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The Best Crib With Changing Table of 2021

As a mom of three, I definitely know a thing or two about crib buying and I love the crib/changing table combos for their simplicity and ease of use. This article hits all the price points so there’s something for everyone. My personal favorite is the Graco Remi; it’s a mid-point price and I love the modern, sleek design. I also love the trundle drawer it comes with. It goes along with its already spacious drawers and shelves on the changing table. Read on to find the best crib and changing table combo for you and your new baby.

Best Crib with Changing Table Overall:

Best Cribs with Changing Tables

Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer and Changer (Espresso) - JPMA-Certified Crib with Storage Drawer, Attached Changing Table with 3 Drawers, 2 Shelves, and Water-Resistant Changing Pad

The Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer is not only beautiful to look at but incredibly functional. Not only does it have 3 large drawers and 2 shelves but it also has the added benefit of a giant trundle drawer. This Modern crib has clean lines and bowed rails. Typical pull handles for the drawers are replaced with clean, flat notches for opening and closing for a more updated look.

The 3 colors this crib comes in (espresso, white, gray) are all beautiful. It even comes in a two-tone gray/white color. 

This full-sized crib will convert into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed (rails for the conversions are not included).

Adjust the height of the mattress to three different heights to accommodate your baby as they start to stand up.

Feel good knowing you’re making a good investment when you purchase this solid pine crib, after your child grows out of it, you can pass it down the family line. 

It’s important to note that this crib is very heavy and some reviews noted that it took 2 people and several hours to put it together.

What We Love

  • Solid pine
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Trundle shelf
  • Converts and grows with your child
  • Comes in 3 colors plus two-tone
  • 3 height adjustment


  • Heavy crib
  • Difficult to assemble

Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib And Change Table

Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 Mini Convertible Crib And Changer in Black, Greenguard Gold Certified

The Dream On Me Jayden 4-in-1 has a classic look that would compliment any nursery style. It’s also Greenguard Gold Certified, which means it has been independently tested against VOCs.

This is a mini crib so it will fit in smaller spaces or smaller rooms. It packs a punch with its stunning look while also being smaller than a full-size crib. 

The 3-position adjustable height mattress is perfect as baby gets a little bigger and starts to pull up. While a mattress is not included, it does comes with a 1-inch mattress pad, which can be used independently or coupled with a purchased mattress of your choice.

This New Zealand pine crib will grow with your child and convert into a mini daybed and then into a twin bed, however, some reviews noted the twin bed was thinner and smaller than a traditional twin size.

You have plenty of storage using the 3 drawers and 2 shelves the changing table has. A changing table pad comes included with safety straps to keep baby from rolling around during diaper changes. 

This beautiful crib comes in 6 different colors to match any decor you have (black, cherry, espresso, natural, gray, and white). This highly rated crib comes with a price tag on the lower end.

What We Love

  • Fits into smaller spaces
  • Comes in 6 colors
  • Mattress pad is included
  • 3 position adjustable height
  • 3 drawers and 2 shelves
  • 50-pound weight limit


  • Changing table pad is smaller than standard size
  • Gap at the bottom of the changing table that little feet can get caught in
  • Smaller daybed and thinner twin bed

Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Storkcraft Steveston 4-IN-1 Convertible Crib and Changer with Drawer, Gray Easily Converts to Toddler Bed, Day Bed or Full Bed, 3 Position Adjustable Height Mattress

The Storkcraft Stevenston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer is a stunning and elegant crib combo with its modern style and straight rails. It’s also one of the bigger full-sized ones we rated. This solid, sturdy wood crib comes in 4 colors: cherry, gray, and white. 

There are 2 roomy drawers big enough to hold diapers, clothes, or whatever you want to store in them under the grip. With 2 extra shelves and a changing table on the side, there’s plenty of room for all your baby-changing needs. 

Its 3-position adjustable height mattress (mattress not included) is perfect as your baby starts to get bigger and more mobile. This crib also allows for growth as it converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and finally a full-sized bed.

The changing table includes a changing pad with safety straps for protection against rolling around.

This roomy crib is larger than life and will make a statement in any room you put it in. If you fall in love with the look of this crib, you can outfit the whole room with matching furniture such as a dresser, nightstand, or glider.

The Storkcraft brand won the Women’s Choice Award for the best baby furniture, so rest easy knowing your choice in a crib is a great one.

