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The Best Spy Gear Toys of 2021

The best spy gear toys turn your child not just into a spy, but into a child learning to pay attention to detail and look for hidden facts. It also lights up their imagination while showing them the value of STEM knowledge and physical fitness.

We found the most 28 most inventive and fun spy toys that make children become secret agents and help them find out if becoming a spy or a detective is in their future. 

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Best Spy Glasses for Kids:
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Best Spy Gear Kits for Kids

Alex Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set Kids Spy Kit

Alex Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set Kids Spy Kit

Use the Alex Undercover Spy Case Detective Gear Set Kids Spy Kit to start out your child’s super sleuthing skills. The kit comes with everything a detective needs to solve a case and have a blast in the process. Even better, the whole set comes in a portable carrying case to take their next adventure on the road or to a friend’s house. 

Inside the box, you’ll find an ink pad, an ultimate code booklet, secret code files, a secret marker pen set, a dusting brush, fingerprint powder, foldable binoculars, a flashlight, a magnifying glass, and batteries. Kids can store everything in pockets in the pouch and then add it to their belt loop for transport. 

Although the kit doesn’t come with an initial mystery to solve, kids can use their imagination to invent cases to solve with the included tools necessary for a detective. The options are endless as they can create secret notes for their siblings to read, or dust for fingerprints to find the person who ate the last candy bar. 

SpyX Micro Gear Set 

SpyX / Micro Gear Set - 4 Real Spy Toys Kit + Adjustable Belt for Spy Kids Role Play. Junior Secret Agent / Detective / Ninja Toy Gadgets Set for Boys & Girls

The SpyX Micro Gear Set comes with for necessary spy tools children need to pretend to be a secret operative. What spy would be complete without a micro ear light, invisible ink pen, a micro motion alarm, or a micro listener? Your tiny little spy needs these items and an adjustable utility belt with attachment clips to carry around their new gear. 

Junior agents can sneak around the house with the ability to see in the dark. They can also write their best friend secret messages for them to decode, protect their turf, and listen in on your conversations. Maybe that last one isn’t a benefit, but it’s a possibility, so make sure not to talk about their presents in the house or yard. 

The set is for children ages six and up and promotes learning and imagination. You might just be able to get your kid off of the Nintendo Switch for a while! Also, this set makes a valuable part of a costume for dress up too. 

SpyX Recon Set

SpyX Recon Set - Includes Night Nocs + Voice Disguiser + Recon Watch + Motion Alarm. Perfect for Your Next Recon Mission and an Awesome Addition for Your spy Gear Collection!

The SpyX Recon Set includes special tools to help secret operatives carry out important tasks to catch other spies from completing their missions. They can guard the queen’s crown, set up barriers, and so much more with this complete set of spy goodies in full military style. Don’t be surprised if your daughter’s favorite tiara is suddenly heavily guarded despite its minuscule price. 

With multiple functions and four different pieces, kids can learn as they play with this slightly expensive set. The recon watch tells time, works as an alarm, even a motion alarm, an LED spotlight, a world clock, a stopwatch, and more! Night Nocs work as a light in the dark as they can see up to 25 feet away with red and white lights for missions in the dark. 

Add in the voice disguiser from above and a motion alarm to secure the treasure, and kids have everything they need for military-style recoveries. The set requires 4 AAA batteries and works best for kids ages 6 to 15 years old. 

Spy Gear Ninja Mission Set

Spy Gear Ninja Mission Set

Although the Spy Gear Ninja Mission Set is one of the more expensive options on the list, it provides a super fun tool to engage kids with a secret and exciting world. This set includes a wrist blaster, motion alarm, night spyer, and spy pen blaster. It sets kids up to battle bad guys trying to get them off the case!

