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The Best Paw Patrol Toys of 2021

My kids have really enjoyed Paw Patrol (though two have outgrown it somewhat), and we have several toys and games that go along with it. Here I’ve included some fun vehicles and figures, die-cast cars and tracks, toddler toys, and games that are all Paw Patrol to provide you with a variety of options. I compiled a list of the best Paw Patrol toys so you can find the right one for the pup fan in your life. 

Best Paw Patrol Toy Overall: VTech Pups to the Rescue Driver
Best Paw Patrol Game: Paw Patrol Pop Up Game
Best Paw Patrol Figures: Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure Set
Best Paw Patrol Toy Set: Classic Gift Pack of 6 Vehicles
Best Paw Patroller Toy: Launch 'N Haul Paw Patroller
Best Paw Patrol Tower Toy: Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower

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Best Paw Patrol Toys

VTech Paw Patrol Pups To The Rescue Driver

VTech Paw Patrol Pups to The Rescue Driver, Red

Another good toddler Paw Patrol toy is the VTech Paw Patrol Pups To The Rescue Driver, intended for 2-year-olds and up. With this toy, your child can be the driver of a Paw Patrol vehicle on fun missions.

Pushing the pup buttons allows Ryder to introduce each character. The Ryder button plays the show’s theme song and calls the pups in for a mission.

There is also learning involved as your child turns in the correct direction, honks the horn a certain number of times, and finds the pup described. A dial changes if the child is driving Ryder’s ATV, a snowmobile, or a hovercraft.

There is also a volume button, though it is on the “dashboard,” so it is easy for kids to adjust themselves. It requires two AA batteries. It may come with demo batteries, but you will probably need to replace them shortly after you purchase it.

I think this looks like it would be fun for a younger Paw Patrol fan, like a two- or three-year-old. Older kids might lose interest in sitting to play with it.

Gund Paw Patrol Rocky 9″ Plush

GUND Rocky, 9

GUND Paw Patrol Rocky in Uniform Plush, 9″ is another good Paw Patrol toy for toddlers. It is suitable for ages 1 and up.

The stuffed animal is soft and cuddly. Its surface is easily washable (though you shouldn’t submerge it).

The toy is 9″ tall, which isn’t huge, but it’s a good size for a toddler to carry around or bring to bed.

Several other pups on the crew are available as Gund stuffed animals, too:

Play-Doh Rescue Marshall Toy and Toolset

Play-Doh E6887 Paw Patrol Rescue Marshall Toy Figure & Toolset with 4 Non-Toxic Colors

Play-Doh Paw Patrol Rescue Marshall Toy Figure & Toolset with 4 Non-Toxic Colors is a Play-Doh set that includes Marshall and his water cannons.

Marshall has a stamp underneath to make a fun Paw Patrol design in the Play-Doh. There is also a fire badge and a cat stamper. There is a small firehouse that has more molds for Play-Doh as well.

The set comes with one 2-ounce, standard-size can of dough, plus three 1-ounce cans. It is intended for ages 3 and up.

I love the idea of a Paw Patrol Play-Doh set, though this one seems to be a bit lacking compared to other Play-Doh sets my kids have. It seems like the play options are kind of limited. I would recommend this set if your child is a huge fan of Marshall or firefighters, as they may be entertained by it for longer.

Another Paw Patrol Play-Doh set is Play-Doh Mysteries Paw Patrol Surprise Toy with 6 Secret Toys, which could have Chase, Marshall, or Skye inside.

For all of our Play-Doh recommendations, check out the best Play-Doh sets.

Paw Patrol Sleeptime Lites: Chase

Pillow Pets Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Sleeptime Lites – Chase Plush Night Light

For a cuddly and comforting option, check out Pillow Pets Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Sleeptime Lites – Chase.

This is a stuffed animal and night light combo that projects rainbow stars onto the ceiling. There are three color modes and you can set it to turn off after 20 minutes so it isn’t on all night. To turn it off manually, you have to press the button several times to cycle through the color options.

Chase takes 3 AAA batteries. It can run through the batteries pretty quickly, so be prepared to replace them often.

Though the light projector part is plastic, the rest of the toy is very soft and cuddly. Since you can only surface wash it, I would recommend this more for decor/night light use than having your child use it in bed.

