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Best Toddler Pillow

If your child wants a “grown-up” pillow, but still sports a tiny noggin, then read on to find out which pillow is right for you little loves head.

We searched high and low to find all the best toddler pillows and put all their pro’s and con’s into one nifty article to simplify your life.

The Best Toddler PillowsWhy It's BestMom Rating
Zack & Ali Toddler PillowOrganic Cotton Shell, Hypoallergenic, Washable, Squishy♥♥♥♥♥
My Little North Star Toddler PillowTop Rated, Organic Cotton, No Chemicals♥♥♥♥♥
A Little Pillow Company Toddler PillowFun Patterns, No Flame Retardants, Double Stitching♥♥♥♥
Little Sleepy Head Toddler PillowRight Thickness, Fluffy, Less-Fill Option♥♥♥♥♥
Kachabros Toddler PillowContoured, No-Zipper, Foam, Washable♥♥♥♥♥
ComfyDown Toddler PillowDown, Double Stitched, 300 Thread Count♥♥♥♥♥

The Top 8 Best Toddler Pillows

Zack & Ali Toddler Pillow

Best Overall Toddler Pillow

Image of the Zack & Ali Toddler Pillow, Soft 100% Organic Cotton, 13 x 18, Made in USA


Zack & Ali Toddler Pillow is a hardcore head-cradling pillow your child will love. Hundreds of happy customers love the soft pillow for toddlers with tons of options for fun pillow case covers. While this adorable pillow starts out very poufy, all pillows will flatten out with time, so begin big to stay big.

What I Love

Fabric: You can’t beat a 100% organic cotton to cushion your toddlers head. Even better, the fabric is a cream instead of standard white, so probably not bleached. 
Filling: Filled with Hypoallergenic Poly Micro Gel Fiber, this sturdy pillow feels like down but with no feathers poking out. Also, no chemicals. A major win for moms looking for non-toxic pillows. 
Pillowcase: You need to buy pillowcases separately but with lots of fun options.
Shape: Stand sized at 13 x 18 inches, your little guy’s head will sleep well on this rectangular shape. 
Price: It is a bit pricey, but one that won’t go flat fast, comes highly recommended and you’ll get years of use. 

What I Do Not Love

Size: The pillow measures a bit smaller than claimed by the company.

My Little North Star Toddler Pillow

Best Overall Toddler Pillow Runner Up

My Little North Star Toddler Pillow - Organic Cotton Made in USA - Washable Unisex Kids Pillow - 13X18

What’s better than a toddler pillow that’s made locally, uses organic cotton, harbors no chemicals, and has some of the best ratings across the internet? Not much! That’s why we had to include the My Little North Star Toddler Pillow on our list.

What I Love

Price: This is one of the most affordable pillows on this list, which is a bit shocking, considering that it’s also one of the best. But don’t let the price fool you, your are still getting a quality item!
Filling: The poly cluster fiber filling is machine washable and dryable, but it’s also free from any toxins or allergens. And it’s filled and designed in a way to prevent lumping.
Pillowcase: There is not an included pillowcase, which is a bummer. But the good news is that you can machine wash this as many times as you need to, and by the time it really breaks down, your kid will have outgrown it anyways.
Shell: This is 100% organic cotton that’s been both grown and woven right here in the US. No chemicals, no GMOs, nothing sketchy.

What I Do Not Love

Size: This is the standard 13 in by 18 in toddler pillow. And at only 3.5 inches thick, it’s really not that huge or thick, but it’s just right for a kid from about ages 2 to 5.
Support: There isn’t a ton of filling in here, so it’s not super supportive. If you want something that’s really thick and super supportive, opt for memory foam over a poly filling.
Fluff: This starts out pretty puffy, but then it tends to go down over time. That’s pretty standard with any pillows for toddlers you buy.

Toddler Pillow by A Little Pillow Company

Best Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow

Image of the Toddler Pillow (13


Toddler Pillow by A Little Pillow Company rates at the top for hypoallergenic pillows to support your little girl’s noggin in style. Chose from several fun fabric patterns if you plan to wash the pillow or grab a pillowcase on the side. Made in Virginia, support a small company whose purpose is to make life more comfortable. That’s right ladies, this pillow can be chucked into the machine to clean up your kid’s drool or sticky messes.

What I Love

Fabric: 100% cotton percale is so much softer than microfiber, which seems to be the standard for most bedding these days. 
Filling: No Flame retardants to emit nasty chemicals to your baby and deluxe cluster fibers are 100% hypoallergenic. 
Pillowcase: While not included, the pillow is washable and comes in fun patterns instead of standard boring white. 
Price: Fantastic price for a decent pillow with no chemicals! 

What I Do Not Love

Size: Seems like many people are unhappy with the standard 13×18 size of toddler pillows, maybe it’s time to increase the size to 15×20. But the experts claim that the smaller size is best for toddler pillow safety.
Shape: This toddler pillow seems to be the Goldilocks of pillows, some say it’s too soft and others say it’s too firm. 

