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The Best Easy-to-Clean High Chairs

by Brittany Spalding |

When selecting baby gear for their growing families, most parents want products that are budget friendly, durable, portable, and easy to clean and use. The same is true for high chairs. As a mom and former foster parent, I have owned multiple high chairs. Drawing on my own experience and many hours of research, I have compiled a list of the best easy-to-clean high chairs on the market, today. The first three products featured are ones that I have used and personally recommend.

ProductWhy It Is BestMom Rating
Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High ChairPortable. Budget Friendly. Dishwasher Safe. Machine Washable. Personally Recommend.♥♥♥♥♥
Cosco Simple Fold High ChairPortable. Budget Friendly. Adjustable Tray. Personally Recommend.♥♥♥♥♥
Graco Simpleswitch Portable High ChairPortable. Machine Washable. Converts to Booster. Personally Recommend.♥♥♥♥♥
Abiie Beyond Wooden High ChairConvertible. Water Proof Cushion. Dishwasher Safe.♥♥♥♥♥
Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High ChairConvertible. Machine Washable. Dishwasher Safe. Accommodates Two Children at Once.♥♥♥♥♥
OXO Tot Seedling High ChairAdjustable Height. Machine Washable.♥♥♥♥
Joovy Nook High ChairSwing Open Tray. Machine Washable. Dishwasher Safe.♥♥♥♥


Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Image of the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Luminosity 

Of all the high chairs that I’ve used, the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High chair is my absolute favorite! Its compact size and adjustable attachment strap system make it easy to securely attach to just about any kitchen or dining chair. And, it’s just as easy to take off, to stash away when not in use, or move from chair-to-chair!

The three-position recline makes feeding comfortable, even for the youngest of eaters, and the tray stays level, even with the seat reclined. Two height adjustments let you choose the most comfortable height for feeding, with or without the tray. The tray removes with just one hand – especially helpful when you’re taking baby in and out! Since it’s dishwasher safe, it’s easy to clean and sanitize. The machine-washable seat pad is spill and stain resistant, so it’s easy to wipe clean between washings.

I can’t say enough good things about this high chair, and I recommend it to all new moms. The portability and easy cleaning make the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair a clear winner! Plus, it is easy on the budget, too.

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Image of the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair, Elephant Squares 

Another excellent, budget-friendly high chair that I recommend is the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair. Easy to stow and take on the go, this high chair is specially designed to be simple to take along for the ride. The full size, 3-position adjustable tray grows with your child, giving them extra room as they need it. Clean up is easy after messy meals thanks to the wipe-able seat pad. The high chair folds down quickly for storage out of sight, or to pack easily into the car. Whether dining at home or out and about while traveling, the Simple Fold High Chair gives your child a fun place to eat.

Some are critical of the seat pad, saying that it isn’t removable to be machine washable. And they are correct, it doesn’t remove. However, it wipes clean with a wet wipe or sanitizing wipe. I used this high chair with four super messy eaters during my time as a foster parent. Let me say that I NEVER had a problem with staining or difficulty cleaning the high chair. It is very reasonably priced so this is another winner that parents should definitely consider.

Graco Simpleswitch Portable High Chair

Image of the Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair, Sketch Safari 

The final high chair that I have personally tried and recommend is the Graco SimpleSwitch Portable High Chair. Giving your little diner a clean, tidy spot for meals is easy, thanks to the machine washable seat pad. The chair and tray can easily be wiped down with either a sanitizing wipe, or soap and water.

The Graco SimpleSwitch grows with your baby from high chair to booster. The high chair includes 3 reclining positions. The transition to booster mode is easier than ever, and the built-in leg storage offers you added convenience when mealtime is over. It’s both a great value, and a good way to bring your little one to the family table.

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Image of the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray.The Perfect Seating Highchair Solution for Your Child As Toddler's or a Dining Chair (6 Months & up) (Natural - Black Cushion) by Abiie 

The Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is so versatile and flexible. It will be the only dining chair your child needs from the time they’re 6 months old through their adult years. In a matter of seconds, this chair transforms from a high chair to a toddler’s chair to a dining chair, perfectly sized for people of all ages.

The stain resistant cushions make cleaning a breeze. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth will remove any mess or dirt left by your child. The cushion is waterproof, so unexpected spills aren’t absorbed. Made from a patented foam composite for extra comfort, the removable cushions aid in the cleaning and lock into the seat like puzzle pieces.