There are also some Paw Patrol pillow pets without lights, including Pillow Pets Marshall Dalmatian, 16″ Stuffed Animal Plush Toy.

VTech PAW Patrol Megaphone Mission Voice Changer

VTech PAW Patrol Megaphone Mission Voice Changer, Blue

The VTech PAW Patrol Megaphone Mission Voice Changer is another gift that’s good for younger Paw Patrol fans. It is intended for kids 2 and up.

It takes 2 AA batteries to operate. There may be some demo batteries that come with it, but they will need to be replaced with new ones.

The megaphone has five voice-changing effects as well as songs. The effects are robot, echo, megaphone, high pitch, and low pitch. There are also buttons to tell about Skye, Marshall, and Rubble’s jobs, and a mission mode where your child hears about a problem and chooses the right pup to help.

You might expect a megaphone toy to be pretty loud, but it is actually prone to being kind of hard to hear. So if you shy away from loud toys, this one may not bother you as much as some.

This toy is made by VTech, which is a company I’ve had other good products from. I think my kids would have fun making noise with this.

Best Paw Patrol Games

Paw Patrol Pop Up Game

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Pop Up Game

Another Paw Patrol version of a classic game is the Paw Patrol Pop Up Game, which is similar to Trouble.

The die for the game is in a plastic bubble on the board that you push to pop and roll your number for each turn. Your goal is to move your four pawns from their start spaces to the home spaces.

The board is not super sturdy or well made, but most kids really love the Paw Patrol theme and enjoy playing it. I like Trouble-type games because you can’t lose the die for it!

This game is intended for ages 4 and up. It is for 2-4 players.

Paw Patrol Adventure Board Game

Spin Master Games Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Adventure Board Game

PAW Patrol Adventure Board Game is a pretty simple board game in the vein of Candy Land with a bit of Chutes and Ladders.

This board game is intended for ages 4 and up, and 2-6 people can play at a time. Each player picks a cardboard pup to move around the board. On your turn, you spin a spinner to move along the path toward the finish.

You also collect the badge that matches what you spin, and these allow you to take the matching shortcut on the board as you pass. If you don’t have the right badge for the shortcut, you can’t use it. But you can take your pup’s shortcut even without the badge. The player to reach the end of the path first wins.

The instructions may not be very clear about using the shortcuts, which start on white spaces. There is no white on the spinner, so you can’t land directly on them. Most people resolve this by playing that if you are passing over that shortcut space and you have the right badge, you can take the shortcut.

I think this game looks great for younger board game players, probably 4 and 5-year-olds. A 3-year-old might be able to get the hang of it, too, especially with older siblings. I don’t think it would entertain Paw Patrol fans at the older end of the spectrum as it is a pretty simple game.

I would recommend this game for young fans. It might be even more fun if you also got Paw Patrol Figure Set 6 Piece to use as the pieces instead of the cardboard pieces in the plastic holders.

Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game

Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game, Multicolor

Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game is very similar to the classic Don’t Break the Ice game. My family has enjoyed playing it.

You set up the board by placing hexagons of “ice” into the frame and placing Chase somewhere on the ice. On your turn, you spin to find out which color ice block you need to tap out with a plastic hammer. The person who taps out the block that makes Chase fall loses.

It is recommended for ages 5 and up, but my youngest was playing along at 3 and 4. You will probably need to help younger players build and rebuild the board, which can take longer than the actual gameplay.

We haven’t had any problems with ours, but some people find their ice blocks don’t fit tightly enough together to stay in. You could also get the classic Don’t Break the Ice Game and a Paw Patrol figure on top to create a similar experience.

Paw Patrol Memory Match Tower Game

Paw Patrol 36-Piece Memory Match Tower Game is a memory game for up to 4 players.

Just like a traditional memory game, you lay the cards face down and take turns flipping over two at a time to try to find a match. The person with the most pairs at the end wins.

This set has 18 pairs of cards (36 cards total), which I think is a good size. We have some memory games with 36 pairs, and that’s just too many to do at once. The box says it is for ages 5 and up, but I think 3- and 4-year-olds could easily play. It might help to use even fewer pairs for the youngest players.

The cards are a bit on the small side, and some say they are flimsy though they are supposed to be premium cardboard.

