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The Best Baby Doll Accessories of 2022

Children who play with dolls are learning compassion, growing social skills, developing language, using fine motor skills, and more.

Baby doll accessories like clothes, furniture, bottles, bathtubs, and other fun gear enhance play and make it more fun for your little one to interact with their doll. They can dress it up, take care of it, or just have fun pushing the doll around.

Here’s a look at the top baby doll accessories this year. 

Best Baby Doll Diaper Bag:
Best Baby Doll Carriers:
Best Melissa & Doug Baby Doll Accessories:
Best Baby Doll Clothes:
Best Baby Doll Bottles:

Best Baby Doll Diaper Bag Accessories

The Baby Alive Diaper Bag Refill is a 6 piece set designed specifically for the Baby Alive Dolls; the Baby Doll Diaper Bag Set has 28 pieces and works best with Corolle baby dolls, Stell baby dolls, My First baby dolls, and My Sweet Love baby dolls; whereas the Click N’ Play Feeding & Caring Accessory Set has 33 pieces and is not designed for any specific doll brands but works with any baby doll.

Mommy & Me Baby Doll Care Set

The Mommy & Me Baby Doll Care Set comes with 30 accessories that fit in the included carrying bag. In it, your toddler will find plenty of toys to play with and care for their favorite baby doll.

Some of the care items in this bag include a diaper, brush, wipes, and bib. There are also washing accessories, a seat for setting the baby doll up in, and feeding accessories.

The zippered bag included in this set is clear which makes it easy for your child to see inside and take out what they need. The zipper is easy to operate and all the toys fit, however, it feels a little flimsy and could have a nicer design.


  • Clear bag makes it easy to see accessories
  • Changing, feeding, bathing, and playing accessories included
  • With 30 pieces and a bag, there are plenty of play options
  • Zipper opens and closes easily


  • Bag feels cheaply made

Click N’ Play Feeding & Caring Accessory Set


The Click N’ Play Feeding & Caring Accessory Set comes with everything your little one needs for grooming, feeding, and care. The 33 piece set comes in a clear, zippered carrying case that makes it easy to see everything inside.

Even though the case is roomy, it’s not easy to organize everything in the bag. Some of the things included in this set are feeding bottles, a sippy cup, plates, cutlery, milk, and more. There are also grooming items including tissues, brushes, soaps, a rubber duck, and more.

This set also has items like a diaper and toilet. These can be used to get kids interested in potty training and encourage the training process.


  • Has 33 different pieces
  • Plenty of feeding accessories
  • Comes with grooming and bathing accessories
  • Diaper and potty chair can teach your little one about going to the bathroom


  • Hard to dig accessories out of the bag (it’s more for storage)

Baby Alive Diaper Bag Refill 


The Baby Alive Diaper Bag Refill is designed to work with the Baby Alive doll. It has everything your little one needs to give their baby a drink and then change their wet diaper.

This set comes with a Baby Alive bottle, a plastic tube of ointment, wipes, two diapers, and a cute carrying bag. Everything included helps your child learn more about their body and going to the bathroom in addition to encouraging them to nurture their baby.

The carrying bag is made of cloth and has soft handles that will be easy for your little one to tote around. Unfortunately, it is a little on the small size. When the diapers and bottles are inside, it can be hard to close while carrying.


  • Comes with two diapers and wipes
  • Compatible with Baby Alive dolls
  • Helps your child learn more about going to the bathroom
  • Fun to make the doll go potty and then change them
  • Very realistic play


  • Diaper bag is a little small

The New York Baby Doll Diaper Bag Set


The New York Baby Doll Diaper Bag Set comes with 28 pieces and a cute carrying bag. Some of the brands this works best with include Corolle baby dolls, Stell baby dolls, My First baby dolls, and My Sweet Love baby dolls.

The carrying case is roomy and holds everything, however, it would be better for storing the toys because it is hard to organize. This set comes with a disappearing milk baby bottle in addition to feeding accessories like a sippy cup, sectional plate, bibs, and utensils. This also has grooming and bath accessories, including two toys, soap, brushes, and a comb.