They can fire darts from their wrist, see in the dark to hide from the other side, beam rays of lights. Even better, they can set up motion alarms to catch the family cat in the act of stealing stuffed animals, but don’t let them shoot the cat with a dart from the spy pen. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers 

Scientific Explorer Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers Science Kit

If you want to take the opportunity to teach your kids some science, try the Scientific Explorer Scientific Explorer Crime Catchers kit. While your kid is interested in a specific activity, use this chance to do a little teaching with a fun science kit made for kids between the ages of 8 and 15 years old. Kids can learn about fingerprints, DNA, and scientific ways of decoding secret messages. 

Some kids who have an interest in spy gear grow up to become forensic scientists, and this kit could be the first step in getting them interested in this career field. The set comes with baking soda, suspect cards, pH strips, coffee filters, cups, markers, plastic bags, decoder glasses, and so much more. Furthermore, it comes with an activity guide, two mysteries, and eight activities to get your kids started. 

The price is right to get your kids involved in experiments. Most of the parts are easily replaceable, but try to make sure the kids don’t lose the suspect cards. Use this set for teaching teamwork by having kids work together to solve mysteries. 

Project MC2 Pretend Play Super Spy Stem Science Kit

Project MC2 Pretend Play Super Spy Stem Science Kit by Horizon Group Usa, Includes Detective Finger Print Identification Set, Crime Scene Tape, Magnifying Glass, Spy Notebook & More

Girly girls still want to be spies and with the Project MC2 Pretend Play Super Spy Stem Science Kit that allows them to try out fingerprinting. As the company says, “Science meets style” with this set, and what could be better than spy wear in fun colors made for girls? 

The set includes a magnifying glass, an ink pad, fingerprint duster, blacklight, an invisible ink pen, instructions, and other supplies girls need. It’s perfect for girls ages 6 and up who want to try out forensic skills while practicing to solve mysteries. 

Find more of the best toys for 7-year-old girls

Best Spy Glasses for Kids

Bedwina Spy Glasses for Kids

Bedwina Spy Glasses for Kids in Bulk - Pack of 3 Spy Sunglasses with Rear View So You Can See Behind You, for Fun Party Favors, Spy Gear Detective Gadgets, Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Boys and Girls

With the Bedwina Spy Glasses for Kids in Bulk – Pack of 3 your kids can share glasses with two other detectives to get their mission accomplished. What’s truly great about these glasses is they work as real sunglasses with UV protection. 

Now your kids can use these glasses for special missions as the outer edges have mirrors to see what’s going on behind them. It’s a great game piece for teams of players, and at a super low price, you can stock up on multiple sets. These glasses would be great for a birthday party, too. 

Finally, the flexible plastic frames work for indoor play but work best for outdoor play. The set is sized best for kids ages 3 years old and up, but fit 5-year-olds better than three-year-olds. No one will ever know your kids are wearing spy glasses, as they look so real!

Spy Master Briefcase Black Spy Kit

Spy Master Briefcase Black Spy kit - Secret agent mission handbook with top spy gear and gadget surveilance

Many spies carry around a briefcase when heading into the office between missions. Your little agent  can carry one too with the Spy Master Briefcase Black Spy kit. Mind you, this kit very clearly says spymaster on the outside, so you won’t mistake this for your mistake and get to work with spy gear instead of notebooks and your laptop! 

The totally top-secret case welcomes your child into the world of spies with open arms and prepares them for their undertakings. Moreover, the set comes with essential items like a handbook, folding binoculars, a listening device, and rearview spy glasses. The spy listening device includes an on/off switch and earphones to listen in on their target. 

Finally, the briefcase is made of glossy cardboard material and works best for children over the age of five years. If you take out the inner plastic storage compartment, kids will have plenty of space for their other agent items. The case includes locks, a handle, and strings to keep the lid up when the box is open, making it perfect for pretend play.  

Best Spy Costume for Kids

Melissa & Doug Spy Role Play Costume Set

Melissa & Doug Spy Role Play Costume Set

As with all jobs, the costume maketh the spy. Thankfully, Melissa and Doug make the Spy Role Play Costume Set to attire kids correctly for their new pretend role. Trust me, both boys and girls will look amazing and adorable in the little Sherlock-inspired getup. Add in this outfit and some of the other spy tools on this list to complete the make-believe adventure for your son or daughter. 

