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The 33 Best Stacking Toys of 2021

The best stacking toys provide a learning adventure for your child under the age of three. Toddlers and babies alike can learn important brain and body skills like dexterity, depth perception, and so much more from seemingly simple toys. 

We review the best stacking toys for your tot – from dedicated stacking options and toys that stack and nest too!

Don’t waste hours scouring a massive toy market! Find all the best options here!

Best Stacking Toy for Kids:

Best Baby Stacking Cups:

Best Stacking Rings Toy:

Best Wooden Stacking Toy:

Best Stacking Bath Toy:

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Best Stacking Toys for KidsFat Brain Toys Tobbles NeoFisher-Price Infant Activity Gift SetFlybar Kidian Mon Mon The Rainbow StackerGreen Toys My First StackerMelissa & Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking BlocksBest Baby Stacking CupsHappkid Stacking Cups with Castle StackerThe First Years Stack Up Cup Toysmushie Stacking Cups ToyRainbow Stacking & Nesting Cups Baby Building SetB. toys – Stacking Cups – Bazillion BucketsMara's Box Rainbow Star Stacking & Nesting CupsDiscovery Toys Measure UP! Cups Best Stacking Ring ToysFisher-Price Rock-A-StackSassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning ToyFat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking ToyB. toys by Battat Stacking RingsLAMAZE - Rainbow Stacking Rings ToyFisher-Price Linkimals Lights and Colours LlamaBEST LEARNING Stack & Learn iPlay, iLearn Soft Plush Stacking RingsPlaygro Baby Toy Sort & Stack TowerBest Wooden Stacking ToysDreampark Wooden Shape Sorting & Stacking BlocksGEMEM Stacking Rings Toy Wooden Rainbow StackerGrimm's 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker Orcamor Wooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn Topper Fat Brain Toys Counting StackerLEO & FRIENDS Wooden Stacking ToysPenguin Wooden Ring Colorful Rainbow Stacker Best Stacking Bath ToysBoon Stacking BoatsPlayahoy Floating Pool ToysAGREATLIFE Stacking Cups Bath Toys for ToddlersUbbi Lighthouse Stacking Cups Bath ToysMOLUK Mini Bilibos Baby ToyStacking Toys ComparedBuying Criteria for Best Stacking ToysTypes of Stacking ToysAspects to Consider Learning PotentialFAQs About the Best Stacking ToysHow long can I expect my child to play with stacking toys? Does my baby need to be able to sit to play with a stacking toy? Are wood stacking toys better than plastic stacking toys? Final Words

Best Stacking Toys for Kids

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

The Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo allows kids to stack fun egg shapes. That’s right, these toys look like colorful dinosaur eggs with the top popped off. The whimsical design will draw kids in over and over again. 

Each toy offers interplay as they encourage imagination and teach multiple shades of each color—the colors including blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and pink. In addition, they are perfect for children ages six months to two years old. 

The pieces all balance, nest, spin, and stack on top of a base in gravity-defying angles. Precocious children will love the curiosity provoking toy. Also, the pieces are weighted for safety and fun. 

It’s made for kids ages six months and up of high-quality ABS plastic. The company offers safety testing and a sturdy design. Use this toy to teach sensory exploration like motor skills, coordination, spatial reasoning, and even imagination. 

Above all, give your tot the toy that topples, spins, balances, wiggles, wobbles, and tilts! Throw in a dinosaur stuffy for fun!

Fisher-Price Infant Activity Gift Set

Give babies and toddlers a challenge with the Fisher-Price Infant Activity Gift Set. It’s a two-piece toy set ready to inspire learning and fun. Also, it’s a stacking toy and a fun fidget toy that travels well. 

The stacking cups offer a vivid rainbow of color. With reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples, your baby can learn many colors of the rainbow. It even has a smiley face to stack on top. 

Each cup graduates in size and offers a number along with shapes like stars molded onto the sides. As the cups go taller, they get smaller. Moreover, they each come in an easy-to-hold rounded design. 

Storing the plastic cups is easy, as they stay together once stacked. Babies can learn about textures, patterns, and more with this intelligent toy. 

Later, your child can use the toy to play with marbles or even as a car obstacle course. For now, help them focus on fine motor skills and numbers. All this for a super affordable price!

Flybar Kidian Mon Mon The Rainbow Stacker

Kidian Stacking Toys - Mon Mon The Rainbow Stacker, Baby Stacking Toy, Toddler Stacking Toy, Musical Stacking Toys for Toddlers 1-3 by Flybar

Try the Flybar Kidian Mon Mon The Rainbow Stacker for kids who want a little noise and who love monkeying around. The base plays music to entice children to return to the toy again and again. 

