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The Best Nap Mat of 2020

Did you know that most toddlers need around 14 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period? Getting enough sleep is critical for preventing mood crashes and giving your little one the rest they need after being stimulated through the day.

For many kids, the best way to ensure they are getting the sleep they need is to give them a comfortable place to lay their heads. Nap mats make it easier to find a safe, comfortable place for your toddler to sleep anywhere they are.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best nap mat and a handy guide to what to look for in a toddler’s nap mat. 

Top 6 Best Nap MatsWhy It's BestMom Rating
KinderMat KinderMat, 1.5" Thick KinderMat, Wipes clean easily, thick enough to put on the floor♥♥♥♥♥
Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap MatSeveral cute designs available, easy to roll up♥♥♥♥♥
Paw Patrol Team Paw Toddler Nap Mat Good nap mat for boys or girls, very comfortable♥♥♥♥♥
My First Nap Mat Memory Foam Nap Mat Best memory foam nap mat, good cushioning♥♥♥♥♥
Milliard Tri-Folding Nap Mat with Washable Outer Cover Soft bamboo outer cover, thickest nap mat, longest nap mat♥♥♥♥♥
Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Nap MatStraps for securing the nap mat to a cot, long nap mat, comes with secret pocket♥♥♥♥♥

Best Nap Mats

KinderMat 1.5-inch-Thick Red & Blue Basic Rest Mat Without Binding

Image of the KinderMat 1.5-inch-Thick Red & Blue Basic Rest Mat Without Binding

The KinderMat 1.5-inch-Thick Red & Blue Basic Rest Mat Without Binding has a durable design that wipes clean easily. This, paired with the foldable design, makes it perfect for kindergarten and daycare centers. Since the mat does not come with any bedding, you may want to send along a blanket and/or toddler pillow so your child is cozier at nap time. 

The Kindermat nap mat is filled with a sturdy but comfortable dense foam material. It is 1.5″ thick inside and the outer cover is 5 mm thick. When completely folded, the entire thing is 18″ thick. In most cases, this is ideal for when your child can leave their nap mat at preschool or daycare, especially since it can be wiped clean instead of needing to come home and be washed. 

The foam is heat-sealed with radio-frequency technology that prevents liquid and bacteria from getting inside. This prevents the mat from becoming mildewed or growing bacteria.

Something to note is that these mats should be handled gently. If kids jump on them or they are handled roughly, it can cause the seams to split over time. 


  • Folds easily 
  • Prevents mildewing and bacteria growth
  • Thick, dense foam is comfortable to sleep on
  • Easy to wipe clean 
  • Good choice for preschool or daycare 


  • Seams can split if the mat is handled roughly

Wildkin Nap Mat with Pillow for Toddler Boys and Girls

Image of the Wildkin Nap Mat with Pillow for Toddler Boys and Girls, Perfect Size for Daycare and Preschool, Designed to Fit on a Standard Cot, Patterns Coordinate with Our Lunch Boxes and Backpacks

The Wildkin Nap Mat with Pillow for Toddler Boys and Girls comes with an attached blanket and removable pillow. It also comes in 22 different designs including Big Dot Aqua (pictured) and other fun designs like horses, unicorns, cars and trucks, dinosaurs, and more. Wildkin also makes backpacks and lunch bags with the same designs, which is a great choice if you want your child’s belongings to be easily identifiable. 

The mat is a little thinner than some others, being just 1.5″ thick. It is made using a blend of cotton and microfiber and is 50″ wide long and 20″ wide. The attached blanket is 100% cotton, making it soft and comfortable. Additionally, the cotton material stops your child from overheating. 

The Wildkin nap mat is designed for use by kids. It is easy to unroll and has Velcro straps to secure it, however, your toddler might have trouble getting it to roll back up. A convenient carrying handle makes this easy for your child to tote back and forth to daycare. 

Parents will also appreciate that this is machine washable, so it’s easy to keep it clean. It is durable enough to withstand regular washings and most parents report using it for their child for 2+ years. 