The set comes with a trench coat, belt, sunglasses, a hat, a super-fun top-secret mission file, and a decoder lens. The sunglasses come with rear-view mirrors to view what’s going on behind them. Next, the spy folder includes valuable decoding methods for code-breaking. 

Finally, the high- quality cotton and polyester fabric will last through multiple children and make a great addition to your kid’s dress-up bin. Fits kids – I mean secret agents – between the ages of 5 to 8 years old. 

Best Spy Gadgets for Kids

SpyX Secret Coin Safe

SpyX Secret Coin Safe- Counts Your Coins and Keeps Them Safe. Only You Know Where The Secret Button is That Opens This Secret spy Safe! Bank Your loot to Become The Ultimate Spy!

With the SpyX Secret Coin Safe kids can keep their money safe from the enemy. It comes with an LCD screen to indicate the amount of money inside down to the penny. A durable theft-proof construction means their older siblings can’t get in to raid their little brother or sisters allowance. 

Think of all the learning your kids can get tracking money! They can learn valuable math and financial skills, all while thinking they are the cleverest spy alive. The dark material and compact size even allows them to hide the bank or store it easily. Moreover, it has a secret unlock button only they know about to keep their spy money safe. 

SpyX / Micro Voice Disguise – Voice Recording Spy Toy

SpyX / Micro Voice Disguise - Voice Recording Spy Toy - Record Your Voice and Play it Back 'Twisted'. Perfect addition for your spy gear collection!

Spies need to disguise their voices to prevent their enemies from knowing their identity. The SpyX / Micro Voice Disguise – Voice Recording Spy Toy allows kids to disguise their voice with up to 10 seconds of recording time as they create secret spy messages directly into their new favorite toy. Enjoy your kids crazy antics as they record their voice in silly, scary, or super-fast voice and all in secret code, of course. 

The micro voice distorter looks like a real device with a simple black, gray, and red motif. It’s best for boys and girls ages 6 to 15 and comes with batteries though you may need to replace batteries often depending on how often you use it for spy missions. Oh, and you can play messages fast or slow for added fun. 

Check out the best toys for 7-year-old boys to keep the fun rolling. 

SpyX / Lazer Trap Alarm 

SpyX / Lazer Trap Alarm – Safe Laser Alarm Toy for Spy Kids to Protect Stuffs. Invisible Infrared Beam Spy Gadget for Kids. Motion Sensor / Detector Toy for Boys & Girls

Average spies don’t need anything more than a few tools like glasses and invisible ink, but super spies need a SpyX / Lazer Trap Alarm to carry off epic spy tasks with ease. Even better, your little agent can use this laser trap to protect their favorite belongings from other operatives, or their little brother. 

The set includes 3 pieces to create a laser beam trap with custom invisible barriers and adjust up to 360 degrees to place where they need. Furthermore, the receivers work up to four feet apart with a customizable alert and flashing lights. Best for children ages 6 to 12 and a mid-range price. 

SpyX/ Lite Hand -Cool Light Device for Your Hands&Fingers

SpyX / Light Hand – LED Light Up Glove Toy for Spy Kids. Cool Flash Light Finger Device to Navigate in The Dark. Elastic LED Spy Toy Gadget for Junior Secret Agent Costumes

The SpyX/ Lite Hand -Cool Light Device is a neat little gadget future spies wear on their hands to turn their fingers into a flashlight. Not to mention, this just looks like one of the many super cool spy gear gadgets like seen in spy movies. This toy will help to get your child into the operative mindset and further fuel their fun. 

Kids will love using their hands as a light source by strapping the Spy Hand Lite to their wrist and fingers and turning on the four bright LED’s. It includes an on/off switch and controls for the flash patterns. Best for kids ages 6 and up, plus it needs 2 AAA batteries. 