Best Paw Patrol Figures

Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure Set 

Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure Set 6 Piece

The Paw Patrol Figure Set is a nice way to get several miniature pup figures all at once. At about 1.75 inches tall, these are smaller than the ones that come with the vehicles. The set includes Rubble, Zuma, Skye, Chase, Marshall, and Rocky. 

But it is nice to get most of the crew in a decently priced set as long as you know they are mini pups who don’t have any moving parts. These also would be great for cake toppers if you are planning a Paw Patrol birthday.

These are definitely a choking hazard, so they are only for children 3 and up who no longer put small objects in their mouths.

PAW Patrol Gift Pack with 6 Collectible Toy Figures


Another type of figure is the PAW Patrol Gift Pack with 6 Collectible Toy Figures. This comes with six pups each  about 2 inches tall.

Each pup includes a dog with a costume appropriate to their roles in the show. The set includes Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, and Skye. 

They are adorable, with big sparkly eyes. There are no moving parts. They are about the same size as the more common plastic figures, so they may work with vehicles you already have as well.

This could be a good way to get six decent-sized pups all at once, including one of the girl dogs. 

Paw Patrol Bath Finger Puppets

Ginsey Piece Party Finger Puppet Set, Paw Patrol, Pack

The Paw Patrol Bath Finger Puppets are toys that can do double duty. These are safe for use in the bath but cute enough to use at other playtimes, too.

This set has five flexible PVC finger puppets: Zuma, Chase, Skye, Marshall, and Rubble. The other set adds in even more friends. They are easy to clean, though I would make sure the inside dries well after use in the bath so you don’t get mold growth.

I think these would be great for making up your own Paw Patrol fingerplays. They seem durable and have no moving parts to break. They are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Best Paw Patrol Toy Sets

PAW Patrol True Metal Classic Gift Pack

Paw Patrol True Metal Classic Gift Pack of 6 Collectible Die-Cast Vehicles, 1:55 Scale, Multicolor

To add die-cast vehicles to your track set, or just for play, check out the True Metal Classic Gift Pack. This set includes six characters (Skye, Chase, Zuma, Rocky, Rubble, and Marshall) in vehicles. The figures are part of the vehicle, so they do not come out.

Unlike some die-cast vehicles, these Paw Patrol vehicles feature spinning wheels so it looks like the Pups are actually driving around. I think these would be a great addition to a Paw Patrol track set or to give your child a variety of pups in one set.

Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set

Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble,Multicolor

If you have a 2-year-old fan Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set is a good choice. The box says they are appropriate for ages 2 and up.

These vehicles are smaller and the characters do not come out of their trucks. The trucks have no moving parts except the wheels. The trucks are each 3-4 inches long.

As long as you are expecting that size and play potential, these look like fun for younger fans. While my kids preferred the bigger trucks and figures, we have some of this style that also gets used.

To get the other characters, check out these other Racers sets: Chase, Zuma and Ryder and Marshall, Chase, and Skye.

Dino Rescue Skye and Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur

Paw Patrol, Dino Rescue Skye’s Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur Figure

Dino Rescue Skye’s Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur Figure goes along with the dinosaur theme.

Skye’s helicopter has more of a pterodactyl look, and it comes with a Skye figure and a mystery dinosaur. Her vehicle is 3.75 in by 8.5 in by 6.5 in.

This set doesn’t have any batteries, so it doesn’t make noise or propel itself. But the wings can be moved and there is a moving grabber claw in the back of the vehicle. However, the pup’s legs don’t move, just her head.

It may ship from Amazon in its own packaging, so look at your shipping options before buying if this will be a gift to see if you need to request an Amazon box for it.

This toy is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Several other pups are available with their dino vehicles and a dinosaur as well:

Marshall’s Fire Engine Vehicle with Collectible Figure

Paw Patrol, Marshall’s Fire Engine Vehicle with Collectible Figure, for Kids Aged 3 and Up

Marshall’s Fire Engine Vehicle with Collectible Figure is a great basic Paw Patrol set. It comes with a Marshall figure and his fire truck.

The truck has a moving ladder, though Marshall’s legs do not move. There are no batteries required as the vehicle doesn’t light up or make noise. It is suitable for ages 3 and up.

This truck is 3.75 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches, which I would consider the standard Paw Patrol vehicle size. Parents say this size truck fits in the My Size Lookout Tower, so if you are looking to add to that playset, this size vehicle is a good choice. 

