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The 18 Best Lightsaber Toys of 2021

In case you were wondering, lightsabers are made from plasma blades powered by powerful Kyber crystals. While your kiddo can’t turn it on and off at will, toy lightsabers will ignite the imagination of any young Star Wars fan.

We found the best lightsabers from favorite Star Wars characters for kids who love the shows and movies. Some of the lightsabers are very unique with interesting designs, while others are standard. 

Best Lightsaber Toy Overall: Star Wars Path of the Force Lightsaber
Best Star Wars Lightsaber Toy: Mandalorian Darksaber
Best Kylo Ren Lightsaber Toy: Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber
Best Lightsaber Dual Set: JOYIN Light Up Dual Swords Set

Best Lightsaber Toys

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Bladebuilders Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber

The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Lightsaber is feisty and ready to increase your child’s play. It comes with a movie-accurate appearance, as it looks just like the Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. It’s a Bladebuilder too, meaning it lights up and comes with additional parts, and works with other toys in the brand. 

Kids can discover the exciting world of good versus evil with a dark warrior who has a strong force. It’s an unconventional lightsaber with the main blade as well as two mini-side blades. Also, it comes with attachment kids can pop into the bottom of the lightsaber for additional fun. 

Next, the lightsaber lights up and makes sounds, too. You will need two AAA batteries and they are not included. Kids ages five years old and up will love the toy. It comes with a red blade kids will adore for improved imagination play. 

It’s the perfect toy for roleplay, especially if you get a second lightsaber for a friend. Send your kids outside for their battles, though! You don’t want them accidentally lasering through a couch or a coffee table because that can get expensive to replace. 

JOYIN Light Up Saber Dual Swords Set

JOYIN Light Up Saber 2-in-1 LED FX Dual Light Swords Set with Sound (Motion Sensitive) and Realistic Sliver Handle for Halloween Costume Accessories, Xmas Presents, Galaxy War Fighters and Warriors

The JOYIN Light Up Saber Dual Swords Set can be one lightsaber or two thanks to an impressive design. The 2-in-1 lightsaber detaches into two separate lightsabers, or you can use the attachment tool to make one massive lightsaber. It’s a great option for kids who want to play with friends, as you don’t need to buy two lightsabers. 

One lightsaber is blue while the other is green. Both have a black and silver handle with a button to activate the sound and lights. It also has an LED light flashing mode, and it’s motion-sensitive.

Each side of the lightsaber measures 26.5 inches. The blade portion is translucent with LED lights. It’s perfect for realistic galaxy warrior play. 

Kids can use the toy for dress-up, battles, costume play, and makes a fabulous gift for any holiday. You will need a whopping six AAA batteries, but they are included, so it will be a while before you need to buy more, depending on how often your child plays with the toy. 

Finally, the toy is made of durable plastic and non-toxic materials. It’s safety tested and meets all US toy standards. While these are not a name brand, they offer a fun new way to play similar to what’s seen in the movies, and the added length is great for taller children. 

Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy

Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy with Electronic Lights and Sounds, The Clone Wars for Kids Roleplay Ages 5 and Up

The Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber Toy is a great option for kids who want a unique lightsaber. It’s a very impressive-looking lightsaber with a sword-like appearance and a black and gray color scheme. As a matter of fact, it’s meant to be like an ancient Mandalorian lightsaber!

Fans of the Star Wars Mandalorian Saga will love wielding this weapon. It comes with Mandalorian power, and it’s perfect for little warriors aged four years old and up. Of course, this is a dark-saber that kids need if they like to play the darker characters. 

The electronic lightsaber makes fun sounds inspired by authentic lightsabers from the show. Also, it lights up. Kids simply need to hold the button down to activate the fun effects. 

Add in some other Mandalorian role-play items to increase the fun. Additional lightsabers allow kids to increase the fun and get some great experience socializing with friends or siblings. 

Make sure to keep a stock of triple-A batteries for this toy, and yes, it does come with a set included with the toy. Kids who love the other weapons in the series may prefer this toy to a traditional lightsaber. Also, it’s a great option for a child who already has a ton of traditional lightsabers. 

Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber

Fans of Luke will love the Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Lightsaber as it’s a green lightsaber with a classic look. The blade collapses in on itself for compact storage and easy carry. Kids will love it, though, because of its movie-accurate appearance and the classic light and sound display. 

Kids who love the original trilogy need a lightsaber ready to play out those movies. This lightsaber comes from the third movie, making it a great choice for dads or moms who want to battle alongside their kids. However, it’s perfect for children ages four and up. 

