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Best Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls in 2020

The best gifts for 15-year-old girls apply to their daily life and help them to grow into an adult. Long gone are the toys of childhood as your teen builds a wish list similar to your own. From books to makeup and more girls want to enjoy all the technology of the future with flare and this list provides all the best options without all the hunting and research. 

Best Gifts for 15-Year-Old GirlsWhy It's BestMom Rating
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Stores Thousands of Books♥♥♥♥♥
DSMART H4 Fitness Health 2in1 Smart Watch Tracks Fitness and More!♥♥♥♥♥
Toshiba TOSHIBA Smart TV Fire TV EditionWorks With Alexa and Voice Commands♥♥♥♥♥
Square Enix Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4Fun Disney Based Adventure with Final Fantasy Too♥♥♥♥♥
Sony PlayStation 4 Console - 1TB Slim EditionPopular Gaming Console with Hundreds of Games Available♥♥♥♥♥
Wacom One by Graphic Drawing Tablet for BeginnersDrawing Tablet to Draw Digitally♥♥♥♥♥

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Best Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls For Every Holiday

Kindle Paperwhite

TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR - Fire TV Edition

For the teen girl who won’t pull her nose out of a book, get a Kindle Paperwhite. Not only is it the best e-reader on the market but also has massive storage space as one Kindle can hold thousands of books. The perfect gift for those with an Amazon Prime accounts too as they get free books to borrow. 

The E-ink display comes with 300 ppi with optimized font technology and 16-level scale, which just means the screen is super easy to read. Even read outside in the sun with no glare on the screen or blue screen. As it measures 6.6 x 4.6 x 0.3 inches, the device is lightweight and easy to hold. 

Finally, never has an electronic had such a long battery life as a Kindle. One charge can last for six weeks if you have the Wi-Fi or Cellular turned off and charges in under 5 hours.  Teens can even read in the tub or pool as the device can go in water for up to 60 minutes. 

H4 Fitness Health 2in1 Smart Watch

TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR - Fire TV Edition


If you want to get your girl active try using the H4 Fitness Health 2in1 Smart Watch to track her activity. The watch comes in black, purple, silver, pink or blue to work with any clothing. With this watch, she can go anywhere and track her fitness while keeping track of the time. 

As the watch is waterproof and anti-scratch, its a great way to monitor and fitness. The screen turns on when you turn your wrist and you can slide the screen to view different stats. Charge the watch as little as once a week depending on usage. 

Finally, use the easy-to-setup watch in twelve different languages to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, period tracker, and fitness. Great for girls in sports who use both Android or Apple devices. The device even displays text notifications, alarms, and more. 

TOSHIBA 43-inch 4K Smart TV – Fire TV Edition

TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR - Fire TV Edition


Want your living room television back to yourself? Get your teen a smart TV to avoid watching Anime or annoying teen shows. The TOSHIBA 43-inch 4K Smart TV – Fire TV Edition lets your daughter sign in to streaming subscriptions and watch from the comfort of her bedroom. This model comes with Fire TV by Amazon so you don’t need a cable box or Roku or an Apple TV. 

No need to upgrade from this TV for over a decade as it already has 4K UHD including Dolby Vision for a stunning display. Girls will love that Alexa comes built-in so she can talk to the TV and tell it what to play next or even order a pizza. A television in their room also allows them to play video games in their room as well. 

Lastly, the TV has three HDMI ports to store any device she wants including her laptop to the TV for larger display when studying with friends. She can connect to hands-free devices like an Echo dot or just use the remote with quick buttons for easy access for her favorite stations. This is a gift that benefits you too!

Kingdom Hearts III – PlayStation 4

Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4


For girls who love to game you can’t go wrong with Kingdom Hearts III for the PlayStation 4. The game is made by Disney and combines Disney characters with Final Fantasy characters. It’s rated E for everyone but still provides epic fun for teens. 

The one player game has a little fantasy, action, adventure, role-play, and so much more all with Donald Duck, Mickey, Goofy, and Sora from Final Fantasy. Visit fun Disney worlds like Tangled, Hercules, Big Hero 6, Frozen,  and more. Try out the new attraction flow attacks in a Disney Park attractions among many other activities with stunning graphics. 

Last of all, this game works with PS4 gaming console but can be bought for other gaming consoles as well. If you child has played the previous versions of Kingdom Hearts the plot will make more sense but they can also jump right in and figure things out quickly without the back information as the game share plenty of information. 

