Review of the new britax b-free stroller.

Britax B-Lively Stroller Review

by Experienced Mommy -

Next, yet to be formally announced, is Britax’s B-Lively stroller which follows a line of high-quality and popular line of strollers with appropriate names.

Britax Stroller line:

B-Lively – Not yet announced

B-Mod – Not yet announced, but it is probably going to be… MOD!

B-Free – 3 wheel stroller with single front wheel, lots of storage and very maneuverable

B-Agile – 3 wheel stroller, double front wheel, forms a travel system with the B Safe 35 car seat

B-Ready – 4 wheel stroller, lots of seating configurations and connection capability to many car seats

B-Mobile – 4 wheel lightweight stroller, maybe the B-Lively will replace this one?

Affinity – 4 wheel luxury stroller, comfort, style, bassinet compatible, older product no longer sold

B-Lively Goodies

Well we don’t know yet what the B Lively will have in store but we anticipate a lightweight, maneuverable stroller with features like these:

  • Compact fold to take up a limited amount of space
  • Easy carry. The B-Mobile stroller came with a shoulder strap so you could actually carry it without tying up one of your hands.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver

If it truly is a lightweight stroller it probably won’t have things like a click-in car seat functions, multiple ride positions, better suspension or connected brakes.

Chicco recently announced the Mini Bravo stroller in this category.  And although it is small and lightweight it also has some really nice benefits:

  • One-hand fold
  • Freestanding when folded
  • Cup holders
  • A true 5-point harness with extra padding
  • Pretty decent storage
  • and capacity to hold a child up to 50lbs.


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