What We Love

  • Solid wood
  • 2 drawers, 2 shelves
  • Converts into other beds
  • Matching furniture
  • Women’s Choice Award
  • Adjustable mattress
  • Larger full size


  • Heavy
  • Harder to assemble
  • Pricey

Dream On Me Brody 5-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Dream On Me 5-in-1 Brody Convertible Crib with Changer in Pebble Grey, Greenguard Gold Certified , 69x39.1x33.2 Inch (Pack of 1)

The Dream On Me Brody 5-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer is a great crib if you’re looking for a basic style that can grow with your child. The price point is mid-tier compared to the others we reviewed. This has 3 roomy drawers and 3 shelves, enough to hold all your baby changing gear.

This full-sized crib comes in 5 colors (white, gray, espresso, black, and natural wood). While the mattress is not included, any full-sized one will fit. It also adjusts to 3 heights. This grows with your child as they transition into a toddler bed, then a daybed, and then finally into a full-sized bed. 

A changing pad with safety straps comes included with this changing table. Some reviewers complained that the changing pad was thin and they preferred to buy their own standard size changing pad to use instead.

Something to keep in mind, some reviews note difficulty assembling the crib and the directions are hard to understand.

What We Love

  • Mid-tier price point
  • 3 drawers, 3 shelves
  • Solid pine wood
  • Converts to a full-size bed
  • Comes in 5 colors


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Basic, plain style
  • Thin changing pad

Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changer, Grey

The Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changer have a unique design from the others we’ve reviewed with just 2 drawers and two shelves. With its arched and raised back rail and bowed bottom rail, this crib will be a lovely addition to any nursery setting.

For extra storage beyond the 2 drawers and 2 shelves this already has, Delta sells (not included) a rolling trundle drawer that will stow away under the crib for maximum storage. The changing pad can be removed for a third shelf. The changing table can then be used as a nightstand when you are no longer using the crib.

The mattress is not included but any full-size crib mattress will fit. The changing table comes with a standard-sized changing pad with safety straps.

This crib also grows with your child through the years, as it changes to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed (conversion rails are not included).

This comes in 3 colors (white, chocolate, and gray) to match your nursery decor. Customers liked its solid design but noted that it took several hours and two people to assemble. It’s also on the high end in terms of price but has the most 5 star reviews of all the cribs we reviewed.

What We Love

  • 2 drawers, 2 shelves
  • Optional rolling trundle
  • Solid design
  • Loved the look
  • Converts as your child grows
  • Height adjustable mattress
  • Comes in 3 colors


  • Takes several hours and two people to assemble

Dream On Me Anna 4-in-1 Full-Size Crib and Changing Table Combo

Dream On Me Anna 3-in-1 Full Size Crib and Changing Table Combo in Black, Greenguard Gold Certified

The Dream On Me Anna 4-in-1 Crib and Changing Table Combo is a full-size crib with a modern vibe. Its sleek lines make this a nice, simple choice for a clean look. This converts from a toddler bed to a daybed and then a twin-sized bed (rails for the twin bed sold separately). It also holds the Greenguard Gold certification.

The changing table has two spacious shelves. When you no longer need the changing table, the pad can be removed to add a third shelf that will detach from the crib for use as a nightstand or standalone shelf for toys. 

This comes in a variety of colors to choose from (black, espresso, steel gray, and white). You’re guaranteed to find a color you love.

A changing pad comes included to fit the changing table but there is no mattress included with this crib. You will need to purchase a crib mattress separately. 

This crib had the most reviews and came in at the cheapest price of all the ones we rated. However, some reviews noted that it doesn’t seem as solid and stable as other cribs.

What We Love

  • Teething protectors on the raised rails
  • Bins can be used on the shelves
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • 2 spacious shelves that convert into 3
  • Convert into a full-sized daybed and twin bed
  • Detachable changing table
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble


  • Not solid wood, mostly composite
  • Not as solid, sturdy as others

Storkcraft Pacific 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Storkcraft Pacific 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer, Gray Easily Converts to Toddler Bed, Day Bed or Full Bed, 3 Position Adjustable Height Mattress

The Storkcraft Pacific 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer is a minimalist’s dream. While this is considered a full-size crib, it’s the smallest of the full sizes with no extra embellishments.

The simplistic look of this crib leaves room for decorating in other ways. There are 2 spacious shelves and as your child outgrows the changing table, you can remove the changing pad (included with safety straps) for a third shelf that doesn’t have the look of being used as a changing table. You can add bins on the shelves for a more contained look as well.