PlayStation 4 Console

PlayStation 4 Console - 1TB Slim Edition


What good is the Kingdom Hearts 3 game without the PlayStation 4 Console? With hundreds of games, teens can have a blast enjoying video games with their friends. Also, they can work on focus, hand-eye coordination, and get relaxation time after a hard day at school. 

The slim edition offers a sleek design without a large footprint even for smaller bedrooms. It also comes with 1TB of space to store hours and hours of gameplay data and one DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. If your daughter wants to play with friends you may want to get a second controller. 

Beyond video games, teens can listen to music, watch TV, and connect with friends online for added fun and gameplay. All the cords you need come in the box for a quick easy installation. They can use the PS4 to play DVD’s as well as games.

One by Wacom Graphic Drawing Tablet

LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 Building Kit and Architecture Model, Perfect Set for Older Kids and Adults (5923 Pieces)


For budding artists, one of the best presents you can offer is the One by Wacom Graphic Drawing Tablet. The world of computers offers so many opportunities for artists and now you can offer a digital drawing tablet to beginners for a fabulous price. Watch your daughter’s imagination come to life as she draws everything from animals to zoos. 

No batteries needed or charging for this tablet that connects to the computer as a replacement for the mouse and turns the computer into a digital drawing canvas. The set comes with the distraction-free drawing screen and a stylus. With a compact design, this tablet can work on even the smallest surface or in your child’s lap at 6 inches by 3.7 inches.  

Finally, the tablet works for left or right-hand users. It’s compatible with Adobe Photoshop, paint tool Sai, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and many other drawing software programs. Also compatible with Mac or Windows-based devices via a USB cable. 

LEGO Creator Taj Mahal Model

LEGO Creator Expert Taj Mahal 10256 Building Kit and Architecture Model, Perfect Set for Older Kids and Adults (5923 Pieces)


Many teen girls still love castles but the Disney castle maybe a little too embarrassing for them to display in front of friends.  The LEGO Creator Taj Mahal Model looks like a castle and provides hours of fun learning STEM skills too. With almost 6,000 pieces the set will keep her busy for hours. 

While the kit says 16 years plus, many teens are ready for the challenge especially if she has a parent, sibling or friend help her put this monumental set together. Another great feature is that she can learn some world history if she takes some time to research the castle and find out its history. She can also learn focus, patience, teamwork, engineering basics, and more. 

Lastly, the set keeps your daughter off screens as she builds this gorgeous castle with tons of kit-specific Legos. A fun piece she can display for decor and show off to friends. The finished set measures 16 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches. 

Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set

Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set - Best Woodburning and Leather Crafts Burner Tool Kit - Comes with 35 Different Tips - Dual Power Mode - 30W and 15W, Gourd (Aluminum Case)


The Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen Set is a fabulous gift for teens to make tons of fun projects but requires adult supervision. Definitely, don’t let her use the set in her bedroom, this is a garage set. However, the set lets her customize her own decor and make gifts for friends and family. 

Teens can learn one of the oldest methods of arts and crafts with this set for decorating wood and leather. The TRUart Pyrography Pen heats quickly and offers an ergonomic shape for a natural shape to hold. It also includes a pen holder along with tips, stencils, and other parts to create an array of designs on wood or leather. 

Everything stores in the aluminum case with foam including the instructions that inspire with pictures. A fun tool your daughter can use to improve her art skills, writing skills, patience and more. Great for teens looking for custom projects to make spending money or just explore creative avenues. 

Royal Langnickel – The All Media Easel Artist Set

Royal Langnickel - The All Media Easel Artist Set


For teens who prefer regular drawing mediums try the Royal Langnickel – The All Media Easel Artist Set. Everything a budding artist could need come in the box including a built-in easel. The perfect gift for girls who doodle on every piece of paper they come in contact with. 

The travel set includes two drawers and a fold-up art easel with more supplies underneath. The whole set stores into a rectangular box with a handle for easy cleanup and storage. It measures at 6-1/4×10-3/4×14-1/2 inches when closed and 16 inches high when open and latches closed securely. 

Also, the set includes oil paints, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, oil pastels, watercolor paper, art paste and more. It’s perfect for girls with a smaller room or home or those with a new interest in art to explore her creativity. Think of all the possibilities to expand her creative side and expand the set for future holidays. 