Next, kids who love the Bladebuilder set will enjoy the accessory that comes with them, allowing them to modify this lightsaber or use it with others in the series. Kids can even download an app – Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX app – to make fun videos with the toy. 

Make sure to get three AAA batteries to go along with this Disney Hasbro toy. Add in some costume accessories and another lightsaber to encourage social skills.

Also, despite the green color, this is not a Yoda lightsaber, but Luke’s. Check out the hilt to see the difference as this one comes with silver rings and hints of copper. 

Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Mace Windu Lightsaber

Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber

The Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Mace Windu Lightsaber is a Bladebuilder ready to be enhanced and customized. It’s a great option for children who love the second trilogy set, as this movie came out in 2005 as the sixth movie in the series. A telescoping purple blade is a great option for girls who want to play space games, too. 

Beyond the blade, the toy comes with a single accessory to expand the play. It includes a movie-accurate appearance along with classic lights and sounds. The handle comes in a realistic black, silver, and gold ready to grab attention and hopefully win battles. 

Download the Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX app to increase the fun while kids make videos of themselves. Grab three AAA batteries because the lightsaber does not come with a set and they are needed. 

The set comes with a lightsaber, connector, and instructions. Gift this toy to kids ages five years old and up. Now watch your child turn into a space warrior ready to take on the world!

KYBERS RGB Changeable Lightsaber Hilt  

KYBERS RGB 11 Colors Changeable Lightsaber Metal Aluminum Hilt Light Saber with 3 Mode Sound Force FX Dueling Lightsaber Black hilt (Basic-SC-Black-RGB)

Although the KYBERS RGB Lightsaber Hilt isn’t part of the actual Star Wars line, it’s an incredible option because it comes with more options. Mind you, the price of this option is a little pricy, but you get a lot you won’t get with another option. Even better, it can be used by children ages six years old and up. 

Next, the lightsaber is made with an actual metal hilt featuring sturdy aluminum for an authentic feeling. While most toy options are made of plastic, you can increase the game with a more realistic material. Although this material is made on earth and not on a distant planet deep in space. 

The RGB verse has eleven color options so your child can make this match their favorite character or something unique to their made-up character. The blade does not collapse either, meaning it will appeal to kids who want a more realistic experience.

Add-in FX saber sounds including three options and a mute mode for quiet play for an immense level of fun. Moreover, it even includes a feedback sound for dueling! Kids can even link two blades for more fun. 

Finally, you will need a lithium battery which is included. It’s even waterproof so you can kids outside to battle even in the rain. Just don’t let them leave it outside as it can still get damaged or lost. 

YDD LED Light Up Saber Force FX Sword

YDD LED Light Up Saber Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt Light Sword , Chrismas Toy Gift (Ice Blue)

The YDD LED Light Up Saber Force FX Sword is a slightly expensive option but offers so much fun your collector or mega Star Wars fan will be in space heaven! From there, you need to pick a color as this blade comes in several color options. Pick from blue, ice blue, green, red, white, yellow, and pink. 

Moreover, the blade doesn’t fold up but does come with a realistic metal hilt. You also get a charger to get the toy battle-ready whenever your child needs it. It even comes with a couple of tools for quick adjustments. 

Get two of these blades to increase the fun as the lightsaber includes a flash of the clash sound perfect for dueling. The blade is made of high-quality polycarbonate. Meanwhile, the blade is removable, and the handle is made of aluminum alloy. 

Get FX movie sounds at the push of the button. Also, it comes with a wrinkle blade feature from the soft film inside, which is part of the design. It’s the strongest lightsaber on the market, ready to support dueling, and can even get run over by a car, although we don’t suggest actually running over the money you just spent!

Lastly, the toy is great for children ages five years old and up, but we suggest waiting until the kid can hold the forty-inch item comfortably. It includes the rechargeable lithium-ion battery needed. It’s time to battle!

Liberty Imports LED Laser Swords

12 Pack LED Space Swords Expandable Light Up Sabers Toys with Motion Sensitive FX Sound Effects (Bulk)

If you need multiple lightsabers, consider the Liberty Imports LED Laser Swords. Not only does this include twelve lightsabers, it essentially includes a party! Kids will love battling friends for a gathering of Star Wars fans. 

Not only is this an extremely affordable option, but the blades do more than just look cool. They include bright glowing blades with fun FX sound effects. Now kids can enjoy dramatic swordplay with clashing sound effects and even a fun whoosh sound when they cut through the air. 

