Best Diaper Backpack for Twins

The Best Diaper Backpacks for Twins

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by Sarah Stockett |

You’ve got twins on the way, so you’ve probably already realized that two babies will mean double the stuff. Naturally, you want a diaper bag that’s large enough to handle double duty. With its large size and double straps, diaper backpacks are a natural choice for parents of twins.

As a lover of the diaper backpack (as opposed to other styles of diaper bags), I’ve researched the options on the market quite a bit to provide you with my opinion of what the best diaper backpacks for twins are right now. My favorite diaper backpack is the MyLimonada Diaper Backpack because of its size, layout, compartments, and construction. Here’s more about this and my other favorite diaper backpacks.

Best Diaper Backpacks for Twins

1. MyLimonada Diaper Backpack

I looked at many different diaper backpacks, but my favorite is the MyLimonada Diaper Backpack. Naturally, there are many factors that go in to selecting a favorite, so here is an explanation of why I think this one is the absolute best. Best Diaper Backpack for Twins - Image of the Diaper Bag Backpack Organizer by MyLimonada. Large, Stroller Straps, Changing Pad, Wipes Dispenser, Thermal-Insulated Pocket and Adjustable Shoulder Straps. Spill-Resistant. Washable. Durable. Unisex.

It’s roomy.

As a parent of twins, you’re going to need a whole lot of room. There are many items that you’ll want to carry in your diaper bag. Here’s a list of what I consider essential:

  • diapers,
  • wipes,
  • changing pad,
  • nail care kit,
  • burp cloths,
  • blankets,
  • spare clothes,
  • favorite toys,
  • formula or breast milk,
  • bottles with caps,
  • pacifiers,
  • bibs,
  • plastic diaper bags, and
  • any diapering lotions or creams that you might need.

Some additional items that you may want to plan to carry are your breast pump, wallet, keys, phone, a camera, and food for you. That’s a lot of stuff. Then, multiply some of that by two!

The MyLimonada Diaper Backpack measures 14 x 6.4 x 17 inches. It’s large enough to fit everything you need, but not so huge that it would be uncomfortable to wear.

Although this backpack is very spacious, it’s still small enough to classify as a carry-on bag. So, if you’re looking for a large diaper backpack for travel, this one is perfect!

It has lots of compartments.

There are 14 pockets, 1 large thermal-insulated pocket, and 1 diaper wipes pocket dispenser. All of these pockets allow for you to separate and organize your items.

This early organization can be very important. You may have already realized that the ability to quickly find a bottle, pacifier, or favorite toy can prevent an epic meltdown. Personally, I prioritized the prized items and kept them in an external pocket whenever possible.

Also, I want to take a moment to talk about the thermal-insulated pocket. Although there is only one insulated pocket (some other backpacks have more), this pocket is quite large. You should be able to fit two bottles into this one space.

Plus, since this pocket is external, if you have any spills or leaks, the mess should be easier to clean. A spill in an external pocket instead of in an internal pocket can mean the difference between having to wipe one pocket clean versus having to wash your whole diaper bag and all of its contents. Trust me.

External pockets are a blessing. And, although the external thermal-insulated pocket is fantastic, no external pocket is as important as the diaper wipe pocket. When you’re in the thick of it, you will not want to be sorting through your diaper bag to track down your wipes. You’ll want them to be external and very easily accessible.

Easy access to your items.

I love that it’s easy to access all your diaper bag items in the MyLimonada Diaper Backpack. Sometimes, diaper bags boast a high number of organizational pockets, but they all seem to be at the bottom of the bag. To find what you’re looking for, you may actually have to remove items from your bag.

This can also be the case if the opening to the diaper bag is too narrow. Diaper bags with a narrow opening make it more difficult to find what you’re searching for. Plus, they make it even harder to remove the item once you’ve found it.

On the flip side, beware of the very large opening. The last thing you want is to dump your bag when you’re trying to remove a necessary item.

It looks like a basic backpack.

If it looks like a regular backpack, it is probably more likely that your husband will wear it. And if your husband is wearing the diaper backpack, it means that you aren’t.