The top of the base offers a cheerful monkey with large eyes and cute hair. Next, the body is made of multiple shaped stackers with different levels. Each has a different pattern and multiple colors to offer learning opportunities. 

Get this toy for your child ages six months and up. It can teach them grasping, hand-eye coordination, and improve color recognition too. Store easily with all the pieces stacked on the base. 

If you don’t want a stacker toy that makes noise, definitely choose a different option. However, this set is very unique and unlike any other stacker toy that we have seen. It’s great for kids who are drawn to animals!

Green Toys My First Stacker

Green Toys My First Stacker, Colors May Vary

Do you prefer natural green toys that are eco-friendly? You need the Green Toys My First Stacker. It offers a unique design as the pieces stack together without a base. They use a knob design on each piece to fit the parts snuggly together.

Use these precursors to block toys to encourage development. Moreover, they come with more earthy colors like blue, green, orange, and yellow. 

Also, the toy comes with a finishing stacker to give a beautiful appearance to the set when stacked. The eight colorful nesting pieces are perfect for babies and older children. 

Kids ages six months and up can enjoy this toy made in America. It’s free of toxins and made with energy-saving methods. They are also easy to clean in the dishwasher. 

Lastly, as they are made from recycled milk jugs, you know you are doing your part to help the planet while encouraging brain growth for your baby. Find out why this amazing toy has won so many awards for its design and ability to teach children. Do not use it in water or outside, though. 

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks

The World of Eric Carle is a go-to for parents who want to teach colors, numbers, and animals to their children. Now you can teach all of these with the Melissa & Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks. It includes ten colorful square nesting blocks you can stack or nest for tons of fun. 

As your child builds towers while learning the alphabet Each block offers five sides with an animal, alphabet, numbers, shape, and color. Each has vivid detail and writing. 

Use this toy as a go-to set for quiet play on the go. Stack the toys together then create ten toys as if out of air. Now kids can build, read, learn, and practice skills anywhere. 

As the set is made of cardboard, you can’t use it in the water, but that’s okay. Once you are ready to store the set, stack them together into a 5.75 by 5.75-inch shape. The container even comes with a handle for easy storage. 

Lastly, the set is perfect for children ages six months and up. It’s a great learning set to teach cognitive skills, letters, and numbers. 

Best Baby Stacking Cups

Happkid Stacking Cups with Castle Stacker

Happkid Stacking Cups with Castle Stacker for Toddler, Stacking and Sorting Nesting Toys Game for Kids from 12 Months (18 PCS)

Most stacking toys have a base, but the Happkid Stacking Cups with Castle Stacker for Toddler has a castle! It’s the perfect stacking toy to take to the beach to build a sand castle. 

Even better, the set has a shape sorter and five shapes to sort, making this a multi-learning toy. But kids will love the ability to build a castle tower as tall as them! 

You get ten stacking cups with different shaped edges for texture. It teaches shape recognition, and it has built-in storage in the castle section. Kids ages 12 months and up can learn colors, engineering, and so much more with the set. 

In addition, each piece has a castle design on it to encourage imagination. The best part is a castle turret to put on top to finish the design. 

Finally, the set is made of ABS plastic and tested for safety. Now you can enjoy a worry-free toy for your tot. 

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

While The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys are just cups, they offer a ton of learning to your children. The eight cups offer bright colors and also graduated shapes so kids can stack the cups or nest the cups. 

Next, these cups are so popular, and the price is so nice, they often sell out! Why are they so popular? They aren’t just cups, but learning toys. 

In addition to different colored cups, each one has a number and a coordinating amount of holes. As a matter of fact, each hole comes in a fun shape like hearts, triangles, and more. 

Moreover, eight cups allow kids to stack into two towers or one very tall tower! The round cups come with a ring to connect the cups for storage or to a backpack. 

Finally, the toys are BPA, lead, and phthalate-free.  Babies and toddlers can learn math, dexterity, motor skills, and more. See, they aren’t just cups; after all, they are learning toys!

mushie Stacking Cups Toy

mushie Stacking Cups Toy | Made in Denmark (Original)

The mushie Stacking Cups Toy arrives at your door from Denmark with natural colors instead of eyesore primary colors. These are cups that stack up and down into each other. 

With eight cups and distinctive colors, your baby can learn important skills like motor and dexterity. On the bottom of each test, the cups offer fun drain hole shapes like stars and rainbows. 

You can use the cups on the bath, playroom, or even on the go as you can stack them inside each other to save space. Next, the cups come in shades of dusty pinks and blues or more earthy retro tones perfect for the garden. 

Last of all, the toys are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Your baby between the ages of zero to age three will love it. Teach early development with beauty ready to improve any room. 