  • Wildkin nap mat comes in several designs 
  • Easy to unroll 
  • Attached blanket and detachable pillow 
  • Machine washable 
  • Carrying handle and Velcro closure
  • 100% cotton blanket is warm and soft 


  • Hard for child to roll the nap mat back up

Baby Shark Toddler Nap Mat with Pillow and Fleece Blanket

Image of the Baby Shark Toddler Nap Mat - Includes Pillow and Fleece Blanket - Great for Boys and Girls Napping at Daycare, Preschool, Or Kindergarten - Fits Sleeping Toddlers and Young Children

The Baby Shark Toddler Nap Mat with Pillow and Fleece Blanket is a lightweight,  convenient nap mat that is perfect for toddler boys and girls. It has plenty of features that make it perfect for nap time at home or for taking back and forth to daycare or preschool. 

Most toddlers love the ‘Baby Shark’ song and this blanket lets them appreciate the Baby Shark characters at nap time, too. The mat itself is made of polyester and the attached blanket is 100% coral plush material, making this machine washable. It provides a comfy, cozy area for your child to sleep at nap time without being too hot or making noise when they move around. 

This is a good-sized nap mat for toddlers, being 21″ wide and 46″ long. It rolls up easily and secures with a Velcro closure. There is also a handle that makes this easy to carry.

Something to note is that this mat is on the thinner side and it will work best on top of a vinyl mat, carpeting, or another cushioned surface. 


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around 
  • Cute Baby Shark theme
  • Plush blanket is cozy to snuggle with at nap time
  • Pillow comes attached 
  • Machine washable 
  • Easy to roll up 


  • Not especially padded on the bottom 

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap Mat

Image of the Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap Mat, Sweet as Minnie, Minnie Mouse - Sweet as Minnie

The Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Rolled Nap Mat is made of 100% polyester microfiber that is soft and cozy for nap time. It is also available in several other character designs, including Moana, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Toy Story, and more so you can easily pick a design that your toddler will love. 

The base of the mat is 20″ wide and 44″ long, so it is a little shorter than some of the other mats listed. It is machine washable according to manufacturer instructions and durable enough to last at least a year or two for playtime. When not in use, this easily rolls up and is secured using a Velcro strap. There is also a carrying handle that makes it easy for your child to bring this along where they need to. 

Like some of the other thinner mats, this probably won’t be comfortable on a hard floor. You’ll want to place it on top of carpeting,  a vinyl mat, or another surface. 


  • Comes in cute character designs 
  • Easy to roll up and carry
  • Machine washable 
  • Fabric is soft and comfortable 
  • Durable 


  • A little thin on the bottom 

Everyday Kids Toddler Nap Mat with Removable Pillow -Princess Storyland

Image of the Everyday Kids Toddler Nap Mat with Removable Pillow -Princess Storyland- Carry Handle with Fastening Straps Closure, Rollup Design, Soft Microfiber for Preschool, Daycare, Sleeping Bag -Ages 2-4 years

The Everyday Kids Toddler Nap Mat with Removable Pillow -Princess Storyland has a thick comforter on top that is a little cozier than some of the other mats mentioned. In addition to coming in different designs, Everyday Kids also has different sized nap mats that are a little bigger, which is nice for parents of taller kids or who want the nap mat to last longer. 

The soft-brushed microfiber polyester used to make this nap mat is soft and cozy for children to use. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic and machine washable according to manufacturer instructions. Following the instructions is important to prevent fading or damage. 

When not in use, this easily rolls up and secures with a Velcro strap. There are also features like a name tag that makes it easy for your child to personalize their mat and a carrying handle. Parents will also appreciate that this nap mat comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, especially if they are not sure if the mat will meet their expectations. It is a little thin on the bottom side so it will set best on top of a vinyl mat or carpeting for nap time. 