We have several pups and basic vehicles in our house, and my kids have spent hours playing with them. You really don’t need a big set to create Paw Patrol fun.

There are similar vehicle and figure options for some of the other main pups of Paw Patrol:

Paw Patrol Ryder’s Rescue ATV Vehicle and Figure

Paw Patrol Ryder's Rescue ATV, Vechicle and Figure

The Paw Patrol Ryder’s Rescue ATV and Figure is a great addition to Paw Patrol play since Ryder leads the team of pups. This toy comes with a movable Ryder figure and his ATV, and it is for ages 3 and up.

Ryder’s legs bend to sit on the vehicle and his hands are molded to fit around the handlebars nicely. It should be easy for a child to place Ryder on the ATV and take him off themselves. Once Ryder is on the ATV, he stays on pretty well, too.

However, Ryder’s joints are prone to breaking, so consider that before purchasing.

We have a Ryder who is permanently attached to his ATV, and that did hinder play somewhat. My kids would have really enjoyed a Ryder who could get off his vehicle and participate more in the missions.

Jet to the Rescue Transforming Rescue Jet

Paw Patrol, Jet to The Rescue Deluxe Transforming Spiral Rescue Jet with Lights and Sounds, Amazon Exclusive

There is also a bigger rescue jet for Chase, the Jet to The Rescue Transforming Rescue Jet with Lights and Sounds.

This airplane is bigger than the other Jet to the Rescue vehicles at about 8 by 13 by 12 inches. It comes with a Chase figure, but there is room in the jet for a second pup to come along if you own or buy others. The seats are made to hold the pups’ front paws in so they won’t fall out during flight.

This vehicle also transforms with the push of a button as the wings flip and open up to be able to shoot projectiles. It also lights up and plays sounds.

The top of the jet has a handle, which makes it easier for small hands to fly the bigger airplane around. The projectiles don’t shoot too far or too hard, so they may be less likely to cause injury. But they would probably be easy to lose, and it only comes with two.

Some users found the button was too hard to push down all the way, but the wings can be moved manually as well. It also holds up well during play.

The spiral jet also requires 3 LR44 batteries, which are included. It is intended for ages 3 and up.

I think there might be less play potential in this vehicle than some of the other bigger ones, but I would recommend it for kids who are big Chase or airplane fans.

Paw Patrol True Metal Race Rescue Vehicle

Paw Patrol Rocky True Metal Ready Race Rescue Diecast Car

If you are looking for a certain pup in a die-cast vehicle, check out Rocky True Metal Ready Race Rescue Diecast Car.

These single cars are the right size for the other Paw Patrol track sets or Hot Wheels sets. They are made mostly of metal to be sturdy and long-lasting.

If your child has a favorite pup and likes car tracks, getting their character of choice would be a great stocking stuffer or good behavior reward.

The other single pups available are:

Jet to The Rescue Everest Transforming Vehicle

Paw Patrol, Jet to The Rescue Everest Deluxe Transforming Vehicle with Lights and Sounds, Amazon Exclusive

Jet to The Rescue Everest Deluxe Transforming Vehicle is part of a series of all airplane-related vehicles for all the pups in the Paw Patrol.

These jet vehicles have lights and sounds, unlike many of the other vehicles of this size range. Everest’s jet is 3.75″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″. 

Your child can push a button to change the jet from stealth mode to rescue mode. That pops out parts on the wings and activates the lights and sounds. Then your child can push the wing pieces back in to go back to stealth mode when needed.

I like that this vehicle is available with Everest. As one of the occasional members of the team, she isn’t included in as many sets. But she’s one of only two girl pups, so I appreciate it when she is represented.

To make the lights and sounds, the jet uses 3 LR44 batteries. It is recommended for ages 3 and up.

I prefer toys that don’t need batteries (especially a size I might not have on hand), so this wouldn’t be high on the list for my own kids. But I would recommend it if your Paw Patrol fan is especially into airplanes and flying vehicles. I think kids would enjoy the lights and sounds and the moving parts on the plane.

There are a few other pups with Jet Rescue vehicles if your child has a different favorite:

Best Paw Patroller Toys

Paw Patrol Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller

PAW Patrol, Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller, Transforming 2-in-1 Track Set for True Metal Die-Cast Vehicles

The Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller, Transforming 2-in-1 Track Set is also a part of the True Metal track series. This set comes with a RoboDog die-cast car.