Rainbow Stacking & Nesting Cups Baby Building Set

Rainbow Nesting & Stacking Cups Baby Building Set. 10 Pieces. With Embossed Animal Characters. For Indoor, Outdoor, Bathtub, And Beach Fun Toy. Multi Colors

The Rainbow Stacking & Nesting Cups Baby Building Set includes ten cups that graduate in size. Also, the cups come in multiple bright colors ready to encourage tons of learning. 

Furthermore, each cup has an animal embossed on the bottom of each cup. It’s free of BPA, phosphate, and lead, too. Instead, you get high-quality plastic safe for babies from birth up. 

Babies can learn so much from this classic and safe playset of lightweight cups. The cups encourage brain growth and development, along with many other learning opportunities. 

Kids can even use them when they are older for embossing animal figures into playdough. Use them in water toys or the tub too. Store them easily as they stack into each other. 

Let your kids build their first tower while learning sequencing and colors too. Encourage them to try building across and not just up to help learn cause and effect. 

Finally, the toys are great for stacking items into so kids can learn to count. Try giving cereal to help toddlers learn counting during snack time. 

B. toys – Stacking Cups – Bazillion Buckets

B. toys – Stacking Cups – 10 pcs – Colorful Nesting Cups – Bath & Backyard – Stackable Learning Toy – Toddler, Kids – Bazillion Buckets – 18 months +

Get a slightly different style of stacking cups with B. toys – Stacking Cups – Bazillion Buckets. They make a great toy for the beach, bath, or playroom.

Each toy includes fun colors of yellow, magenta, orange, and blue. The bottom bucket has a handle for easy travel. All ten buckets offer a fun print on the side to make them beautiful, too. 

Next, you can encourage early learning and teach colors, numbers, hand-eye coordination, and more! Store the toys in practically no space as they stack into each other. 

Children can learn so much from sticking the toys, figuring out how to coordinate the colors, or exploring patterns. Making towers is super fun at this age, and so is knocking the tower over after! 

Finally, these are perfect for kids ages 18 months and up. Take them to the beach to make an incredible sandcastle. 

Mara’s Box Rainbow Star Stacking & Nesting Cups

Mara's Box Rainbow Star Stacking & Nesting Cups for Toddlers 6 pcs and 1 Owl Drawstring Backpack Educational Bath Toys for Boys and Girls (Star Stacking)

Try the Mara’s Box Rainbow Star Stacking & Nesting Cups for a surprisingly unique stacking toy. You can stack them up or stack them down. Also, you can enjoy the fun star shape for a change of pace. 

Kids can learn patterns by stacking the stars parallel or asymmetrical. In addition, they can learn new colors as this set offers both pink and purple along with the other rainbow of colors. It comes with a smiley on top to keep the cups together. 

Take the fun toys into the bath for additional fun. These are a learning toy with numbers embossed on the bottom of each cup. These are perfect for babies ages six months and up. 

Even if you have several stacking toys already, this set offers a unique twist ready to entice kids to play over and over again. Add them to a sandbox, or use them at snack time for more counting adventures. What a fun way to learn colors and numbers! 

Discovery Toys Measure UP! Cups 

Discovery Toys Measure UP! Cups | Educational Stacking & Nesting 12 Piece Numbered Set| Kid-Powered Learning | STEM Toy Early Math Childhood Development 12 Months and Up

If your goal is to teach numbers, get the Discovery Toys Measure UP! Cups. Stack the set up or into each other as they’re are a cup design with a fun edge around each cup. On the front of the cup you can find number in a circle with coordinating lines for learning. 

In addition to teaching numbers, these cups are perfect for teaching language, too, as they teach each number in three languages – English, French, and Spanish. As a matter of fact, each number is taught in four ways. 

The STEM benefits don’t end there as each cup also has an animal embossed on the bottom. Moreover, the cups are in four colors – red, yellow, green, and blue. It’s time to teach patterns, counting, clock faces, and so much more with these simple stacking cups. 

Not many toys are geared toward teaching multiple languages to little kids despite the fact they learn better the younger they are. Use this as a valuable toy to help open synapses in their brain along with other toys and even videos like Little Pim

Best Stacking Ring Toys

Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack, Bat-at Ring-Stacking Toy for Infants Ages 6 Months and Older

The Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack is the most classic stacker toy almost every parent can easily recognize. Not only is it the best, but also the easiest for kids to use. 

However, this toy doesn’t serve extra purposes like other options. You cannot take it in the bathtub, but you can use the top option as a rattle. At least your baby can! 

Next, babies as young as six months can enjoy this toy. Then you can pass it down to a younger sibling. The top-rated toy can help kids to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills too. 

Babies can grasp, shake, and stack the toy. Next, each toy comes in a unique color, including blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Stack them on the white wobble base to keep the fun alive. 