Spy Gear – Spy Go Action Camera

Spy Gear - Spy Go Action Camera

What would a spy do without a camera to catch the bad guy in action? Don’t let your child be without this necessity for all spy belts, get them the Spy Gear – Spy Go Action Camera so they can sleuth like a proper detective. The fun little kit comes with a micro camera and clip because all spy gear should fit into a pocket.

Moreover, this spy camera comes with a headband so kids can record while they walk around on their messages. Surveillance is key for many missions, and this one gets the job done with burst mode, single frame capture, or video mode. The camera clips to anything and works best for 6 and up and comes with batteries. 

Costzon Rechargeable RC Spy Rover Tank

Costzon Rechargeable RC Tank Car,Mini WiFi Spy Rover Tank, App-Controlled Car Video Recorder Support, Gift for Boys Girls Teens and Children (Orange)

Kids love to control things with apps on devices but none are as cool as the Costzon Rechargeable RC Tank Car – Mini WiFi Spy Rover Tank. The device uses an app on either Android or iOS to control the car, which means no remote control for kids to lose or break, and it comes with a great price. This tank also comes with a camera with a wide adjustable range between 0 and 65 degrees so it can shoot from any angle. 

The tank can keep its balance even on rough roads and still provide clear pictures. It comes with a built-in lithium battery pack you charge with an included USB line. The tank boasts a 0.3m pixel HD AR camera and can receive signals up to 49 feet away. 

What makes this so special for kids looking for spy gear? That’s easy: the tank can go anywhere and observe and capture secrets! Once your kids are done spying on people, they can also use the tank for some fun game modes.

Now you just need to connect it to your Wifi, open the app, and press the button to activate the car. Then your kiddo is ready to go on secret missions. It comes with LED lamps to light its path. Furthermore, it comes with a runt time of 25-30 minutes and a charge time of 120 minutes, which is plenty long enough to get in a secret operative task. 

Discovery Kids Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit

Spies not only catch the bad guy and figure out their secrets, but they also need to find out what lies the enemy is telling. The Discovery Kids Electronic Lie Detector Portable Spy Kit helps kids to work on the investigation stage of their mission after capturing their target. Inside the box, you will find one portable novelty lie detector machine and eleven liar detector cards. 

Now don’t worry, this lie detector doesn’t really work, and kids won’t find out the truth about Old Saint Nick or about where their chocolate disappeared to. They can pretend, though, and learn a lot in the process. The machine comes with a moisture sensor and card storage too for the extra parts, along with cables and a headband to connect to the person they are trying to catch in a lie. 

The kit not only provides fun imagination play but teaches real-world concepts too, such as law enforcement techniques, people skills, profiling, and so much more. It requires 3 AAA batteries and is meant for kids ages 8-years-old and up. Also, it looks kind of like a toy sound machine in shades of gray and blue. 

Best Spy Walkie Talkies for Kids

Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Adults Kids with Charger 3X3000mAh Battery, Family 2 Way Radio, Outdoor Camping Hiking Fun Toy Birthday Xmas Gift 3 Pack Camouflage

The Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids with Charger Battery offer tons of walkie-talkie benefits without any glitches. Sure the set above offers video, but this set comes with three walkie talkies, with cords, batteries, and a charger to keep them working all the time. Charge them up while the kids are at school so they can get to their spy missions after school. 

Also, you get three for a fraction of the cost of the video set above. Some of the benefits of walkie talkies are they work for more than just spying but also for camping sleepovers, hiking, and army play, too. The set is great for groups, as there are three in the set, and you can even use them for teams of six or more. 

Now on to the technical information. These come with 22 channels and work up to 3 miles, which allows kids to carry their spy missions out of the house. They are also environmentally friendly and safe for children over the ages of five and up. Keep in mind these are one way, but this allows for code messages. 

Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies with 2-way Audio and Video

Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies with 2-way Audio and Video

Sure, kids can use phones and other devices to video chat, even portable ones, but none are as inspiring as the Spy Gear Ninja Video Walkie Talkies with 2-way Audio and Video. These are just electronics but spy tools for communication and surveillance! Though, these are rather expensive and will never work as good as a phone or tablet. 