Next, the blades include LED light effects at the push of a button, perfect for laser-ing through imaginary enemies. The toys are motion-sensitive and great for dress-up and imaginative play. Add in some costumes to complete the party. 

The blades come in blue, red, or green with four of each color option. Each blade is suitable for children ages five years old and up. Also, the blades include the needed batteries, although you may want to keep spares on hand!

Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber

Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber

The Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber offers a buildable space sword kids will adore. What’s truly special about this sword is it doesn’t limit itself to a single character. Children can pick if they want the lightsaber to be Jedi or Sith oriented. 

The blade comes with a Jedi mode attachment or a Sith mode attachment to change who they want to play that day. With the Path of the Force lightsaber, they can turn the blade blue or red, giving you two blades in one. With the blue option, the blade turns blue, and with the red option, it turns red. 

Both of the attachments increase the length of the saber, and in both modes, the saber is collapsable too. Each attachment includes pop-out blades ready to extend the fun. It also works with the Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX app so kids can take videos and increase the fun. 

Four-year-old kids and older will love the toy. It includes 3 AAA batteries, although you may want more on backup as this may be your child’s new favorite toy. Buy this for kids who love both sides of the Star Wars characters and don’t want to pick between the good guys or the bad guys. 

Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

Star Wars Signature Lightsaber

The Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber takes a lightsaber to a whole new level with tons of attachments ready to make an epic lightsaber. With this set, kids can customize the lightsaber in one hundred different ways to become the ultimate Jedi Master. It’s the kind of fun you can only get from a Bladebuilder kit ready to make any child into a space fighter. 

The movie-like appearance helps to create epic adventures and replicate scenes from their favorite Star Wars movies and shows. It’s highly customizable with a regular size lightsaber, two light daggers, two elbow connectors, a cross connector, dual connector, expansion hilt, and instructions. 

Next, the Hasbro toy is perfect for fans who want a blue lightsaber and some green and red options, too. Fans of The Force Awakens will love the fun sounds and lights. Use the toy for role-playing, as a movie accessory, or for learning to create new toys with other Bladebuilder sets for added fun and learning too. 

The toy is appropriate for kids ages four years old and up. It does, however, require six AAA batteries, which can get expensive to replace. 

Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber

STAR WARS BladeBuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber

The Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber is an insanely awesome lightsaber with an impressive hilt. As a BladeBuilders set, it’s an expandable lightsaber kids can customize to their preferences and change over and over again. What kids will love is that it comes with a spinning connector for a whole new level of action. 

Create dozens of unique builds with this lightsaber. It comes with a collapsible lightsaber, mini dagger, two elbows, and a spinning action hilt extension. The hilt of the main lightsaber is extra impressive with attention to detail and tons of realistic colors. Actually, all of the pieces come with a ton of details ready to delight children. 

Kids who love the Darkside will love the bright reds and golds of this lightsaber. Make it even better by adding more Bladebuilder sets to increase the fun and play. It’s a perfect piece for playing alone or with a group, especially if you have more Star Wars toys for friends or siblings. 

Gift this toy to children ages four years old and up. It includes the 3 AAA batteries kids need to activate the fun lights and sound aspects of the toy. Bring on a space adventure with this incredible and affordable toy. 

Star Wars: Episode II Bladebuilders Yoda Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars: Episode II Bladebuilders Yoda Electronic Lightsaber

Yoda fans will love the Star Wars: Episode II Bladebuilders Yoda Electronic Lightsaber. It’s not just Yoda, but expandable with other Bladebuilder kits to extend the fun out to infinite space levels. More importantly, it comes with a green blade that collapses for easy storage and travel. 

Now your child can become one of the strongest Jedi Masters ever with this simple lightsaber. The Hasbro toy requires two AA batteries and workers best for children ages four years old and up. It includes the lightsaber, a connector, and instructions. 

Now you just need to find some additional Bladebuilders sets to increase the fun. It also makes simulated lights and sounds to heat up the battle and fuel young imaginations. Let the roleplaying begin! 

FlashingBlinkyLights Red LED Light Up Sabers 

FlashingBlinkyLights Red LED Light Up Sabers Space Swords (2-Pack) Toys

Save some money with the FlashingBlinkyLights Red LED Light Up Sabers. You get two lightsabers for the price of one, and they are smaller, too, making them more portable. However, this set doesn’t collapse, which may work better for children who hate the collapsable models. 