This is a classic gift for 1-year-olds. Check out the other classic toys for 1-year-old boys and 1-year-old girls.

Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy

Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, 9 Piece Set, Age 6+ Months

Do you like bright colors and festive patterns? Get the Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy as it offers a variety of patterns, textures, and colors. The different textures add fun to the toy to keep a young child’s attention for longer. 

Moreover, the base offers a rounded shape to keep the toy centered. It also has a classic base to place the rings on but in a bright red color. Babies will live the textural variety. 

Some of the rings are squishy, while others rattle for extra fun. Next, a could of the rings even act as teething rings. Also, they teach a variety to encourage imagination. 

Add in fun colors, including hues of blue, red, yellow, green, and so much more. It’s a great toy to teach baby fine motor skills, grasping, and more. For babies ages six months to 24 months. 

Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy

Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy

The Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy is a twisting cog toy ready to engage toddlers in learning. First, note that the base doesn’t come with a containing knob on top. However, you don’t need it as the pieces twist on like screws. 

Each shape graduates to a smaller shape. Also, they come in two colors, each starting with red and working up to blue. Moreover, unlike the typical wood color or yellow base, this one is blue and white. 

Furthermore, the shapes are unique, too, with both rounded and slightly edgy (but safe) alternating pieces. The base can handle wobbling with a rounded shape to keep it easy for babies. It’s the perfect choice for babies ages 12 months and up. 

Finally, the pieces are made of strong ABS plastic. They are also safety tested and BPA free. Teach your child tactile exploration, dexterity, and cause-and-effect. 

B. toys by Battat Stacking Rings

B. toys by Battat B. Toys – Stacking Rings – Textured Ring Stacker for Babies – Baby Toys 100% Non-Toxic – Early Development Toys

Are you looking for a unique soothing stacking toy? You need the  B. toys by Battat B. Toys – Stacking Rings because it’s designed to look like stones smoothed by water. Not only are the shapes not perfect, but come in a variety of color for fun and learning. 

Get a fun twist on the typical stacking toy with textures, odd shapes, and a general rock-like appearance. Although a few of these stones come in traditional colors, some come in festive colors like lime green, magenta, and orange. 

The safe toys are ready to help your baby learn senses like touch, build, chewing, and texture. Once off the base, the stones look like fun donuts but with a fun nature-inspired design. Toddlers and babies can even squeeze the green ring that doubles as a teether!

Tots ages seven months and up can enjoy the easy-to-store toy. They can learn about problem-solving,  motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. When together, use the toy as soothing decoration.

LAMAZE – Rainbow Stacking Rings Toy

LAMAZE - Rainbow Stacking Rings Toy, Help Baby Develop Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination with Multiple Textures, Bold Colors, Playful Patterns and Crinkly Sounds, 6 Months and Older

The LAMAZE – Rainbow Stacking Rings Toy gives a plush stacking toy babies will love. It offers a soft base with colorful ribbons sewed into the top for variety.

While this option doesn’t have a wobbly bottom, it does come with five unique stacking rings. The rings scale down to smaller for the top to teach children. Babies of all ages will love these rings. 

Next, each one has different fabrics for different textures babies will enjoy experiencing. The bright and bold colors and patterns encourage babies to learn, and the soft texture makes these cuddly! 

Lastly, all of the pieces stack on a cloth stacker, which provides a little more challenge. Plastic and wood are smooth, but cloth is not, so tots will have to work a little harder to stack these together. 

Fisher-Price Linkimals Lights and Colours Llama

Fisher-Price GHR17 Linkimals Lights and Colours Llama, Interactive Stacking Ring Toy

Get a fun stacking toy with the Fisher-Price GHR17 Linkimals Lights and Colours Llama. Add a few batteries in for a little extra fun but it already comes with a llama, which is the best animal ever. 

Not only does the toy light up, but it also plays music. It’s adorable with three stacker rings on a wobbly base. Moreover, the device even says encouraging phrases. 

Each of the three rings offers a texture and pattern along with a graduated size for each. It’s a great option for babies ages nine months and up. Take this toy on the road for travel that is no prob-llama! 

Each of the rings is translucent for a little spin on the classic stacking toy. Also, the body is white like the llama head to help the toy look like a festive llama ready to party. Add in the music, and you can have a dance party in your living room!

Finally, a toy that plays songs, tunes, and introduces your baby to phrases and colors, too! Bring on the developmental fun from a brand you can trust. 

BEST LEARNING Stack & Learn 

BEST LEARNING Stack & Learn - Educational Activity Toy for Infants Babies Toddlers for 6 Month and up - Ideal Baby Toy Gifts

Toddlers love animals which is why you should get the BEST LEARNING Stack & Learn. Unlike other stacking toys, this one has a base meant to stay solidly on the ground. It also makes noise too as you stack the blocks. 