Another nice feature is the included diaper and potty chair, which can help get your little one interested in the potty. There are also booties, a pacifier, and a baby toy.


  • Comes with grooming tools
  • Booties, pacifier, bibs, and other comfort items included
  • Has potty chair and diaper to encourage familiarity with the potty
  • Includes a disappearing milk bottle


  • Carrying case is cramped and hard to organize

Liberty Imports Newborn Baby Bath Set


The Liberty Imports Newborn Baby Bath Set is perfect for kids to take in the bath with them. It has a detachable shower spray and several other accessories that make it fun to play with.

In addition to the tub and working shower head, this comes with an outfit, robe, loofah, pretend soap, pretend lotion, and a rubber duck. The doll is included with this set, though it can easily be used for any smaller dolls as well.

The working shower head makes this really fun. It can even ease some bath time anxiety if your child is afraid of bathing in the tub. While the included doll is designed well, it also retains some water after it’s been in the tub, so it will drip for a while.


  • Has a working showerhead
  • Comes with a robe, outfit, loofah, and other bath time accessories
  • Purple tub is cute and holds the baby well
  • Good choice for kids who are afraid of bathing


  • Baby doll retains water

Best Baby Doll Car Seats, Carriers, and Strollers

While the Joovy Toy Car Seat, My First Doll Stroller, and the Doll Cradle are all single accessory toys for your little one’s baby doll, the Baby Doll Accessories has 4 pieces of doll accessories for your ‘lil mommy, including a swing, pack-n-play, carrier, and high chair.

4-Piece Baby Doll Accessories

The Fash n 4-Piece Baby Doll Accessories comes with a swing, pack n’ play, bouncer, and high chair for your little one’s baby doll. They are pink and white with black trip perfect for dolls and girls.

These accessories are designed to work with dolls that are 18-inches. The pack n play also comes in a cute carrying bag and needs to be opened like a traditional pack n play does. The swing also moves back and forth for fun imaginative play.

Once your child is done playing, all the pieces can be folded up and tucked away until he or she is ready to play again. The fabric is easy to wipe clean and the metal used to make the frames is lightweight and durable.


  • Cute design
  • Fits dolls around 18-inches like American Girl dolls
  • Swing moves back and forth
  • Everything folds up when not in use
  • Comes with four large accessories


  • We couldn’t find any!

Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat

The Joovy Doll Toy Car Seat comes in blue dot or pink dot, so it’s perfect for boys or girls. Your toddler can buckle in baby dolls or stuffed toys to keep them safe and secure as they tote them around.

Clasping and unclasping the buckle improves fine motor skills. Even with the clasping function, this is recommended for 2-year-olds and most can use the buckle without help. The buckle is also adjustable.

The Joovy car seat toy also functions like a real car seat. It has a crash-tested safety base and a carrying handle so your little one can bring their favorite doll everywhere they go. If you want to add more fun, this works as part of the Joovy toy travel system. The base also separates from the car seat to become a rocker.


  • Comes in pink or blue
  • Buckle is adjustable for use with different-sized dolls or stuffed animals
  • Clasp is easy to operate
  • Crash-tested safety base
  • Works with Joovy toy travel system


  • We couldn’t find any!

New York Doll Collection Mega Play Set


TheNew York Doll Collection Mega Play Set is designed to be used with 18-inch dolls. It comes with a high chair, doll bouncer, and pack-n-play.

Each of these accessories is designed with a bright pink design that has a white heart pattern. The accessories are lightweight but durable and are made of cloth and metal. Some of the brands they are compatible with include Our Generation and American Girl, among others.  

The tray on the high chair is a little small for pretend play, so it can be frustrating for some kids. The bouncer actually rocks, which some kids will really appreciate.


