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The 13 Best Globes For Kids of 2022

Discovering the world through a spinning sphere can leave your child with a sense of wonder and delight.  Overall we discovered that the USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of The World has everything you could look for in a quality globe for kids.  A realistic representation of the world, beautiful colors, LED lights for night view, and a durable non-tip base for kids. Keep reading to see some of our other suggestions for the best globes for kids.

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Best Globes for Kids

The Waypoint Geographic World Globe and the Advantus Desktop World Globe are both 12″ realistic, blue globes; whereas the ANNOVA Antique Globe is an 8″ antique, brown globe.  

Waypoint Geographic World Globe for Kids

Waypoint Geographic World Globe for Kids - Scout 12” Desk Classroom Decorative Globe with Stand, More Than 4000 Names, Places - Current World Globe , Blue

The Waypoint Geographic World Globe for Kids is a beautiful realistic globe for kids.  At 12″ it is nice and large while being beautifully designed, not cartoonish.  This is a great learning tool or would make a nice piece of decoration in a child’s room or play space.

This globe has over 4,000 name places and points of interest.  Unlike most globes, it identifies ocean topography. This addition will give kids a well-rounded and complete set of knowledge about our world, making it one of the best globes for kids.  The texture on the surface will help engage children’s senses and really offer a hands-on learning experience.

The solid acrylic base will keep this globe steady even as you spin it on its axis.  This globe is a great 3D visual aid to learning about the earth and all the various places of interest.  Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with technology.  We love this classic globe design with a child-friendly spin.


  • Great 12″ size, sturdy acrylic base keeps this globe steady as you spin it
  • Includes 4,000 points of interest and ocean topography, not usually found of children’s globes


  • The plastic of the actual globe does not feel as sturdy

Advantus Desktop World Globe

The Advantus Desktop World Globe is a 12 inch beautifully designed classic looking globe.  It has more naturalistic muted colors and is mounted on a classy silver finish meridian and base.

If you’re using this globe as decoration in a classroom or kid’s room, the beautiful design will complement any room without feeling too child-like.  It is the perfect size for a desktop, and has 720 degrees of rotation, making it easy to find any area you’re looking for.

This globe not only highlights thousands of locations but also highlights geographical features not always found on kid’s globes.  Such as the international dateline, major ocean currents, and mountain regions.  The texture will help kids learn about mountain ranges through just the touch of their hands.

This is a great first globe, we love the classic design that will engage and teach in a subtle manner.


  • Great size for a desk, 720 degrees of rotation make it easy to locate any area without needing to move
  • Naturalistic muted colors do not make this globe feel especially childlike


  • Cities featured are not capitals

Annova World Globe Antique

The Annova World Globe Antique is a stunning globe that can be used for educational or decorative purposes.  Whether your child wants a hands-on geography lesson, or you’re decorating a schoolroom, this is a classic globe that serves both purposes.

Designed to replicate an antique, but with up-to-date maps, this globe has it all.  The beautiful naturalistic colors on this globe are classic and modern at the same time.  It is an 8″ sphere sitting in a bronze-finished arc and stand.

The high-quality printing makes it easy to read.  Kids will find countries, political boundaries, capital and major cities, and more.  The 360-degree rotation makes it easy to discover new areas around the world with a gentle spin.

There are four different options, but we think this 8″ version is a perfect desktop accessory.  Parents can enjoy this globe as well since it’s not overly vibrant, cartoonish, or loud.  A classic timeless piece that will follow your adventurer through childhood.


  • Beautiful design is great for decoration but also functional
  • Looks like an antique, but uses up to date maps and boundaries


  • Globe is 8″ in diameter, on the smaller side for globes

Best Globes for Toddlers

The Learning Resources Globe is a 3D puzzle that illustrates landmarks and animals for each continent; the Hugg-A-Planet Earth is a stuffed, machine washable globe that has over 600 places labeled; and the Pangda Inflatable Globe is an inflatable beach ball with geography on it.

Learning Resources Puzzle Globe

The Learning Resources Puzzle Globe is a hands-on tool for learning geography.  Geared towards younger kids, there are 6 puzzle pieces depicting Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, North and South America.  The stationary bottom piece represents Antarctica.  The chunky puzzles pieces show animals and landmarks and have color coordinating labels for names.

In addition to the 3D geographical puzzle and spinning globe, there is a second learning game product.  This comes with a muffin tin, 2 dice, tweezers, sorting cards, muffin counters, and an activity card.  In addition to learning about geography, your child can work on sorting, colors, math, and fine motor.  If you’re looking for educational activities, this is one of the best globes for kids.