  • Uses soft, breathable fabric
  • Thick attached comforter is cozy at nap time 
  • Machine washable 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Name tag and carrying handle included 
  • Easy to travel with 


  • Bottom side is thin  

Paw Patrol Team Paw Toddler Nap Mat with Pillow & Fleece Blanket 

Image of the Paw Patrol Team Paw Toddler Nap Mat - Includes Pillow & Fleece Blanket - Great for Boys and Girls Napping at Daycare, Preschool, Or Kindergarten - Fits Sleeping Toddlers and Young Children

The Paw Patrol Team Paw Toddler Nap Mat with Pillow & Fleece Blanket features a blue and red design picturing Chase, Marshall, and Skye. It is perfect for boys or girls at nap time. 

The Paw Patrol nap mat has a quilted base that is thick and comfortable to sleep on, however, it is still not as thick as the vinyl and foam mats. It also comes with a built-in pillow and ultra-soft blanket. The mat is 100% polyester and the blanket is 100% coral plush, making this machine washable. 

The entire mat is 46″ long and 21″ wide, which is perfect for the average toddler’s napping years. This rolls up easily and seals shut with Velcro. It also features a personalization tag and carrying handle. 


  • Soft, plush blanket
  • Cute Paw Patrol theme is perfect for boys or girls
  • Plush blanket is cozy at nap time 
  • Personalization tag 
  • Machine washable 


  • A little thin

My First Nap Mat Memory Foam Nap Mat Pad

Image of the My First Nap Mat, Memory Foam Nap Mat Pad, Attached Removable Pillow, Pink

The My First Nap Mat Memory Foam Nap Mat Pad comes with an attached pillow that can be removed for washing or for your child’s preference. It is pictured in pink here but it also available in purple, blue, and gray. 

This mat is made from hypoallergenic CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam that provides a cushiony layer between your child and their sleeping surface. The foam itself is 1/2-inch thick and the cover is hypoallergenic and washable once you remove the pillow insert. It is also a cooling gel foam, which prevents your child from overheating at nap time. 

When not in use, this can be rolled up, secured with Velcro, and carried using the attached handle. There is also a name tag that hangs off the side of the mat where you can personalize with your little one’s name. 

One downside of this mat is that it is very slippery because of the plush velour cover on the outside of the foam mat. When placed on a smooth surface like a hard floor or vinyl mat it slides around a little. 


  • Polyurethane foam provides a thick, comfortable sleeping surface 
  • Cooling gel foam to prevent overheating 
  • Soft velour outer cover 
  • Hypoallergenic and washable 
  • Personalization name tag 


  • Material slides around on smooth surfaces 

Hi Sprout Kids Toddler Lightweight and Soft Nap Mat

Image of the Hi Sprout Kids Toddler Lightweight and Soft Nap Mat- Minky Dot& Cotton-Stars

The Hi Sprout Kids Toddler Lightweight and Soft Nap Mat costs a little more than some of the simpler nap mats on this list because of the high-quality materials used. This also features plastic buckles instead of Velcro to close the mat.

In addition to the stars design pictured, this comes in other whimsical designs including clouds, crocodiles, dinosaurs, flamingos, and more. The mat itself is made of 100% cotton with a thick polyester fill. The blanket is also made of cotton and features a plush, minky inside that is cozy for your child at nap time. 

As this is easy to roll up, it makes it easy for your child to put away after nap time. Something to note, however, is they may struggle with buckling the mat themselves because the straps are so tight. It also has a carrying handle that makes it easier to take back and forth for sleepovers, preschool, daycare, and more. 


  • Plastic buckles instead of Velcro 
  • Plush, minky blanket interior 
  • Poly fill and cotton exterior makes for a comfortable nap mat 
  • Machine washable
  • Cute designs


  • Might be hard for a child to buckle after it’s rolled 

Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover

Image of the Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover (24 inches x 57 inches x 3 inches)

The Milliard Toddler Nap Mat Tri Folding Mattress with Washable Cover is three inches thick, making it significantly thicker (and more comfortable) than the others listed. It is also wider and longer than the other mats listed, being 24″ x 57″. 