This bed also comes in 4 colors (black, espresso, gray, and white) and like the other cribs, it will convert up to a full-size bed to grow with your child. You can also adjust the mattress to 3 positions as your baby starts to sit up and stand.

This sleek and modern crib is very lightweight and will take less than an hour to assemble by yourself. It’s also one of the lowest-priced cribs we reviewed. Although it’s not solid wood, a good portion of it is composite.

What We Love

  • Lowest price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simplistic look
  • Add bins
  • 2 shelves, possibility of 3
  • Comes in 4 colors


  • Smallest full size
  • No drawers

Sorelle Berkley Crib and Changer

Sorelle Berkley Crib and Changer - Gray

The Sorelle Berkley Crib and Changer is polished looking with its sleigh style back rails on both the crib and the changing table. This one doesn’t have many color options, it only comes in gray and espresso.

This was one of the higher-priced cribs but it also comes with the second-highest number of 5-star ratings out of all the ones we looked at. Reviewers loved the oversized shelf above the drawers because the space is big enough to insert a cube or keep it open. The 2 drawers it has are very roomy.

While a mattress isn’t included, any full-size crib mattress will fit. As for the changing table, it is not as big or spacious as some people expected, although it does fit a standard size changing pad. 

This crib is a statement piece and will make a great focal point in any nursery or bedroom as your child grows since this converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed as well as adjusts in height.

Reviews noted that this crib wasn’t necessarily hard to put together, but because this is a heavy and bulky piece of furniture, it does require a decent amount of time to assemble.

What We Love

  • Highly rated
  • Oversized shelf
  • Sleigh style
  • 2 roomy drawers
  • Easy to put together


  • High price tag
  • Bulky and heavy (only a con when you go to move or convert it!)
  • Only 2 color options

Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 Mini Crib & Changing Table

Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 Mini Crib & Changing Table, Pebble Grey

The Dream On Me Casco 3-in-1 Mini Crib & Changing Table is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space. This mini crib doesn’t take up much room and will fit in tight places. So your baby will have a comfortable space of their own even if you can’t fit a full-sized crib in.

With a mid-tier price point, this crib is a nice addition for your new baby. The arched back rail gives this crib a nice pop of style without being over the top.

While the changing table is smaller than the standard size, it’s 3 drawers and 2 shelves more than makeup for it. There is space to organize all of your baby’s diaper changing equipment. Plus the changing pad that comes included features safety straps.

This mini crib is lower to the ground so ideal for someone shorter and it comes with a 1-inch mattress pad included with purchase. The crib converts into a mini daybed, and a smaller-sized twin bed.

What We Love

  • Lower to the ground
  • Plenty of storage
  • Includes mattress pad
  • Converts as your child grows
  • Adjustable mattress


  • Mini-sized
  • Non-standard changing pad size

Storkcraft Steveston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Storkcraft Steveston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer with Drawer, White

The Storkcraft Steveston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer is elegantly designed with a solid arched back wall and matching solid back wall on the changing table. This beautiful crib will look stunning in any room or nursery. This is a full-size crib but on the smaller end.

This crib comes with 2 shelves and a trundle drawer however, reviewers noted that the trundle drawer only pulls out halfway and isn’t as spacious as it seems. It should also be noted that the included changing pad is smaller than the standard 32-inch size however, it does come with safety straps.

If you are shorter, this crib may be for you because it sits lower on the ground making it easier to bend into. 

The solid back wall will become the head of a full-size bed as it converts over time (rails not included) and the changing table will be a lovely matching nightstand or end table.

This crib and changer combo comes in 2 colors (Espresso and White). 

What We Love

  • Beautiful design
  • Lower to the ground
  • Trundle drawer
  • Converts with your child
  • Safety straps
  • Adjustable height mattress


  • Only available in 2 colors
  • Trundle drawer is shallow
  • Non-standard changing pad size

Delta Children Princeton Junction Convertible Crib and Changing Table

Delta Children Princeton Junction Convertible Crib and Changer, Dark Chocolate

The Delta Children Princeton Junction Convertible Crib and Changer is as stately as they come. With its dark chocolate color, high sleigh style back railing, and curvy designs, this crib screams “admire me.” If you’d prefer, it also comes in white.

This full-sized crib comes with a standard size changing pad and safety straps. The mattress is not included but you can purchase any full-size crib mattress of your choosing. The 3 big drawers go all the way to the ground for maximum storage capacity and with 3 shelves in the back, you have enough space for everything you need to store.