This is a great educational product for younger children.  As kids grow older they can read the names of the continents, list facts about animals and landmarks, and highlight areas on the globe that are color-coded.  This is a nice introduction to geography for the littlest learners.


  • Puzzle Globe and Math Activity Set
  • Great beginner set, a color-coded puzzle with pictures of landmarks and animals you find in each continent


  • Globe is 8″ in diameter, on the smaller side for globes
  • Self-correcting puzzle due to shape of pegs and holes, no way to make it more difficult

Hugg-A-Planet Classic Political Earth

Hugg-A-Planet® Classic Political Earth - Soft Plush Globe for Learning, for Kids Teens Adults, for Teachers and Parents, Educational Toy

The Hugg-A-Planet Classic Political Earth is a loveable, squeezable globe designed for little kids.  This 12″ cotton shell and the whole globe is fully machine washable, making it an ideal hands-on learning accessory.

There are 600 places labeled, and bright colors identifying each area beautifully.  We think this will be a hit for little ones interested in learning about our world.  No need to worry about toddlers being rough with plastic globes or spinning an axis too quickly.  This is definitely one of the best globes for kids who are on the younger side.  It would make a great addition to a book area or quiet learning space at home or in a classroom.


  • High-quality cotton, machine washable
  • Accurate design and bright colors


  • Only 600 labels 
  • Doesn’t have a zipper to open and add more stuffing if it gets flat

Pangda Inflatable Globe

The Pangda Inflatable Globe is a beach ball style globe.  It is durable, realistic and averages about 12″ in diameter when inflated.

This is a well-labeled globe, and great for games or little kids who aren’t ready for a spinning globe.  It will stand up to being tossed around, played with, and will not fade over time.  As to be expected with a beach ball, labels are limited to most places and not as detailed as rivers, landmarks, etc. 

We think this is a great alternative to a typical globe, and think it deserves a place on our list of best globes for kids.  It could make a fun addition to the beach or pool as you spout off geography facts while playing in the water!


  • Comes with 2 in a package
  • World Globe, durable and realistic, a nice alternative to a standard globe


  • The seams on some of the globes do not match up as accurately

Best Interactive Globes for Kids

The Orboot Globe is paired with a free app and as they scan a location on the globe, they can learn a lot of facts about animals, cultures, monuments, maps, weather, and other details.  Plus it comes with a passport that your child can stamp as they explore various regions.  However, the LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe has a stylus to tap anywhere on the globe to learn thousands of facts. It also includes interactive games and videos to learn about the countries, capitals, animals, currency, languages, cultures, land and waterways, and much more.

Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

PlayShifu Educational Globe for Kids - Orboot Earth (Globe + App) Interactive AR World Globe | 400 Wonders, 1000+ Facts | STEM Toy Gifts for Kids 4-10 Years | No Borders, No Names on Orboot Globe

The Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe is truly the definition of a smart globe.  This globe, paired with the free app, will take your child on an interactive adventure around the world.

The globe itself is 10″ in diameter.  It also comes with a passport, stamp, flag stickers, and a detailed guide.  Kids can really feel like world travelers as they stamp off destination in their passport as they learn about the world.

With the app pulled up on your child’s electronic device of choice, they can scan a region on the globe.  They can then explore 400 wonders and over 1,000 facts broken down into 6 categories.  The categories are animals, cultures, monuments, inventions, maps, and weather.  The maps are a great feature since this is a no borders globe.

Geared towards ages 4-10, this smart globe and app are filled with a ton of knowledge.  If your kids love learning, you might also consider the Orboot Dinos.  A World of Dinosaurs filled with 3D dinosaurs, puzzles, and quizzes.


  • The interactive app is free and does not require any in-app purchases
  • Explore 400 wonders and over 1,000 facts through augmented reality
  • Kids can really feel like they’re going on an adventure as they explore various parts of the globe and stamp their passport


  • Globe is not interactive without being paired to the app

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe

LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe (Frustration Free Packaging), Multicolor

The LeapFrog Magic Adventures Globe is more than just your average globe.  You can tap anywhere on the globe with the included stylus to hear thousands of facts, interact with games and play videos.  This is a well-rounded learning tool for kids curious about the world.

The globe itself is closer to 14 inches, making it a nice large size.  The 2.7″ LCD screen has over 600 educational videos and three interactive games geared towards kids ages 5-7.  We love that this is an option geared towards younger children, who can navigate electronics with ease.

Children can learn about and explore countries and capitals, animals and habitats, landmarks, world cultures, oceans, rivers and lakes, mountains, deserts and forests, currency and population, languages, and flags.  With over 5 hours of visual content, this globe is a wonderful learning tool.  The topics are well-rounded and will keep your child engaged and coming back for more as they memorize facts and discover areas they would like to travel to.