Another benefit to a backpack over other style of diaper bags is that, with a backpack, your whole diaper bag on your back. This leaves your hands completely free to carry your children, open doors, or deal with whatever else life may throw at you.

Padded double straps reduce your shoulder, neck, and back pain.

With two straps, the weight of your diaper bag is more evenly distributed. This weight distribution can greatly impact your spinal and muscular health. Studies have shown that wearing both straps of a backpack will reduce shoulder, neck, and back pain caused by carrying heavy weights.

It can clip onto your stroller.

This backpack comes with sturdy straps with plastic clips that can secure your diaper bag to your stroller handle. The design of the backpack allows easy access to your most important items without invading your leg space for walking.

No velcro.

This backpack has no velcro. Velcro can wear down and stick to your clothes. For this reason, the folks at MyLimonada Diaper Backpack decided to use zippers and magnetic locks.

It’s washable.

Messes will happen. Although I don’t have twins, I’m going to guess that double the kids means double the mess. Diaper bags especially need to be able to be cleaned.

If you think about it, your diaper bag is carrying many things that you will put in the mouths of your kids; and you’ll set it in some of the nastiest places on earth. Your diaper bag will go on the floors of restaurants and in some filthy bathrooms. However, because this backpack is washable, you can relax knowing that you can clean off whatever germs you may have accumulated.

This backpack is made of Nylon, so it’s able to be washed. I would stick to hand washing just to make sure that everything cleans up and stays intact.

It’s waterproof.

The last thing you want is an external spill to completely soak through or ruin your diaper bag. That’s why it’s essential to have a waterproof bag. You want to ensure that the contents of your bag stay safe and clean, no matter what’s happening.

It comes with free gifts.

This diaper backpack comes with a machine washable 24 x 12 inch changing pad, a washable cosmetics bag, and a baby grooming kit. The baby grooming kit, which is available for a limited time, includes a glass nail file, plastic-handled baby scissors, soft-tipped booger tweezers, and ergonomic baby nail clippers.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

If there are issues with a year of your purchase, there is a one-year replacement, lifetime warranty. For anyone not completely satisfied with their purchase, there is a 100% refund as long as you contact the company within 90 days of purchase.

The customer service is outstanding.

Whenever I shop for something, I always read the customer reviews. In particular, I look to see what people love, but also what they identify as a problem or issue.

Although there weren’t very many issues with this bag (which is great), I was very surprised at how quickly the company itself answered consumer questions and resolved customer complaints. One person even wrote about how they had purchased the bag through Amazon and had an issue with their bag outside of the Amazon time limit for returns. The company wanted to rectify the situation, so they went outside of Amazon policy and sent the consumer a new diaper backpack.

2. ModaWee Diaper Backpack

The ModaWee Diaper Backpack is my runner-up. I love that it has a low zipper to allow access to the items in the bottom of your bag without rummaging through the whole thing, but that’s not the only perk to this backpack. Image of the Diaper Bag Travel Backpack,Multi-Function Waterproof Nappy Bags for Baby Care, Stylish Mommy Dad Diaper Organizer, Large Capacity with Insulated Pockets, 16×11×8 inch (Light Grey)


The ModaWee Diaper Backpack is very large (11 x 8 x 16 inches) with multiple compartments and 3 insulated bottle holders. It offers access to your items from the top and also from a zipper located on the lower part of the back panel. This backpack also features an area for wet and dry separation. Plus, it has multiple straps for multiple ways to carry your bag. And, at current prices, it’s practically a steal!


It doesn’t seem that any of the straps are actually removable. So, while you do get to choose whether you use this bag as a backpack or purse, all the straps will remain intact throughout.

Also, this diaper backpack only has four colors available (pink, blue, gray, and black). If you’re wanting a diaper backpack outside of those colors, that could be a deal breaker for you.