When folded, it looks like the Paw Patroller vehicle, but it unfolds into a cool track set. There’s a bear that needs rescuing, a fire to put out, and a car lift to gas up and fix up the cars.

The vehicle that’s included can be a little hard to find when you get it out of the box. Be sure to look under the ramp, where it may be in some cardboard.

It is nice that this set folds up, and it can carry seven of the True Metal vehicles. It can be tricky for a child to fold up themselves, so you may need to help with that part. This set does seem to hold up well after months of use.

Of course, this would be more fun with a few of the extra vehicles above, but I think your child could still have a lot of fun with RoboDog and any Hot Wheels-size cars you already have.

Chase’s 5-in-1 Ultimate Cruiser with Lights and Sounds

Paw Patrol, Chase’s 5-in-1 Ultimate Cruiser with Lights and Sounds, for Kids Aged 3 and up

For a Chase or police fan, check out Chase’s 5-in-1 Ultimate Cruiser with Lights and Sounds.

This large vehicle (about 26 inches long) has room for Chase and five other pups to ride along with him. Chase is the only figure included with the set, though.

Along with the main cruiser vehicle, there are several small vehicles for the pups to use. There are two motorcycles, a helicopter, and a boat. The motorcycles can be put in special launchers on the side of the cruiser and can be shot out to save the day with the push of a button.

There are also projectiles that can be shot from the cruiser or the helicopter for additional fun play. There are flashing lights and siren sounds, plus the Paw Patrol theme song.

The cruiser uses 3 LR44 batteries, which are included. It is suitable for ages 3 and up.

With the multiple vehicles in this set, I would recommend this only if you have some other pup figures or plan to get some. It would be kind of sad to have five vehicles with only Chase to drive them.

But I like that this set has vehicles for multiple pups that come together and can store together. It would be easy for a couple of kids to play together since there are multiple ways to play. 

Dino Rescue Dino Patroller

PAW Patrol, Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle with Exclusive Chase and T. Rex Figures Blue, Medium

Paw Patrol Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle will be a hit with kids 3 and up who love Paw Patrol and dinosaurs. This motorized Paw Patrol vehicle comes with Chase and a T-rex figure.

To play, your child can push a button and the vehicle will move, but only a foot or two at a time. Pushing on the dinosaur’s tail opens its mouth to add to the fun. There is also a “net” launcher.

While it only comes with one pup, six of the dog figures can fit in the vehicle, plus the T-rex. 

The vehicle requires 6 AA batteries, which are included, to move on its own. Some parents say the truck is too loud, especially when it runs into an object, and doesn’t drive very well. The net launcher is also prone to breaking.

If your child doesn’t know the truck is supposed to drive, I might recommend removing the batteries before you give it to them so you avoid any disappointments with the driving distance or noise. But I am sure my son would enjoy the dino sets even though he is slightly on the old side for Paw Patrol now.

If your child is a big fan of Paw Patrol and dinosaurs or you want some quieter options, check out these other Dino Rescue sets:

Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Sea Patrol - Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle with Lights & Sounds, Ages 3 & Up

Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle with Lights & Sounds is the boat the pups use when on missions on the ocean or beach.

Though this is a boat, it is not intended to go in real water, so it would not be a good bath or pool toy. It does have wheels that can drop down to enable it to move on land, so your child can drive it around or use it stationary. To drop the wheels down, you move the bridge forward.

The Sea Patroller comes with Ryder and an ATV for him to ride, but it does not have any pup figures with it. There is a ramp for the ATV to go down. It also has a crane with a cage for Ryder to help him do water rescues.

There is room for two medium-size vehicles like the included ATV to fit inside the Sea Patroller (more if you stack them), and there is space for Skye’s helicopter to land on the deck.

This set is pretty large in size at more than two feet long and a foot tall. It is appropriate for ages 3 and up.

It needs 3 LR44 batteries to have its lights and sounds. But it is prone to those features not working well, even with new batteries. On some units, you have to hold the battery cover down for the sounds and lights to work. I might just remove the batteries before giving it to my child to avoid the issue, but I also am not a big fan of toys with batteries.