The three interactive games include Around the World, Quiz Show, and Where in the World.  Kids will love challenging friends, answering questions, and finding clues to help discover and learn about our world.  Running off of AA batteries, you won’t have to worry about being near an outlet or tripping on cords.

As far as smart globes go, this is an educationally packed option without being over the top.  We love that the included stylus helps children navigate the world without having to push lots of buttons, and the screen is easy to see but doesn’t dominate the experience.  This is at the top of our list of best globes for kids.


  • Interactive and fun, games and videos to enhance learning
  • Great size, 14″ globe, making it nice and big for little learners


  • No headphone jack, videos can be loud for others in the room
  • Stylus cable is short, harder to reach some areas of the globe

If your child is really into learning, then don’t stop here.  Additional adventure packs from the LeapFrog App Center can be purchased and used with this globe.  Other topics include dinosaurs, food, art and music, ancient civilizations, global inventions, and pioneers.  Even though this is geared towards kids 5-7 years old, there’s so much to learn it will surely take them well beyond 7 years old.

Little Experimenter Talking Globe

Little Experimenter Talking Globe - Interactive Globe for Kids Learning with Smart Pen - Educational World Globe for Children with Interactive Maps – 9”

The Little Experimenter Talking Globe is a 9″ interactive smart globe.  Children can place the smartpen or countries and locations on the globe to learn information via voice recordings.  These real-time recordings will make your child feel like they are being directly spoken to, a great way to learn facts.

In addition to voice recordings, there are 300 trivia questions to challenge children in their learning.  Whether at home or in the classroom, children will be challenged to engage and learn new facts about countries, capitals, geography, languages, populations, currencies, climate,  and more!

Similar to the other Little Experimenter Globes, this talking globe is a smaller 9″ size but has a sturdy tip-free base.  It is made from bright engaging colors and spins gently by hand.  The stylus is a nice large size, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost.  There is no cord attaching it to the globe so you can easily reach all parts of the world with ease.


  • Smart Pen technology offers facts via voice recording when placed on areas of the globe
  • 300 trivia questions to challenge and further kids learning


  • Smaller size, 9″ in diameter
  • Globe made from lightweight plastic, doesn’t feel as solid as other globes

Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe

Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe Adventure AR Educational World Geography Kids - Learning Toy

The Oregon Scientific SG268R Smart Globe is an unbelievably interactive smart globe that supports 2 different languages.  

Kids can use the included wired stylus to hear facts, National Anthems, and history.  The globe has over 4,000 informational pieces to share with kids.  There are also 25 games to help capture your child’s attention and really expand on their learning in a fun and competitive way.  The globe doesn’t need to be plugged in, so just grab a couple of AA batteries and take it to whatever room your child feels like exploring in.

If that wasn’t enough, pair this smart globe with its AR app for over 500 Augmented Reality features.  Kids can learn about animals, visit famous landmarks, and even travel back in time to the dinosaurs.  Augmented Reality is incredible at making aspects come to life.  Your child will feel like they are experiencing parts of the world firsthand.  As far as special features go, this is one of the best globes for kids.


  • 2 languages available, English and Spanish
  • Runs on AA batteries, so no cords needed
  • Smart Stylus as well as AR App features for well rounded interactive lessons


  • The default volume is very loud

Best High Quality Globe Night Lights

  1. Both globes use LED lights and act as both a night light and light up constellation, however, the Illuminated Globe runs on 4 AA batteries that are not included and the Illuminated Spinning Globe uses a plug in cord to light up.

USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of the World

USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of the World with Stand - 3in1 World Globe, Constellation Globe Night Light, and Globe Lamp with Built-In LED, Easy to Read Texts, and Non-Tip Base, 13.5 Inch Tall

The USA Toyz Illuminated Globe of the World is a 3-in-1 9″ globe for kids.  

The political map teaches world geography including deserts, reefs, oceans, and rivers.  With the push of a button, this can turn into a celestial globe featuring all 88 constellations, planets, and major stars.  The navigational lines are highlighted and the included constellation book can be used for further learning.

As a bonus, this globe can be used as a desk lamp or nightlight for kids who love stars.  The sturdy base is classy and sleek in chrome and will prevent accidental tips from happening when rotating this globe it’s full 360 degrees.  A constellation app can also be downloaded for more nighttime learning.