The Lunar Chronicles Boxed Set

The Lunar Chronicles Boxed Set: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, Winter


Moms, your teen daughter will love this fairy tale meets cyborg book series called The Lunar Chronicles. When she finishes reading, you may enjoy the set too. Pick from hardcover or paperback with the whole set storing in a sturdy decorative box. Includes the whole series Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, Stars Above, and Winter. 

The book series takes the classics we all know and love to a new level with fun twists and turns for a new set of stories. Cinder focuses on a cyborg Cinder who fights an evil queen while falling in love with the prince. Book two picks up Cinders story and adds in Little Red Riding Hood. 

The other three books continue to follow Cinder as she meets other fairy tale characters including Rapunzel, Snow White, and more. Each book builds on the last with stunning visuals and fast-paced plots. Once your teen picks up the set, she won’t want to put it down and will look forward to more books by Marissa Meyer including Heartless. 

LUKER Portable Suitcase Bluetooth Turntable

adidas Originals Women's Trefoil Hoodie, Black, Medium


For teens who listen to music all day and night give them a taste of the music from a few decades back. Not only does the  LUKER Portable Suitcase Bluetooth Turntable allow teens to listen to vinyl records but it also makes a fun decorative piece for girls into the bohemian style. Even cooler, the set offers music from the past with the technology of the future for years of music options. 

The retro music player offers trendy elements with classic colors including knobs, panels, and a leather surface. The belt-driven system offers a unique anti-resonance design with a hand-tuned speaker for quality sound. Folds up too for storage and transporting to friends’ houses or a party. 

Includes Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility and charges with a USB power supply. Hook up to your computer to play music or to record. Plays three sizes of records including 7/10/12 inch and at three speeds 33/45/78 with a ceramic needle. 

Finally, the set includes a headphone jack and allows for a card input. Teens can record vinyls over to an MP3 format to save money and get that vintage sound quality. A fun addition to parties or to share old family records with new generations of music lovers. 

Singsation All-In-One Karaoke Machine

adidas Originals Women's Trefoil Hoodie, Black, Medium


Music lovers might prefer the Singsation All-In-One Karaoke Machine to work on their voice. This gift provides music, entertainment, and creativity. Who doesn’t love to sing super loud? 

The set includes a microphone on a stand with a disco light. The stand adjusts 2 feet to 6 feet and everywhere in between. It connects to Bluetooth for access to a smartphone or tablet for thousands of songs and videos with the need for CD’s. Also, the set includes ten voice effects including high or low pitch, chipmunk, harmonizing and several more. 

Turn off the light and enjoy the sixteen different light shows. A fun activity for groups, birthday parties, or girls dreaming of their own rock band. Even allows two inputs for a second microphone or guitar for the rock group affect and turn your teens into superstars. 

Adidas Originals Women’s Trefoil Hoodie

adidas Originals Women's Trefoil Hoodie, Black, Medium


You can’t go wrong with a hoodie for a teenager especially if it’s a name brand hoodie with a huge log like the Adidas Originals Women’s Trefoil Hoodie. Pick from a rainbow of colors a simple design. Comes in sizes xx-small up to x-large to fit even the tiniest girls all the way up with a drawstring hoodie.

The design includes the three petals with lines Adidas symbol and the actual word. As the sweater comes ready-made, smaller teens may find the arms a little long but work to girls advantage as on super cold days they can tuck their hands in for added warmth. A useful gift with classic design girls can wear until hoodie falls apart. 

14K Tri-Color Gold Star & Moon Necklace

14K Tri Color Gold Plated Heart, Star & Moon Necklace


Teens love jewelry and are finally old enough to take proper care of quality items. Start them off with the 14K Tri-Color Gold Star & Moon Necklace. As the necklace comes with yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold it will appeal to all types. Also, girls find the solar system beautiful and the necklace works with their current favorite theme.

The unobtrusive necklace has a gold chain with a tiny heart, moon and a star all clumped together. The total weight is only 1.44 grams so not too heavy to cause irritation. The necklace chain measures 16 long. Comes in a beautiful gift box ready to make a girl feel like royalty. 

UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin

UTILYZE Premium 3-Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, 2-in-1 Advanced Electric Exfoliating Brush & Face Massager, Rechargeable Face Cleanser For Men & Women, Built In Face Care Programs


Cold weather demands warm slippers to keep feet from freezing. Get squeals of delight when your daughter opens the UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin. Not only are these name brand moccasins but built to last at least until your daughter’s feet grow! By fifteen, most girl’s feet are the size they are going to be permanently. 

