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Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag Review: Many Styles, One Great Brand

What great features make these expensive diaper bags worth every penny?

Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are some of the highest rated diaper bags all across the internet. They’re also some of the most expensive. But when it comes to having a quality diaper bag that last and meets all your needs, Ju-Ju-Be can’t be beat. They have several different bag styles, as well as several different pattern collections, to suit the needs and style of any and every mamma out there.

Three Ju-Ju-Be Bags we will dive into later in the article:

Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, Dancing Dahlias

The Brand

Ju-Ju-Be is a fun brand. I saw that they used the term “bye Felicia†while describing a product, and I instantly knew that this was a brand for me. Founded in 2005 in southern California, Ju-Ju-Be makes all kinds of bags and accessories. What I love is that it’s not a kitschy brand that makes baby-baby stuff. It’s an intelligent brand that realizes that quality, usefulness, style, and fun all go hand-in-hand in today’s parenting circles. Ju-Ju-Be especially prides themselves on giving moms and dads diaper bags that are loaded with features. Let’s take a look at the best features that brand has to offer across all their diaper bags.

Pockets and organization galore.

This is why parents buy a diaper bag in the first place! If organization weren’t important, we’d throw everything into a cheap tote bag and call it good. But that’s just not user friendly for us busy parents. I love that Ju-Ju-Be bags have so many pockets. A place for everything. And let’s not forget the 2 best pockets:

The ultimate mommy pocket.

It’s not just an extra spot to throw your phone. It’s got sections, zippered compartments, and even a lanyard thing with a hook attached (no more lost keys!). Moms gotta be organized.

Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, Dancing Dahlias

The best bottle pockets.

Doesn’t matter if your team breast or team bottle. Chances are, you’ll need an insulated pocket to hold a beverage of some kind at some point. Each Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag has an insulated pocket or two to keep that baby food hot or cold on the go.

Machine washable.

You heard correct. You can throw the ENTIRE BAG into the washing machine. Wash on gentle and air dry. No more ruined bag when the formula spills or when an applesauce pouch explodes. Cleaning made smart and easy.

Stain resistant.

Thanks, Teflon. You help me make amazing food, but now you also keep my diaper bag looking lovely. Stopping stains before they start is another smart feature for a diaper bag.

Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, Dancing Dahlias

Incredible insides.

We’ve talked about the amount of pockets. But the amount of organization in these bags cannot be understated. We’re talking pockets on compartments on more compartments..

Light colored fabric.

All the inner fabrics are a lovely light or bright color. This means better visibility when you’re looking for stuff. No more losing a pacifier into the black hole of your diaper bag.

Treated with Agion for no mold or mildew growth.

Baby has an accident while you are out and about. You hurry and change them, and toss the soiled clothes into the abyss of the diaper bag, thinking “I’ll just clean that up when I get home.†Life happens, and the cleaning does not. Next thing you know, you have a nasty, moldy mess that smells like a rotten swamp happening in your diaper bag. But not if you have a Ju-Ju-Be. The insides are treated with Agion, which is a special substance with outstanding anti-microbial properties.

Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, Dancing Dahlias

Memory foam changing pads.

Every bag has an included changing pad. It’s the same great materials as the bag. It even has matching fabric. And it fits inside the diaper bag! But best of all, it’s made with memory foam. Soft and comfy for baby.

Incredible quality.

These bags aren’t cheap. But that’s because they’re made well. I’m sure you can tell that the fabrics (which come in a wide array of patterns) are amazing from what we’ve already covered. But the structure of these bags is amazing, too. Each stitch is strong and will withstand time. All the hardware is metal. No flimsy plastic to break or crack.

My favorite: the crumb drain.

A lovely little hole in the pockets that allows crumbs to fall out. This is a small feature, but it’s mighty. Those side and back pockets where you throw everything for easy access can easily become crumb, hair, and dirt covered. The little hole lets gravity and movement clean the pocket for you. Totally awesome.


Each and every Ju-Ju-Be bag comes with a  limited lifetime warranty. Need I say more?


The Bags

Ju-Ju-Be offers over 20 different bag styles across 20 different themed collections. So when I say that no matter your style, you’ll find a Ju-Ju-Be that you love, I’m not kidding or exaggerating. To save all us parents some precious, precious time, I’m just going to go over the top 3 styles. These are best-sellers everywhere and the highest rated of all Ju-Ju-Be bags. You’ll see why.