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Best Cotton Toddler Pillow

Image of the Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow, White, 13 X 18


Little Sleepy Head’s pillow doesn’t just have an adorable name but an impressive product. While not an organic pillow, your little sleepy head will sleep like a rock with their big kid pillow.  If you or your child are not totally in love with this pillow return it for a refund as the company offers a full guarantee! For the do-good mom’s a percentage of each sale goes to fund Children’s Cancer research.

What I Love

Fabric: 100% cotton with 200 thread count is just what your toddlers head needs for a good nights sleep. 
Filling: Hypoallergenic will keep your little one safe from allergens and provide tons of soft support. Feel free to toss this pillow in the wash. 
Pillowcase: This company offers a wide selection of cases for a little bit more to decorate to your child’s tastes. 
Price: The price will not give you sticker shock. 
Shape: The standard size fits the bill for comfort and fitting small toddler beds. 

What I Do Not Love

Firm: Little’ Sleepy Head’s pillow tends to be on the soft side and lose its shape after extended use. If you need a firm pillow look elsewhere.
Mold: A few parents reported mold problems so keep this pillow dry.


If you are shopping for a child who needs a pillow for preschool or daycare and a pillow for home you may want to try  [2-Pack] Celeep Baby Toddler Pillow instead of the Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow. You’ll get 2 pillows for toddlers at a great price.

Image of the [2-Pack] Celeep Baby Toddler Pillow Set - 13

Disney Minnie Toddler Pillow

Best Character Toddler Pillow

Image of the Disney Minnie Toddler Pillow

This review may focus on the Disney Minnie Toddler Pillow but Disney offers several other character option for movie-loving toddlers. While not the best quality, the pillow will be the pillow of choice for kids who want everything Disney or Minnie.

What I Love

Pillowcase: No case needed for this fun washable toddler bed pillow. Look for other festive characters as well. 
Price: Under ten bucks is a fantastic deal for a fun character pillow.

What I Do Not Love

Fabric: Polyester and Fleece fabrics tend to heat your baby’s face faster than cotton. Don’t use this pillow in the summer or hot areas.
Quality: After a few uses you may find the seams coming apart. Maybe keep a sewing kit on hand. 
Size: The pillow may not be as big as advertised. It’s among the small pillows for toddlers.
Shape: The pillow is overstuffed and may cause neck pain.

Little One’s Pillow

Best Organic Toddler Pillow

Image of the Little One's Pillow - Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton Shell, HandCrafted in USA - Soft Yet Supportive, Washable and Hypoallergenic, No Pillowcase Needed, 13 X 18


Little One’s Pillow organic pillow has the comfort little heads need at night and the best quality material mom’s want. Keep your little one supported and soothed while not compromising on quality.

What I Love

Fabric: The organic cotton shell outside will help provide a good nights rest for your little lovebug. 
Filling: The Hypoallergenic Poly Cluster Fiber filling is chemical free so your kiddo can sleep undisturbed, except for the occasional monster under the bed, that is still your responsibility, not the pillows. 
Pillowcase: A highly rated pillowcase by Little One’s Pillow is sold separately. The pillow is washable but you may still want a case as pillows become lumpy after washing. 
Size: Nothing special about the size but made to cradle little noggins. It’s a standard sized pillow for kids and it will fit perfectly on a crib mattress.

What I Do Not Love

Price:  High for a pillow, but think of all the comfort you will gain from knowing their head is on a fantastic pillow. 
Shape: The pillow loses it’s shape and becomes flat and lumpy after several months. This could be said of most pillows, though. 


If your child would prefer an organic pillow in a fun contoured sheep shape try the Functional Design by John N Tree Organics instead of the Little One’s Pillow. It makes a great toddler bed pillow because of it’s fun design and shape.

Image of the Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow - Cloud Lamb

Kachabros Toddler Pillow

Best Foam Toddler Pillow

Image of the Kachabros Toddler Pillow with Organic Pillow case Kid's Height Adjustable Pillow with 2-layer Memory Foam Anti-mite Antibacterial


Kachabros Toddler Pillow is contoured to fit the nook of your toddler’s neck. Even better the pillow is made of supremely comfortable with two layers of memory foam and no toxic ingredients.

Why foam? First, comfort that shapes to your toddler’s head. Bugs hate foam and stay far far away from it, including pillows. If you have ever dealt with bed bugs this pillow will be your new best friend.

What I Love

Filling: Two layers of foam that can be adjusted for your child’s comfort and grow with them. 
Pillowcase: The included pillowcases is made of textured organic cotton to prevent your child’s head from slipping and sliding in the night. 
Size: The size is different than standard toddler pillows measuring 20 inches by 12 inches. Wider than average pillows for more comfort. 
Shape: The neck area is shaped for your little ones head for ultimate comfort and support.  

What I Do Not Love

Price: This is a pricier pillow than others on the list but with so many benefits. Finding a memory foam pillow for under $30 is a challenge. Not such a bad downfall, as this is the pillow’s only con. 