The slippers come in seven different colors including browns, black, pink, red, and purple. With 100% pig leather outside and dyed sheep fur inside along with a rubber sole, these shows keep feet warm and safe from slipping even if they step outside to check the mail. These are also water-resistant for added quality and use. 

Very comfortable and soft, these shoes will provide superior comfort. If your daughter outgrows them, you might be able to use them yourself! Includes small decorative details for added style. 

UTILYZE Premium 3-Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

UTILYZE Premium 3-Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, 2-in-1 Advanced Electric Exfoliating Brush & Face Massager, Rechargeable Face Cleanser For Men & Women, Built In Face Care Programs


Skin care is a huge priority for self-conscious teenagers and the UTILYZE Premium 3-Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush makes skin care easy. Face brush can exfoliate skin without chemical face washes or treatments and keeps collagen product up for smooth glowing skin. 

The electric face-brush is easy on skin and hands as it rotates, spins, and vibrates skin to beautiful. With over 300 movements per second, the sonic brush can use 3-speed settings for comfort and each skin time. A great way to relax with a facial massage while detoxing excessive oils from the skin. 

Lastly, the round brush has two timed pre-programed face routines for ease of use. With a rechargeable battery and wireless magnetic stand, the device takes up almost no space in the bathroom. A useful gift for teens experiencing acne or flaky skin. 

GLAMGLOW Mask + Moisture Travel Set

Tarte Sweet Escape Collector's Set


For the teen who likes to pamper herself try the GLAMGLOW Mask + Moisture Travel Set. With safe ingredients, this set provides a set of six masks to use at home or on the go as each bottle is just 0.35 ounces for one facial treatment each. A fun set for a girl’s sleepover and can save you tons of money instead of going to a spa. 

The set includes the following masks: hydrating, firming, brightening, dual-cleanse, and mega illuminating. If your daughter doesn’t know what skin issues she has, this set can help her find what works best for her skin. Best for those with normal, dry, combination, or oily skin. 

Last of all, parents concerned about the ingredients their kids use will love a set free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Clinical results have shown the set improves skins clarity gently and helps with acne too. Try other products from Glamglow too if this natural set works well. 

Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set

Tarte Sweet Escape Collector's Set

Still on the theme of natural skincare, try Tarte natural makeup like the Tarte Sweet Escape Collector’s Set. For teens just exploring the world of makeup, the set includes everything they need without harsh ingredients. Teens should avoid using foundation and concealer along with all over face powder to avoid clogging hormone ridden skin and causing breakouts. 

The set includes 25 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 1 liquid eyeliner, 1 mascara, and 1 lipstick. Tons of fun eye shadows to try a variety of looks from natural to glam star. Everything stores in a compact case for easy storage with a gold base and a glittery front. 

They formulated everything in the set without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, or gluten. It comes with soothing ingredients like Amazonian clay, vitamin A and E for added skin benefits. The set does not come with brushes and you will need to purchase those separately. 

Bobkona  St. Croix Vanity Set with Stool

 Bobkona F4079 St. Croix Collection Vanity Set with Stool, Silver


If the teen girl in your life doesn’t have a place to store her makeup, consider adding the Bobkona  St. Croix Vanity Set with Stool to her bedroom to jumpstart her beauty routine. The beautiful vanity table includes tons of decorative details to make this piece of furniture last even when she has her first apartment. 

With a three-section mirror, your daughter can adjust the view to see all the details of her face for exceptional makeup application. The main surface is flat and ready for makeup, hair supplies, and jewelry. Includes five storage drawers and bench for tons of space. Pick from several finishes including silver, black, cherry wood, walnut, white, and rose gold to coordinate with any decor. 

Exploding Kittens Deluxe

Exploding Kittens Card Game - Party Pack for Up to 10 Players - Family-Friendly Party Games - Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids


Girls love cats and board games and now they can combine the two with theExploding Kittens Deluxe card game for up to ten players. A fun game even adults will love as will younger siblings which make this the perfect option for family game night. 

All the cards feature illustrations by The Oatmeal a comic with popular cartoons for the current generation. The set includes new superpowers for the crazy exploding kittens. Oddly enough, the box plays the song kitty dance every time someone opens the box. 