  • Fits standard 18-inch dolls
  • Comes with a pack-n-play, high chair, and bouncer
  • Cute pink and white design
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Bouncer rocks


  • High chair tray is a little small

My First Doll Stroller (Denim)


The My First Doll Stroller (Denim) looks like a real stroller but is designed for babies. It features things like an undercarriage basket and harness for a realistic feel.

Some other features that your child will appreciate are the canopy to cover their baby’s head and the double wheels that easily roll over obstacles. This is designed for ages 2 and up, though you may want to help younger children when folding up for storage to avoid pinching their fingers.

This is designed to work with dolls that are 18, though the seat belt could accommodate smaller dolls, too. The material of the stroller is a thick, double-edged fabric that will withstand wear and tear.


  • Undercarriage basket and seat belt are realistic
  • Canopy covers the baby doll’s head
  • Double wheels roll over obstacles easily
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Thick, durable material makes up the seat


  • Will want to help your child fold the stroller to avoid pinching fingers

Badger Basket Folding Doll Cradle


The Badger Basket Folding Doll Cradle gives your little girl a place to let her baby doll sleep. Even baby dolls need to sleep in style and with this bassinet they can with rosy pink fabric and a full canopy. It can hold most 18-inch dolls and smaller dolls too. 

This set comes with a fun, pastel pink that is engaging. The metal pieces make the shape of the products are lightweight and sturdy. Everything folds down to be put away in a carrying bag when not in use.

One thing to note is that product does look cheap to a small selection of customers. Although, it does have a ruffle to hide the cheaper looking parts. 


  • Comes a flat cradle
  • Includes a canopy
  • Made of lightweight, sturdy materials
  • Beautiful fabric 
  • It folds for storage


  • Looks cheap to some customers

The New York Doll Collection Bike Seat Carrier


The New York Doll Collection Bike Seat Carrier is perfect for the child who loves playing with dolls but also enjoys cruising around. This is designed to work with 18-inch dolls such as American Girl dolls and fits universally on scooters and bicycles.

Your child will love buckling their doll up and taking him or her for a ride. The seat has a harness and an included bicycle helmet matches its bright pink color. This can easily be fastened to the handlebar on the front of a bike or scooter (no tools needed), so your child can also look at their doll while they ride.

Even though this is a harness-style seat, it does use Velcro as a closure. The helmet also uses Velcro, which is easier for kids. However, the Velcro is not as solid as a buckle and it can fall off sometimes, especially if you use it with smaller dolls.


  • Comes with seat, helmet, and stickers to decorate helmet
  • Fits universally on scooters and bikes
  • Your child can keep an eye on their doll while they ride
  • Easy for children to use Velcro to fasten everything


  • Velcro does not always hold steadily

Ergobaby Original Baby Doll Carrier


The Ergobaby Original Baby Doll Carrier is perfect for giving your little one free hands to make bottles, prepare food, and get things done while they tote their baby doll around. This is a good choice for kids with younger siblings, especially if you plan on using a baby carrier yourself. (You can find our top recommendations for baby carriers here).

Like the traditional Ergobaby carrier, this is designed to be comfortable. The waist straps and shoulder area are padded and the body is made of 100% cotton canvas. One downside is that cotton can get hot in the summer.

Another great thing about this carrier is that it is machine washable on the gentle cycle. It also comes in several boy-friendly and girl-friendly designs, including black, blue blooms, blue daisies, hello kitty, grey galaxy, and navy blue.


  • Comfortable design with padded waist and shoulders
  • Hands-free way to carry a baby around
  • Great for children of parents expecting a baby
  • Comes in boy-friendly and girl-friendly designs
  • Machine washable


  • Can get hot, especially in the summer

Best Melissa & Doug Baby Doll Accessories

All of these products are extremely popular, well priced, and made with exceptional quality known from Melissa & Doug toys. The Wooden Cradle is the only single piece item that gently rocks the baby back and forth; whereas the Travel Time Set includes 17 pieces for baby (dolls) on-the-go; the Feeding Set has 8 pieces for feeding baby dolls (including disappearing juice and milk); and the Bathtub and Accessories Set is a 6 piece set for bath-time with your baby doll.  