Backpack or shoulder bag

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Queen of the Nile

What’s to Love

They call this bag the B.F.F. for good reason. It’s got your back in any situation, just like your real-life bff. This bag can be 3 bags in one: a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a carry bag. The straps even have a textured back side to keep them from slipping off your shoulder. Both off the backpack straps and the messenger shoulder strap are easily removable so that you can change up your look.

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Queen of the Nile

It wouldn’t be a Ju-Ju-Be without pockets. Here’s a breakdown of the fantastic pockets in this bag:

  • Front mommy pocket, complete with smartphone compartment, space for wallet, a felt pocket for breakables, and attached stretchy key fob.
  • Inside: 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets, and lots of space!
  • Back pocket (complete with crumb drain) for storing the memory foam changing pad
  • Internal 3M Thinsulate bottle pockets on each side

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag, The Queen of the Nile

Besides the lovely pockets, it’s got all the other good features of a Ju-Ju-Be gem. It’s got all metal hardware, including luggage feet. These lovely little feet keep your back pack diaper bag off the ground and keep it cleaner. If it does get down and dirty, the bag will repel stains with it’s Teflon, or in a really bad case, it can be washed and line dried.


The cons with this bag are small. First, I feel that it’s slightly awkward when used as a backpack. The rectangular shape is just too short and wide and I feel like it looks funny. The zippers are awesome, but they like to stick sometimes. Especially when going around the corner of the mommy pocket.

If you want a bigger and better diaper bag backpack, be sure to read up on the best diaper bag backpacks for twins.



Timeless tote bag

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Classy Structured Handbag Diaper Bag, Dandy Lines

What’s To Love

The Be Classy has a very fitting name. The style emulates the classic square tote that’s been a staple of style for decades. The highly structured tote has two large handles for carrying, or a detachable and padded messenger bag strap for more convenient wear. The luggage feet keep it off the ground and add to the classic look. The metal hardware hold up and keep the quality high.

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Classy Structured Handbag Diaper Bag, Dandy Lines

Here’s the pockets inside this tote:

  • Front mommy pocket just like the other bags
  • Inside: 3 gusseted pockets and 1 zippered pocket
  • Dual 3M Thinsulate pockets on either side
  • Back pocket with crumb drains and included memory foam changing pad

It’s also got the wonderful materials, like the Teflon-treated outer fabric for stain repelling. The inner fabric is light and makes things easy to see. It’s been treated with Agion to help keep icky growth at bay. Finally, this piece is machine washable. Because classy bags need to be clean, too.

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Classy Structured Handbag Diaper Bag, Dandy Lines


I only see one downside to this bag- the size. It’s quite large to be carried with the carrying straps placed under the arm. And the messenger strap is a bit too short for me.  I feel like the dimensions of the bag or the bag-to-handle ratio needs to be a little different to make it feel better when carried on my body.



Messenger or tote bag

Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, Dancing Dahlias

What’s to Love

The name of this bag is no joke. This big bag will really help you be prepared for anything. Whether you are an OCD-type mamma who likes to be prepared and organized for anything, or if you have a couple of different babies sharing the same diaper bag, the Be Prepared has got you covered. It is big! You can fit a lot of things in here. It can be carried with the tote straps, or you can attach the padded messenger strap on the sturdy D rings to haul it around. Besides the metal rings, it has all metal zippers and metal luggage feet.

Image of the Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

This bag has some really, really cool pockets. There’s a compartment for everything:

  • A HUGE front mommy pocket similar to the other bags, but it has more compartments ( including a felt sunglass pouch), is fully unzippable, and has a cool see-through panel for pictures of baby
  • Big, button-close pocket right behind the mommy pocket
  • Inside: 7 smaller pockets that have two sets of color coded tabs (perfect for twins!)
  • Two 3M Thinsulate pockets on the sides with magnetic flap closure
  • Back pocket with crumb drains and included memory foam changing pad

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

The coolest feature of this diaper bag is the unique zipper system for the main pocket. It has a large flap that can be tucked down in the bag to be carried open tote style if you don’t want to zip it up. You can also tuck the tote straps down into the main section if you are using the messenger strap. My favorite feature is the side gussets on the main pocket. You can zip it almost all the way down on the side, and the gussets allow it to open up wide without falling over and spilling all your stuff.

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

Add in the quality materials and the machine washability, and you’ll be prepared to clean and handle any mess that comes your way.


Like i said, this bag is BIG. So big that it can be cumbersome to haul around all day. Not to mention that it doesn’t fit in strollers or in other storage areas. I suppose that’s the price you pay for carrying around so much stuff.

Michelle Hand, Editor
Michelle Hand, Editor

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