Beyond fun illustrations, the game offers kittens, goats, enchiladas, weaponized back hair and a ton more goofiness. This turn-based game includes dynamic turns where you hope you don’t get an exploding kitten. Gameplay can take a while to play with a large group with tons of laughter and imagination. 

YOGA DESIGN LAB 2-in-1 Mat+Towel 

YOGA DESIGN LAB The Combo Yoga MAT Eco Luxury Mat/Towel That Grips The More You Sweat | Designed in Bali | Ideal for Hot Yoga, Bikram, Sweaty Practice | w/Strap! (Mandala Turquoise, 70 x 24)


Not all girls love sports but all girls need exercises. For the girls who don’t want to play volleyball, football, or basketball try theYOGA DESIGN LAB 2-in-1 Mat+Towel for a relaxing form of exercise. Great for a group activity or taking to the rec center for a class. The set includes the mat and a towel for super sweaty yoga sessions. 

While yoga isn’t a super sweaty form of exercise, if your teen tries hot yoga they will definitely need a dedicated towel and a thick mat for comfort. Most classes at the gym or rec center have mats but they usually aren’t cleaned regularly and come with other people’s germs. With her own mat, she can stick with her own germs. 

Beyond yoga, your daughter can use this high end 3.5 mm mat for other exercises, like pilates. At 70 inches by 24 inches, there is plenty of workout room and she can pick from several beautiful bohemian designs to suit her style. With grip and cushion, this portable mat will last long past her teen years. 

ECOSUSI Backpack for Women

Yumbox Tapas Larger Size Leakproof Bento lunch box for Adults, Teens & Pre-teens (Antibes Blue)


At fifteen, girls might be ready to trade in their kiddish backpacks for a more grownup bag like the ECOSUSI Backpack for Women. This messenger bag speaks of style, luxury, and class especially in rich vegan leather with gorgeous hues of brown. 

The large capacity bag is 15 x 10.8 x 5 inches which allow enough space for a laptop, books, notebooks, and other school supplies. Teens will love the various methods of carrying including shoulder bag, backpack, or handle carry. Encourage her to carry the bag as a backpack as it’s better for their backs. 

Last of all, the beautiful bag includes stunning details including a punched design, front buckle straps, and sturdy stitching. It also includes a front pocket for phones and pencils and a dedicated laptop section with extra closure. A gift she can use for years even when she starts her first job. 

Yumbox Tapas Bento lunch box

Paladone Scrabble Customizable Letter Tiles Light With Reusable Vinyl Stickers - Decor Light


Bento boxes offer more food options but often cost more than a typical lunch box. By the holidays, teens and kids are sick of sandwiches and ready to switch to new lunch ideas. The Yumbox Tapas Bento lunch box comes with five sections inside a sturdy box to give endless lunch options. 

The inner tray lines up for complete stability and to prevent spilling or leaking. The inner dishwasher safe tray has compartments for five different foods including salad dressing. It holds up to 4 cups of food in the 9.5 x 6.9 x 1.8-inch tray. Has room underneath for an ice pack for fresh food. 

Finally, the unit is made of food-safe materials and is free of BPA and Phthalates. A fabulous way to provide a balanced meal that entices teens to eat a variety of foods. Also, it looks so much more grownup than a sandwich in a plastic bag while also reducing your trash footprint on the environment. 

3D Glass Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Paladone Scrabble Customizable Letter Tiles Light With Reusable Vinyl Stickers - Decor Light


Diffusers release healing oils into the air and the 3D Glass Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser does so with flair. The LED light displays 7 colors of fireworks that teens can use as a nightlight or just to impress their friend. It looks like a mirror ball in daylight too. 

With all the germs roaming your girls’ day, the diffuser can pair with immunity-boosting oil blends to reduce illness naturally or calming blends for sleep. It includes four run-time options for half an hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours and automatically shuts off when the water level is too low to continue providing a cool-mist before it overheats. 

Also, the diffuser is made of high-grade eco-friendly material. Just add 3 to 5 drops and water to the inner tank to use as an air freshener or to improve air quality. Holds up to 100 milliliters of water and oil. 

Paladone Scrabble Letter Tiles Light

Paladone Scrabble Customizable Letter Tiles Light With Reusable Vinyl Stickers - Decor Light


Teens love to decorate with unique lights like the Paladone Scrabble Letter Tiles Lights. She can spell out her name or inspirational phrases and provide interesting mood lighting in her room. Also, the lights can work as a night light. 