  • Earth Globe, Celestial Globe, and Night light all in one
  • Additional constellation app can be downloaded


  • It spins 360 degrees but is a bit stiff

Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe for Kids

The Little Experimenter Illuminated World Globe for Kids is a beautifully detailed 8″ globe.  While 8″ is fairly small, the durable non-tip base keeps it upright and sturdy like a desk accessory.  The small size is perfect for child-sized hands, and the details are neat and easy to read.

This is a bright and colorful globe that beautifully showcases lakes, deserts, Continents, Capitals, International and Regional boundaries.  The easy-to-read text and brilliant colors make it easy to navigate different areas of the world.  The globe itself spins 360 degrees on its axis to mimic the Earth’s natural rotation.  The weight-balanced base was designed with kids in mind, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

There are special switch-controlled LED lights that can create a beautiful night scene or a  mesmerizing night light for young kids.  This globe runs on AA batteries for over 300 hours of light time, making it safe and practical without having to worry about being near an outlet or tripping on cords.  Its small size makes an ideal night light for kids who need a little something but don’t want a full-sized lamp on.

Built to last, this is a beautifully designed sturdy child-sized globe is designed for years of learning and exploration.  It is super affordable and would work well at home or in a classroom.  This globe is recommended for children ages 8 and up.  Even though it’s a kids globe, there is no age limit when it comes to learning.  We think it has every feature for a classic globe while being tailored towards kids, making it our top choice for best globes for kids.


  • LED lights for a night light option, runs on AA batteries so no cords
  • Weighted based designed to prevent tipping


  • Globe is 8″ in diameter, on the smaller side for a globe

Smart Wallaby Illuminated Spinning World Globe 


The Smart Wallaby Illuminated Spinning World Globe is a 9″ detailed geographical map, night vision, constellations guide, and a bonus card game all in one.  In normal view children can learn about countries, cities, oceans, and waterways in the beautiful topographical display.

Plug this globe in and flip the switch to night vision for a whole new experience.  The LED light can act as a night light, or a lesson in the night skies.  Children can learn about our solar system and see all 88 constellations light up across the globe.  This globe also comes with a constellation guide so that you can explore the various stars that you see.

As a bonus, receive a “Let’s Travel” card game.  With various facts about flags and countries, your little one can easily become a travel pro in no time.  Practice reading about various places and then finding them on the globe.  Kids will learn to pair flags with countries and may even discover a place or two they would like to visit.


  • Serves as a topographical globe as well as an LED-lit constellation guide
  • Sturdy design and base, good quality globe
  • Plugs in for LED power, don’t have to worry about batteries draining


  • Cards only feature facts about the 52 most popular countries
  • Globe is 9″ in diameter, on the smaller side for globes

The Best Globes for Kids Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Criteria for the Best Globes For Kids 

Age of the Globe

Because our world is constantly changing, so are globes.  While there might be the same geographical features outline on globes of various ages, the more recent models will have the most up-to-date historical accuracy.  Smart globes that offer facts about cultures, languages, animals, etc. need to be maintained as various aspects of our world evolve and change.


Deciding on whether you want a standard globe or something with fancy tech specs can help determine what the best choice should be.  Some globes have illuminating features, others have videos or apps that can enhance learning experiences.  We recommend finding a globe that can serve as a learning tool all on its own, in addition to the extension of special features.  If batteries run out, or you don’t have a tablet handy to run an app, you still want to access the benefits of a standard globe for learning geography.  That being said, special features can certainly enhance the experience of your child.


Take the age of your child and intended use into consideration when determining what size globe to purchase.  We looked at options ranging from 8″-14″, with the average being a 12″ globe.  While the smaller size might seem better for small hands, the larger the globe is more details and names can accurately be printed.  You don’t want to have to pull out a magnifying glass to figure out landmarks and names of places!  However, if you’re looking for a decorative piece for kids learning area or bedroom, choose the size that fits the space the best.

FAQs – Globes for Kids

How long is a globe considered up to date?

Overall the world itself does not change much, but names can change and boundaries can shift.  Most manufacturers put out a new printing of their globes each year, but research shows that globes should remain relatively accurate for 5-10 years.  No reason to run out and purchase a new one every year!

How accurate are kids globes?

Kids globes are still accurate, though perhaps not as detailed as traditional globes.  The smaller size limits the amount of detail that can be added, and they are designed to teach foundational learning.  Many of the smart globes have additional features or apps to develop a further dive into learning for kids who are curious or who have successfully mastered the basics of geography.

Why choose a globe over a map?

Because a map is flat, a globe gives a better overall impression of the world.  Especially for little learners who are still trying to wrap their head around the fact that the earth is circular, having a visual representation is super helpful.  As you are learning about the North and South Poles, and spatial connection, a globe will offer a greater sense of accuracy to kids than a flat map.

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