Your child can learn animals, colors, memory, motor functions, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and logical thinking with this well-thought-out toy. The colors blink lights as they announce the words.

Also, the toy plays songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little star and a couple of others with five different modes in orchestra mode. Each ring has an instrument on one side and an animal on the other to increase learning opportunities. 

Try all three modes with the graduated rings in bright colors. With color, animal, or musical mode, kids can learn tons of fun skills. The rings come in red, orange, yellow, green, and purple, along with a blue base. 

You also get a quality speaker with volume control. It’s a great option for kids ages six months to three years old. Although, you will need to buy batteries for the toy after the included set dies.

Find out why this toy has won so many awards for a new spin on a classic toy. 

iPlay, iLearn Soft Plush Stacking Rings

iPlay, iLearn Baby Stacking Toys, Soft Fabric Ring Stacker, Plush Duck Nesting Toy W/ Sound, Development Sensory, Birthday Gift for 3 6 9 12 18 Months 1 Year Olds Infant Toddler Boy Girl Newborn

The iPlay, iLearn Soft Plush Stacking Rings might possibly be the cutest stacking toy in existence. It has a duck ring ready to make the whole toy look like a stackable duck. 

You don’t get the normal color assortment with this toy. Instead, you get yellows, mint green, oranges, and reds. All warm tones ready to delight children. 

The toy teaches logical thinking, color recognition, listening skills, and hand-eye coordination. Get more skill from the different shapes and fabrics weaved into the stacking blocks. 

Furthermore, the toy meets all CPSC and ASTM regulations for soft toys. The blocks are soft with high-quality PP cotton and make for a sensory adventure. It also makes sounds with crinkling, beeping, and other white noise to help babies feel content. 

Use the toy for babies three months and up as a teething ring and all the way through the first couple of years to help learn shapes and colors. Babies will love the different built-in activities and textures. 

Last of all, the set offers a little more stacking challenge not found in other stacking toys as the cloth isn’t as smooth as plastic. The toy makes some music for added fun with the wonderful shapes and sizes. 

Playgro Baby Toy Sort & Stack Tower

Playgro Baby Toy 4011455107 Sort & Stack Tower for Baby Infant Toddler Children, Multicolor

The Playgro Baby Toy Sort & Stack Tower is a neat little stacking toy with bold colors and fun textures on half of the rings. Speaking of rings, you get five rings in shades of red with purple and blue. 

Unlike most stacking toys, this one doesn’t have a top piece smaller than the rings to keep the pieces together. Instead, the base has a bit of a flatter top to keep the pieces in line. 

Babies will love using the rings as chew toys for teething. They will like the textured rings the best with dots, lines, and even beans to put a little pressure on their gums. 

Wash the set in warm and soapy water and air dry if your baby gets it dirty. The plastic is extremely lightweight, making it easy for babies to play with. 

Best Wooden Stacking Toys

Dreampark Wooden Shape Sorting & Stacking Blocks

Dreampark Wooden Educational Toys, Wooden Shape Color Sorting Preschool Stacking Blocks Toddler Puzzles Toys Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls Age 1 2 3

The Dreampark Wooden Shape Sorting & Stacking Block set is a Montessori toy ready to teach little children about so much more than just stacking. Kids can learn shapes, counting, colors, and improve fine motor skills with this unique toy. 

Not only is the toy unique, but it comes with a base for easy storage, too. All the parts are made of wood with superior quality. Next, it’s an excellent eco-friendly toy free of plastic too. 

Each row has a certain number of wooden pegs to stack specific shapes on and go up in number with each shape option. Toddlers can also stack the pieces for added fun and learning, all while learning about five colors and five shapes. 

Don’t just exercise your child’s body but their mind with this STEM toy ready to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Furthermore, it’s perfect for children from one year old up to three years old.

All the pieces have smooth edges so your child cannot hurt themselves. Also, the toys are small enough for little fingers but not so small to allow swallowing. The best part is the toy is non-toxic with food-grade paint. 

GEMEM Stacking Rings Toy Wooden Rainbow Stacker

GEMEM Stacking Rings Toy Wooden Rainbow Stacker Toddler Learning Toys for 18 Months 2 Year Old Baby Boys Girls Non-Toxic

The GEMEM Stacking Rings Toy Wooden Rainbow Stacker is a learning toy ready to offers first-rate quality ready to entertain little children. Kids ages 18 months and up will love stacking the simple rounded shapes. Moms will love how easy it is to store the toy. 

A classic wood stacking toys offers the option to learn colors, shapes, and more with seven smooth rings. All of the pieces store on a wood base with a large knob on top to keep the blocks stacked. Teach a rainbow of colors, along with logic, coordination, and more. 