However, these two-way video walkie-talkies keep kids off of video games so they can explore the secret world of spies. Kids ages 6 and up can be in different rooms, communicating about what clues they find as a part of imaginative adventures. The super compact and realistic device requires 3 AA batteries (not included). 

Best Spy Decoders for Kids

Spy Gear UV Gear Kit

Spy Gear Spy Gear UV Gear Kit

Secret messages are a quintessential item for the best spies, and you can get your kid the Spy Gear – Spy Gear UV Gear Kit to improve their spying abilities. With this set, your kids get a 1 bottle of invisible ink spray, 1 spy light wand, and 1 instruction sheet, paper not included. This is everything kids need to sleuth in the secret message world. 

To use, dip the brush in the invisible ink and then write. Kids can also spray any surface with the spray bottle. One they shine the Spy Light Wand over the paper, their secret messages will display for all to see. You may want to check the messages occasionally and make sure the kids aren’t wreaking havoc on your house or plotting against you or siblings. 

The toy comes with batteries, but if you may eventually need to replace the three LR44 batteries which may cost more than this toy! Best for boys and girls ages 6 and up. It doesn’t work for fingerprints. 

Classified Top Secret Spy Gear Journal For Kids

Classified Top Secret; Spy Gear Journal For Kids (Black): Fun & Unique Spy Games Notebook Journal For Boys Or Girls; Spy Journal For Kids With Both Lined and Blank Journal Pages

Spies need a place to write down all of the secret codes they find or create. The Classified Top Secret; Spy Gear Journal For Kids give them the perfect place to write down their codes. The journal includes both ruled and blank pages so kids can write and doodle or draw out imaginative plans. It comes with over 100 pages, and if they lose interest in spying, they can still use it for notes too. 

Think of all of the learning experiences your child can have with this journal! Not only will they be working on their handwriting and vocabulary skills, but also working out patterns and increasing their spatial reasoning. It also comes with a top-secret cover ready to entice kids to get into the spying game. 

Invisible Ink Pens

Children with a top-secret spy journal also need spy pens and one of the best options is the Invisible Ink Pen 36Pcs Latest 2019 Spy Pen with UV Light. Don’t worry about your kid losing one because the set comes with 36 pens! With so many brightly colored pens, you could even use these for a party or take a few to work. 

Each pen comes with invisible ink with a built-in light and an on/off switch. They also come with 3 button cell batteries to read hidden codes. Don’t let kids take these pens to school, though, as they might get in trouble as they could be considered for cheating. 

Kids can also use these to write on themselves for dress-up, and they can glow in the dark. The washable ink can also go on t-shirts and many other surfaces, too. 

Retroworks Decoder Ring Secret Window

Decoder Ring Secret Window Silver Size 06 …

Spy need secret decoder rings to decode messages from other operatives in their organization, you know, like their little brother. Enter the Retroworks Decoder Ring Secret Window with an alphabet and a numbers with a spinning window to unlock codes. The ring can entertain multiple children for hours as they create new codes and come up with their own language. 

Not only can this stainless steel ring with a brushed nickel finish understand secret code, but it can also teach kids valuable spatial skills too, along with language skills, which might just open new synapses in their brain. It comes in size 6 through 12 in even sizes only, so it may be too big for your kid’s ring fingers, but they can always wear it on a chain.

Comparing Spy Gear Toys

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Spy Gear Toys Buying Criteria

Toy Durability

Many toys don’t last for long periods of time and often only work for one child, but thankfully, they are often very affordable. Consider purchasing a toy that’s affordable but also going to last at least long enough for your child to lose!

Try to find a happy balance of fun and durable like the options on this list of best spy gear toys. 

Safety Considerations

Unsafe toys are not good quality and therefore, are not worth your money either. Good spy gear toys avoid harmful chemicals, sharp edges, the ability to trap fingers, or otherwise harm your child.

