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Maxi Cosi Lara Stroller Review

As you think about which stroller is the best investment for your family, the Maxi Cosi Lara should make that list.

Even with several convenience and comfort features, this ultra-lightweight stroller weighs just 14 pounds. This, paired with its compact, one-hand fold, makes this stroller great for travel.

But, it is all that its made out to be? Find out more in this Maxi Cosi Lara Stroller review.

Maxi-Cosi Lara Lightweight Ultra Compact Stroller, Nomad Black, One Size

From Birth to 50 Pounds

The Maxi Cosi Lara lies flat, which lets your newborn sit safely in the stroller. However, some parents prefer a model that offers more head and neck support for their little one’s earlier years of life.

We recommend this be used by children who can already hold up their head on their own because it does not offer the same security as other strollers for newborns.

Once your little one is sitting up, this stroller can be used up to 50 pounds.

Even though the weight is suited for a child up to 50 pounds, the depth of the seat is only good for the average 3-4-year-old. This can be a problem for parents who have children on the larger side of the growth spectrum.

If your little one is bigger, we recommend you check out this article on strollers for 3, 4, and 5 year olds.


First and foremost, parents want to know their little one is safe when they are in a stroller. As this lies completely flat, it can be used for a baby. It features an adjustable 5-point harness that has been padded for comfort.

Maxi-Cosi Lara Lightweight Ultra Compact Stroller, Nomad Black, One Size

Other safety features include the locking brakes and an SPF 50 canopy that provides quality sun protection for your baby’s sensitive skin. A mesh peekaboo window in the canopy also lets you keep a watchful eye on your little one.

While the seat belt is designed for safety, you have to put two pieces together and then buckle them in. This design can be difficult to use for children who are resistant to going in their stroller.


Compact Fold

The purpose of a lightweight stroller is to make things easier for parents on the go. Fortunately, the Maxi Cosi Lara has several great functionality features. Out of the box, all you need to do is snap on the wheels and the stroller is ready to go.

It is harder to open up, but the Lara has a convenient one-hand flash fold that allows it to fold to a compact size in seconds.

Maxi-Cosi Lara Lightweight Ultra Compact Stroller, Nomad Black, One Size

The compact fold works well and many parents report using it as a carry-on for airplane travel.

Of course, you should check airline regulations against the dimensions of the stroller to be sure. Also, keep in mind you will need to fold the footrest in to get the stroller to fit in most overhead areas.

With the right planning, you’ll be able to make traveling with your child a success.

Once the stroller is folded, you can unzip a small area on the side and the carrying strap comes out. The strap works well when carrying around the compact stroller.

Something else to note is that the stroller only locks on one side. This causes the fold to hold on one side and sometimes fall out on the other, which is a problem when you are carrying a stroller on one arm and your child in the other.


When you are out and about, it can be a hassle to bring along a whole diaper bag.

The Maxi Cosi Lara features a double-decker storage area, with a small basket located on top of a larger storage basket. The top basket works well for your cell phone, keys, and other important items, while there is storage underneath for a few toys, snacks, extra clothes, diapers, and other items you may need.

There is also a cup holder included. Unfortunately, the cup holder is rather flimsy. It cannot hold heavy glass bottles and may break off while you are transporting the stroller in your trunk.


Strollers are meant to help you get around easier. The Lara stroller works well in this regard, featuring wheels that allow an easy one-hand push. In the front, the wheels have a 360-degree swivel or can be locked into place.

Maxi-Cosi Lara Lightweight Ultra Compact Stroller, Nomad Black, One Size

The one downside of the maneuverability is the small size of the wheels. They cannot handle obstacles well and are not suited to surfaces like cobblestone. You may also find that the stroller tips or becomes off balance if you drive it over a large stone.  


When your little one sits in their stroller, breathable, soft seat pads keep them comfortable. The leg rest also adjusts for a more or less reclined position. However, this feature might not be available for older children because of the shallow seat depth.