The lightsabers measure 28 inches long, and both come with red LED lights. Simply push the button on the hilt to activate a steady light feature. It’s a great option for role-playing, imaginative play, or for siblings. Friends will love dressing up when over and having a fun toy ready to turn them into Jedi Knights. 

This option is best for children ages five years old and up. They are made of safe material with low mercury batteries that are compliant with CPSIA standards. Bring on the fun for more than one!

Star Wars Science Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab

Uncle Milton - Star Wars Science - Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab

If your child likes mini projects, they need the Star Wars Science – Mini Lightsaber Tech Lab. It’s a fun STEM toy ready to help kids learn about the building process with a mini tech lab made by Disney. Buy this lightsaber if you have a child who loves the science and futuristic aspects of Star Wars more than that battling parts. 

The toy kit comes with eleven pieces so kids can build a real lightsaber that lights up. It includes four color crystals, including red, purple, blue, and green. Also, the set has two lenses for optic experiments too. Add in a science learning poster to increase the learning capacity of the toy. 

Children ages six to fifteen will spend hours playing with the toy. It needs three LR44 batteries to work, and thankfully comes with the batteries!  Even better, you get an Anakin Skywalker style lightsaber for aspiring Jedi Knights. It even detects your side of the Force! 

Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber

Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber

Yoda fans need the Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber. Fun they will have if buy you do. Yes, this green lightsaber is simple and fun for little fans. If only they could make a mini green one for the adorable baby Yoda!

Kids can be in constant training with the glowing blade and detachable hilt. It even comes with a clip so kids can attach the lightsaber to their belt or costume. Moreover, you get an on/off switch to prevent wasting the three AA batteries that are included. 

The plastic toy glows brightly and makes a power-up activation noise too. It’s ready to go into battle, too, with clashing sounds and lights. Also, it’s motion sensor-controlled for the sound to get squeals of delights from kids. 

Lastly, the best feature is the toy is made with three-year-olds in mind as they too can play with this toy. Your child can defeat the dark side and train up their own Jedi (probably unwilling family pets) and save the solar system. 

Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Knight Lightsaber

Star Wars Jedi Lightsaber

Get the Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Knight Lightsaber if you want to give a customizable saber for your Jedi Knight. It comes with enough parts for tons of combinations, and you can add it to other Bladebuilder sets for even more combinations too. This Disney toy makes a fabulous addition to any Star Wars fan’s toy collection. 

The toy includes a uniquely colored lightsaber with a yellow blade with gold and brown accents on the hilt along with the standard silver and black. Add in two light daggers in purple. You also get several connector pieces to increase the possibilities of ways to build the lightsaber in new directions. 

With this toy, kids can be a protector of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic along with other Jedi. Add in some other lightsabers on the dark side so siblings or friends can battle in epic duels. 

The toy works perfectly for children ages four and up. It comes with two AA batteries so children can enjoy the lights and sound effects that come with the toy. All this and the blade collapses for easy storage and travel. 

Star Wars Ezra Bridger Lightsaber Blaster

Get the Star Wars Ezra Bridger Lightsaber Blaster if your kids love Nerf Guns and Star Wars. Although this is not a Nerf Gun toy but more shares similarities as it can shoot bullets and acts as a lightsaber too. It’s an epic toy because it switches from one mode to another at the flick of a switch. 

Fans know Darth Vader destroyed Ezra’s original lightsaber, so he had to build a new one, and this one comes with Kyber Crystal (okay, not really, but that’s what your kid is looking for in a lightsaber). It’s a special lightsaber too, as it has a utilitarian design and a hidden firing mechanism allowing him to shoot stun blasters. How can an enemy stand up to this lightsaber?

Not only is your child following an excellent Star Wars character who created his own weapon, but they will love the actual saber’s dual abilities. It also includes lights and sound and comes with the ability to shoot two darts at one time, and you get six darts total. 

Finally, the toy is safe for all ages and over four. The blade collapses for easy storage and travel. It’s also made of safe materials and tests for both quality and durability. 

Star Wars Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber

Star Wars The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber with LEDs and Sound Effects, Collectible Roleplay Item, Ages 14 and Up

Older Star Wars fans will love and appreciate Star Wars The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber. It’s a collectible item and comes with a matching price, so definitely do not give this item to a child under the age of 14 years old. However, this is a lightsaber on a whole different level than other toys… it’s incredible. 

The lightsaber comes with premium detailing for authenticity, along with durable parts. Even the hilt is made with real metal for an item ready to last. It also features design and deco based on Count Dooku’s iconic Lightsaber. 