Everything is made with top-quality with non-toxic painted pieces too large to swallow. It comes with seven smooth rings and a solid wooden dowl base. 

Last of all, washing the toy is easy too. Simply wash with a damp washcloth. Avoid putting it into water or soaking, as the paint may peel. 

Grimm’s 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker 

Grimm's Small (Mini) 6-Piece Rainbow Nesting Wooden Blocks Stacker,

The Grimm’s 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker provides a unique rainbow stacking toy. The high-quality stacker puzzle hails from Germany with certified non-toxic, water-based paint. Each set includes six stacking arches to overlap. 

As the colors are based on the rainbow, you get purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Once together in a rainbow, the set measures just 6.75 x 3.6 x 2.5 inches making it an easy toy to store. 

If you want to encourage imagination, this is the set for you despite the high cost. First, your child will stack the toy. Second, they can stack the colors out of order to make compelling shapes. Third, kids can even use the same for tunnels for trains or cars in the future. 

Let your child from infancy and up use these toys to encourage imagination. It’s a part of a set of element themed toys, and this one represents air. Collect all four sets for a ton of fun. You can even pick a natural wood color for a little more learning challenge. 

Orcamor Wooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn Topper 

Orcamor Wooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn Topper - Montessori Wooden Stacking Toys for Toddler Girls 1 Year Old and Up - 8 Inches Tall

At last a stacking toy for little girls who love unicorns and bright colors. The Orcamor Wooden Stacking Rings Toy with Unicorn Topper offers pinks and purples along with natural wood. More importantly, the toy offers a unicorn on top!

That’s right, a high-quality stacking set designed for little girls. Although, if you prefer, this brand also offers an elephant or fox theme if you are looking for a more gender-neutral option. 

The base of the set is a slightly rounded shape to weeble and wobble a little, so it doesn’t fall over. Little girls can stack the five different sized rings and learn a ton of skills.

Moreover, each ring offers either a pattern like stars or hearts or a solid color. It’s the perfect toy that serves as adorable decor for a baby girl’s room. Start a love of unicorns young! 

As the toy is made of solid wood, you can expect it to last for years! However, if you want to keep the paint intact, keep this stacking toy out of the water! 

Fat Brain Toys Counting Stacker

Fat Brain Toys Counting Stacker - Count and Sort Stacking Tower Baby Toys & Gifts for Babies

Older children will love the Fat Brain Toys Counting Stacker that helps two year olds and up learn to count. Also, the entire set is made of wood with non-toxic paint. 

You will love this toy, as every part is removable and useful for learning. Kids can remove the colorful number of tiles and rearrange them or remove the rings to stack on another dowel. 

More importantly, each number tile has a color and the right number of matching colored rings. This helps children learn patterns, numbers, and counting. All with a fun border around the side. 

Furthermore, it’s a fabulous STEM toy ready to encourage sequencing and stacking too. While most stacking toys are geared toward younger toddlers, this set can help older toddlers and children prepare for beginning math skills. 

Finally, the stacker offers tons of colors in a whole variety of colors in order to help kids learn patterns, too. Do try to keep the pieces together to contain the mess and save your sanity!

LEO & FRIENDS Wooden Stacking Toys

LEO & FRIENDS Wooden Stacking Toys,Australia Origin Baby Toys for One Year Old and Up,Montessori Toys for Babies and Best Gifts for Playing with Parents.

The LEO & FRIENDS Wooden Stacking Toys stacker toy offers creativity and fun pieces with different shapes and patterns. You also don’t get the usual line up of colors, but a new modern set. 

What colors do you get? Navy blue, aqua, yellow, gray, red, and natural wood. All the pieces are made with little hands in mind like those of a one-year-old and up. Even the top bear face is made for little hands. 

The toy can teach fine motor skills, visual and spatial perception, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development. It can also teach colors, patterns, and creativity. 

If you prefer lions instead of bears, you can pick that option as well. 

Otherwise, you get a high-quality wood toy straight from Australia. It’s a unique Montessori toy perfect for babies ages 12 months to 18 months old. Also, it’s made with safe materials that are completely non-toxic. 

Penguin Wooden Ring Colorful Rainbow Stacker 

Adorable Penguin Wooden Ring Colorful Rainbow Stacker - Solid Wood Educational Baby Toy for Toddler Boys and Girls Age 1 Year and Up - Classic Developmental Sorting and Stacking Toy

For a cute spin on a classic toy, try the Penguin Wooden Ring Colorful Rainbow Stacker. It’s perfect for learning colors as it includes natural wood, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and black. Of course, it comes with a penguin head to make it look like a wobbly arctic bird. 