If you are buying this model, purchase the updated version with the included seat recline strap. The seat reclines in two positions usually, completely upright and almost completely flat. With the strap, the seat back can be positioned at any angle.

Something to note is that there are not a lot of extra features on this lightweight stroller. Though the Maxi Cosi website shows a bumper bar with the stroller, this is not included. There is also no snack tray or cup holder for your little one.


  • Weighs just 14 pounds
  • Plenty of storage space
  • One-hand flash fold
  • Integrated carrying strap is zipped away when stroller is in use
  • Several position recline in updated model
  • Extended canopy and peekaboo window


  • Not good for bumpy terrain
  • Cup holder is flimsy
  • No child tray or parent tray included
  • Seatbelt can be difficult to fasten for struggling kids
  • Seat is not deep enough for larger kids
  • Minimal accessories

Lara Stroller FAQs

Can the Maxi Cosi Lara be brought on an airplane?

The small, compact fold of the Maxi Cosi Lara makes it a good choice for airline travel.

The easy-to-maneuver stroller is perfect for driving around an airport and the stroller folds small enough to fit in most overhead compartments. To avoid any hassle, though, call the airline ahead of time and be sure it will fit.

The dimensions of the Lara stroller when folded are 20 x 19 x 15.

Can I use the Maxi Cosi Lara with a newborn?

On the Maxi Cosi website, the Lara is sold as a stroller designed for newborn up to 50 pounds.

However, this is only in the full recline position and there are no additional safety features as some other newborn strollers have.

For parents who want total peace of mind when traveling with their newborn, we recommend a baby travel system. This will be especially useful if your little one naps on the plane ride since you’ll have their car seat handy to let them sleep in.

What accessories are included?

The greatest accessory of the Lara is the roomy storage area, which is perfect for day-long outings when you need to bring along more stuff. The extendable canopy is also nice since you can unzip the canopy for more length.

Unfortunately, this is where the accessories end. There is a cup holder included, but it is flimsy.

This also does not have a bumper bar, child tray, or child cup holder. It can be hard to determine what you are getting because there is conflicting information on the Maxi Cosi website compared to sites where it is for sale.

Is this stroller good for daily use?

The Maxi Cosi Lara is a very good choice for daily use because of its small compact size. This makes it easy to fold, close, and go anywhere in your vehicle.

It is great for traveling with, especially if most of your walking is done in stores or on smooth pavement.

If you hike a lot or go on uneven terrain, you may want another stroller for daily use.

What stroller should I buy for all-terrain driving?

The best strollers for uneven terrain are those that have large, sturdy wheels and a suspension system.

The suspension helps minimize bumps that your little one feels, while the large wheels tackle obstacles easily. The Lara does have a suspension system on all of its four wheels, however, the wheels are not large enough to roll over obstacles.

Check out our best jogging strollers for options suited to all-terrain rides.

Lightweight Stroller Buyer’s Guide

When you are deciding which stroller is best for your baby, here are some things to consider:

  • Safety – Keeping our children safe is every parent’s top priority. Choose an appropriate and safe stroller for your child’s height and weight and you should not have any problems.
  • Comfort – Comfort is especially important for longer trips. Breathable fabrics, a sun canopy, and recline features are all important for your little one’s comfort.
  • Maneuverability – Strollers should make it easier to get your little one around, not harder. Choose something with large wheels for going over obstacles. You’ll also want something that turns easily.
  • Extra features – Extra features include things like storage, a bug net, a snack tray, a bumper bar, and anything else that will make traveling more pleasant.

Final Take

The Maxi Cosi Lara Stroller is a good choice for parents looking for a stroller for traveling.

While it does not tackle obstacles well, its compact fold and easy-to-maneuver design make it perfect for airplanes, vacationing, and more. The storage space and carrying strap also make it convenient to bring along with you.

Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis
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