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Travel Time Play Set


The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Travel Time Play Set comes with a cute cloth diaper bag and several diaper bag items for babies on the go. As an added plus, it comes in gender-neutral colors with a cute animal design so it’s the perfect bag for girls or boys.

The included diaper bag has pockets so it’s easy to store everything and an ID badge to make it customizable. It also has a Velcro closure and padded shoulder strap that can be removed if you’d like. Something to note, however, is that there is not much room in the diaper bag for anything other than accessories, which can be a downer if your child wants to carry around extra clothes for their baby too.  

Some of the items that will go in the diaper bag include toy keys, wipes, a diaper, baby sunscreen, a comb, and a few other items. There is also a checklist included so your child can be sure they have everything they need to hit the road with their baby doll.


  • Comes with a checklist
  • Diaper bag is in gender-neutral colors
  • Comes with everything a baby needs for a day out
  • Pockets in the diaper bag make it easy to keep everything organized
  • ID tag included on the diaper bag


  • Diaper bag barely holds all the items, no extra room

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Food & Bottle Set


The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Food & Bottle Set comes with 8 food accessories that make feeding a baby doll fun. The bottle tips are small enough to fit most baby dolls which make this compatible with most 12-15 dolls.

The included bottles also have disappearing milk and juice to make feeding more realistic. This set also includes two jars of baby food, a divided feeding plate, bib, spoon, and fork.

The jar lids can be removed, however, there is no plastic food inside to put on the tray. This takes away from the realistic feeding experience a little bit.


  • Milk and juice disappears’ as the baby doll drinks it
  • Bottles fit most 12-15 baby doll mouths
  • Plenty of accessories for feeding time
  • Using the included spoon and fork improves fine motor skills


  • Included jars of food are empty

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set


The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set comes with all the basics your little one needs to nurture their baby. While many of the other bags mentioned so far are plastic, this one comes with a cute cloth diaper bag for toting the set around in.

The feeding part of the set comes with two jars of baby food, a bib, utensils, a divided plate, and two disappearing liquid bottles for milk and juice. The food containers are not especially fancy but the lids do come off for imaginative play.

The other part of the kit includes baby wipes, a diaper, baby ointment, and a diaper bag. The wipe container has removable wipes and the diaper has self-stick tabs. All the changing items can be stored inside the pockets of the diaper bag.


  • Comes with cloth diaper bag
  • Disappearing liquid bottles included
  • Lids come off the food jars
  • Diapers have self-stick tabs and wipes are included for realistic play


  • Food jars aren’t the best quality

Melissa & Doug Wooden Play Cradle


The Melissa & Doug Wooden Play Cradle has a classic design. Your little one will love laying their baby doll inside and then rocking him or her to sleep.

The inside of the cradle is 20.7-inches long, so it will fit most standard sized dolls including KidKraft, American Girl, Alexander and Gotz, and many others.

The outside of the doll cradle is a cute, white design. The inside comes with a removable colorful mattress. There is great attention to detail in the design which results in an overall charming look. This does need to be assembled, but it is fairly easy to assemble. Parents love how sturdy and cute this cradle is as a baby doll accessory!


  • Good attention to detail
  • Removable mattress
  • Rocks gently back in forth
  • Fits dolls up to 19-inches so will work with a wide range of dolls


  • None that we see!

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Doll Bathtub and Accessories Set


The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Doll Bathtub and Accessories set comes with six pieces. It is designed to be used with Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Dolls but will also work with dolls of a similar size.

The pieces included in this set are a bathtub, washcloth, shampoo, rubber duck, soap dish, and pretend soap. The shampoo bottle can squeeze out water and suds which makes for a more realistic bath time. Additionally, the soap bar fits inside the soap dish.

The thick plastic of the tub makes it durable. It can also float on top of the tub, which helps your child keep everything together while they are playing.