As this is a thicker, bigger mat, it is not the best choice if you are looking for something that’s easy to tote back and forth to school or daycare. It does come with a case for parents looking to make it a little easier to carry, however, it’s still pretty large and bulky. 

The mat itself is made of CertiPur certified foam that is thick, durable, and comfy to sleep on. The outer cover is made of bamboo that is soft to the touch and machine washable. The tri-fold design is also nice because this can be propped to be used as a chair, folded completely and sat on, or laid flat. When completely folded, the mat is 24″ x 19″ x 9″. 


  • Soft bamboo cover is machine washable 
  • Thickest mat 
  • Longer than the other options 
  • Tri-fold design offers different options for use 
  • Option to buy a carrying case 


  • Very bulky when folded 

Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Modern Preschool/Daycare Nap Mat with Washable Pillow and Elastic Straps – Traffic

Image of the Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Modern Preschool/Daycare Nap Mat with Washable Pillow and Elastic Straps - Traffic

The Urban Infant Tot Cot All-in-One Modern Preschool/Daycare Nap Mat with Washable Pillow and Elastic Straps – Traffic is a favorite with many parents and winner of several awards, including the Mom’s Choice Award and the National Parenting Seal of Approval according to Parenting and Working Mother magazines. Its features include a removable pillow and a double-sided no-pill fleece blanket. 

In addition to the traffic pattern pictured, this comes with other cute designs including planets, poppies, bears, balloons, and more. The entire mat is machine washable, including the removable pillow. For parents looking for something that works with a mat bed, this fits on Regalo portable cots.

Another nice feature is the sewn-in elastic bands that let you use this as a sheet on top of a mat or cot. This is best used on another mat or cot because it is on the thinner side. 

This is also longer than many of the other mats listed, being 52″ long. Another unique feature is the hideaway pocket between the mat and the blanket where your child can tuck a small stuffed animal for nap time. The mat also has a handy hook to be hung up in a cubby for school or preschool. 


  • Winner of two awards 
  • Removable pillow 
  • Cute pocket to keep a stuffed animal in 
  • Name tag for personalization 
  • Elastic bands to secure on a cot 
  • Longer than some other mats 
  • Hook to be hung up in a cubby 


  • A little thin

Buying Criteria for Nap Mats


A nap mat should be a convenient, comfortable place for your child to get some rest. If they are not comfortable, nap time becomes difficult instead of restful. Since nap mats are usually laid down on the floor, it’s important to choose a thick mat that has enough material to provide padding between the floor and your child’s body. 

If you plan on sending the nap mat to preschool or daycare with your little one, it’s important to be sure they fit the guidelines of the institution. For example, they may require that the nap mat be at least 2-inches thick. Consider how thick the mat itself is, not the thickness of the mat and the cover. 

Materials Used

When choosing a nap mat, you want to look for a fill material that is durable and thick. It should provide a comfortable layer between your child and the floor. You also want to be sure it won’t break down after being used throughout the year. 

The outside material is also important. If the nap mat is too scratchy, it will be harder for your child to fall asleep. Some softer fabrics might collect dust and debris, so choosing something with plush materials might not be the best choice. You should also consider what it will sound like when your child is moving around on the fabric at nap time. If it is noisy, it makes it harder for your child (and nearby classmates) to get to sleep. 

The most common materials used in nap mats include polyester, cotton, and foam. Vinyl-covered foam mats are a good choice for mats that will be shared since they can quickly be wiped down and sanitized. They are also more durable than other options. Polyester- or cotton-filled mats can usually be put in the washing machine to clean. They have the advantage of being softer and more comfortable to sleep on. 