ComfyDown Toddler Pillow

Best Down Toddler Pillow

Image of the ComfyDown Toddler Pillow - Machine Washable - 800 Fill Power Super Soft European Goose Down for Children Ages 18 to 48 Months - 300-Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Cover - Made in USA - 13x18


If you prefer the old standard feather filled pillow for your kiddo try the ComfyDown Toddler Pillow. Down-filled pillows lost popularity with the rise of other filling more readily available. But for a good old-fashioned sturdy pillow is sometimes provides the perfect comfort without becoming lumpy or losing shape like all the new-fangled pillows.

What I Love

Fabric: The cover is made of 300 thread count Egyptian cotton for a luxurious pillow and double stitched to keep the feathers contained. 
Filling: 800 Fill Power European Goose Down and hypoallergenic to boot and custom stuffed for you. 
Pillowcase: No case included.

What I Do Not Love

Price:  This is super expensive. Look for some coupons is you want your child to have this old-fashioned luxury. 
Size: The pillow comes in at 16 by 11 inches, which is not the typical size and a pillowcase may be hard to find. Could be a great fit for kids though!

Guide to Selecting a Toddler Pillow

Pillows for toddlers come with some regulations. Everyone knows you will be tossed in jail for cutting the tag off. Just kidding. Seriously though, you can look up label laws. The CPSC takes toddler pillows seriously as babies who are too young and be harmed and too many cushions can cause problems even for older kids. Check here for those regulations.


Toddlers drool, spit, spill, seep, and find a thousand other ways to stain and damage anything with fabric making a washable pillow a must unless you have a large budget to devote to replacing your kid’s pillow every time they mess theirs up, which will be often.


Soft sounds so much more comfortable then firm but a pillow is meant to help your toddlers head to be in the correct position. Strike a balance between firm and soft to ensure the best toddler pillow.


What goes into a pillow to make it so soft and comfy can be an issue as some companies cut corners and use filling that can release toxins right by your babies head. Look for hypoallergenic to avoid creepy chemicals and to prevent allergens from ruining your child’s sleep.


Maybe you do not need organic cotton for your child’s head but the wrong fabric can cause sweating, itching, or be too scratchy. Find a soft fabric that breathes to give your baby the best chance at sleeping through the night. If they sleep through the night, you get to sleep through the night. Win, win.


A poorly stitched toddler pillow can be a hazard to young children as the stuffing can come out and cause problems next to your babies face. Worse, kids with oral fixations might think it’s vanilla cotton candy and have a stuffed belly by the time you find them.


Every pillow in the world will eventually flatten as heads are heavy and gravity is real. Find one with enough support to compress with time and still give you kid the support they need.

FAQ’s about the Best Toddler Pillows

When can a toddler use a pillow?

This is up to your and your child. There are 2 great times to introduce a pillow:

  • When your child transitions from the crib into a big kid bed (like a toddler-sized twin bed)
  • When your child is age 2

For most, these two milestones happen around the same time. But in order for your toddler to use a pillow safely, you’ll want to wait until they are at least 18 to 24 months old.

If your child is on the small side, has breathing problems, including asthma or allergies, or is a very sound sleeper, you may choose to wait even longer.

Does my toddler really need a pillow?

Maybe not. Some kids you buy them a pillow and they don’t use it. But pillows improve comfort and at some point, your child might want one. Better to have it than not.

Can’t I just give my toddler and standard sized pillow?

Wait until they are older for standard sized pillows as they are much bigger and toddlers can get lost in the bed at night. A pillow targeted for their size is a much better fit and is better for toddler pillow safety.

Should I look for a warranty?

A warranty is a good thing if you want to return the pillow. Hopefully, you won’t need to replace or return the pillow but money isn’t cheap and being able to return a faulty product is a win.

What are unsafe materials for Pillows?

Any chemically treated filler can be bad for your baby. Avoid fillers that are tiny and can come out and tempt your child, such as buckwheat or millet. If your child has allergies avoid down pillows.

Should I get a machine washable pillow or one with a pillowcase?

Both would be a better option. Get a pillow that is machine washable for spills that seep through pillowcases. Kids are messy. Buy smart to make your life easier and cheaper.

Do I need a pillowcase?

Not really, but they are more hygienic unless you wash the pillow daily. Again, kids are messy. It’s much easier to wash a pillowcase often than a pillow and keep its shape and not get lumpy.

Should I get a flame retardant pillow?

No. Flame retardant is a chemical treatment that can release toxic fumes that can disrupt hormones. It’s best avoided in pillows for toddlers.

Can I put a full sized pillow case on my kid’s toddler pillow and fold it over?

A hard no, on using a full-sized pillowcase for a toddler pillow. Try to keep any loose fabric away from your kiddo that can suffocate or cover their face while they are sleeping.

Our Favorite

The Zack And Ali Toddler Pillow offers all the best your child needs in a pillow such as support, cost, comfort, and long life. Set your child up tonight for a fantastic night’s sleep with this adorable, cuddly little pillow.

Image of the Zack & Ali Toddler Pillow, Soft 100% Organic Cotton, 13 x 18, Made in USA

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