  • Comes with all the bath accessories
  • Realistic shampoo bottle with water and soap suds
  • Durable plastic
  • Can use free-standing or floating in the big bathtub


  • Tub is a bit on the small side

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Toy Time Play Set for Dolls


The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Toy Time Play Set for Dolls has toys that your child will enjoy playing with. This is a great choice for kids expecting a younger sibling since playing will teach them skills like sharing.

This accessory set has bigger pieces than some of the others, making it perfect for realistic play. It comes with a play mat, 2-part activity gym, textured ball, storybook, 3 wooden blocks with ABC and 123 printed on them, bunny hand puppet, and 3 removable toys. There is also a reusable activity card for playing.

The playmat can be flipped up around the edges to enclose the baby doll or left laying down. As most of the toys are designed to play with any baby doll, this is compatible with stuffed animals and most dolls.


  • Comes with play mat and toys
  • Great way for your child to learn more about playing with younger siblings
  • Realistic design for realistic play
  • Your child can also play with the toys


  • We couldn’t find any!

Best Baby Doll Clothes

The Ecore Fun Doll Clothes fit dolls from 14″-16″ and are advertised to fit the 18″ American Girl Dolls. The Playtime Outfits are designed for 10″-12″ dolls, including Baby Alive and New Born Baby Dolls.  

Ecore Fun 10-Piece Baby Doll Clothes


The Ecore Fun 10-Piece Baby Doll Clothes set is designed for baby dolls that are from 14-16″ and is advertised as fitting the 18-inch American Girl doll. Clothes like these encourage your child to practice their fine motor skills as they fit them on their dolls.

This set comes with several cute outfits, including 1 pair of pants, a shirt, 2 dresses, 3 jumpsuits, and 3 headbands. Together, these create cute, colorful outfits that your little one will love putting on and taking off.

These baby doll clothes are washable so parents don’t have to worry about messes. The fabric is also flexible, making it easier for little hands to manipulate as they dress their dolls. The headbands are not the most durable, however, the rest of the clothes stand up well to play.


  • Wide variety of cute, vivid clothes
  • Several outfits and headbands included
  • Made of a soft, flexible fabric
  • Machine washable


  • Headbands fall apart easily

iBayda 5-Pack Playtime Outfits


The iBayda 5-Pack Playtime Outfits are designed for babies between 10-12-inches, including Baby Alive, New Born Baby, and other 10-inch dolls. It comes with five cute outfits including hats and hair bands.

The outfits included in this set come in bright, vivid colors like red, blue, pink, and purple. Each set has a top and a bottom. The attention to detail on the outfits is nice since the seams are even and straight.

The shirts are fastened with velcro that has been well placed down the middle of the back. There are two hats and three headbands included that correspond to different outfits.

Though the clothes are designed well, they are made of synthetic fabric. They are not really soft to the touch but they are easy to clean.


  • Comes with five outfits including hats and headbands
  • Bright, vivid colors on the clothes
  • Good attention to detail on the seams
  • Velcro is easy to use for fastening
  • Fabric comes clean easily


  • Fabric is not soft to the touch

Best Baby Doll Bottles

Both the Paradise Galleries Bottles and the My Sweet Baby Magic Bottles include both a milk and juice bottle that disappear when tilted to make them more realistic; however, the My Sweet Baby Bottles includes a pacifier for your baby dolls and the bottles look more like a traditional bottle.  

My Sweet Baby Disappearing Magic Bottles


The My Sweet Baby Disappearing Magic Bottles set comes with one milk bottle, one juice bottle, and one pacifier. The major benefit of these is their extra-large size; the bottles stand 6″ tall and have thin nipples to be compatible with a wide range of dolls.

As the bottle is tilted up, the liquid inside starts to disappear. The added pacifier makes playing with baby dolls more fun and realistic.

There is a cute pattern around each bottle. Colorful baby accessories, animals, and more can be found decorating the bottles. Even though the outside is made of thick plastic, some buyers have noticed leaking.