Different colors are available so you can continuously update your look. The scratch resistant wood finish will last a lifetime and won’t damage the floors or chair as its moved around the house. Using the click on plastic tray cover is recommended, however the wood tray can also be used on its own. The plastic cover is dishwasher safe which is a bonus for busy parents. I love the ingenuity of this award-winning high chair. My friend owns an Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair. It’s her favorite, and she won’t recommend anything else!

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Image of the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair Seating System, Sapphire 

The Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair transforms seamlessly from an infant high chair to a traditional baby high chair, an infant booster, a toddler booster, and finally a youth chair. The seat pad is machine washable, and the tray insert is dishwasher safe. Just wipe the rest of the chair down with a damp cloth, and clean-up is a breeze!

One thing I particularly love about this chair is the innovative design that allows you to seat two children, simultaneously. Options include: using the high chair and toddler booster; using the infant booster and youth stool; or using the toddler booster and youth stool. The booster seat easily straps to a kitchen chair and allows you to seat your growing big kid while your little one hangs out in the high chair.

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair

Image of the OXO Tot Seedling High Chair, Graphite/Dark Gray 

The OXO Tot Seedling High Chair will stay with your child from 4 months to 3 years, adjusting and growing with them. The contoured, comfortable seat is great for infants still on the bottle, and can recline back if they fall asleep right after feeding. This high chair easily adjusts to the perfect angle for babies to self-feed with bottles or sippy cups. It is super easy to clean! The chair and cushions are easily wipe-able for quick clean-up. The stain-resistant cushion is easily removable and machine washable for those extra-big messes.

A unique feature of this high chair is five different height settings, making it easy to feed your baby whether you’re standing or sitting. The lowest setting is also great for being close to older siblings, and the highest setting can be used for having your little one up at the table height.

Joovy Nook High Chair

Image of the JOOVY Nook High Chair, Black 

I am quite impressed with the Joovy Nook High Chair. This fantastic high chair features a large swing-open tray that operates with a one-hand motion without having to use two hands or line up cumbersome rails.

Four depth adjustments allow you to get the tray positioned perfectly to keep food on the tray and not on your child’s lap. Parents can easily hold their child while operating the tray without the need to remove dishes from the tray before taking the child out of the chair. Simply swing the tray open, unbuckle your child, and off you go to the next task.

Clean-up is a breeze with the Joovy Nook High Chair. The deluxe padded seat is comfortable and easy to clean, while the seat cover is machine washable. As an added bonus, the tray insert is dishwasher safe. This high chair is so compact, it’s easy to take along for use at picnics, camping, friends’ houses, or grandparents’ houses. Bringing your baby to meals anywhere has never been easier.

Guide to Selecting an Easy-to-Clean High Chair

When selecting a high chair for your little one, there are three main ideas to keep in mind: portability, cleaning method, and your individual family needs.


Some high chairs can be folded easily and moved from place to place, while others are stationary. Evaluate which style will work best for your lifestyle before purchasing a high chair.

Cleaning Method

Do you have an extremely messy eater? If so, a high chair with a machine-washable seat insert and dishwasher safe tray may be a better option for you.

Family Needs

Will you have more than one child? Would you prefer to only make one purchase? If so, a convertible high chair, or one that features an additional booster seat may be a good option for you.

FAQ’s about High Chairs

  • How should I safely use a high chair?

    • According to, powered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, when using a high chair, you should remember to:
      • Make sure the high chair cannot be tipped over easily.
      • If the chair folds, be sure it is locked each time you set it up.
      • Whenever your child sits in the chair, use the safety straps, including the crotch strap. This will prevent your child from slipping down, which could cause serious injury or even death. Never allow your child to stand in the high chair.
      • Do not place the high chair near a counter or table. Your child may be able to push hard enough against these surfaces to tip the chair over.
      • Never leave a young child alone in a high chair, and do not allow older children to climb or play on it because this could also tip it over.
      • A high chair that hooks onto a table is not a good substitute for a freestanding one. If you plan to use this type of chair when you eat out or travel, look for one that locks onto the table. Be sure the table is heavy enough to support your child’s weight without tipping. Also, check to see whether your child’s feet can touch a table support. If your child pushes against the table, it may dislodge the seat.

Final Word

Any of the high chairs featured in this article are sure to keep your little one happy and content during mealtime. After all, when baby is comfortable, everyone can enjoy their meal!

Brittany Spalding
Brittany Spalding is a wife, homeschool mom, writer, editor, and food allergy awareness advocate. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, restoring antique furniture, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and fishing on the beautiful Kentucky Lake.

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