As you choose a nap mat, it’s important to consider how your child is going to use it. Are you looking for a nap mat to leave with your child’s grandparents or to store in the living room for convenient naps? Do you need something easy to move place to place, like in the event of toting a nap mat back and forth to school? In addition to considering the overall size and bulkiness, consider the size of the nap mat once it’s folded and how bulky it is. Something else to consider is a carrying handle, which makes it easier to tote the mat around. 

Keep in mind that nap mats should be portable to some degree. Even if you only use them at home, your child will want to move the mat around the house. Nap mats are perfect for family movie night, reading corners, and more. They can also be used for camping and sleepovers. 


Nap mats are generally laid on the floor for nap time. You’ll want to choose something easy to clean for this reason.

Many fabric nap mats are machine washable and easy to dry. Others (like stackable mats) are commonly made of material like vinyl that wipes clean easily. In some cases, you’ll be able to wash the outer cover of the nap mat and not the inner parts, however, the seal of the outer layers keep the mat sealed in and protected from dirt, debris, and allergens.

Check manufacturer recommendations on washing before you buy the nap mat to be sure it won’t be a hassle to clean, especially if it is going to be used frequently. 


Something else to consider regarding comfort is the size of the mat. While you do not want a nap mat that is so big it is bulky, you should choose one that leaves your child some room to grow. It should be big enough that their arms, feet, and head can all comfortably fit on the mat at nap time.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the overall thickness of the mat.  A thicker mat is usually going to be more comfortable, especially if your child is laying directly on the floor with it.  

FAQs About Nap Mats

What size is a nap mat?

The size of a nap mat depends on the manufacturer. Something to remember is that the size effects how cozy your little one will be. If the nap mat is too short, their feet or head will stick off the end.

On average, you can expect nap mats to be around 4- or 5-feet long. They may be around 20 inches wide. 

Sometimes, manufacturers have recommendations for age based on the overall size of the nap mat. Think about how tall your child is now and how many years you’ll want them to use the nap mat. Then, you can buy a mat that will continue to be long enough as they grow. 

Is it important for my toddler to take naps?

Babies and young children spend a lot more time sleeping than adults. Their bodies are still growing which take a lot of energy.

Sleeping is also important for resting and recharging. While the body is resting, the mind is at work storing information and replacing chemicals. (You can use this sleep chart to see how much your sleep your little one needs for their age, as well as find advice on how to encourage healthy sleep for each age group). 

It is important for toddlers to nap if they aren’t getting the recommended sleep at night (the average toddler needs at least 11-14 hours). The break also makes it less likely that your toddler will become cranky or argumentative as their energy levels crash later in the day. 

In full-day daycares and preschools, children often nap at least once each day. Most have toddlers nap as a class but some let your child nap individually, which may be better for kids with specific sleep schedules. Teachers may request your child to bring in a nap bag, blanket, or stuffed animal for this time. 

Do I need a nap bag? 

A nap bag is a carrying sack for a nap mat. It’s useful for protecting it from dust when it sits on a shelf. A nap bag is also useful for carrying the mat back and forth to a babysitter’s, relatives, daycare, or preschool.

Nap bags can be made from a variety of materials, usually, a durable material that will protect the mat well. Generally, a nap bag is a good idea for storing and traveling with the nap bag. 

Most nap mats do not come with a carrying case. Instead, they roll up or fold and then have some type of closure to shut them, usually a Velcro strap or a buckle. While these make it easier to carry the nap mat, they do not offer any type of protection. However, the part of the mat that comes into contact with the floor is usually on the outside so the inside is still protected. 

A nap bag is a good idea for keeping the mat protected from dust, dirt, and allergens during travel. Usually, nap bags have a carrying handle that makes it easier to tote around. Nap bags are also a good idea if you want to store a small blanket or stuffed animal for your child for nap time. 

What different types of nap mats are there? 

Manufacturers make different styles of nap mats to give you different options. The most common types are foldable, stackable nap mats, roll-up nap mats, and cots.