  • Juice and milk disappear as the bottle is tipped up
  • Pacifier included
  • Small nipple size fits most doll mouths
  • Cute pattern on the outside of the bottles


  • Plastic could be more durable

Paradise Galleries Magic Bottles Set


The Paradise Galleries Magic Bottles Set comes with a milk bottle and a juice bottle. They are designed unique compared to the average disappearing milk bottle, with an ergonomic design that makes it easy for your child to hold onto the bottle.

Instead of being plain, each bottle has a cute design with birds and flowers. The nipple is small enough to fit into open-mouthed baby doll mouths, making it great for realistic play. This is only added to by the way the milk or juice disappears as the bottle is tipped upside down.

Even though the nipple is a good size, it does not fit all baby dolls. This is especially true of those smaller than 16-18.


  • Comes with disappearing milk and juice bottles
  • Cute design on the outside
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy for your little one to hold the bottles
  • Fits most standard-sized baby doll mouths


  • Does not fit smaller baby doll mouths

Comparing Baby Doll Accessories

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Baby Doll Accessories

Type of Accessory

Baby doll accessories come it all shapes and sizes.

Some accessories are better for carrying the baby around like car seats, strollers, swings, and carriages. Clothing is another common baby accessory, especially since it can be fun for your little one to try out different outfits. There are also accessories like diapers, bottles, rattles, and other baby items that make it possible to feed and care for their baby.

We tried to include a wide variety of accessories on this list.


It can be disappointing for your child to receive a new outfit or accessory for their baby doll and find out it isn’t compatible. As we looked at the available accessories, we considered if they were designed for a specific brand or compatible with several types of dolls. 

Overall Quality

We assessed the overall quality of the accessories by looking through reviews across the web. Several of the toys were also played with and tested through personal use.

FAQs About Baby Doll Accessories

What are the benefits of playing with baby dolls? 

Playing with dolls has benefits for boys or girls, including:

Nurturing and caring skills- When playing with dolls, children often imitate the way that they see adults interact with babies in real life and in television shows. They may comfort, feed, warm, or clean the baby. As they take care of the doll, they are learning empathy skills and practicing how to be loving toward others.

Fine motor skills- Dressing dolls or changing diapers might require fastening tabs, securing and unfastening velcro, and buttoning or unbuttoning. Practicing these skills improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive skills- Dolls can be a useful tool in learning. For example, you might help your child learn their different body parts by pointing them out on a doll. The same skills practiced when dressing a doll can be used for your child to become more independent in dressing themselves. Baby dolls that wet themselves can also be used to help children who are learning to go to the bathroom get familiar with the process.

Preparing for a new sibling- Sometimes, a baby doll can help a sibling-to-be get used to the idea of no longer being in the family. Additionally, as they learn to help and you encourage them to help with their new sibling, they’ll take on a more nurturing role in the new baby’s life.

How do baby doll accessories improve play? 

Baby doll accessories like strollers, car seats, and feeding accessories can be used to care for a doll, encouraging role-play and nurturing the imagination. Other accessories like baby doll clothing improve fine motor skills as your child puts it on and takes it off.

Finally, accessories like a swing, stroller, or car seat give your child new ways to interact with their baby.

Can boys play with baby dolls and baby doll accessories? 

Baby dolls are sometimes thought of as girl toys’. However, little boys can benefit from playing with and caring for dolls in the same ways as girls. They receive the same cognitive and fine motor benefits and improve their nurturing skills. Dolls can also be used to prepare little boys for siblings.

Caring for dolls can also teach empathy, which is important for expressing emotions. It’s important for boys (and girls) to have room to express their emotions so they can learn to regulate them.

Something else to remember is that boys grow up to be parents, too. When boys are playing with dolls, they are reinforcing those nurturing skills that make them great parents.

Final Word

The best baby doll accessories enhance doll playing for boys and girls. This is perfect for teaching skills like empathy and nurturing, improving fine motor skills, and more.

My personal favorite accessory is the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Travel Time Play Set because it comes in neutral colors and has plenty of accessories to take on the go.


  1. Help young children identify and express emotions, www.canr.msu.edu

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