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Fisher Price’s My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘n Swing Review

Fisher Price’s My Little Snugapuppy Cradle and Swing is a moderately priced stationary baby swing. This stationary swing is a great way to keep your baby entertained so you can get some things done around the house or to give mom and dad a break from holding a fussy baby who prefers being rocked to sleep. The Snugapuppy swing is sturdy, soft, and soothing, but also has some drawbacks.

The Snugapuppy is expensive. As a good alternative you might want to consider the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing. The Graco Duet Soothe Baby Swing is another worthy choice at about the same price.

Image of Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

Why Use This Product?

There are really two main uses for the Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing:

  1. To act as a safe area to keep your baby entertained so that you can take a much-needed break and maybe squeeze in some things you need to get done around the house.
  2. To use as an alternative to a crib or pack and play for your baby’s nap.

Key Features

Entertainment for Your Baby

The Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing comes equipped with a rotating mobile which features a mirror as well as a sound machine that can help keep your little one entertained while you get some things done. The swing is made of very soft material and has a 5-point harness to ensure your baby’s safety.

Soothing Motions and Sounds

Parents with fussy babies can attest to how exhausting it can be to constantly hold, bounce, and rock a tired baby that refuses to fall asleep. Stationary swings and rockers soothe babies by imitating the environment that they became accustomed to while in the womb.

The Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing can offer a much-needed break from this constantly required rocking. The rocking motion of the swing can help soothe a baby to sleep and help keep your baby asleep for those who don’t like to be put down.

The swing offers two different reclining positions and six different swing speeds, helpful for different stages of life as well as different preferences between babies. Your baby can lay flat, or be more propped up. The propped up position can help babies with reflux who need to be supported after eating to help avoid the discomfort of reflux.

The Snugapuppy swing also features 16 songs and 2 nature sounds for entertainment and for babies who enjoy falling asleep to music. However, there is a timer function which prevents songs or sounds from playing for more than 20 minutes. This is a great feature for babies who can fall asleep to sounds, but might awaken those who need the constant noise to stay asleep. If you already have another sound machine that you use when your baby naps, this may be a better option instead of the one included on this swing.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

AC Adapter

A majority of stationary swings that are on the market are battery powered. One major plus with the Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing is that it comes with an AC adapter, so it can be plugged in or it can run on battery. Many swings on the market only have the option to run on battery power which can quickly become expensive when you have to keep replacing batteries, a cost you may not think of when initially buying such a product.

Machine-washable Cover

The Snugapuppy Swing cover is removable and machine-washable. This is important with baby products because between spit-up and diaper accidents, babies can get very messy!

Weight Limitations

Minimum weight limit: 5.5 pounds

Maximum weight limit: 25 pounds*

*The Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing should not be used once your little one starts trying to climb out of the swing

Product Video


Large Footprint vs. Adjustability

Although tiny, babies take up a lot of space when it comes down to it. Between a bed, dresser, changing table, and other accessories, space can quickly become limited. The Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing has a large footprint it is about 38 inches wide at the base, so it will take up a good amount of space. Those who are working with a limited amount of space may want to look into smaller options.

One of the main reasons this product takes up so much space is because of the adjustability it offers. It can swing front to back or side to side. Similar swings that are smaller in size may not offer this adjustability, so it really comes down to the amount of space you have to work with and how much adjustability you feel you need.

Coming in at about 20 pounds, this product can be folded up and moved from room to room when needed. You may need an extra set of hands as it can be a bit clunky to move.


One major downfall of the Snugapuppy Swing is that it makes loud, grinding noises when in operation. Some babies may benefit from this sound as some find the constant noise soothing, just as some babies benefit from loud white noise machines. But if your baby or other people in your house are easily disturbed by sound and prefer peace and quiet, you may find the loudness problematic.

Besides the loudness of the motor, this product has also had issues with the reliability of the motor, with motors suddenly not working without warning. Replacing the motor can take upwards of a couple weeks, which could unexpectedly leave you without a product that your little one depends on.

Un-adjustable Timers

The swinging motion has a timer of four hours, so after four hours of operation, it will shut off.  Because of this, this product may be great for naps, but for a baby who sleeps through the night and depends on the rocking motion, it may not be the best option for nighttime sleep.

As previously mentioned, the sound machine only plays for 20 minutes which may work to keep your baby entertained or help lull him or her to sleep, but if you rely on a constant sound to keep your baby to sleep, you may need to use an additional sound machine.


The price for this product is reasonably priced compared to other similar swings on the market. However, there are more affordable options available such as battery powered bouncers.

Demo Video

Mixed Reviews

Some people swear by this product and its usefulness, while others can’t get past how noisy and unreliable it is:

3.5 stars, 669 reviews – Target

4 stars, 992 reviews – Toys R Us

3.3 stars, 540 reviews Walmart

My Recommendation:

Fisher Price’s My Little Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing may be a great option if you have a fussy baby who has trouble sleeping without being rocked, or if you don’t mind spending a decent amount of money and you have the space for it. However, there are other, cheaper, options out there, and for something that your baby will grow out of in less than a year, I found it to be too pricey.

Being on a tight budget, I opted for a battery powered bouncer instead of a swing and ended up using it as a place for my son to nap downstairs, so he could be close by as I worked on things around the house. That being said, once the batteries ran out on this bouncer, I never did replace them, thus using it more as a seat for my son to sleep in rather than utilizing its bouncing feature.

It can be tempting to purchase the baby products with the most features but in my opinion, you can probably stick to a more basic model when it comes to a swing or bouncer. Because of its large footprint and moderate cost, I recommend shopping around and considering other options before purchasing this product.



  • Soft, cozy cover that can be removed and is machine washable
  • Variety of soothing motions to lull baby to sleep
  • AC Adapter so you don’t have to spend money on batteries


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Motor makes loud, grinding noises
  • Un-adjustable timer will shut off music and rocking after set amount of time
  • Unreliable motor


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