The creative decor allows teens to personalize their space or make signs to greet visiting friends or family. Inside the box find ten string lights with sixty reusable and interchangeable letter stickers. The string of lights measures about seventy inches long. 

2020 Bubble Wrap Calendar

2020 Bubble Wrap Calendar - A Poster Sized Wall Calendar with a Bubble to Pop Everyday


Mark this coming year with bubbles or the 2020 Bubble Wrap Calendar. This novelty gift help teens keep track of the days with tons of fun as they pop one bubble per day. 

The calendar measures 48 inches by 16 inches for a poster-sized calendar to decorate her room without cutesy calendars like kittens or puppies. The sleek font and simple white background work with any decor. A fun gift to help mark the passing days with flair. 

Big Joe Bean Bag

Big Joe Lenox Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag, Extra Extra Large, Black - 1655


The Big Joe Bean Bag is large enough for your daughter and friend to sit on together for listening to music or working on homework. What’s great about the bean bag as it can move to anywhere in the house easily. If your daughter wants to watch movies with a friend in the living room, she can drag the bean bag down with ease for extra seating. 

Pick from several sizes and over a dozen colors and even choose removable covers or different materials. Though the price is high, the oversized seating lasts for years as the cozy Ahhsome Foam re-fluffs with ease. All from a company determined to improve the world by reducing landfills while also donating to those in need. 

Last of all, the foam takes a little over a week to expand fully once out of the box. Weighs about 72 pounds and measures about 84 x 60 x 40. She can take the beanbag chair to college with her in a few years too for a little piece of home. 

Watercolor My Hero Academia Poster Prints

Watercolor My Hero Academia Poster Prints - Set of 7 (8x10) Anime Manga Wall Art Decor - All Might - Deku - Shoto Todoroki - Tenya Iida - Froppy - Uravity - Katsuki Bakugou


Manga loving teens will adore the Watercolor My Hero Academia Poster Prints by Unframed Pop Prints. This affordable gift gives your girl a hint of her anime world right in her bedroom and some fun decoration. You will need to purchase frames separately or let your daughter get her creative juices flowing. 

The set includes 7 8×10 prints of Deku, Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Lida, Froppy, Uravity, Katsuki Bakugou, and All Might which means nothing to us adults but these are the best characters from the manga comics and the show. Except for All Might who your child might want to use for dart practice. 

Lastly, the set might encourage young artists to branch out into manga art and explore new depths in their ability. Each print comes on glossy photo paper in full color. 

Ambesonne Flora Duvet Cover Set

Ambesonne Flora Duvet Cover Set, South Mandala Design with Vibrant Color Ornamental Illustration, Decorative 3 Piece Bedding Set with 2 Pillow Shams, Queen Size, Blue


Duvets are all the rage as teens barely make their bed and a duvet gets rid of the sheets. The Ambesonne Flora Duvet Cover Set provides style and ease with a bohemian style. Teens adore mandalas and esoteric designs just like this one. 

The set comes in twin up to king-size and in several colors and patterns but we suggest the mandala as it’s the current trend and sure to please. Although, you can also pick butterfly, cactus, and many more vibrant designs all on white backgrounds. 

Inside you will find one duvet cover and pillow sham made of 100% brushed microfiber fabric. The cover is hassle-free with a hidden zipper and the pillow shams use envelope closures. Wash in the machine on cold cycle and dry on low heat.

Coop Adjustable Loft Pillow

Coop Home Goods - Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow - Hypoallergenic Cross-Cut Memory Foam Fill - Lulltra Washable Cover from Bamboo Derived Rayon - CertiPUR-US/GREENGUARD Gold Certified - Queen


A new bedding set requires a new pillow like the Coop Adjustable Loft Pillow. Not only is this premium adjustable loft pillow comes with cross-cut memory foam fill and a washable cover made of bamboo-derived rayon in queen-size or king-size. 

This is the perfect pillow as it adjusts to meet your teen’s needs as you can adjust or remove to suit her sleeping size, shape, and position for a perfect night’s rest. Great for better alignment while also hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. She can try for 100 nights and if she doesn’t like it return for a full refund. 

The pillow is made in the USA and is vegan and cruelty-free. Includes a bonus half a pound bag of fill for those who want firmer pillows. May have a smell when first opened. 

Milestones for 15-Year-Old Girls 

At fifteen girls are ready to charge full steam ahead into the world confident in their abilities to know and do everything while somehow managing to be self-conscious with low self-esteem. It’s a miracle they can know everything and yet lack confidence all at the same time. 

