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The Safest Swings, Bouncers and Jumpers for Their Fun and Your Sanity

Baby products that keep your baby occupied and safe are critical to a parent’s sanity. However, it’s not easy to figure out which products are fun, easy to use and safe for your baby.

We’ve looked at a variety of swings, bouncers and jumpers to create a list of the safest entertainment spaces for your baby. 

Our safety criteria for swings and bouncers include a safety harness, solid base, and head support. For jumpers, we’ve only included freestanding options, as the hanging jumpers don’t qualify for our safety standards.

Overall, the list is based on my opinion, research, and experience as a parent and not as a professional child safety expert. 

Safest Baby Swings for a Relaxed Parent and Child

Baby swings are a great way to spend time with your baby without having to constantly hold them. Many swings can be used for babies up to 25 pounds.

Also, baby swings are a great way to let an older sibling interact safely with the baby. 

In my opinion, a safe baby swing has a stable base so that it doesn’t tip over if bumped.

Also, a baby swing should have a harness that goes between the legs and fastened around that baby’s waist.

Finally, because baby swings are designed for young infants, the swing should have a secure head support. 

4moms mamaRoo4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing, Bluetooth Baby Rocker with 5 Unique Motions, Smooth, Nylon Fabric, Black Classic

The mamaRoo 4 baby swing is my top pick for safe and functional infant swings.

In fact, if I were to have another baby, this product would be on my must have list. For our family, the baby swing was essential, and the mamaRoo offers more features, including safety features, than other models I’ve seen.

While the mamaRoo swing is pricy, it’s worth it for your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind. The mamaRoo is designed to move as if the baby is held in a baby carrier. These movements soothe and comfort your child.

As for safety, the mamaRoo has a solid and sturdy base. Also, the seat’s fabric is made with cool, breathable mesh to keep your baby comfortable.

According to the mamaRoo website, this swing is used in over 300 hospitals because of its superior design. 

Overall, if your budget allows, the mamaRoo is a good investment to keep your baby safe, entertained and comfortable.

Product Features

  • Machine washable mesh fabric seat
  • Solidly constructed base
  • Works from birth to 25 pounds
  • Five motion options
  • Five speeds

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing, Dual Motion Baby Swing with Music, Sounds and Motorized Mobile

The Fisher-Price Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing provides a safe place to hold your baby. In my opinion, the two safest parts of this swing are the wide base and infant head support. 

The smart design allows the baby to sit in two different reclining positions. This makes it easy for your baby to nap as they swing.

The Cradle ‘n Swing includes a surrounding support to keep your baby’s head secure. Plus, the swing has an easy to operate harness with a fabric cover. The harness cover is soft against the baby’s delicate skin. 

The swing offers two motion settings, side-to-side or head-to-toe. Simply press and turn to move safely from one position to the next. Both of my children used an earlier version of the Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing as infants. In fact, this product worked so well that two other families used our swing before we finally donated it. 

I recommend this product especially if you have a fussy baby that relaxes while in motion. For additional information see our full Snugapuppy review

Product Features

  • Wide base to provide safe support for two motion settings
  • Washable plush cover
  • Six swing speeds, 16 soothing songs & nature sounds
  • Two recline positions
  • Head support and safety harness

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Graco Simple Sway Swing

I like the Graco Simple Sway baby swing as a safe and budget-friendly infant swing option.

The simple design means your baby swings comfortably without all the bells and whistles of some of the other brands. But, many of the fancy features aren’t necessary to keep your infant happy.

Even with its simple design, the Graco Simple Sway offers a sturdy base and 5-point harness. The seat also includes an infant headrest for stability. The smaller base makes this product ideal for smaller spaces without compromising safety. 

Overall, this Graco baby swing is a great option if you want an easy-to-use baby swing. 

Product Features

  • Small frame design 
  • Six swing speeds
  • Five-point harness 
  • Plush seat with body and head support

Safest Infant Bouncers for a Happy Baby

Infant bouncers are a great baby product to place your baby when you need free hands. Most bouncers sit close to the ground and offer simple motion to comfort your baby. 

The safest baby bouncers have a sturdy base, soft and easy to use harness and head support. Also, washable and breathable fabric is a plus. Finally, baby bouncers shouldn’t tilt easily. 

BABYBJORN Bouncer Bliss

BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss, Sand Gray, Cotton (006017US)

BABYBJORN is a trusted source for reliable and functional baby products. The Bouncer Bliss meets the standards you expect. I love the simple design and natural motion provided with the BABYBJORN Bouncer. 

This bouncer is my top choice for safety based on its JPMA certification for safe and ergonomic design. Plus this bounder gives proper support to baby’s neck and back. 

The Bouncer Bliss also allows for four different reclining positions for your baby’s comfort. Plus, the seat’s fabric is soft and baby friendly with a reliable safety harness.

Overall, the Bouncer Bliss is an excellent choice for safety and practicality. 

Product Features

  • JPMA product certification
  • Safe and easy to clean fabric
  • Four reclining positions
  • No batteries required, uses natural motion
  • Solid base construction

Baby Delight Deluxe Portable Rocker Bouncer

Baby Delight Deluxe Portable Rocker Bouncer, Aura

The Baby Delight Deluxe Portable Rocker Bouncer is a modern rocker chair that folds down for almost flat storage. 