I think this boat would be fun if you already have several pups and vehicles to join Ryder on it. If you are just starting your child’s Paw Patrol collection, I wouldn’t start with this. But if you want a big vehicle to add to your child’s Adventure Bay play and you have plenty of room to store it, this would be a good addition.

Paw Patroller Rescue & Transport Vehicle

Paw Patrol - Paw Patroller Rescue & Transport Vehicle, Ages 3 and Up

PAW Patroller Rescue & Transport Vehicle is a set with a lot of play potential.

First, this is a big truck. It is nearly 28 inches long. It comes with Ryder and his ATV, but no other vehicles or figures.

If you have other vehicles and pups, this Paw Patroller can store three of the vehicles of the size of the Marshall truck that’s next on my list. When the truck is opened, it can hold six vehicles, but only three fit when it is closed.

The smaller racer plastic vehicles and 1:55 scale metal vehicles would also fit inside, though it is designed for the bigger vehicles.

The cab can hold four figures. Batteries (LR44s) are required, but some are included. There are also stickers to place on the Paw Patroller yourself.

There are ramps and elevators to get the pups and their vehicles into the Paw Patroller. The back ramp is prone to falling off, and it can be tricky to close the “lid” of the truck. The length of the truck makes it a bit difficult to drive around, but there’s still a lot to do with it in one place.

I think my kids would have really enjoyed having such a big Paw Patrol toy with so many ways to play. I wish it used AA or AAA batteries, though, which you are more likely to have on hand. (Though I might also just consider removing the batteries before giving it to my kids since the sounds aren’t a huge part of the play.)

I would recommend this toy to families with enough space to store it and those who already have (or are planning to get) some additional vehicles to go with it.

Best Paw Patrol Tower Toys

Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset

PAW Patrol, Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset with Lights and Sounds, for Ages 3 and Up

Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset is a Lookout set specific to the Mighty Pups series of episodes. It comes with Chase in super hero gear and his truck.

This is a pretty large set as it is 27 inches tall. Instead of having a track around the Lookout like some other sets, there is a zip line for the super pups to travel down to drop into their vehicle. There is also an elevator to take the pups up to the top of the tower.

The Lookout requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. There is also assembly necessary when you take it out of the box. Most parents found it wasn’t too tricky to put together, but you may want to do that before your child is anxiously waiting to play with it.

The zip line really works best with the Chase figure that’s included. Other Paw Patrol figures (even other Mighty Pups) may not work well with the clips.

Also, there appear to be six garage doors, one for each pup, but only one actually opens. That may be disappointing to your child. The set is suitable for ages 3 and up.

I think this playset could probably be improved, but if your child is a big fan of the superhero pups, they will probably look past a lot of the shortcomings and have plenty of fun with it.

True Metal Adventure Bay Rescue Way Playset with 2 Exclusive Vehicles

Paw Patrol, True Metal Adventure Bay Rescue Way Toy Playset with 2 Exclusive Die-Cast Vehicles, 1:55 Scale

True Metal Adventure Bay Rescue Way Playset with 2 Exclusive Vehicles is made for smaller vehicles, on the scale of basic Hot Wheels cars (which should also fit on it).

This Lookout playset comes with two metal vehicles and provides some cool track for them to go down. The track curves around the tower in a corkscrew, and there is a place to launch cars at the bottom of the Lookout too. Using all of it, your child can launch six vehicles at once.

The set comes with Marshall’s and Chase’s 1:55 scale metal vehicles. The pups do not come out of the vehicles. (The rest of the crew is available in the next items on my list.)

It is two feet tall and almost 15 inches wide, so it does take up some space. It requires some assembly, so it might be wise to do that before giving it to your child.

I think this set would be a hit for a Paw Patrol fan who also loves cars and car tracks like Hot Wheels. If cars aren’t your child’s thing, this particular Paw Patrol toy might not hold their attention over the long run. But I think my son would have loved this if it was available when he was a bit younger.

This playset is for children 3 and up.

For more Paw Patrol track sets, check out True Metal Mighty Meteor Die-Cast Track Set with Exclusive Chase Vehicle and True Metal Ultimate Fire Rescue Track Set with Exclusive Marshall Vehicle.

Comparing the Best Paw Patrol Toys

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Paw Patrol Toys

Good Play Value

The most important criterion for Paw Patrol toys is the fun your child will have with them. Being able to play out missions they’ve seen on the show or make up their own is the key to unlocking hours of fun at home. Toys that had multiple ways to play were more likely to make it onto my list.