  • Stackable mats fold easily. They might be bulkier so they are not as easy to carry around, however, they do fold into three or four sections for easy storage. Most stackable mats are made of a vinyl material that wipes clean easily. Usually, bedding is not included because it would hinder the stackability of these mats. 
  • Roll-up mats may come with or without bedding. They are easy to store and move around when they are folded. Be sure to choose a roll-up mat that is thick enough for comfort. You’ll also want to consider the closures, which are commonly hook and latch, ribbon, or Velcro and if there is a handle attached for easier carrying. 
  • Cots have harder edges and are designed with legs that make the entire bed lift off the ground. These are less commonly used as nap mats for daycare or preschool because they are not as portable. However, cots would be a good option to keep at a babysitter’s or your child’s grandparents for when they are staying for a few hours and may need a nap. Cots are usually sturdier and more durable than nap mats so they offer a long-term solution for sleepovers. Bedding usually isn’t included. 

In addition to how the nap mats fold, the different styles may include attached pillows, a blanket that folds over, or a carrying bag to put the mat in when it is not being used. Be sure to consider these extra features that will make the mat more comfortable, portable, and hygienic. 

How do I get my child to use a nap mat? 

Some kids have trouble transitioning from sleeping in their bed, playpen, or other sleep area to a nap mat. Nap mats are meant to be more compact, portable, and lightweight than traditional bedding so the mats aren’t as thick or bulky as a standard mattress. Additionally, sleeping on a nap mat is something new. Toddlers generally prefer consistency, especially during times when they need to feel safe and comfy like nap time. 

There are some steps you can take to help your toddler adjust to the idea of using a nap mat. Give them a stuffed animal, pillow, or blanket that they are familiar with to snuggle while using the mat. If they are going to be using the mat at a relative’s house, preschool, or daycare, have them try it out at home first. 

Something else that may help is letting your child choose their nap mat. Choose a few that might work for your child and let them make the final decision.

Finally, do things that are fun with the nap mat so they relate positive experiences to it. Tell stories on it or invite a friend over for a nap mat sleepover. 

How do I know my child is ready to stop napping? 

Toddlers do not need that extra sleep forever. Usually, nap time phases out around preschool or kindergarten. If your child is in preschool or daycare, they may still need a nap mat where they will have quiet time while others nap. Here are some of the signs to look for that mean your child might be done napping: 

  • Your toddler refuses to take a nap. It’s easy to diagnose your child’s before-nap temper tantrum as them needing more sleep. However, by the toddler years, most toddlers have developed a self-awareness and an understanding of many feelings, so they know if they are tired. Their tantrum might be their way of telling you that they no longer need a nap time. 
  • Nap time is short. If your child does not nap very long, it might be because they do not need the sleep. They may also have trouble falling asleep at nap time. 
  • Your toddler wakes up earlier. If you are getting your toddler to nap and they don’t need it, they might sleep less at night. They’ll wake up earlier or have trouble falling asleep. 
  • They are starting school. School days means a new routine for your child. While some kids might nap for a half an hour after school, letting them nap for too long might make it harder for them to fall asleep at night and get enough sleep for school the next day.

If your little one is showing these signs, try skipping their nap for a day. If they remain active and happy through the day, they’re ready to take that step.               

Final Word 

Nap mats are a great investment for daycare, preschool, movie nights in the living room, trips to grandma and grandpa’s, and more. They offer a cozy and convenient place for your child to sleep.

Our top pick was the Wildkin nap mat. Even though it wasn’t as thick as some of the others, it was still comfortable enough that they could fall asleep. I also appreciated that the nap mat was machine washable and came with a blanket and pillow. However, what really sold it was the option to buy a fun pattern that matched my son’s bookbag and lunchbox. 

Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis
Samantha Davis is a part-time writer and a full-time mommy of two boys, Apollo (age 3) and Adrien (age 5). She has been working as a writer for five years and one day plans to run her own writing company. For now, Samantha is content working as a writer and spending all her free time with her little boys. They live together with dad in Ohio and spend their free time crafting, hiking, and baking.

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