The set includes five stackable rings and the penguin head to place on top and keep the rings in place. The bottom is rounded to allow the toy to move easily. 

Next, all the pieces are made out of wood to create a toy ready to last for decades and teach several generations of babies about colors and stacking. All the pieces are rounded, too, for safety. 

Babies ages one year and up can enjoy the toy, but kids over five probably won’t play with the adorable set. Then you can just pass it on to a younger sibling. 

Keep it out of the water to keep the paint intact. It’s smooth glossy wood for splinter and worry-free play. It’s also BPA free for safety. It’s the perfect addition to the nursery for learning and fun. 

Best Stacking Bath Toys

Boon Stacking Boats

Boon Stacking Boats Bathing Toys (Pack of 5), Multicolor

The Boon Stacking Boats Bathing Toys (Pack of 5) are not only a stacking toy but also a bath toy ready to offer a bathtub adventure for infants and toddlers. Little boys and girls can stack the tiny plastic boats and watch them float. Each boat has drain holes on the top to help little tots learn cause and effect too. 

The set includes five stackable boats perfect for the tub, pool, or even a water table. First, though, pick from two color sets, including vivid colors like orange, magenta, teals, or lime green. You can also choose a navy combination too. 

Babies ages nine months and up will spend the entire time you are washing their hair, pulling a boat off the stack and trying to sink the boats. Then they will pull the boat up to watch the water drain out of each boat. Next, you can even take the boats in a sandbox when your child gets bored playing with them in the tub. 

Finally, the bathtub toy boats are made without BPA, phthalates, or PVC and hand wash easily for easy cleanup. Moreover, the boats float, making them a great learning toy. Make sure to drain all the water after each use to prevent mold. 

Playahoy Floating Pool Toys

Playahoy Floating Bath Toys for Boys and Girls Float and Play Stacking Toy Rings for Baby Toddlers and Kids

Take the Playahoy Floating Pool Toys into the tub as they have a fun lifesaver pattern. Moreover, each ring has four colors instead of one color each. However, all the rings are the same color. 

On top, you get a cool rubber ducky wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. Also, the toy even floats in the water, including the base. It’s the perfect pool set. 

Don’t worry about safety either, as the set meets CPSC and ASTM standards. Now you can encourage skill development like fine motor skills and coordination. It’s a great set for kids ages three and up. 

Finally, kids will learn a lot simply from trying to make sure the colors line up on each ring. It’s a great way to help kids learn to pay attention to detail, even in the bathtub. You don’t have to worry about mold because you can wash the toys, and no water will get inside. 

AGREATLIFE Stacking Cups Bath Toys for Toddlers

aGreatLife Stacking Cups Bath Toys for Toddlers - Safe and Fun Kids Bath Toys with Bright Multi Colored Cups That Enhances Your Child's Imagination! Bath Time is More Exciting with These Water Toys

Stacking cups don’t have to be boring with the AGREATLIFE Stacking Cups Bath Toys for Toddlers. Every cup is different with a fun aquatic animal shape. From fish to starfish, you get eight animal cups ready for the bathtub. 

Moreover, the cups have holes to drain out the water, making them perfect, not just for the tub but for the beach, too. If you don’t want them in water, you can use learning stickers to decorate the fun set too. 

Not only are the toys educational and fun, but also a fun stacking toy for kids ages six months and up, except for the stickers, which should only be used by older children. While the socks don’t stack up, they do stack into each other and offer tons of creativity along with bright colors and even cute eyes! 

Lastly, kids will love the sea theme, and parents will love the ease of storing the budget-friendly set. Now you can make bath time, beach time, and sand time so much fun without breaking the bank. Kids will even learn in the process! 

Ubbi Lighthouse Stacking Cups Bath Toys

Ubbi Lighthouse Stacking Cups Bath Toys, Includes 6 Cups, Mold Free Dishwasher Safe Toddler Toys

Do you love lighthouses? You need the Ubbi Lighthouse Stacking Cups Bath Toys. It doesn’t focus on primary colors but red, white, and light blue. Also, you don’t get regular shapes, but more curved shapes for a unique shape experience. 

What you get are six stackable cups that nest together. One of the toys has a water spinner. The others have holes to prevent water buildup and keep mold out of the cups. 

No worrying about mold with this toy as you can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher. Take the toys to the beach or use them in the tub for a fun adventure with light! 

Also, each cup has a tab on the side, making it easier to lift up for little hands. No bells or whistles, but a simple and affordable toy ready to encourage sensory learning and patterns. 

Buy other items in the set for multiple bath time fun! The toys are fun for siblings, too.

MOLUK Mini Bilibos Baby Toy

MOLUK Mini Bilibos Baby Toy

If you want a distinctive toy get the MOLUK Mini Bilibos Baby Toy. Not only is this a wonderfully versatile set, it’s also a colorful stacking set. 