Toys for Toddlers and Up

Many Paw Patrol toys are best for ages 3 and up, but I know my youngest loved Paw Patrol in her toddler years as well. I’ve found several options that are intended for 1- and 2-year-olds so your toddler can join in the fun.

Variety of Options

The playsets with the plastic figures and vehicles are common Paw Patrol options, but I wanted to include other toys and games. The True Metal track sets are a fun addition to the Paw Patrol family, plus there are games, puppets, and Play-Doh sets on my list.

You’ll find all kinds of Paw Patrol items in all of our gift recommendation articles. 

FAQs – Paw Patrol Toys

Who are all the Paw Patrol characters?

There are usually only a few main characters in the show. You can always count on characters like Ryder, Mayor Humdinger, Cap’n Turbot, and Jake, just to mention a few. Here’s a breakdown of all the pups:

  • Marshall – a firefighting dalmatian
  • Rubble – a construction-loving bulldog
  • Chase – a law-enforcing German Shepherd
  • Rocky – a recycling Terrier-mix
  • Zuma – a water-loving Chocolate Labrador
  • Skye – a flying Cockapoo
  • Everest – an outdoorsy Husky
  • Tracker – a keen Chihuahua
  • Tuck and Ella – Mighty Twin Golden Retrievers
  • Rex – a dino-loving Bernese Mountain Dog

What cars go with the Lookout and Paw Patroller?

It is confusing to sort out which vehicles are compatible with the various Lookout and Paw Patroller sets.

The My Size Lookout Tower works well with the Vehicles with Collectible Figure series, such as Marshall’s Fire Engine. 

One solution is to get the die-cast cars and track sets that are all labeled 1:55 scale. Then you know they are all compatible. Those cars are also small enough to probably fit any set designed for larger Paw Patrol vehicles.

Also, the Paw Patrol Racers are smaller than the full-size vehicles and should fit inside the bigger sets.

What age is Paw Patrol best for?

I think Paw Patrol is aimed at ages two to six, though if your child becomes a fan in that age range, they may continue to play with the toys for a few more years. My 8-year-old still likes to play Paw Patrol with my 5-year-old. He was probably three or four when he started being interested. His younger sister who was exposed to it earlier liked it from her toddler years.

What can kids learn from Paw Patrol?

The show doesn’t have letters, numbers, or science learning like some other TV shows, but I think it does show good teamwork. The pups have to work together and solve problems to help other people and animals around their hometown of Adventure Bay. Creating their own missions to work together to solve will be additional good learning opportunities for your children.

What is Paw Patrol all about?

Paw Patrol is Nick Jr. show that features a team of dogs (pups) led by a 10-year-old boy named Ryder. They live in Adventure Bay, and they go on missions to help the people and animals that live nearby. Each pup has a special skill set they bring to their missions.

The main team members are Chase (police dog), Marshall (firefighter), Skye (flying), Rubble (construction), Rocky (recycling and building), and Zuma (water). Their headquarters is the Lookout. They travel in the Paw Patroller (driven by a robot named RoboDog) on land and the Sea Patroller on the ocean.

There are some other pups who join the main team on special missions, including Everest and Tracker. Everest lives in the mountains and can help in icy and snowy situations. Tracker lives in the jungle and has tracking skills.

Sometimes the pups go on a series of missions in the same theme, like Jet Rescues, Dino Rescues, or Mighty Pups. There are new figures and vehicles for many of the specialized missions.

Final Word

Out of all these best Paw Patrol toy options, I think that there are two crowd-pleasers.

For a bigger Paw Patrol playset, I recommend True Metal Adventure Bay Rescue Way Playset, 1:55 Scale. This set is similar to a car track, and the vehicles that go with it are die-cast rather than all plastic. It comes with two vehicles and your other Hot Wheels-sized cars should fit. There are no batteries required, so it doesn’t make any noise or sound effects.

For a smaller set, I recommend Dino Rescue Skye’s Deluxe Rev Up Vehicle with Mystery Dinosaur Figure. You get a Skye figure, her helicopter (approximately 4 in x 8 in x 6 in), and a mystery dinosaur. One of my big Paw Patrol fans is a big dino fan, too, so I know this would be a hit with other kids who love both.

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