Some may contain lithium batteries, which could be a concern for younger kids or younger siblings. Always make sure the battery compartment is secured tightly. 

If any toy looks like it may cause issues your child, avoid it at all costs and know we found only safe toys for this list. 

Learning Potential 

Toys often including learning potential as they help a child to use their imagination. The best spy gear toys help kids to leave their world behind and find a new world as a secret sleuth.

Not only can spy gear help them to explore a new world but also learn about technology, spatial reasoning, attention to detail, and searching for hidden clues (if only they could use their toys to find hidden shoes and lunchboxes!). 

Another great benefit of spy gear is that these toys provide a means of exploring vocations. Children begin to understand what career path they want through role-playing, which is why they try playing so many different careers. Role-playing lets kids narrow down their paths and find the right fit for them now. Of course, they can always change their minds, but for now, they experience the world through play, and learning about the spy world may lead to a career as a detective or other lucrative careers. 

Fun Value

Once you have found a durable and safe toy that has learning potential, find the best spy gear toys to excite your child and encourage them to play.

Often, kids want to spend large quantities of time on the computer, tablet, or watching television, but the right toy can get them out of the internet world and into a world full of imagination.

Some toys work better for one kid, but maybe not for your kid. You could always find a few different options off this list to give your child more range to find what works to ignite their creativity and bring them into the world of sleuthing.

FAQs About the Best Spy Gear Toys

Does my child need to be good with electronics to play with spy gear? 

Don’t worry if you are technology challenged, as most children today are fabulous with technology. Children now have lived their whole lives with gadgets and gizmos! Besides, if they can’t figure out how to use a toy, most companies offer videos on their website or on Youtube to help them figure out how to use specific toys. 

Electronic devices meant for spies may be enough to keep kids entertained, but if not, you could encourage them to play secret agent games on their tablets. Spy games often come with mysteries, which require brainpower to figure out. Might as well use the apps to encourage their current fascination and help them grow their learning too. 

What spy toy should I not get for my children?

Do not pick toys with tons of small pieces if your child is a messy child. Remember, you are more than likely the person who will be cleaning up their messes and searching for missing pieces to multiple toys.

Another point to consider is how trendy a toy is, as most kids will lose interest in a toy they cannot get their friends to play with.

Furthermore, don’t pick a toy your child has no interest in, even if you really wanted that toy as a kid, it doesn’t mean your child will want or enjoy it and then it just one more thing taking up space in their rooms. 

Try not to get too many violent spy gear toys either as these toys promote violence, and spying should focus on the mystery, not on the violence. If your child does want to play with spy nerf guns  and other items, let them know that’s not how spies work in real life and that it’s nothing like the movies.

Also, warn them against doing stunts they see on TV shows, and movies as those are stunts done by professionals. 

How can I help my child with their imaginative spy gear play?

One of the best ways is to play with them even if you do so, covertly. You could set up a mystery for them to solve, play with them, or invite over friends to help them create missions. Watch spy movies with your kids to help encourage some inventive twists on their own for more ideas as well. 

A spy party would be a lot of fun for children too, even if it’s not a birthday party. You could work with your child to come up with a mission and invite friends over to help them solve the mystery. Trust me, if you get the ball rolling, your child will take over and invent some crazy missions!

Final Thoughts About Best Spy Gear Toys 

If you can only pick one spy toy, pick the Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies. These powerful devices let them speak in code with their friends while on a mission but also have tons of uses if your child ever gives up their fantasy of becoming a spy. Long past their childhood years, kids can use these walkie talkies when camping, goofing off with friends, or even in a storm when power and Wifi are out, and yet they are the absolute best spy toy too!

Image of Wishouse Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids with Charger Battery, Two Way Radio Family Talkabout Long Range, Outdoor Camping Hiking Spy Amy Toys Birthday Xmas Gifts for Girls Boys 3 Pack Camouflage


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