You can use the Minis for stacking, nesting, floating, as sand shovels, candy bowls, spinning, or even for scooping snow in the winter. The options are endless and only limited by imagination.

Next, as the toys have eyes, they even look like upside-down ghosts making them a fun option for Halloween to pass out candy. 

The set includes four Ikea-like toys with eyes and unique curves. Take them in the bath or anywhere else and add a little learning whimsy to your kid’s play. Also, they come in festive colors like green, red, yellow, and pink. You can even purchase larger sets or smaller sets with other colors. 

In conclusion, children a year and up can enjoy the special toy ready to encourage imagination and learning. Watch your child’s brain come to life with a toy that doesn’t sing or make any noise. This also saves you money on batteries, too. 

Stacking Toys Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Grimm's 6-Piece Rainbow Stacker $$$$8.7 7.8
BEST LEARNING Stack & Learn $$$$9.8 9.4
Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy$$$$9.9 9.8
Fisher-Price Linkimals Lights and Colours Llama$$$$9.0 9.8

Buying Criteria for Best Stacking Toys

Types of Stacking Toys

Most stacking toys come in two basic shapes. First, a toy with a base and you stack rings on the base. The second is a multi-purpose nesting and stacking toy ready to teach multiple skills. 

Some toys are completely different, but the toys simply need to fit into each other or on top of each other to count as a stacking toy. Even books can be a stacking toy, as can blocks. 

Blocks make a fabulous stacking toy but often end up in a separate category because they do not stay together well and usually count more as an engineering toy instead. Other shapes can work together, too, such as balls, geometric shapes, and more.

All types of stacking toys work to teach children important skills. 

Aspects to Consider 

You may want to consider the size of the toy, whether it’s hard or soft, the material, and if it teaches multiple skills. Consider how much space you have in the house and if you want a toy that can travel. If you have limited space, pick a simple ring stacking toy. 

Parents with more space may consider a stacking and nesting toy so kids can build higher and learn in the process. Us experienced mommies love versatile toys. We also love toys made of high-quality material. 

Make sure to pick softer toys or those with chew rings for younger babies. What we don’t love is overly noisy toys. Yes, we did include a few musical options, but when possible, opt for quiet toys that encourage imagination. 

Learning Potential

A stacking toy may not seem like it offers a lot of learning potential, but little tots need to learn everything! This is why your baby can learn so much, such as colors, patterns, counting, and even hand-eye coordination from stacking toys. 

At first, you may want to demonstrate how your baby should use the toy to gain the benefits. Also, point out the colors and shapes, too. Practice counting in front of your baby as well. 

Your baby won’t learn all these skills at once, but they will over time as their brains are like little sponges. Moreover, these toys don’t just help with brain learning but physical learning, too, as they learn to use their body. Motor skills are very important, and these toys go a long way in learning!

Furthermore, babies can also learn important skills like visual and spatial reasoning, balance, landscape concepts, height, and weight awareness, creative play, and engineering. All toys are learning toys to babies, especially stacking and nesting toys!

FAQs About the Best Stacking Toys

How long can I expect my child to play with stacking toys? 

You can probably expect your baby to play with a stacking toy for up to three years max, but probably only about two years. Don’t worry, most of these toys are very affordable, and you can pass them down to siblings, too. Despite the limited age, your child can learn so much, making it a valuable purchase. 

Does my baby need to be able to sit to play with a stacking toy? 

For the most part, yes. However, they are good for babies learning to sit since they will want to lean over and learn to sit in the right way to play with the toy. This is also why most classic stacking toys have a wobbly base to encourage babies to learn to sit and help with motor skills. 

Are wood stacking toys better than plastic stacking toys? 

Not necessarily. While wood toys are often high quality and more likely to last longer, they aren’t the best option for water play. Many plastic water toys work better and were even designed to take in the tub or a swimming pool. 

Moreover, plastic toys also retain their color better unless they are left out in the sun. It’s more important to pick your stacking toys based on function than on material, as all toys must meet rigorous safety qualities. Both wood and plastic toys are very affordable. 

Final Words

We highly suggest picking a stacking toy for the bedroom and for the bath or pool, but if you can only pick one, pick the Happkid Stacking Cups with Castle Stacker for Toddler. Not only is it versatile enough to use in water, but it also comes with multiple pieces and stores inside itself. Toddlers can build a tower as tall as themselves! 

From there, you can store the other pieces neatly inside for compact storage. Give your baby or toddler the tools he or she needs to improve fine and gross motor skills along with a host of other benefits too. 

Happkid Stacking Cups with Castle Stacker for Toddler, Stacking and Sorting Nesting Toys Game for Kids from 12 Months (18 PCS)


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