Their know-it-all attitude and rebellious streak might drive you to insanity but for them, the time is very confusing as they find themselves in between the child world they knew and the unknown adult world they want so desperately to be in. Take a look at their milestones for this age to better understand the best gifts for 15-year-old girls.

Emotional Milestones

Emotions run all over the map at fifteen. Some are dreaming of college and moving out of the house onto future careers while others live day-to-day stressing about grades and drama between friends. The latter takes up most of their brain space. 

Teens become more independent at this age and need less help if any at all with a daily routine. They begin to respect the rules of cleaning up their space and doing their chores or homework without constant nagging. Overall, they are learning to deal with the stress of homework, school, chores, friends, family, and after-school activities. 

Physical Milestones

Most girls have reached their full height by fifteen-years-old. Some are happy with their height and others find themselves too tall or too short. Beyond their height, they are concerned about their bra size, skin, and weight. As a matter of fact, almost half of all girls in high school are so self-conscious about their weight they try to lose weight via dieting. 

At this age, it’s your job to be your daughter’s self-confidence. Remind her often how beautiful she is and teach her to make healthy choices for her body and life. Try to provide a junk-free diet as much as possible for her health, her skin, and so she won’t feel a need to yo-yo through various diets. 

Cognitive Milestones

Arguing is one of a teens favorite pass times. This is necessary as it helps them to figure out their opinions on various topics. Yes, it may drive you nuts but teach them to argue effectively and turn their arguments into discussions where there is room for others to have opinions. 

Communication has changed to texting and social media. Help your daughter to calm her brain by journaling or blogging her feelings. Keep her reading to improve vocabulary and understanding of the world as well as other’s points of view. Help her build new hobbies and broaden her horizons. 

Social Milestones

Romance is an issue at this age. Girls suddenly have tons of hormones and want to spend time with boys. They want to find the perfect man and build caring relationships. Now is the time for fathers to spend more time with their daughters and model what a good man looks like. 

They also fall prey to peer pressure as they constantly compare themselves to their friends and everyone else at school. They struggle with their flaws. Meanwhile, they also have a greater capacity for empathy and developing an understanding of other people’s needs. Make sure to remind her how often she is, so she doesn’t feel the need to compare herself to others and monitor her friendships for good influences. 

FAQ’s About the Best Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls

Is my daughter ready-to-wear make-up at fifteen?

This depends on you. Some parents are okay with makeup at a younger age some are not. I suggest letting your daughter get used to putting on makeup now for her self-confidence. She will need to know how to apply the makeup before putting it on out in public. 

Start letting her have makeup and playing with it at home now so she can get comfortable with the process. If you aren’t comfortable with her wearing makeup outside the house than only allow it at home. 

Don’t let her use concealer, foundation, or powder as they can clog her pores and cause more or worsen acne. Have her use natural makeup if at all possible to avoid skin issues or her hormones reacting to the chemicals in commercial makeup. 

Will any of the best gifts for 15-year-old girls on this list help my daughter focus on her homework, chores, or waking up on time? 

Several of the gifts can help with those but the best way is to keep a consistent routine and teach her personal responsibility. If she tends to oversleep allow for natural consequences like getting in trouble at school to help her re-focus. 

Most teens become more independent at fifteen, stress how independent adults act and care for themselves whereas kids need a lot of help to get day-to-day activities done. Otherwise, nagging is a typical response. At least now we can nag via text message. 

Should I get rid of my fifteen-year-olds toys? 

Yes. Most teenagers are far past the age of Barbies and other toys besides Legos, drawing, and video games. Help her instead to find new hobbies like a musical instrument, exercising, or computer coding. These will help her find her interest and maybe even help her find a career path to follow. 

If you have another girl or a friend with a little girl, you can pass the toys down. You can even sell toys in good condition to get a little money back. Save some of the timeless toys in the attic for grandchildren in the future if you have space. 

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Final Thoughts About Gifts for 15-Year-Old Girls

The best gifts for 15-year-old girls help them feel grownup and provide new outlets for expression and individuality like the One by Wacom Graphic Drawing Tablet. A drawing tablet helps teens to use their creativity while also helping them to learn more about technology and improve their abilities. A great gift to help them find a career path but is also incredibly fun and innovative. 

Adrina Palmer
Adrina Palmer
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