Reviewers noted that this crib had simple directions and was easy to assemble. This crib converts into a day bed (rails included for this), and also a full-size bed (rails not included), it also has an adjustable height mattress.

What We Love

  • Stately design
  • 3 drawers, 3 shelves to all the way to the ground
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Adjustable mattress
  • Safety straps
  • Converts into a full-size bed


  •  Higher price point

Suite Bebe Ramsey 3 in 1 Convertible Crib and Changer 

Suite Bebe Ramsey 3 in 1 Convertible Crib and Changer in a Natural Finish

The Suite Bebe Ramsey 3 in 1 Convertible Crib and Changer is a beauty with a classic design and natural wood color. You can also choose espresso if you prefer darker colors. It comes with and 2 shelves for storage however, this option does not include drawers and focuses on open storage. 

Open storage makes it easier to find what you are looking for and you can add cute storage options like baskets to make the set even cuter. 

We like that the changing table doesn’t look like a changing table and it can be used as a nightstand as your child grows and as you convert the crib into a toddler bed, daybed, although you will need to purchase the toddler bar separately. The changing table and can detach to use just the bed if you prefer. 

If you love the look of this crib, you can purchase other matching furniture for the nursery, such as a glider, bookshelf, dresser, etc.

The mattress has three levels of mattress adjustment so you can get the right height for your child. 

What We Love

  • Modern, streamline design
  • Open shelving
  • Changing table/ nightstand
  • Two color options
  • Affordable 


  • Toddler retail needs to be purchased separately
  • No drawers 
  • Hard to find a matching changing pad

Cribs with Changing Tables Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected Cribs With Changing Tables 

Congratulations, you’ve narrowed your crib search down to include those with changing tables. It’s easy to get confused by the sheer number of them.  

At first glance they may all look similar and how can you easily tell what the differences are? While they are alike in a lot of ways, there are several differences that help them stand out against their competition. Here is a list of those things.

Bed Conversions

While all the cribs do convert into other types of beds, those options may not all be alike. For example, the Dream On Me Jayden and the Dream On Me Casco are both mini cribs that convert into mini daybeds and thinner twin beds, they don’t convert into toddler beds or full-size beds. 

All of the full-size cribs convert into daybeds and full-size beds but not all convert into toddler beds. That’s why some are 4-in-1 and some are 5-in-1. For most of the cribs, the rails for the bed conversions are sold separately. 

Drawers vs. Shelves

Storage is important when considering these cribs since babies need a lot of things. While some of the changing tables had only drawers or only shelves, we best liked the ones that had both for maximum storage. The Delta Children Princeton and the Dream On Me Brody both have the most with 3 drawers and 3 shelves.

The trundle drawers were also a favorite of ours because you can never have enough storage. Even if they don’t come with trundle drawers, several of the companies have an optional rollaway trundle drawer that you can purchase separately.  


We selected a wide range of sizes in our list of cribs. They range from small, unassuming mini cribs to giant, stately full-size cribs like the Strokcraft Portofino.

The mini cribs are a great option if you have a small space and don’t want it taken up by a full-size crib. A lot of parents who reviewed them said they loved the smaller size while their babies were small. As their children got bigger, however, some wished they had opted for a full-size crib instead because their children seemed to outgrow the mini crib.

The mini cribs were shorter and closer to the ground as well, so if you are shorter, this might be a good option for you.

Something to keep in mind when thinking about size is that a big, full-size crib won’t be able to fit through a standard doorway, so if you were to ever switch bedrooms you would have to disassemble the crib. Whereas the mini cribs can slide from room to room.

Another difference in size is the changing table. Some have a standard 32-inch changing pad but some have non-standard 24-inch changing pads. It’s difficult to find and purchase a smaller than standard size changing pad, so you’re essentially stuck with the smaller pad that comes included. It’s also difficult to find pad covers for non-standard sizes, so you wouldn’t be able to put a cover on unless you were handy and could make one yourself.


The full-size cribs don’t come with mattresses included because there is such a variety that it’s better to choose and purchase your own. Any full-size crib mattress will fit a standard crib. There are all kinds, some mattresses are just made of thick padding, while others have springs. You can even get gel and memory foam crib mattresses.

The mini cribs come with a 1-inch mattress pad included. You can either use that by itself or on top of a purchased mattress. Although it’s harder to find a mini crib mattress than a standard size and you won’t have as many options.


