We talked about the Contours Bitsy in our lightweight strollers article because it’s ideal for airline travel. So what if I told you that the same super light design comes in a double option, which still folds down crazy small, and can accept a car seat on one side? Well, here it is.

Contours Cocoon Baby Carrier

Best baby products - Contours Cocoon Baby Carrier

The function of a structured carrier, the fun of a mei-tei carrier, and the trendy look and comfort of athleisure. Storage pockets, breathability, and support. It’s a carrier to be noted by any active mommy!

Kolcraft Tempur Pedic Crib Mattress

Best baby products - Kolcraft Tempur Pedic Crib Mattress

You love your adult Tempur-Pedic, so give your baby the same cozy treatment. The cover is waterproof and zips off. There are two sides, one firmer for newborns and one softer for toddlers. It’s the newest and best to get baby off to sleep.

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