Furthermore, the chair provides three recline positions so your baby can relax and enjoy the rocker comfortably. However, the seat only works for children ages zero to six months or up to 20 pounds. While it only lasts for a few months it does include a carry bag to make travel easier. 

Remove and wash the entire cover to keep it clean and beautiful. Also, it includes a toy bar and mesh inset for breathability. It does include a toy bar too for fun for babies. 

Product Features

  • Includes a storage bag
  • Folds flat
  • Thee-point safety harness
  • Three seat recline options
  • Fun modern design

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer, Portable Bouncing Baby Seat with Overhead Mobile, Music, and Calming Vibrations

Like with the Fisher-Price swing, the Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer provides tons of comfort while keeping your baby safely in place. The design is similar to the Fisher-Price swing, but sits lower to the ground and functions as a bouncer with soothing vibrations.

The Deluxe Bouncer seat is designed for comfort and safety. The plush fabric includes an infant head support and 3-point harness buckle. In addition, the base is sturdy enough to hold your baby safely. 

The seat also includes a removable mobile for baby’s entertainment. However, I feel mobiles do not add to safety. If you use the mobile, be sure to attach securely.

Product Features

  • Vibrates and plays music
  • Machine washable, plush seat cover with headrest
  • Includes removable mobile 

See all of our top baby bouncer choices. 

Safest Infant Jumpers to Entertain Your Baby Safely

Infant jumpers come in two basic varieties. The first is the hanging jumper, which is designed to hang in a doorway and allow the baby to bounce. The second is a free-standing jumper or activity center in which the baby sits in a cloth seat. These jumpers have a secure base.

I am only including jumpers with a base in this list. In my opinion, the hanging jumpers don’t offer the same level of safety as the free-standing options. Since this is a list focused on safety, I’ve included what I believe are the safest products for your family.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Double Fun Saucer

The Evenflo ExerSaucer is a safe option for a baby activity center. Instead of a bouncing sensation, your baby will experience spinning and playing. The product description states it helps to build core strength.

I like the ExerSaucer for safety because it has a solid and stable base. The attached toys are plastic for easy cleaning. The cloth seat pad is removable for machine washing. It’s easy to keep this seat clean to remove germs and mess.

The ExerSaucer has three height setting to grow with your baby.

Overall, if you want a jumper for your child, the Evenflo ExerSaucer is an excellent option. 

Product Features

  • Includes play mat option with ExerSaucer
  • 20 developmental activities
  • Enclosed springs to allow bouncing while baby is protected
  • Easy cleaning options

Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Woodland Friends Space Saver

Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo, Blue, One Size

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo Space Saver offers a stationary alternative to hanging jumpers. The Jumperoo is sort of a cross between a hanging jumper and activity center.

The Jumperoo is also more budget-friendly than the ExerSaucer. 

The one safety drawback for me is the springs are enclosed in cloth instead of plastic. However, for babies this shouldn’t pose an issue. As your baby grows into a toddler or if you have toddlers in the house, you may want to ensure the springs won’t pinch little fingers. 

The jumper seat and toys wipe down easily for cleaning to keep baby safe from germs and diaper accidents. Overall, the Fisher-Price Jumperoo gives a good alternative to door jumpers at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • Solid base sits on floor 
  • Includes light, sound and music to entertain as baby plays
  • Washable toys and seat pad

Keep Baby Safe While They Play

After reviewing many different products in the swing, bouncer, and jumper categories, I found swings and bouncers to be safer options than jumpers. Swings and bouncers are designed for younger infants, while jumpers are intended for older infants. 

My research also suggested that jumpers aren’t actually good for hip development and should never be used by babies with hip dysplasia. In addition, hanging jumpers do pose the risk of falling if not properly installed. 

However, jumpers are a great way to keep your baby entertained when you need your hands free. 

Overall, the goal of all these products is to keep your baby safe while you get things done or rest. Use your best judgement when you purchase products for your baby. Most products are safe and reliable. 

The top safety features for baby swings and bouncers are solid bases and latching safety harnesses. Also, for newborns and young infants, always use an infant head rest. 

For jumpers, select products that have a securely attached seat and stable base. Also, don’t purchase products with smaller removable parts or stickers. These may come loose and pose a chocking hazard.

Alternative Safe Entertainment Options for Your Baby 

Along with swings, bouncers and jumpers, there are other products available to keep your baby safe and entertained.

Pack N Plays

One great alternative is a baby play pen or play yard, like the Baby Playpen 8 Panel Safety Gate. You place your baby on the floor inside the walls of the play yard so they can’t wander off. 

Activity Centers

I also love the Three Pears Bobbin Play Centre. This luxury activity center transitions from a play center to a toddler activity table and then preschool sitting table. The Three Pears option is made of top-quality materials and designed to last. This is an heirloom piece. 

Play Mats

Play mats are also a good option to entertain your baby. With a play mat your baby lays on a mat on the floor. Play mats are great for tummy time. I also liked the play mat for when my children where learning to roll over. Check out the Bright Start 5-in-1 Activity Gym for a quality product.

Consider your options before you spend a ton of money on products to entertain your baby. For our family, the infant swing and play mat worked well and got a lot of use. Also, look for safety features to keep your baby secure while they play.

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