As for the saber itself, it looks like an old-fashioned rounded gun with a saber beam attached in a bright red. You get a stand too so your teenager can properly display the lightsaber. 

Next, the lightsaber provides a glowing bright red light from the blade when it ignites. Moreover, it has realistic power-up and power-down light effects too. Add in realistic sounds too for more fun with multiple sound options ready to impress. 

It’s a great option for roleplay, collectors, and enthusiasts. The toy requires three AA batteries and does not come with them despite the cost.

Now fans of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith can enjoy the ultimate game souvenir. The impressive hilt will make fans delight in the detail tons of attention to detail and a sleek metal and black design. 

The Best Lightsaber Toys Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria 


Star Wars is a passionate fantasy world with tons of benefits for kids, as it focuses on fun and inspirational themes. Kids love battling, and Star Wars focuses on battling good against evil, which is a chronic theme in life. Fantasy worlds are easy to sink into as relief from the real world and responsibilities, making role-playing a great outlet for children. 

Children can learn a ton from the Star Wars franchise, including strength, commitment, love, and so much more. Finding a passion is a great way for children and teenagers to express themselves and find their interests in life. Moreover, lightsabers can help kids to find a love for science and technology. 

As a sci-fi world, Star Wars inspires young minds to create new inventions that will lead us into the future. Try to help your child with STEM toys whenever possible and encouraging them to articulate what they love about the epic saga series. From there, encourage them to try making what they imagine. 


Most lightsaber toys are made of plastic parts with LED lights. This makes them easy to care for, and if your kid breaks them, you won’t cringe too much as they are easily replaceable with a small budget. Hopefully, your kids will like the toy you pick to take good care of it and extend its life. 

More expensive models are made of metal and plastic or polycarbonate. These ones are sturdier and will last longer but are often too heavy or sophisticated for little children. It’s best to save these models for children over the age of ten when possible and depending on the child. 

Special Effects 

A lightsaber isn’t a good toy unless it makes sounds and lights up. If you find a lightsaber that doesn’t do these functions, put it back and walk away. Kids do not want a futuristic toy that doesn’t do anything. 

For example, a wooden lightsaber is simply a strange-looking sword, it’s not a toy from Star Wars. Also, some of the newer Star Wars toys come with expandable options, and these are great as they encourage kids to expand their minds. Furthermore, they increase the fun and invite kids to think like builders. 

Definitely pick a Bladebuilder set for younger children as they act as STEM toys and encourage scientific thinking such as engineering. You may want to get a bin to hold all of the connector pieces to keep the kid’s room clean longer. Not to mention, the expandable toys are a great way to learn social skills and improve friendships and teamwork. 

FAQs – Lightsaber Toys

Why do kids love lightsabers so much? 

Kids love lightsabers because they have an inner desire to battle good versus evil. Not to mention, lightsabers are incredibly cool technology! Moreover, they let kids play out different worlds and experience life from a new experience of play. 

Definitely encourage role and imaginative play as it grows kids’ imagination and makes them smarter in a variety of ways. Don’t worry about the battling aspect as its more about controlling their environment than actually harming other people. It’s a way to release tension. 

Does letting my kids play with a lightsaber teach them to be violent? 

No, it’s not. Kids battle to release tension. It helps them to learn to express themselves outside of their head instead of inside. As they grow older, they will learn to battle with words instead of with swords or sabers. Kids have so much energy, it simply needs to come out, and playing with toys like lightsabers provide a fabulous release. 

Why are some of the lightsabers so expensive? 

Many of the lightsaber toys are expensive because of the high demand for the toys. With so many kids liking the same characters, those options tend to sell out quickly, which increases the cost. Others are expensive because they come with more pieces or more expensive material. 

Are there other gift ideas for Star Wars lovers? 

Absolutely. For dedicated lovers, consider Star Wars Lego Sets. Kids who care more about playing battle may like Nerf Swords. Also, consider getting costumes too as they are great for role-playing and make the other toys more fun. Consider Star Wars decor, too. 

Wrapping Up

If you still have no idea what lightsaber to buy, pick the Star Wars Bladebuilders Path of the Force Lightsaber. Not only is it a Bladebuilder ready to expand, but it also covers the dark side and the light side of the Star Wars Saga. Children get a collapsable lightsaber with sounds and lights and the option to change it over and over again. It’s time to bring on the force and battle the Star Wars way!

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