3. Hap Tim Diaper Backpack

Oh my, the Hap Tim Diaper Backpack is lovely! Just imagining myself wearing this makes me feel both cooler and smarter. Plus, this diaper backpack has a different interior design from the others.Image of the HapTim Multi-function Large Capacity Baby Diaper Bag Backpack,Double Deck Design,Fashion Cool Kid/Baby Travel Backpack, Gift for Mother Father( 5312 Dark Grey)


This diaper backpack is both stunning and cool, but that’s not the extent of its features. Unlike other diaper backpacks I’ve seen, this one is structured differently.

There is a front compartment that has insulated bottle and drink holders and some pockets for storage. The main storage compartment of the bag doesn’t have interior storage compartments, though. Instead, it has a divider to divide the items on the top of your bag from the items on the bottom.

Much like the ModaWee Diaper Backpack, the Hap Tim Diaper Backpack also has a low zipper on the back side of the bag for easy access to items stored in the lower half.


Although the construction material is durable and has a waterproof coating, I’m not sure if it is washable. Having a diaper backpack that’s not washable is a real gamble.

4. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack comes with stroller straps, a changing pad, and a sundry bag. This makes it a perfect on-the-go bag.

Image of the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad and Sundry Bag - Black 


The spacious backpack boasts 14 pockets, including one external insulated pocket large enough to hold two bottles. They also provide an external pocket for easy wipe access.

The provided stroller straps make it easy to clip this large bag on to your stroller and go. This is important because a backpack for twins may not fit beneath your stroller in the storage bin.

This backpack is made of water-resistant twill polyester, which is stronger than cloth. With non-fray stitching and strong zippers, this backpack should last for a long time.

In fact, the manufacturers are so sure of their construction that they offer a lifetime warranty. Simply contact them if you have any issues or concerns.


Again, another backpack that isn’t machine washable. Because of the zippers and stitching, the manufacturer recommends that you spot clean with a damp cloth. Anyone who has kids though will tell you that sometimes spot cleaning just won’t do it.

5. HaloVa Diaper Bag

The HaloVa Diaper Bag is yet another classy and stylish diaper backpack.

Image of the HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bags for Baby Care, Large Capacity, Stylish and Durable, Gray 


This layout is very similar to the ModaWee Diaper Backpack. I love the “fish mouth opening” design that allows you to easily rummage through your bag without having to unload everything.

There is a pocket on the front with three insulated bottle holders that will keep milk warm for two to four hours. Access the main compartment of your backpack from the zipper in the back. With a side pocket for wipes and several other convenient storage spaces for items like your phone, this diaper backpack offers plenty of storage.

This backpack is made of a water-resistant nylon and offers padded shoulder straps and a limited lifetime guarantee of replacement.


Yet again, I have reservations about how a diaper backpack that can’t be machine washed will look after several months of use.

Also, this backpack doesn’t come with a changing pad.

6. Cuddly Cubs Diaper Backpack

The manufacturer of the Cuddly Cubs Diaper Backpack says that it opens like a suitcase. This allows you to fully unzip your backpack.



This backpack offers 12 compartments with three insulated bottle holders. The main pocket of the backpack unzips like a suitcase, allowing you access to the contents without removing items from your backpack. There is also a convenient side pocket for wipes.

It’s made of 300D polyester and comes with a changing pad.


The manufacturer recommends hand washing and drying flat or spot cleaning this backpack.

7. Maman Diaper Backpack

The Maman Diaper Backpack is the only one that features the unique quilted style.



This backpack has 11 total pockets, including two external insulated side pockets. There is also an external pocket that allows you to store important items (such as your phone) outside of the main diaper backpack area.

The quilted design is stylish and appealing, and the dark color helps make this backpack a stylish option for either parent.

A leather bottom ensures that your backpack will last. This is an important feature because heavy or pointy items could damage the bottom of backpacks. The leather bottom makes it less likely that you’ll ever rip or tear the bottom of your pack.

The outside of the bag is made of polyester, and the inside is lined with nylon.

Maman offers a 100% MoneyBack Guarantee.


Because the bottom of the bag is leather, this is a wipe clean only backpack.