Most of the cribs we reviewed are made of solid wood, New Zealand Pine being the most popular. The next most common material is composite or pressboard.

The material is important to know because it affects the weight of the crib. The solid wood cribs are very heavy and will need at least two people to lift the box and assemble. However, they’re also very solid and sturdy cribs.

The composite cribs are more lightweight and can be carried and assembled with just one person with minimal problems. However, the composite cribs didn’t feel as solid and heavy-duty. 

Both are completely safe, it just comes down to personal preference.

FAQs – Cribs With Changing Tables

What is the best-rated baby crib?

There are a few ways in which we determined the highest-rated.

Both the Dream on Me Jayden and the Dream On Me Anna are Greenguard Gold Certified, which means they went through and passed rigorous testing against VOCs. 

The Storkcraft brand as a whole won the Women’s Choice Award for the best baby furniture. The Storkcradt cribs we rated are the Portofino, Pacific, and Steveston.

The most highly rated crib we reviewed was the Delta Children Abbey with 85% 5-star ratings by parents who have purchased and used this crib.

Can you take the changing table off the crib?

On some of the crib combos, the changing table is permanently part of the crib and is not detachable, even as it converts to a daybed and full-size bed. Although, on other cribs, the changing table is detachable and can be removed and used later as a stand-alone shelf or nightstand.

Is a crib/changing table combo better than a normal crib?

A lot of people prefer the changing table combo to a normal crib. It takes up less space since the changing table is part of the crib and costs less money since there is no need to buy a separate changing table. Others, however, prefer just a standard crib because they don’t use a changing table and don’t want to feel restricted in only having one space to change diapers.

If you prefer a normal crib, check out this list of the best baby cribs

Something else to think about is the weight limit for the changing tables is 50 pounds. Your baby could still be in diapers after they reach that weight limit but the changing table no longer can be used to change diapers. However it isn’t a good idea to remove the changing pad and use it as a shelf until your child stops pulling up and grabbing things, otherwise, anything you put on that shelf will be within arm’s reach of your little one.

What about safety?

Safety is always the number one goal when we review anything for children. It’s important to make sure that current safety guidelines are known and followed. There are crib standards that should always be followed put out by the CPSC. 

Also, all the cribs we reviewed have been tested to ensure standards for ASTM, CPSC, and JPMA are met. 

All of the cribs we reviewed had adjustable heights for lowering the mattress which keeps your baby safe as they grow and start to pull up and stand. Keep in mind that whatever you keep on the changing table will be within reach of your baby once they can stand. So keeping that area clear is a good idea, even if you’re not using it anymore for diaper changes.

While it might be tempting to purchase a used crib, it’s not advised since not all cribs go through rigorous testing and become certified the way that these new cribs are. Also with older cribs the paint may start to wear a little and can easily be chipped or bitten off the rails by small children. The hardware might also start to loosen over time and can become a safety hazard causing it to be not as solid and sturdy as a newly assembled crib. Be sure to steer clear of heirloom cribs made before 1978 as ones made before then contain lead and lead-based paint.

With older cribs, you also have drop-sides which are not recommended. Those have all been recalled and are actually illegal to sell. The mechanism that allows them to drop is considered dangerous and even if you’ve used one before, you shouldn’t use it again and should destroy it.

It’s also important to look at the crib slats. Older cribs didn’t have the regulations that are in place today and they may not be as safe. Current regulations state that crib slats should be no more than 6 centimeters wide. This prevents getting their arms, legs, or heads stuck through them. If you can get your fist through the slat, then it’s not up to code and shouldn’t be used. 

Another thing you may not have thought about recalls. While it’s not often, recalls do happen, unfortunately. No matter what crib you choose, it’s a good idea to keep informed through the years to make sure it hasn’t been recalled for some reason. 

The last point I will make about safety has to do with teething rails. As soon as your child starts to pull up on their own to stand, their little mouths will be at the perfect height for chewing on the rails. With the wood finish or paint on there (while non-toxic), you don’t want them chewing on it, so I highly recommend purchasing teeth rails to slide onto your crib. Plus it helps keep the crib in its best shape.

Final Word 

Cribs are one of the bigger purchases you’ll make for your baby, so it’s worth doing some research and finding the one with the features that are important to you. As an experienced mom myself, I loved the fact you can buy cribs with integrated changing tables.

I hope this detailed list has helped you identify through several factors (price point, design, and features) the very best for you and your baby. 


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  2. Best Brands in America According to Women, www.womenschoiceaward.com

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