Also, the style of the backpack means that whatever falls to the bottom might seem lost. Since everything is primarily loaded into the main compartment, it may be difficult to keep tabs on everything you’ve brought without periodically removing items and rearranging.

8. Xmeden Diaper Bag

The Xmeden Diaper Bag is a large, waterproof traditional backpack style diaper bag.

Image of the Diaper Bag Backpack, Organizer Baby Back Pack for Mom / Dad with Stroller Straps, Changing Pad, Water Resistant Maternity Nappy Bags for Travel with Boys / Girls Care, Grey 


This very reasonably priced diaper backpack is designed to accommodate parents as well as children. For example, the interior of this backpack has a padded laptop pocket. In fact, there are over ten pockets in this backpack, including an insulated side pocket for bottles as well as two other insulated bottle pockets inside the bag. On the other side of this backpack is accessible wipe storage.

It’s made of high grade polyester fiber, which is part of why this bag is waterproof. With all the spills in life, a waterproof or water-resistant bag is important.

They also provide a waterproof changing pad and a limited warranty.


Because this is a traditional backpack style, you run the risk of losing items in the depths of your bag or having to remove several things in order to get to the item that you really need.

9. Filberry Backpack Diaper Bag Set

Don’t be fooled! The Filberry Backpack Diaper Bag Set zips together to form one larger backpack.

Image of the Filberry Backpack Diaper Bag Set – Large & Small Backpacks zip together for an Extra Large backpack! – - Grey 


I’m intrigued by this idea of having a portion of your backpack be able to be removed. This seems like a wonderful way to share the joys of toting this pack. Then, each parent can handle one portion of the backpack without feeling overloaded. Or, if you have an older child, they can carry some of the weight. In my opinion, this feature makes this diaper backpack a top contender as one of the best diaper backpacks for twins.

These bags offer tons of storage–17 pockets to keep everything organised including a wet wipe pocket; wet, dry, and insulated pockets; insulated bottle pocket (holds 2), and laptop/iPad space.

Stroller straps let you attach your backpack to your stroller and go. This is important because your bag will probably not fit beneath your stroller.

This set includes a changing pad and additional insulated bag. I’m a huge fan of the additional insulated bag. Sometimes, an insulated pocket isn’t going to store things at the appropriate temperature. I’ve used my insulated bag for carrying breast milk or medicine that needs to be kept cold.


I’m not sure exactly what this backpack is made of, but it’s another wipe clean model. Plus, there’s no indication of whether this is waterproof or water-resistant.

10. ZiggyZag Diaper Bag

ZiggyZag Diaper Bag

Image of the ZiggyZag Multifunction Large-Size Waterproof Travel Baby Diaper Bag/Backpack w/Adjustable Stroller Straps Insulated Pockets,w/Free Nappy Changing Pad&Insulated Bottle Sleeve for Moms & Dads Unisex! 


This reasonably priced diaper backpack offers four exterior pockets and 10 interior pockets. Three of those interior pockets are insulated bottle pockets. It also comes with a free insulated sleeve, and you already know that I’m a big fan of that!

There are two main compartments, which helps you keep your items organized. One of the side pockets is large enough to store both diapers and wipes.

This backpack is made of a waterproof polyester, and it comes with a changing pad. Also, the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee and year warranty.


Again, this is another diaper backpack that is not machine washable. I’m just not a fan of spot cleaning because with my kids, when they make a mess, it’s not just in one spot.

My Overall Recommendation:

There are lots of diaper backpacks on the market but, if you’re welcoming twins, you want to find the one that does the best job at holding all of your necessary items and allowing you to access them whenever you need them. For this reason, I prefer the MyLimonada Diaper Backpack. When you look at the price versus the quality construction, space, and accessibility; this backpack provides the most bang for your buck.

Sarah Stockett
After graduating from TCU with a degree in English, I took a break from writing. After accumulating some life experiences and children, I returned because I finally had something to say. I'm passionate about helping people be their best. Whether it's giving advice for success in parenting or information about how to improve your personal health, my top priority is to give you the best information possible.

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